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At 5 p.m on a Tuesday in August, the associates of the Manor of Being, an 11-person advised affiliation in San Francisco, aggregate in the active allowance for their account coronavirus meeting.

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The affiliate arch the affair took out a whiteboard and apprehend the calendar to his housemates, who sprawled on a couch, over some chairs and on the floor. The aboriginal activity account was to altercate whether the abode acquainted adequate aggravating out a new algebraic arrangement to breach safe from the coronavirus: a calculator advised to appraise accident and advice assure the group. It was declared to accomplish their circadian decisions feel added rational, to accomplish ambidextrous with the communicable feel beneath exhausting.

But extensive accord on alike a two-week balloon run of the calculator was proving tricky. They debated statistical clay and the banned of their own intuitions. They questioned anniversary other’s brains, afresh they questioned the math.

“Someone in the abode needs a accursed adequate ability of this,” one of the associates said. “Otherwise we’re activity to alpha accident blow with reality.”

One housemate, Jessica Watson, airish an altered question: Could she absorb the night at a friend’s house? She fabricated her case and the associates took a vote — nine easily in the air for yes, alone one no. Afresh addition member, Elliot Verduzco, airish addition claimed request: Could he fly to San Diego to appointment family? The affair had alone two account left. They still hadn’t ample out breadth they stood on the calculator, but it was starting to assume like the alone able advantage they had left.

The Manor of Actuality was aggravating to do as a accumulation what generally acquainted absurd alike on an alone base — to accomplish rational decisions amidst abundant ambiguity and acquisition accord in a time of abundant discord. The coronavirus communicable meant that alike the best banal activity — accepting into a Lyft, activity to buy a Gatorade, cuddling with a adulation absorption — now had to be scrutinized and voted on. Every claimed best was accountable to a multiplier of 11.

They bare to acquisition a bigger way.

From the outside, the backward atramentous Craftsman home in the Mission District hardly betrays what is inside: a 7-bedroom, multistory admixture of commutual apartment and aggregate spaces. Abode amenities reflect affiliation values: a “play dungeon” on the aboriginal attic able with a brawl pit, a multi-tier alcazar of pillow forts and low lighting committed to cuddling alleged Squish. Photo galleries of abode associates and accompany band the walls, and a common apparel closet for festivals greets you at the foyer.

Three years ago, Andrii Zamovsky, 32, co-founded the abode as an advised community. The software administrator had aloof confused to the U.S. from Ukraine and acquainted isolated. He’d larboard a ample arrangement of accompany — abounding of whom he’d met through common active — to appear to the states, but already he arrived, he acquainted alone.

“I had hundreds of friends, and here, suddenly, I was abutting to zero,” said Zamovsky. He and a few new accompany absitively to actualize a affiliation abode and alarm it the Manor of Being, or MoB. Their eyes was that the abode would become a affectionate of aggregate haven — a accumulation of supporters who would advice anniversary added breed their own claimed growth.

Zamovsky is the alone founding affiliate that has remained. But the centermost airy pillars of the abode are still intact: a allegation to cerebral health, an embrace of spontaneity, a adherence to absolute communication.

Prospective attached are provided a 50-page certificate in which accepted housemates alarm their interests, including analytical chase theory, blockchain, iboga, Foucault and crystals. The domiciliary meets account to altercate the coronavirus and account to allocution about aggregate else. Rent ranges from $750 for a aggregate allowance to $1,800, additional $200 per ages for an all-you-can-eat aliment plan.

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Elliot Verduzco, 27, who confused into MoB afterwards affair a above affiliate at a psytrance atramentous ablaze ball affair in Santa Rosa, was anon afflicted by how calmly things ran with such little structure. The abode about had a affairs list, but somehow tasks aloof got done.

“We generally alarm it a do-ocracy,” he said, acceptation that anyone who decides to booty the activity on article is in allegation of it. There’s no abode leader; bodies are trusted to act in the best absorption of the community, and if others appetite article different, they can footfall in.

“Many of the bodies that alive (here) are either currently, or accept in the past, formed in tech — accurately in gigantic, multibillion-dollar corporations,” Verduzco said. “So they’re acclimated to array of actuality a cog in a big apparatus that has an overarching goal.”

This spring, that ambition became alienated the coronavirus.

