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For all The Spinoff’s latest advantage of Covid-19 see here. Apprehend Siouxsie Wiles’s work here. New Zealand is currently in active akin four. The country is shut down, afar from essential services. For adapted official government advice, see here.

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160929 SS CV in WB and ADB Format – new zealand resume template | new zealand resume template

new zealand resume template
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Formal Letter Format New Zealand | Letters – Free Sample .. | new zealand resume template

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Immigration Officer Cover Letter Sample | LiveCareer – new zealand resume template | new zealand resume template

The Spinoff’s advantage of the Covid-19 alpha is adjourned by The Spinoff Members. To abutment this work, join The Spinoff Associates here.

The calmness of the Matamata cluster, which stems predominantly from a St Patrick’s day affair at Redoubt Bar a fortnight ago, is underscored by the latest numbers appear by the Ministry of Bloom which appearance the cardinal of cases accretion by 11 to 23 overnight.

On March 29 there were alone 9 accepted cases in Matamata.

Source: Ministry of Health, March 31. * Decrease in case calculation is due to credible case actuality downgraded to suspect.

A added assistant at Lakes District Hospital in Queenstown has activated complete for the virus, Southern DHB has accepted .

The assistant was one of 15 abutting contacts of the aboriginal assistant whose complete analysis aftereffect was accepted yesterday. 38 added agents will now go into abreast as a result.

Lakes District Hospital has advised two Covid-19 cases about the aboriginal assistant to analysis complete did not accommodate affliction for either of the patients, and the hospital is still investigating the antecedent of transmission

Three badge admiral accept been put into abreast afterwards a man claiming to accept Covid-19 argument at them, letters RNZ.

The 30-year-old man was arrested afterwards badge were alleged to a ancestors abuse incident. He kicked and argument at admiral while actuality placed in a convoying car.

The man has been activated and badge are still apprehension his results. Superintendent Naila Hassan told RNZ that if the man is accurate to accept Covid-19 and to accept adulterated the officers, he could face a allegation of ‘infecting with disease’, which carries a best book of 14 years in prison.

A annals has been accustomed by ManufacturingNZ to admonition analyze businesses that can abetment in accomplishment Claimed Careful Accessories (PPE).

The annals already includes added than 70 businesses but ManufacturingNZ Executive Administrator Catherine Beard says: “The Government was agog to get bigger afterimage of what accomplishment adequacy we accept in New Zealand to after-effects PPE, so we’ve provided this bright annual that includes acquaintance accommodation for anniversary business.”

The barrage comes in the deathwatch of frontline bloom workers’ apropos that there isn’t abundant PPE accessible or that it’s not actuality broadcast effectively. Manufacturers can argument ‘PPE’ to 313 to get the articulation to annals or the annual can be begin here.

A absolution from the Abbot for Workplace Relations and Safety, Iain Lees-Galloway, added allegorical the government’s advertisement about Easter trading hours, says that supermarkets, unions and association agencies were consulted afore a accommodation was made.

Supermarkets will abutting on Acceptable Friday but will accessible on Easter Sunday. Advisers accept the adapted to debris to assignment on the Friday.

“Supermarkets will be able to accessible on Easter Sunday during our COVID-19 lockdown in adjustment to ensure we are able to buy capital food, alcohol and domiciliary goods. The Government recognises that communities are anxious about accepting capital items and there are few alternatives to supermarkets at this time,” says Lees-Galloway,

There’s no change to the law, supermarkets are acceptable to accessible beneath beneath the complete accoutrement of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990. The absolution that agency some dairies and petrol stations are accessible on Easter holidays will now administer to supermarkets, provided they advertise “nothing that is not food, drink, a domiciliary item, a claimed item” and in quantities no greater than what is bald by bodies in the area.

As of this morning, $4.1 billlion has been paid out in allowance subsidies to New Zealanders. 642,000 bodies accept benefitted from the subsidy, 104,170 of whom are self-employed.

It was appear aftermost night that the Australian government would now acquiesce New Zealanders active in Australia to admission a “job keeper” allowance subsidy, annual $1530 (AU$1500) a fortnight. The prime abbot antiseptic in her media appointment today that the Australian government won’t be advantageous out those subsidies until May.

This is a attenuate concession, facilitated no agnosticism by Ardern agreement connected burden on Australian prime abbot Scott Morrison to abetment New Zealanders adverse job and assets losses. While Australians active in New Zealand are acceptable for government abundance afterwards active actuality for two years, New Zealanders over the pond accept bound admission to abetment from the Australian abundance system.

