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Each week, Students’ Board releases affair annual to the Haverford community. The annual represented in these annual do not necessarily reflect complete facts, nor do they necessarily abduction all of any speaker’s advised point. The original document released by Students’ Council can be found here.

meeting meme template
 A blank template for the annual meeting? : MemeTemplatesOfficial - meeting meme template

A blank template for the annual meeting? : MemeTemplatesOfficial – meeting meme template | meeting meme template

Students’ Board Weekly Meeting

Sunday November 10, 2019


Minutes by Devi Namboodiri and Sydney Churchill

Meeting Minutes

Table of Contents

During this Students’ Board affair we met with Kim Callahan and Lillian Burroughs apropos the aegis active email beatific out about the man masturbating on the attributes aisle (3. Aegis Q/A), we talked about things that are accident about campus (4. Campus Updates), heard about what associates of Students’ Board accept been up to afresh (5. Officer Updates, 7. Officer Updates 2) and talked about complete (6. Complete Discussion). 

Introductions, abutting by Kim Callahan (Associate Administrator of Investigations) and Lillian Burroughs (Director of Bi-co Operations Campus Safety)

Mariana: We accept arrive agents from campus assurance today (Kim Callaghan and Lillian (Lil) Burroughs) to acknowledgment any questions about the contempo email that we’ve talked about in the accomplished few meetings. This is breezy but we capital to accord the befalling to ask questions. Kim, would you apperception accepting us started?

Kim Callahan: Hi everyone, I’m the accessory administrator of investigations. My appointment is primarily actuality at Haverford but I additionally assignment at Bryn Mawr and I accept been actuality for 5 years. My job is to primarily investigate appellation IX issues. Typically, campus assurance will accomplish a address and I broadcast this advice to Campus Assurance or the Police. Tom King is the Head of Campus Assurance but could not accomplish it tonight due to a ancestors emergency. Over the time I’ve been alive here, I’ve gotten added responsibilities but one of my jobs is to adapt the annual address of the statistics for crimes on campus and additionally beforehand blockage programs. The acumen I say all this is because aback the adventure happened on the trail, I was over at Bryn Mawr and Tom King was not present. Aback I absolved to Haverford aback I heard about this, the Abettor and the Captain were already at the office. There was afresh a altercation about whether or not we should accelerate the assurance alert. 

Essentially what had happened was that there was accession jogging on the aisle and who came into campus assurance and she told the bagman that she saw the alone masturbating on the trail,  gave her address and afresh bound left. So I was not there aback the actuality came in to report. They didn’t appetite to break to be interviewed by the badge or to accord any added capacity besides the actuality that it was a atramentous macho with facial beard so we didn’t accept any added advice to provide. 

I alleged Tom and talked to him about what we should do. We weren’t necessarily appropriate to accelerate out a admonishing but capital to accomplish the association acquainted in case anyone was additionally jogging on the attributes trail. Tom asked me to allocution to Martha Denney and added agents because we consistently vet these things, whenever there is a assurance alert. It’s not my albatross soley, to accelerate it out, and it was a attenuate break that I beatific it out. Tom will usually be the one to accelerate it out but he consistently discusses it with Martha Denney and added administrators first. 

Before sending this email, we talked about all of the descriptors. We accustomed the address as “dark skin, atramentous macho with a goatee” but we absitively that we were activity to say atramentous macho with a goatee. This wasn’t commodity that went to the police, it wasn’t about alerting the badge and it was added about us aggravating to see if anyone had additionally apparent the incident.

We got this (the email) out so that the association would apperceive and so that bodies on the aisle would apperceive and be warned in advance. We additionally let adroitness apperceive and afresh we talked to Katie and Mariana about the apropos that you all raised.

We are consistently accommodating to annual and discussions. If we accept fabricated bodies feel uncomfortable, we appetite to apprehend from you so that we can get better. We are consistently accommodating to accept and learn. If we’ve done commodity that makes bodies uncomfortable, we appetite to apprehend from so that if this comes up afresh we can do it differently. In this case, aback we didn’t accept abounding descriptors, maybe it would accept been bigger to leave out the descriptors. Lil has a angle from Bryn Mawr. She is the Tom King of Bryn Mawr and has years of acquaintance alive there and collaboratively with Tom.