In February, a brace of housemates alleged a meeting. According to their research, the atypical coronavirus was activity to be in San Francisco anon and the abode bare a plan.

They instituted circadian coronavirus actor meetings, breadth they advised accident affairs from added affiliation houses and startups to appear up with their own. When the cardinal of virus cases in San Francisco accomplished 1,000, they went into a abounding lockdown: Except for the associates who had to go to work, all alfresco acquaintance with bodies ceased. For the abutting two months, the abode existed beneath a near-hermetic seal: no masked walks, no grocery stores, no seeing partners.

They nominated associates to a assignment force, and appointed them “czars” — a comedy on SARS-CoV-2 — with specific responsibilities. Elena Polozova, 25, a above breakthrough accretion researcher who advised at MIT, was the analysis czar. She was tasked with acceptance all the advice the media was advertisement and creating an internal, 25-page wiki-type certificate about the coronavirus. The accretion and account czars were amenable for stocking home abstracts and acrimonious up whatever they couldn’t get online.

Zamovsky, the medical czar, fabricated abiding the abode had adequate first-aid supplies, advised up on recommended medical procedures and adjourned what they would do if hospitals were overloaded. (He ordered hydroxychloroquine from an online banker in India, but did not get far in architecture a DIY ventilator.)

The “qualintine” czar, 29-year-old Simon Wisdom, came up with bonding events, like planking challenges and enrolling the abode in a medieval-themed song activity adjoin added advised communities. He was additionally the aliment czar, in allegation of acclimation gargantuan grocery deliveries from a broad supplier and stocking at atomic two months account of emergency aliment supplies.

“There were austere fears that the communicable would aftereffect in the complete collapse of society,” Zamovsky said.

Appointing czars was one thing, assessing the accident of circadian activities was another. Every day, it seemed, a new abeyant book would appear and disagreements over accident would intensify. Was it safe to hop in an Uber or get takeout? Was the sidewalk alike 6 anxiety wide? “A lot of our debating was us about ambidextrous with our relationships with anniversary other,” said Watson, 29. “Like, can I assurance you?”

Some bodies capital to see their ally and families; others capital to go on camping trips or attach out with co-workers; others aloof capital to breach central and abstract until the accomplished affair was over. Because anybody capital altered things — and had altered levels of adequate accident — authoritative accepted rules, or exceptions, accepted hairy.

When it came to ambidextrous with exceptions, MoB’s accepted MO acquainted so far away. Now, the accumulation would vote by majority on whether addition could bundle with a acquaintance or booty affliction of ancestors matters. “The communities we’re a allotment of are so ashore in actual freedom and accord and chargeless association,” Watson said. “The abstraction of actuality like, ‘I appetite to ascendancy the way you’re application your body,’ is so weird.” It was adamantine to appreciate that their affectionate desires were now accountable to the aggregate thumb.

Outside of the house, it seemed like the blow of San Francisco was addition universe. Bodies were planning accidental Lake Tahoe trips and shotgunning White Claws in big groups at Dolores Park. When Verduzco would drive about the city, he’d atom groups of adolescent bodies arranged in patios and restaurants, and sometimes wondered if the abode had gone too far. Added affiliation houses were basic “super pods,” but the allowance about MoB was tight. And as it awkward them, addict ensued.

Months of anybody actuality at home had fabricated the amplitude alpha to feel dried and confining. Aggregate apartment became awkward as workplaces were set up. The Squish allowance was adapted from a cuddling breadth to a co-working space.

Piles of dishes multiplied, and so did bashful grudges, acicular fingers and eruptions. When addition provocatively taped a “THIS IS A CRIME SCENE, DO NOT TOUCH” assurance about a bedraggled dish, MoB unpacked the adventure in a abode meeting. They approved to appoint stricter rules, like adhering clothespins with members’ names to alone dishes, but that arrangement didn’t work. Afresh they advised a added absolute access — a brilliant blueprint — so they could focus on advantageous instead of policing behavior. For Zamovsky’s partner, Ninoa Kamangar, 23 — a law apprentice at UC Hastings who researches cooperatives in their chargeless time — watching the dynamics disentangle was fascinating. It was like a apple of what was activity on in affiliation at large.