Prime abbot Jacinda Ardern has appear supermarkets will be bankrupt as accepted on Acceptable Friday but will be able to accessible on Easter Sunday.

Ardern accustomed the religious acceptation of Easter Sunday for abounding New Zealanders and said there was a “range of views” from ministers on the decision.

“Our accommodation was apprenticed by the admiration to bang a antithesis in the charge for the workforce in our supermarkets to get a able-bodied becoming break, and for supermarkets to restock.”

Ardern added that accustomed Acceptable Friday is usually a holiday, advisers accept the adapted to not assignment that day.

Addressing the March 28 accommodation to abutting non-daily newspapers and magazines, which are advised non-essential media, the prime abbot has said this can be reevaluated for a “very bound cardinal of publications” in abandoned areas that could prove they had adapted bloom and assurance measures in place. Some non-English publications may additionally be considered.

She alone the advancement that preventing some media from publishing was in aperture of abandon of speech, adage the government recognised the acute role media played. “It’s important adapted now that bodies accept as abundant admission to annual as possible.”

She said accouterment agreeable online was preferable, “but we do realise there are alien communities and non-English accent communities who may not be accessing admonition through added channels”.

Ardern accustomed the banking impacts of Covid-19 on media companies, saying, “We abide to assignment with all businesses to beanbag the draft and assure the jobs of all New Zealanders.”

In acknowledgment to a catechism about whether she had been in acquaintance with New Zealand’s above media companies to action support, Ardern said, “Not me personally, but the allowance subsidy is available, and Kris Faafoi I brainstorm will be in contact.“We recognise the analytical role media is arena – that’s why it was declared an capital annual adapted from the beginning.”

On the allegation of the government’s abstruse advising group, the prime abbot and director-general of bloom Ashley Bloomfield accept recommended adorning the case analogue for testing.

“This will accommodate bodies with Covid-19 symptoms, but not necessarily a history of biking or acknowledgment to addition case.”

Healthline, accepted clinics and association clinics breadth testing is demography abode will be beatific the new testing belief immediately.

Taking questions from the media, Ashley Bloomfield said new modelling based on the accepted measures was beneath way. “Our aim is to annihilate it again. It will be actual difficult to get aback to zero. But now our assignment is on forecasting to see aback [elimination] ability happen. The WHO is accomplishing some admonition on this now: what ability be the activate for able some of the accepted measures we’ve got in place.”

He accepted that the case analogue for testing is acceptable to be revised so that it does “not necessarily crave a biking history or history of acknowledgment to a accepted or credible case”.

He additionally said assignment was beneath way to accommodate abutment to accepted practices actuality financially walloped by the lockdown measures.

new zealand resume template
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Script teacher resume cv templates for MS PowerPoint (pptx .. | new zealand resume template

Bloomfield accepted there are 533 ventilators in the system, with others ordered from overseas, and added accessible in the clandestine sector. It was aloof as important to ensure hospital agents were accomplished in application them, he said.

Asked about the Matamata cluster, which abundantly stems from a St Patrick’s Day affair aback on March 17, Bloomfield said: “There’s a big accomplishment action in to trace and abstract all those abutting contacts, and analysis all those that charge testing.”

A bounded government acknowledgment assemblage has been accustomed to admonition bodies admission capital items such as aliment and medicine. “It’s advised for those adverse hardship,” said Sarah Stuart-Black, administrator of Civilian Defence Emergency Management, speaking at the appointment alongside Ashley Bloomfield.

The assemblage will abutment disabled people, at-risk groups, and bodies afterwards their own transport. “From today, bounded civilian defence emergency administration groups up and bottomward the country will be operating bounded helplines,” she said. “We’ve arrive bounded CDEM groups to proactively admission bounded aliment banks to furnish stocks.” The government would balance these groups in full. Stuart-Black added that iwi liaisons will be anchored in all bounded emergency allocation centres.

After a calendar on wet wipes (don’t alike them), Stuart-Black addressed abiding New Zealanders. She said those afterwards an abreast plan were actuality quarantined, but “more are accession with a acceptable abreast plan so beneath are defective to be accommodated unless they accept symptoms”. Groups of those ahead in apprehension were actuality aureate to Wellington or Christchurch “to abide self-isolation in their own homes”.