Lillian Burroughs: We allotment a lot amid Haverford and Bryn Mawr, so the alerts usually go through Bi-Co collaboration. If we accept a bearings at Bryn Mawr that is about aggregate with Haverford too, but this accurate active was specific to Haverford.

Dex: In general, how continued does it booty for an email to be beatific out afterwards the antecedent report?

Kim: It’s consistently specific to the circumstances, but we appetite to get things out as bound as attainable and sometimes if it’s an actual concern, we charge to get the advice out bound and not abundant vetting takes place. We absolutely accept templates about what kinds of advice needs to be gotten out appropriate abroad and afresh we can acquaint bodies afterwards added and about specific capacity if needed.

If there is an actual affair about somebody’s safety, afresh the email will be beatific appealing quickly, like in the case of a shooting. But added situations are different. We had a bearings a brace weeks ago at Bryn Mawr breadth an email came out from Lillian about a scam. There was a betray and it went through the badge in this case. It wasn’t an actual affair so there wasn’t an actual assurance active but we capital anybody to be acquainted afterwards the fact. 

Dex: Added specifically, how continued did this (the Haverford email) one take?

Kim: It was a bulk of emailing and phoning bodies so it was appealing quick. We talked (Mitch, Martha and myself afterwards the report) and afresh aural the hour it was sent, maybe an hour and a half.

Katie L.: Did the actuality who filed the address accept to leave their acquaintance information?

Kim: I’m abiding their advice was taken down. The abutting day, somebody alleged in adage that they saw somebody analogous the description the abutting day afterwards facial beard about the aforementioned time. There wasn’t any added descriptors. 

Katie L.: Would it be allotment of the convenance to ability out to the actuality who arise it to get added details? 

Kim: Not necessarily, it depends on the circumstances. Maybe we could accept done that and apparent if we would accept gotten added information. I assumption the anticipation was let’s get this out ASAP because of the animal attributes of the incident. It could accept been commodity abroad but the description was acutely masturbation so we capital to accomplish bodies acquainted as bound as possible.

In the future, that’s accession affair we could do (reach out to get added details). Aback this actuality absolved in it was bright that this actuality capital to let us apperceive and leave. If I had been there, accession would accept alleged me up and I would accept met with the actuality anon and would accept been able to accumulate her there a little best and gotten added descriptors.

MacKenzie: I anticipate my catechism has to do with what is advised a blackmail and who decides what is advised a threat. Acceptance on campus do naked laps at night and I’m abiding accept had sex on the attributes trail.

I can brainstorm Campus Assurance not sending out letters about that. I anticipate that has a affiliation to gate-keeping on our campus and who’s declared to be actuality and who’s not declared to be here. Is there some activity for free what is a blackmail to the apprentice anatomy and what is not?

Kim: I anticipate in this case because it was day time and because it didn’t arise that it was a antic or commodity like that, we were appropriate by law to do assertive things. We are appropriate to accord appropriate warnings about these kinds of incidents beneath the Clery Act. We are appropriate to affair appropriate warnings by law. If they are any affectionate of such appointed offences. The appointed offenses that crave this accommodate murder, break-in and animal assault. This is the caveat, we are appropriate to affair appropriate warnings for any of those cases or if there is an approaching and advancing blackmail to the community. It has to be a classified breach (listed) and has to activity on our cartography and this agency the campus itself and abutting areas. In areas breadth this is beneath clear, we will argue with assertive bodies to see if commodity is still a threat.

That alarm comes from the director, Tom King, Appellation IX coordinator, me as Accessory Administrator and Lil as Administrator of Operations. Sometimes we will be bound by who we can/can’t allocution to but Campus Assurance is consistently activity to be attractive at this to accomplish this accommodation because we additionally accept albatross to accomplish appropriate warnings/emergency notifications additionally in the case of things that are not abomination related, but things like an access or a fire. This would appear out the aforementioned way as aggregate abroad but it would be a altered classification. 

Those are the accustomed requirements but we additionally appetite anybody to apperceive and be aware. We affair assurance alerts aback we appetite bodies to apperceive about situations they could run into. This isn’t one of those appointed appropriate admonishing things but we appetite bodies to be acquainted of the incident. Does that acknowledgment your question?

Mackenzie: Yea, acknowledge you.

Rasaaq: Aback you said beforehand that you accept templates for assertive incidents, would it be attainable to see this? Are these templates that you have? What templates are there for anonymous people?

Kim: We don’t accept a arrangement for an anonymous person. The templates we were talking about were specific to crimes.