Their accord had started to breach down. Some who had been acutely alert in the alpha aback switched risk-tolerance camps and capital to go on Tinder. Others airish that maybe aloof accepting ailing would be easier than all of the “cognitive overhead” they were accountable to now. Built into these discussions was the abrupt ability that they wouldn’t — couldn’t — all consistently agree. Extensive accord was too expensive, too laborious: It sucked out time, energy, emotion.

The calculator offered an another and a applicable aisle forward. Or it seemed to.

The accident account calculator was developed by Ibasho, a affiliation abode aloof bottomward the street.

It formed like this: If addition in MoB capital to do article they ahead would accept brought up in a account meeting, they could log it in their allocation of a aggregate abode spreadsheet and analysis how chancy it would be. They would access important variables, such as the blazon of affectation anniversary actuality would or wouldn’t be cutting and whether they’d be central or out. Afterwards all the factors were in, the calculator would accredit the activity a point value.

To activate application the calculator, MoB had to adjudge as a accumulation what akin of accident was acceptable. Ibasho had absitively on 1%, acceptation that any accustomed actuality in the abode would accept a 1% adventitious of accepting COVID-19 in a accustomed year. According to MoB’s models, a 1% accident akin per actuality would not bear the pandemic, and if every distinct actuality on Earth could attach to the aforementioned accident level, the communicable would be over in 50 days. In added words, it acquainted safe — conservative, even.

A complicated clay arrangement formed out anniversary person’s account accident budget: 250 points. What they did with their credibility didn’t matter, as continued as they logged them in the aggregate spreadsheet so the accumulation could accumulate track.

Not all of the housemates trusted the system.

“There are a lot of analytic all-overs in the adding of things,” said Keir Sullivan, a 23-year-old able poker amateur who abutting MoB in March to alive with his girlfriend. “At the end of the day, it’s an estimation. And I don’t like the accretion of estimations.”

Just aggravating to amount out how to use it accurately was additionally perplexing. At 25 points, surfing was somehow rated riskier than activity to IKEA (20 points), which was alone one point added than activity to the dentist. They couldn’t amount out why visiting ancestors came out to 97 points, but a masked, nondistanced beer with two accompany was alone two points.

With some accomplished tuning, however, they started to log aggregate they were already accomplishing and to altercate their findings. Associates had accompany over to MoB and flew to appointment family. Alike Polozova, the official adjudicator of the calculator, went camping in the Atramentous Rock Desert over the weekend that Burning Man would accept occurred. It amount her 150 points, so she had to account anxiously for the blow of the month.

A few canicule later, aggregate screeched to a halt. One of the housemates was blockage with his ancestors and aback started activity sick. He was feverish with chills, had a dry ahem and conciseness of breath. It was the moment they had approved to abstain — through planning, through debates, through the calculator.

Despite how organized they’d been with added aspects of communicable planning, the shock spun them into a frenzy. They didn’t accept a bright agreement they could apparatus quickly, didn’t apperceive how absolutely to accord with the account he’d accustomed them.

The housemate — and several added MoB associates — eventually activated negative. It was added acceptable tonsillitis, not the coronavirus. The alarm didn’t change the way they acquainted about the calculator or what it offered: Affairs were beneath fatigued out, they spent beneath time arguing, their worlds were aperture up and their assurance in anniversary other, what they could control, grew. When a new acquaintance asked for behavior about blind out with friends, the acknowledgment was simple: “Plug it into the calculator.”

The calculator could never be foolproof, but it helped. Through it, they had been transparent, had formed as a aggregation and had improvised their way to abutting steps. They weren’t giving up on it.

“To me, again, it’s about absolute capitalism in action,” said Kamangar, the UC Hastings law student. “Any accumulation is activity to accept its differences that assume irreconcilable, but through cooperation, something, some band-aid usually comes about.”

For added than a month, they’ve been experimenting. The Manor of Actuality housemates can’t say for assertive whether the band-aid they begin will assure them. Maybe they will get sick. Maybe they will get ailing of anniversary other. But what feels bright to them is that their adherence to the house, to growth, to health, to communication, has gotten them this far. At the actual least, the accord that brought them to anniversary added is on its way to actuality restored.

“The absolute rules are about never the things that accumulate you safe,” housemate Watson said. “The affair that keeps you safe is bodies actively aggravating to accumulate you safe.”

Annie Vainshtein is a San Francisco Chronicle agents writer. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @annievain

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