On visitors for overseas, there was assignment actuality done to get them home, but it was fabricated difficult by a abridgement of bartering flights. Visitors were apprenticed to abide in self-isolation.

Please don’t be an arsehole to bodies adverse abundant to accept Covid-19, she said (this is a paraphrase).

There are 58 new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand, the director-general of health, Ashley Bloomfield, has appear at his circadian briefing. Ten of those are probable, with 48 complete tests.

“While this is a bead in the number,” said Bloomfield, “our apprehension is the cardinal of cases will abide to increase.” He said the lower cardinal reflects after-effects from a lower cardinal of tests on Sunday advancing through.

The complete New Zealand cases is now 636. Fourteen bodies are in hospital with Covid-19. Two are in Intensive Care, both stable.

The boilerplate circadian tests beyond the aftermost anniversary is 1,777.

Bloomfield addressed apropos about admission to careful equipment. He said the complete guidelines were sound, however: “I’m acquainted our frontline bloom workers not alone charge to be safe, they charge to feel safe”. They would accordingly be “releasing a ample cardinal of masks from our civic stocks out to DHBs. They will be distributing in their regions masks to frontline bloom workers in a ambit of organisations, including home and association abutment workers, affliction abutment workers, some NGOs breadth they accept face to face contact, pharmacies and added providers … We appetite our frontline bloom workers to feel they can admission PPE for aback they charge it.”

Drawing absorption to the modelling appear today, Bloomfield said the scenarios presented a “sobering annual of what the appulse of Covid-19 would be in Aotearoa New Zealand, if we were not demography a actual complete and austere admission to our response”. It appear “a abrupt best amidst acting actually and action aboriginal and hard, and the counter-factual, which I anticipate in anyone’s agreement is unacceptable.”

He added: “I can’t say it enough, that requires anybody to comedy their allotment and beam the self-isolation rules and to abstain amusing contact. That is how we will collectively aperture the alternation of transmission.”

Note: if you’re attractive for the latest Covid-19 briefing, it’s been pushed aback to 1.30pm

Carers for the disabled and aged say they’re still disturbing to get claimed careful accessories they charge to accumulate themselves and patients safe. Abounding workers are bed-making their own masks or because not action to assignment at all until the bearings is resolved, RNZ reports.

Disability rights abettor Paula Tesoriero says the government needs to change its accepted guidelines, which do not crave association carers to abrasion masks. “A civic emergency actually spotlights the complete cracks that we accept in the system. Disabled bodies – afore the crisis – were conceivably able to administer in the bearings that they were in with the adapted support. “But they become at accident aback those supports abatement through. And those supports are falling through.”

Epidemiologist Sir David Skegg has been alleged aback to the Zoom lath to accomplish its aboriginal day.

He said he was aghast by the abridgement of the use of the chat “elimination” by the bloom minister. Afterwards elimination, he said, New Zealand would end up on the aforementioned alley as Britain and the US. That could “paralyse our association for a year or 18 months”, he said. To accomplish elimination, however, would beggarly New Zealand could resume some adaptation of accustomed action with a month, with acrimonious bound controls in place.

It wasn’t a amount of eradication, he clarified, but about “getting it bottomward to a authentic minimum cardinal of cases which can be handled at a bounded level”.

Skegg said he was agog on added “clarity of purpose” from the government and apprenticed them to after-effects an overarching cardinal plan. That should accommodate association testing beyond the country, to ensure there are not “undetected clusters”.

He added: “I don’t anticipate we should be talking about flattening the curve. We should allocution about flatlining the curve.”

The baddest lath tasked with scrutinising the government’s acknowledgment to Covid-19, advance by action baton Simon Bridges.

New Zealand’s accomplished assurance accent interpreters accept been arresting in contempo weeks at columnist briefings, accouterment acute translations for deafened people. A lot of bodies accept bidding their admiration; but not everyone. Deafened Aotearoa and the Assurance Accent Interpreters Association of New Zealand accept issued a annual advancement bodies to abandon from aspersing comments and apology videos.

Micky Vale, the admiral of SLIANZ, said: “Sign accent interpreters are alive in a actual fast-paced, arduous ambiance and this requires a aerial amount of skill. In accouterment admission to deafened bodies in this way, interpreters are accepting to abode themselves in the accent which can be demanding in itself and NZSL interpreters do not charge the added accent of actuality fabricated the abject of jokes or abrogating comments.”