Lillian: It’s attainable in situations of a cutting or commodity and for assurance apropos that are time-sensitive. We accept an Everbridge arrangement and this ensures that these pre-recorded letters (specific to assertive crimes/incidents) can advice accelerate out alerts as anon as possible. The arrangement is consistently up and there are canned letters (Pre-recorded messages) that alarm assertive situations. So if there’s a bearings on campus, it will accord you some basic advice and afresh we can accelerate added capacity later.

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Lets Start Our Meeting Got Anything Ideas Dave? You Gotta .. | meeting meme template

Mariana: I appetite to be alert of time, does anyone abroad accept added questions?

Brittany: I anticipate what was apropos about the email was that the advice in it could be acclimated in profiling. I anticipate there is profiling that can happen, abnormally because the descriptors were abnormally specific but still general. In some ways, whether carefully or not, this did annual a abhorrence that profiling may occur.

Kim: If it was a white male, I would say white malle with facial hair. It wasn’t because  it was a atramentous male. The absorbed wasn’t that we were activity to be demography bodies off the aisle and accusing them of anything. The badge weren’t alike involved. We weren’t gonna accept them draw accession off the aisle and catechize them. Afresh but we are alert and we accept talked about whether or not we charge 5 or 7 descriptors for accession afore we add in descriptors in these adventure reports. We are alert to your apropos and will try to help. 

Mackenzie: I’m attractive at the email appropriate now and it does say that the badge were alerted and that they were involved.

Kim: They were. What I was aggravating to say was that we didn’t accelerate the email to the police. They were actuality and they larboard by the time I got to campus the abettor and the captain were gone as was the actuality who fabricated the report. We didn’t accelerate the email to the police. So yea the badge were actuality and campus assurance and badge searched the breadth afterwards the address was made. Once afresh whether or not the actuality was masturbating or urinating we’ll never know. But that was the description they gave us was that the actuality was masturbating.

Mariana: If there’s no added questions, I anticipate we accept to stop there. Acknowledge you both so abundant for advancing in. 

Kim: Of course, I aloof appetite anybody to apperceive that if there is anytime a catechism or concern, to let us know. Alike admitting he could not accomplish it today, Tom King consistently has an attainable aperture and Lil as well. Appear in and allocution to us, we absolutely do appetite to allocution to you. We appetite to coact and allocution to bodies as abundant as we can.

Mariana: Thanks y’all for alert and allurement anxious questions

Mackenzie: James Abode had an attainable abode on Friday night and a lot bodies came out and it was air-conditioned because they acclimated things like the button maker that we didn’t consistently accept on hand.

Emily: IDOMO hosted a Filipino aliment night and had about-face out way above what they accepted so that was cool

Eliza: Mid-semester allotment was beatific out and all the money has been allocated.

Devi: A lot of bodies were allurement if we’re gonna accept some affectionate of complete affair or appropriate complete because we didn’t ability quorum.

Mariana: We can go aback to complete at the end, we aloof time to allocution about that. The OMA had an across-the-board amplitude workshop. They arrive associates of the association and accomplished out to the Men’s Lacrosse Aggregation and the Men’s Baseball team. I was alone there for a little bit but they were talking about things like what does it beggarly to accept an across-the-board space? And they had a arcade airing and a animal barometer on what it agency to host an across-the-board space. I anticipate it was absolutely productive. Anyone abroad accept added updates?

Brittany: The Wellness Amplitude had a bendable opening

Mariana: We’re gonna do Popcorn Style so allotment out if you feel like you accept updates to accomplish acceptable use of time

Lev: I batten with Brian Cuzzolina afresh about branch actuality and what makes classrooms complete spaces. 

Although we both accustomed that this ability not appear this semester, we anticipation that it could appear abutting semester. I accomplished out to Allison Cook who’s a coordinator at Bryn Mawr and she told me about programs they accept focused on allowance adroitness accomplish classes added inclusive. It’s giving me a bigger faculty of what’s accident on campus about all that. My ambition and eyes for this is that bodies feel able and assured to be in the classroom and get abutment from their professors. Hopefully we could use the classroom altitude address in that. That’s what’s in the works.

Noorie: We still charge one rep anniversary on Administrative Advisory Board and Strategic Planning Committee. Hey Dex, you accept been affair with them (The Administrative Advisory Committee)?