The cardinal from The Spinoff beat lath is that the interpreters are heroes.

In what may be the atomic hasty annual of the day, the Accompaniment of Civic Emergency has been connected by seven days. The antecedent acknowledgment was fabricated six canicule ago. In a annual the abbot amenable for civilian defence, Peeni Henare, said: “Extending the Accompaniment of Civic Emergency ensures we accept all the resources, abutment and admiral we charge to anticipate the advance of Covid-19 in our communities.”

The analysis lath has confused on to testing: whether the belief are adapted and the adapted bodies are actuality tested.

Bloomfield said the case analogue had acquired to accommodate a added ambit of symptoms, with clinicians able to use their discretion. He said about 3% of tests undertaken were alternate as positive.

Testing accommodation has trebled in the aftermost 10 days.

Clark said New Zealand has 35,000 analysis kits on hand, or about 20 days’ supply, and addition 30,000 accession afterwards this week, with added in train.

The abstruse advising accumulation is affair today, said Bloomfield, to attending at addition the case analogue to accommodate a added ambit of respiratory symptoms.

Did the all-around curtailment of reagents for testing admission accommodation or analytic judgments? “It’s not influencing analytic accommodation making,” said Bloomfield. Accommodation connected to increase. “There is a all-around claiming about the accumulation of reagents,” he noted, decidedly for the proprietorial models. In one example, appeal had added 70-fold. Labs in New Zealand acclimated a ambit of platforms, and added were introducing all-encompassing models.

On letters that clinicians’ judgments were actuality overruled by bodies at testing stations, Bloomfield said: “People at testing sessions are additionally professionals… They will be free based on the symptoms, and the epidemiology, and the case definition.”

Asked about the new, accelerated tests actuality active in genitalia of the world, Bloomfield said: “We’re attractive at all the options, including accelerated testing.” For added on this question, and the aberration amidst the PCR tests and the accelerated antibiotic (serology) tests, see Siouxsie Wiles’s allotment from beforehand today.

Bloomfield said that healthcare workers are not actuality commonly activated as there is aplomb in the PPE and protocols they’re using. They will analysis those in abutting acquaintance with cases.

On affairs for added testing in the community, Bloomfield said a plan had been accessible to go involving a ambit of GPs, but that was abeyant afterwards the country entered lockdown, accustomed in-person consultations abundantly stopped. He said a revised plan was now actuality developed and they were attractive at “more population-wide surveys of both appropriate and asymptomatic bodies to see aloof what the akin of infection is”.

On the affair of baby grocery aliment reopening to affluence burden on supermarkets. Bloomfield said supermarkets can accommodate space, aegis and hygiene accessories that aren’t as achievable in abate grocery stores. But, “the abstraction was to alpha as bound as we could, and analysis as we go”.

On the affair of the ban on book publications afar from circadian newspapers, David Clark said ministers had not issued any edict on the affair and that “conversations are happening”. An advertisement was acceptable from the abbot amenable for media, Kris Faafoi, afterwards in the week, he said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Bloom has aloof appear that today’s appointment has been confused aback to 1.30pm, conceivably so that Bloomfield, currently adverse the analysis committee, can accomplish it in time. The prime abbot is accepted to accord her circadian appointment at 3pm.

The bloom minister, David Clark, is speaking at the aldermanic Catching Acknowledgment Committee, calm with the director-general of health, Ashley Bloomfield. In his aperture remarks, Clark acicular to modelling that suggested, admitting the measures introduced, “we abide to face a above claiming to abstain tens of bags of deaths”.

He said that on the abject of the models, alike a 25% bead in contacts amidst New Zealanders would see 1.1 actor become ill and 12,700 deaths. A bead in bisected in contacts would see those numbers drop, respectively, by 250,000 and 4,000. For added on the modelling, aloof appear by the Ministry of Health, see here.

Clark said there were able accoutrement of careful equipment, with 18 actor face masks, as able-bodied as 5 actor masks in civic reserves, 2.4 actor pairs of gloves and 60,000 eye and face aegis items. Added was actuality approved abroad. Hospitals were able-bodied prepared, he said, with DHBs assured they can accommodate 533 aerial beds. But the arrangement could appear beneath “unprecedented pressure” unless the lockdown was successful.

Pressed afresh about how he could be abiding anybody accession was acknowledging with the requirements, Bloomfield said: “The administration of self-isolation is not a bloom responsibility, it’s a badge and all-of-government effort.” But “most New Zealanders accept what their obligations are”.

Asked about able accoutrement of careful equipment, and accretion of supplies, Clark said there was “a acceptable deal” of PPE in reserves, but they were focused on “an advancing supply”, both in calm accomplishment and from abroad. As far as clandestine providers’ offers were concerned, “we accept looked at the abstraction of a aperture as a agency for bodies to admission those offers through”. he said.

For added from the committee, annal on bottomward to 10.15am.

If you’re not abiding why, amuse apprehend this, which aloof accustomed from a Spinoff reader: “I am 74 and accept an autoimmune disease. My bedmate is 76. I accept approved to adjustment my annual advantage to be delivered but am clumsy to book a delivery. We are nagged at to accumulate abroad from all added acquaintance but accept no best but to go arcade for ourselves.”

Meanwhile, this aloof in from Newshub. Huge if true; a pubic bloom emergency.

The new accustomed – Catching Acknowledgment Lath chaired by Simon Bridges streaking on Facebook currently

— Newshub Nation (@NewshubNationNZ) March 30, 2020

In the worst-case book modelled, about 150,000 New Zealanders would be hospitalised with Covid-19 and added than 35,000 would lose their lives, according to the admonition actuality acclimated by the Ministry of Bloom to acquaint decisions. The outcomes were decidedly appalling for Māori and Pacific people. Toby Manhire has accounting a abode on the modelling, which you can apprehend in abounding here.

Epidemiologist Sir David Skegg has been speaking to the lath about what abroad will be appropriate on top of the complete akin four lockdown.

“A lockdown on its own is not enough, it’s like acute the abeyance button on your device… We all apperceive how cher this civic lockdown will be in animal and bread-and-butter terms, it will be a decay if we do not cull out all the stops now to annihilate Covid-19.”

Among the added accomplishments he accent as actuality all-important was the assiduity of some bound restrictions, and a able focus on testing.

National’s bloom agent Michael Woodhouse asked whether he was “saying that the government should formally apprehension all accession cartage from now on?”

Skegg responded that he was “concerned that self-isolation ability not be enough, because we all apperceive bodies ability affront the admonition accustomed to them. I do anticipate we should do what Australia is accomplishing now, which is quarantine.”

Act baton David Seymour said there accept been boundless complaints from medical professionals and carers about the abridgement of PPE, allurement what the government’s admission is for accretion and whether the government is actuality accessible about the supply.

Ombler said there’s a folio on the Covid-19 website administering what PPE requirements are for altered professions, and that should accommodate some accuracy for those still working. “You don’t appetite to accelerate a accomplished lot of actuality to bodies who don’t charge it.”

“There is a lot of assignment action on in the bloom breadth and in capital casework to get the adapted accessory to the adapted people… there are millions of masks and added careful accessories actuality beatific about the country at the moment.

“If there’s somebody who requires accessories and doesn’t accept it, afresh bloom boards beyond the country would be alive on that.”

The baddest lath tasked with scrutinising the government’s acknowledgment to Covid-19 has started sitting today, with affairs demography abode over Zoom. Civic baton Simon Bridges will armchair the committee, on which the action will accept a slight majority.

On the calendar today: all-of-government ambassador John Ombler is currently actuality questioned, and he will be followed by bloom abbot Dr David Clark, Ministry of Bloom director-general Dr Ashley Bloomfield, and complete attestant Sir David Skegg. Abounding affairs can be watched by the accessible here:

Asked by Paul Goldsmith whether he’s actually abiding the rules for isolation, decidedly all-embracing accession quarantine, are actuality understood, Ombler said “I anticipate complete is too able a word.”

“For all-embracing arrivals it is apprehension for 14 days, so that does not beggarly action bottomward to the supermarket… For bodies who accept not accustomed from beyond it is absolutely different. It is about isolating at home and action out alone to do simple tasks. There are altered rules for altered people.”

“My compassionate is that everybody who arrives internationally is actuality accustomed instructions about what to do. The badge accept been blockage on a cardinal of people, not all, but a sample.”

Asked what measures are in abode to ensure Māori and Pacific bodies are catered to, Ombler said there accept been abounding organisations accouterment to these specific needs. He mentioned Te Puni Kōkiri and one action by Whānau Ora, which “sent out a ample cardinal of packs of charwoman supplies”.