Dex: Yes, I can accomplish a plug. It’s cool important and focused on how to administer the college’s budget. Some of the actuality is actual nitty abrasive in accounting and allotment but it is absolutely barefaced and I can advice accession abroad accomplish it barefaced if anyone wants to join. 

Noorie: And you accommodated Thurs 4:30-5:30?

Dex: Yea

Mariana: I anticipate it’s an important time to be on this board because the conversations activity on about activity and Customs. Accepting a apprentice on there that can afresh address aback to us and the blow of the apprentice anatomy would be absolutely important.

Noorie: How abounding added affairs this semester? You guys accommodated biweekly?

Dex: We accommodated every week.

Saket: Is this commodity we can administer to? How continued is the term?

Noorie: Seniors can apply

Mackenzie: Do you feel like it’s commodity you would accept to put in a lot of time alfresco of the meetings?

Dex: I don’t anticipate so. Deb runs these meetings, and usually accelerate out an alternative ~20 min apprehend appropriate afore the meeting.

Lev: When’s the appliance and board interviews for all that?

Noorie: We’re accomplished that

Katie L.: From what I accept we aloof charge accession in the allowance (from SC) to ample the position.

Saket: Dex awash it well. That was a acceptable pitch. I’ll do it.

Noorie: One aftermost thing. FUCs is activity to be a affair again!! They are captivation their own accessories activity on their own timeline. Unfortunately, we won’t be active the activity this year but they are attainable to accepting acceptance appear to accepting StuCo associates on the committee!

Katie L.: Added updates?

Emily: I met with Tom, Administrator of Dining Services apropos apropos from the Ford Form. Apropos acceptance brought up were like aperture handles for alfresco basement and in arbitrary the acumen they don’t accept handles is that acceptance appear in afterwards advantageous from the alfresco and they can’t let this happen. It has been an advancing affair for years and commodity they’ve anticipation about before. Also, in acknowledgment to the apropos about the aerial tables, acceptance are accustomed to put tables calm and booty them afar to accomplish new basement options.

Mariana: Did he say that there’s no way to about-face the basement set-up?

Emily: He didn’t say we can’t change the tables or anything. Maybe I’m not compassionate this accurately but a lot of the sports teams will sit at the aerial tables because there is added basement there so that’s why they are accomplishing that. Observing that athletes are not the alone bodies who sit on those tables but I assumption you could say the aforementioned affair about the stage. Accession affair a bodies brought up (on the Ford Form) is that it is adamantine to airing amid the tables. The DC agents absolutely abashed the tables already so that there are isles and it’s beneath cramped. The added affair was closing time and bodies actuality anxious about aback they can go into the DC. What Tom said was that acceptance should be able to go in and get aliment whenever the DC is listed as open. But during those afterwards times, they ability not accept all of the options available. But acceptance should be able to go in and get some options. Acceptance should be acquainted that DC agents still has to apple-pie up afterwards banquet and agents is alone paid until a assertive hour.

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Boardroom Suggestion | Know Your Meme – meeting meme template | meeting meme template

Devi: Natalia and I were additionally talking about ambience up new abstraction spaces afresh for finals week. Alike admitting Lutnick is attainable now, there seems to be a curtailment of abstraction spaces. Aftermost year we had the West Wing of the DC attainable at afterwards hours to acquiesce bodies to abstraction there and this was commodity that Ethan (Officer of Academics aftermost year) and I formed on.

Katie L: Do you apperceive how the abstraction spaces were adjourned aftermost year?

Devi: Yea, I accept it was commodity that Alejandro helped us armamentarium and we had about $800 of allotment I believe.

Katie L.: Do we accept money for that?

Dex: I’m not abiding off the top of my head

Eliza: We accept a surplus but we appetite to be cerebral of spending that

Mariana: It ability additionally be annual attractive into added abstraction spaces in Founders’ Hall. Maybe there is appliance larboard over from aftermost year and maybe we can repurpose that abandoned amplitude to actualize added abstraction spaces.  

Brittany: Speaking of the surplus, what is the analytical way that it is actuality allocated/usually allocated? Who’s the ultimate ascendancy on the surplus?

Dex: We all are. Appropriate now, a lot of money is still in the annual because lots of checks were written, but haven’t been cashed yet. We were gonna accompany this up in a brace weeks aback it seems added relevant. We’re gonna actualize an appliance for a Students’ Board Grant for association projects and it would commodity that bodies could administer for any amount.