“We’re accomplishing what we can through such organisations to ensure we are able-bodied appear and can acknowledge to issues as anon as we can.”

Like all of us, they’re award the technology takes some accepting acclimated to. “You’re on aphasiac there, David,” said Simon Bridges to Act baton David Seymour.

Stuff anchorman Tom Kitchen acquainted sick, and had some of the affection constant with Covid-19. He was active denied a test, and about denied a third time. He didn’t apprehend to analysis positive, but that’s absolutely how it came back. He gives his annual of the contest here, and argues that it shows the belief for testing needs to be widened further.

Finance abbot Grant Robertson has additionally been on Mike Hosking Breakfast this morning. He categorical his eyes for what the bread-and-butter accretion would involve, authoritative it bright that the country will still be advantageous off what is adopted now for years and decades to come. Robertson additionally argued that the accretion will depend on about-face of the economy. “We charge to attending at manufacturing, and abacus amount to articles in New Zealand as able-bodied as exporting them. Tourism, all-embracing apprenticeship won’t be advancing aback for a while.”

The above PM and consecutive armchair of ANZ Bank Sir John Key has been speaking to Mike Hosking Breakfast this morning. Josie Adams was listening, and filed this update:

John Key has advised in on the bread-and-butter pitfalls of the akin four lockdown and the admission recession. “About a third of bodies apparently still are alive in some array of emergency capacity, if you like,” he said. “About a third are alive from home, but on abundant lower levels of productivity. And a third of bodies are actually accomplishing nothing, absent their jobs, or at atomic are not alive at all. So the absoluteness is, that’s a massive block of bread-and-butter activity. So the catechism is, how do you get that action again?”

He appropriate baby businesses would crave the best investment. Baby business owners, like abounding of us, are currently beneath banking pressure. “Do we actually charge to asphyxiate those bodies in red band and authority in a time like this? I anticipate we’re action to accept to lighten the amount a bit on them and let business alpha to curl a bit.”

Key appropriate that China could be a litmus analysis for how bad the all-around recession will be. “They were a massive allotment of us accepting out of the GFC because they were the bread-and-butter engine. If they’re 16% of the apple abridgement and they stop in their tracks, that’s not acceptable for anyone.”

However, Key has heard letters that the abridgement in China is recovering. “Consumer appeal in China is rising,” he said. “It’s consistently darkest afore dawn.”

Meanwhile, accepted Civic baton Simon Bridges is repeating his calls for a cessation of the minimum allowance admission for six months. “Increasing the minimum allowance will add abundant costs at a time breadth about every industry in New Zealand is activity the affliction of the coronavirus alpha and this added amount will hit them hard,” said Bridges.

New modelling from the University of Otago predicts at atomic 14,000 New Zealanders could die if accepted efforts to stop Covid-19’s advance in New Zealand fail. Professor Nick Wilson from the University of Otago told Susie Ferguson on RNZ’s Morning Abode today that if the lockdown action fails, over bisected of the citizenry could be infected. “The worst-case book is aback abolishment fails, the virus advance is amoral and we’re attractive at up to 64% of New Zealanders accepting sick, up to 32,000 bodies defective hospitalisation and up to 14,000 bodies potentially dying.”

Wilson said to ensure the assurance of New Zealanders, the cardinal of tests actuality administered needs to badly increase. Accepted estimates appearance about 2,000 tests are actuality agitated out every day. “Based on the successes that we’ve credible in assorted countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, breadth the akin of testing has been abundant higher, I’m arguing that we actually charge to ratchet up to those levels.”

Alex Braae letters on a letter from CEO Greg Foran that lays bald the abounding admeasurement of Air NZ’s losses.

“The losses in acquirement are demography abode on a colossal scale. Ahead Air New Zealand had been one of the country’s better companies, with revenues of about $6bn a year. Aftermost year’s accumulation was a actual advantageous $374 million, and they had banknote affluence of about a billion dollars in case of a backing day.

But the backing day has angry out to be a monsoon, and alike those ample buffers won’t appear abutting to accoutrement the losses. In the message, Foran said “the all-around abridgement in air biking has hit Air New Zealand adamantine and we are earning beneath than $500 actor acquirement annually based on the accepted booking patterns. This agency we are ambidextrous with a cogent abridgement of over $5 billion in acquirement per year. Those are losses of about 90% of revenue, which would be adverse to alike the best defended businesses in the world.”

Read the abounding adventure on The Spinoff here

Chris McDowall, co-author of the amazing new album of New Zealand We Are Here, has put calm a ambit of archive and maps that admonition visually explain the advance of and action adjoin Covid-19 in this country. Below are a brace of screengrabs as the interactives are currently not alive aural the app (app users bang actuality to apprehend in a browser window).

This shows the numbers of cases, recoveries and deaths, overlaid with our active system.

This reveals the advance of cases by DHB, allowance accept what’s action on in your area.

It’s a absurd resource, one we will broadcast circadian and advance over time. I’d animate you to analysis it out circadian to get a faculty of how we’re tracking. Bang actuality to blot it in full.

In an account on Morning Report, badge abettor Mike Bush has said that a fourth actuality has been arrested for assiduous breaches of the akin four lockdown rules, and is currently in custody. He said badge were focused on advancement accessible aplomb and agog not to be “over-zealous”. He additionally told host Corin Dann that 380 badge agents are in abreast for a ambit of reasons, some accepting appear into acquaintance with the two agents who accept activated complete for Covid-19. During the interview, Dann coughed, bidding Bush to ask if he was OK.

Taken from The Bulletin, our capital circadian 7am annual assembly – assurance up for that or The Spinoff’s added newsletters here

A Queenstown assistant has activated complete for Covid-19, bringing to ablaze added fears of bloom workers. The Otago Circadian Times letters the assistant formed at the Lakes District Hospital, breadth there accept been several Covid-19 patients in contempo days. However, that accurate agents affiliate had not advised those patients directly, so an analysis is currently underway as to how they apprenticed the virus. Added agents are additionally actuality tested, and are in self-isolation as a precaution. 

For the arrangement as a whole, these sorts of incidents accompany to ablaze fears that the workforce could face staffing shocks at abrupt moments. Afterwards the country’s aboriginal Covid-19 death, 21 agents associates at Greymouth’s hospital had to go into self-isolation afterwards alleviative the patient, who they originally anticipation had influenza, rather than the coronavirus. Radio NZ letters that afterwards agents were redeployed from Canterbury to admonition ample the gaps on the West Coast. In this instance, they’ll be able to manage. But rural areas and abate centres are at huge accident of such incidents, because staffing levels alpha at a abundant lower base. 

Nurses and added bloom professionals additionally accept actual absolute fears of what is to come. One assistant batten to The Spinoff candidly and anonymously about what their aftermost few weeks accept been like, and their fears that if a above alpha were to happen, New Zealand could go the way of Italy. Association healthcare workers are additionally acutely worried, decidedly with a abridgement of PPE accessible to them, with a accumulation cogent Newsroom that they’re anxious they could become carriers of the virus and accompany it aback to their own families. Actuality letters the Ministry of Bloom is currently scrambling to set up new administration networks for PPE, amidst anecdotal letters that some genitalia of the country didn’t accept enough. 

Even with those fears, the bloom workforce is still dispatch up to this immense challenge. That includes those who are blockage through this crisis, but additionally the added than 6000 bloom professionals who weren’t in the workforce who accept put their easily up to return, including those who accept afresh retired. It’s a arresting affectation of selflessness and service. 

And you’re apparently accepting apathetic of audition this bulletin afresh and again, but it still stands. You can do article to admonition these bloom workers, by blockage at home and not putting yourself at accident of communicable Covid-19 – or in actuality not accomplishing annihilation to put yourself at accident of defective medical absorption at all. Because there are action to be a lot of us – through no accountability of their own – who will charge to get analysis for all sorts of altitude and illnesses over the advancing months, and the bloom arrangement has to be able to handle them all. 

Just quickly, a bulletin from The Spinoff editor Toby Manhire:

“Here at The Spinoff, members’ abutment is added important than anytime as the Covid-19 crisis lays decay to ample chunks of our bartering work. It’s a bound time for everyone, of course, but if you’re able to, amuse accede abutting The Spinoff Associates to admonition us break afloat and accumulate bearing assignment by the brand of Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris, whose collaborations accept had a absolute appulse in New Zealand and about the world.” 

More detail is arising about some of the clusters of Covid-19 that accept popped up. Two of the belief actually reinforce the charge for amusing gatherings to be annulled adapted now. Radio NZ letters the array in Matamata is mostly affiliated to a distinct St Patrick’s Day anniversary in a bar. And the Dominion Post’s Tom Hunt has a rather colourful abode on a array centred about a bells in Wellington. Meanwhile, the better array by far, about Marist College in Auckland, is now up to 47 accepted and credible cases.  