Mariana: Is this in accession to the accessories fund?

Dex: It would adorning the ambit but it would additionally be appealing similar.

Katie L.: I aloof accept a nitty abrasive questions: Is there any allurement for bodies cashing checks in a assertive time? Because we ran into this activity aftermost bounce breadth we were aloof cat-and-mouse for bodies to banknote the checks.

Eliza: We can acquisition this out for abiding but my compassionate is that afterwards a year, we are not answerable to accord bodies the money.

Dex: Best of the surplus comes from money allocated but checks were never best up

Katie L.: Okay thanks

Mariana: Alright so unless anyone abroad has annihilation abroad to allotment we’re activity to open- up the amplitude to catechize Plenary. Things didn’t go as planned but we appetite to anatomy the chat today and activity advanced as effective as possible, so if you’ve heard annihilation constructive, amuse share. 

Eliza: I accept a questions about what Bounce Complete will attending like? I’ve gotten a lot of questions about that.

Katie L.: I anticipate what I’m disturbing with, as we saw in the Ford Form, is that some of the acceptance say they didn’t like it/no one capital this and afresh accession abroad will be like acknowledge you so abundant Council, I capital this. I anticipate it’s adamantine to apperceive what bodies are cerebration and what do they want/don’t appetite to see. As we move advanced I anticipate we aloof accept to accept to anybody we can and get a faculty of what bodies are thinking. I’ve heard both and it’s adamantine to administer it to 1300 people.

Lev: Do you anticipate there’s amplitude to accelerate a chase up email about the actuality that there won’t be accession complete this semester? Maybe we could accept a articulation to  a poll to see how they acquainted about the conversations. Maybe a brace questions that we could activity up to get a faculty of breadth acceptance are at with the idea. Is that commodity we could do in the abutting few weeks?

Mackenzie: I like that idea. I feel that bodies maybe weren’t bright on some things and that would be acceptable to bright up. Like the actuality that we aren’t aggravating to change complete forever, the actuality that we started out with an abridged constitution. These things that we were cerebration through that were affectionate of larboard out of what we said to everyone. But not arresting ourselves too abundant I anticipate is important, aloof laying it out.

Lev: I anticipate it would be acceptable to absolution a catechism to see what bodies anticipate complete means. There’s been some agitation about whether or not this would alike calculation as a plenary. 

Saket: I anticipate there are two things I was seeing. First, that the booze activity wasn’t there and that bodies about anticipate of complete for the booze activity and for the account code. In agreement of percentages and quorum and we had absolutely aerial numbers, one of the accomplished anytime turnouts in agreement of complete numbers but we still didn’t ability quorum. Personally, I anticipate it’s cool that quorum is 66% and we charge to apprehend what complete numbers are.

Emily: Bodies were absolutely abashed about the calendar and whether or not it could be voted down. I didn’t alike apprehend that until later. There was additionally criticism about not accepting a acceptable alarm for resolutions. Also, alveolate what Saket said, bodies were like there’s no activity items. But for me the activity account was agreeable with the added acceptance and accepting discussions/ideas from the discussions becomes activity items. 

Brittany: Aback does bounce complete planning start?

Katie L: Now. Aloof so bodies know, we’ll accompany the date that has been accustomed by all the accessories that we charge by abutting Sunday and accelerate it out afore the end of this semester. Hopefully by sending it out this early, we’ll apprehend any audacious issues that bodies accept the date.

Mariana: How do bodies feel about sending out a chase up email (for Fall plenary)?


Katie L.: In agreement of our accomplished emails, is the botheration that bodies were abashed by what was in the accomplished emails or that alone a assertive pop of bodies apprehend the emails? Because if it’s the closing we’re gonna run into the aforementioned issues.

Emily: I anticipate the latter, but maybe both.

Eliza: I don’t anticipate the acknowledgment to that (people not account the emails) is not giving out information

Lev: I anticipate the best actual adjustment is aloof talking to bodies and some bodies mentioned that there was no why of why we were accomplishing this (restructuring plenary). If there was any way to accompaniment the ambition alike post-plenary. Alike association who did apprehend all the emails maybe didn’t get all the things that would accept been conveyed in the complete speech.

Katie L.: Yea I do anticipate it was boxy that there was a lot of dash to the accent and bodies didn’t get to apprehend that.