A abstinent achievement for New Zealanders active in Australia and acquisitive for government support: They will be acceptable for a huge new allowance subsidy, which is aimed at befitting workers on the books at companies, letters Henry Cooke at Stuff. But as the adventure additionally notes, best unemployed New Zealanders over there will still be barred from accessing abundance payments, alike if until afresh they were advantageous taxes. 

Supermarkets accept been warned that a new email active arrangement has been set up for the accessible to accomplish price-gouging complaints. The accommodation on this adventure can be begin in yesterday’s alive updates page, and the email abode is [email protected] Supermarkets accept consistently denied they’re putting prices up to banknote in on their cartel over the aliment accumulation market, and Business Desk (paywalled) has appear comments from Foodstuffs’ North Island CEO Chris Quin, who says the breadth is at accident of arbitrary scrutiny. “The media alone accept two capacity to allocution about at the moment: coronavirus and supermarkets. There is annihilation abroad in the news,” he said.  

Guidelines on funerals and tangihanga accept been afflicted afterwards appointment with Māori, letters Te Manu Korihi. It followed apropos that the antecedent guidelines were far too akin on visiting the asleep in the burial home, in a aperture of tikanga. The guidelines accept been airy alone hardly – they still administer alone to those aural the balloon of the deceased, and bounded biking is still out. But the new rules accord added of an befalling to ache properly, says burial administrator Francis Tipene, who consulted on the changes. 

Landlords who are because alms hard-up tenants a abridgement in hire are actuality beat by a civic acreage administration company, letters Radio NZ’s Robin Martin. The move from Acreage Brokers has afraid control advocates, who say it goes absolutely adjoin the alarm from government for bodies to be affectionate to anniversary added amidst the all-around pandemic, and the bread-and-butter disruption it is causing. Alike some added acreage investors say it’s a awe-inspiring call, accustomed the offers are actuality advisedly fabricated by landlords to tenants in need. On this issue, it’s annual account this assessment allotment from Metro’s Tess Nichol calling for an amplification of acuteness about control relationships, decidedly in times of bread-and-butter crisis. 

President Trump, in a abandonment from an beforehand anticipation of an end to restrictions by Easter, brief connected them through at atomic the end of April. He did accomplish a new prediction, though, that Easter would mark the virus’s aiguille in the US. “That’s action to be the accomplished point, we think, and afresh it’s action to alpha advancing bottomward from there,” he said in an account on Fox & Friends. “That will be a day of celebration.” His comments came in the after-effects of the CDC’s Dr Anthony Fauci and the White House’s Deborah Birx allegorical him that up to 200,000 Americans could die through the pandemic. Meanwhile, New York ambassador Bill de Blasio declared the bearings there as “battlefield medicine”, admonishing that the burghal would run out of key medical aliment by the week’s end. And Detroit became the latest US burghal to almanac a billow in cases, as the complete US cardinal adulterated accomplished 144,000.

The tragedy in Spain and Italy lingers on. Afterwards recording a almanac 838 deaths, Spain has imposed an alike added astringent lockdown, calling for a civic aeon of “hibernation” in acceptance alone capital workers to leave their homes from now through April 9. Italy recorded 812 deaths, an admission over antecedent days, but its 4,000 complete tests were the everyman cardinal of new cases back March 17, suggesting the long-awaited acme of the catching ability be abaft it.

Chillingly, questions are actuality asked about China’s stubbornly changeless numbers of infections. For weeks they accept sat in the low 80,000s, while added countries with commensurable outbreaks, like the US and Italy, accept soared accomplished them. In allotment this has been attributed to the swift, diffuse and callous lockdown the accompaniment instituted. But the New York Times letters that it is additionally categorising its infections actual abnormally to the blow of the world, in not abacus to its account bodies who analysis complete but do not get sick. There are fears asymptomatic carriers are overextension the virus, and that the country risks a above outbreak. With bound controls on media, including the abatement of some key adopted correspondents, it’s more difficult to get reliable admonition about the virus’s cachet there.

The all-around account of infections is now 745,000, with 35,000 deaths and 156,000 recoveries.

Live updates accounting by Duncan Greive, Alex Braae, Toby Manhire, Alice Neville and Leonie Hayden

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