Mariana: I anticipate about every time you try annihilation new, there will consistently be confusion. Complete is no exception, abnormally because there are so abounding affective parts.

Katie L.: We were consistently allurement one accession how we could allocution to added acceptance and we as a board were consistently in advice with all of the groups we’re a allotment of. We can consistently do more, we got a ford anatomy acknowledgment that said we weren’t talking abundant to students. What would talking to all of campus attending like and how could we accomplish this added a allotment of what we’re doing?

Mackenzie: I apperceive not all of campus is on Facebook, but maybe we could accept a stuco fb folio to get out there

Lev: I cautiously activity the abstraction of added memes

Mariana: We do accept a Facebook and Twitter folio but they havent been acclimated in a continued time so if anyone is absorbed in developing this

meeting meme template
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Best Buy Boardroom Meeting Suggestion Blank Template – Imgflip – meeting meme template | meeting meme template

Mackenzie: We could put out advice that we are already emailing assimilate Facebook and maybe afresh added bodies would attending at it

Rodrigo: This ability be a little broken-down but what if we did a video of us all talking to the camera and with all of our faces on awning answer these topics.

Dex: I anticipate Maurice and Andrew did that but the botheration is bodies can’t brush a video.

Mariana: I apprehend you though, I anticipate we charge to appoint in added agreeable and attainable ways.

Emily: Maybe if we put up posters of absolutely abbreviate things. Maybe aloof one catechism or abstraction and it would force bodies to at atomic anticipate about issues. That way no one could say I didn’t apprehend my email and I didn’t go to the DC and that’s why I don’t apperceive what’s happening.

Mariana: I appetite to amphitheater aback to the chase up email: What are we activity to do?

Dex: Maybe a description of what Appropriate Complete is and how it came to be. Which is that there needs to be a address that anybody needs to assurance and accomplish a thing. And we could accurate that we accept no ambition of accomplishing this. Because I anticipate bodies anticipate Appropriate Complete is automatic.

Katie L: We can additionally accommodate in the email that we accept the new librarian position and that the architecture is online and up to date if bodies accept architecture questions

Noorie: Including a abstract of the accent or Maybe additionally the Q and A. 

Eliza: I anticipate if we anticipate of it as like a Frequently Asked Questions thing

Dex: Addressing the accessibility questions is apparently actual important and that we did not accept abundant basement for association and framing it as there were cons to this archetypal but we capital to try commodity new. We weren’t aggravating to affirmation that we had created the absolute plenary. 

Mariana: We should additionally accommodate an aspect of gratitude. Bodies showed up and gave us a adventitious to try commodity that we accept never done before.  And additionally highlight that we don’t accept acceptance are apathetic, because there has been a lot of allocution about that recently.

Saket: I anticipate a affair I accept is that by adhering our intentions it serves as a aegis appear what we were aggravating to do. And if we all accede to this, I anticipate that it is annual while arresting our intentions if this is commodity we appetite to accept appear afresh in the future. Abnormally accustomed that there accept been a lot of accessories appear critiquing plenary. There’s a actor problems with that but I anticipate that if we’re activity to accept an account of what we’re doing, it has to be a defense.

Katie L: I anticipate it is important we collectively accord on the goal. There’s one adaptation of the email breadth we are aloof allegorical things/moving advanced and afresh there is one breadth we are assuming the association that we had anticipation of all the apropos they are bringing up. If the ambition is to move advanced from plenary, we should adjudge that.

Saket: I aloof don’t see a absoluteness of complete actuality afflicted in the approaching if we don’t do a justification, that we can try this anatomy of complete afresh and change complete activity forward. Bodies advancing into SC abutting year will aloof see this as a bootless complete and I anticipate if we appetite to assure the abstraction of alteration complete activity forward, we charge to avert ourselves.

Emily: What about publishing a agent commodity analogue this?

Katie L.: I’m not abiding if the Agent would be the best method

Devi: I anticipate maybe we could ask if Riley and David appetite to accommodated with us as Board because they assume to be cogent a lot of the apprehension or things that they acquainted weren’t alive and they had a lot of time to accurate it, abnormally because that Riley additionally came to our meetings. And maybe accepting at the abstraction of breadth this was all advancing from and why this wasn’t brought up sooner.

Mariana: I’m not abiding how effective that would be, accustomed that he was at abounding of our affairs and never said anything.. Does anyone accept any added thoughts on the aftereffect message?

Dex: Does the accent we were planning to apprehend at the alpha of Complete accept a lot of the ambition abaft complete in it? That could be a nice average arena of a advanced attractive account that still has intentions in it.

Mariana: Yes, in the accent we were activity to apprehend out we fabricated our intentions clear. How would bodies feel about maybe adhering a PDF of the speech?

Dex: Yea

Eliza: Maybe accepting the question/answer format.

Katie L.: Yea that was the architecture of our agent commodity so i anticipate that is appealing accessible

Mariana: Do we appetite to accelerate it out by abutting Sunday?

Emily: Should we be allurement for acknowledgment and suggestions? Multiple bodies were adage that it seemed like Board presented them with this archetypal and they aloof had to go forth with it. Maybe it would be charge commodity to add that we are attainable to acknowledgment and suggestions?

Mariana: In every email we beatific out aback the alpha of the year, we accept included a branch that asks bodies for feedback, questions, and concerns. We additionally articulation the Ford Anatomy at the end of every email. 

Katie L.: To what you are saying, yes I anticipate we consistently charge feedback. I anticipate it’s important that acceptance apperceive we are aloof aggravating our best. We don’t accept all the answers and I don’t appetite bodies to anticipate that we anticipate we accept it all ample it out. This is a botheration that all Councils in the accomplished accept run into (how to communicate/stay in blow with the opinions of 1300 people). If somebody has the absolute band-aid for this botheration or has ideas, I would adulation to know.

Mackenzie: I anticipate aback bodies allocution about StuCo, I anticipate bodies are cerebration of an abstraction and not bodies accomplishing the aforementioned actuality as them, additionally actuality their peers.

Mariana: So we’ll get the email started so that way you guys accept a brace canicule to attending at it

Katie C.: If we’re done with all the complete stuff, I aloof accomplished I didn’t allotment an update. I met with Don Campbell, of Accessories and we went over the projects that could be done with $35,000. One affair that we were cerebration of is, in accomplished years, there weren’t absolutely applications for proposals but I was cerebration about sending out an email in a anniversary or two adage to accord us a abundant description of the activity and who it would impact. Afterwards we get those accounting proposals, they could present it to students’ council. Also, if we do appetite to use SC money to abide with the aliment abdomen idea, I asked how abundant it would amount for the aliment abdomen idea, they had said about $12,000. My catechism to board is if we should attainable up the abounding 35,000 of the accessories armamentarium to the campus and achievement that we get a angle to the aliment abdomen or cap accessories armamentarium and defended the allotment for the aliment pantry.

Dex: I anticipate we should attainable up the accessories armamentarium to the accomplished association so that way we accept added abandon to armamentarium projects of all costs.

Kaite L.: I accede with that

Mariana: I am analytical to see how that pans out surplus wise

Katie C.: Yea hopefully we can get this started anon that way we can alpha the architecture and bodies can see the allowances of these projects appear spring.

Dex: Maybe the accessories armamentarium can advice alpha the aliment abdomen if accession puts advanced a angle for the aliment abdomen and afresh the surplus can advice even it out

Eliza: I anticipate we as a board should adduce the aliment abdomen then 

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Suggestion Meeting Boardroom – Imgflip pertaining to Ideas .. | meeting meme template

Katie C.: I will accelerate out an email this anniversary then.

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meeting” Meme Templates – Imgflip – meeting meme template | meeting meme template

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meeting meme template
 boardroom" Meme Templates - Imgflip - meeting meme template

boardroom” Meme Templates – Imgflip – meeting meme template | meeting meme template

meeting meme template
 Boardroom Meeting Meme Generator - Marvelous Interior Images ..

Boardroom Meeting Meme Generator – Marvelous Interior Images .. | meeting meme template

meeting meme template
 The Last Stand Series : Boardroom Meeting Suggestion Blank ..

The Last Stand Series : Boardroom Meeting Suggestion Blank .. | meeting meme template

meeting meme template
 Boardroom Meeting Suggestion Meme Generator - Imgflip - meeting meme template

Boardroom Meeting Suggestion Meme Generator – Imgflip – meeting meme template | meeting meme template

meeting meme template
 Boardroom Meeting Suggestion 11 Blank Template - Imgflip - meeting meme template

Boardroom Meeting Suggestion 11 Blank Template – Imgflip – meeting meme template | meeting meme template

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