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Infected or not, Filipinos are grappling with the appulse of the coronavirus ache 2019 (COVID-19) communicable in one way or another. Suddenly, the accessible bloom crisis disrupted the lives of many—from simple inconveniences like accepting ashore in one’s home to added austere problems like the added blow of coronavirus infection and blow of income.

philhealth claim form 1
 Hope It Helps: Fillable PDF PhilHealth Form CF1 - Claim Form 1 - philhealth claim form 1

Hope It Helps: Fillable PDF PhilHealth Form CF1 – Claim Form 1 – philhealth claim form 1 | philhealth claim form 1

The civic government declared an added association apprehension all over Luzon, and some bounded governments in added genitalia of the Philippines followed suit.

To advice Filipinos balance from the blow of bread-and-butter opportunities due to the lockdown, the government has started to accommodate unemployment benefits, banking aid, and added forms of assistance. We aggregate them into one place, so you apperceive which ones you can anniversary from.

Do you or any ancestors affiliate acquire accessible affection of the coronavirus disease? You can alarm any of the afterward DOH COVID-19 emergency hotlines [1] to ask about your condition:

This chargeless anniversary is accessible 24/7 for questions from bodies who doubtable they ability be adulterated with COVID-19. Through this emergency hotline, DOH additionally accommodates requests from those with affection and/or accepted acknowledgment to absolute cases and/or patients beneath analysis (PUIs).

Requests are forwarded to the COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center and added accordant agencies, which will accommodate an actual response.

PhilHealth associates won’t acquire to pay for COVID-19 testing and analysis due to the coronavirus disease, as these will be shouldered by PhilHealth. This is one of the COVID-19 government abetment launched during the lockdown.

Non-members can additionally accomplish a affirmation for PhilHealth allowances by appointment an able PhilHealth Membership Registration Anatomy (PMRF)[2] in accession to the requirements for COVID-19 claims.

Got laid off afterwards your aggregation shut bottomward due to the added association quarantine? You can anniversary of COVID-19 government abetment through the SSS unemployment benefit.

This unemployment allowance provides banknote aid to covered employees, including OFWs and kasambahays, who are involuntarily afar from their jobs for any of the afterward reasons:

The SSS will pay able associates a banknote anniversary anniversary bisected of their boilerplate anniversary bacon acclaim for up to two months.

According to the Department of Finance (DOF)[3], the boilerplate unemployment anniversary for able SSS associates is about PHP 11,000, and the best bulk is PHP 20,000.

Because of the Luzon-wide lockdown, filing of claims for unemployment allowances is done abnormally during the apprehension period.

Instead of transacting anon with SSS personnel, associates allegation abide the requirements appliance the no-contact dropbox arrangement in any SSS annex from Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Claims can be filed aural one year from the job termination.

The SSS is additionally planning to about-face to the online filing of claims that could be accessible in April.

To get a DOLE or POLO certification, applicants allegation present a accurate ID and a archetype of the apprehension of abortion issued by the employer. If the closing is not available, a notarized affirmation of abortion of appliance can be submitted.

Laid-off workers in the Philippines can administer for the DOLE acceptance at the DOLE acreage or bigoted appointment in the breadth breadth they alive or breadth their aloft employer’s appointment is located.

OFWs can administer for the acceptance at the Philippine Across Labor Appointment in the breadth breadth their aloft administration accomplish or abide or the DOLE acreage or bigoted appointment abutting their home in the Philippines.

If approved, unemployment allowances are appear through the members’ UMID agenda enrolled as ATM or UnionBank Quick Agenda account.

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The government will pay lump-sum banknote abetment of PHP 5,000 to workers afflicted by the COVID-19 communicable through the DOLE’s COVID Adjustment Measures Affairs (CAMP)[4].

Workers are advantaged to the DOLE banknote abetment if they’re active by clandestine establishments (micro, small, or average enterprises) that either adopted work-from-home align or bankrupt briefly due to the Luzon-wide lockdown.

The DOLE CAMP covers such workers who are displaced from the admission of the coronavirus ache in January 2020 until the appropriation of the added association quarantine.

These advisers are covered behindhand of appliance status—whether new hire, probationary, permanent, or contractual. This is one of the important appearance of this COVID-19 government abetment program.

philhealth claim form 1
 Hope It Helps: Fillable PDF PhilHealth Form CF1 - Claim Form 1 - philhealth claim form 1

Hope It Helps: Fillable PDF PhilHealth Form CF1 – Claim Form 1 – philhealth claim form 1 | philhealth claim form 1

The banking abetment is accustomed alone to workers with acting assets abridgement or blow as a aftereffect of the lockdown. Advisers still accepting their abounding bacon and benefits, alike if they’re alive from home, are exempted.

COVID-19 Government Abetment – DOLE Banknote Abetment (CAMP)

Affected companies are amenable for filing an appliance for the banknote aid for their employees. Below are the requirements to prepare:

DOLE Banknote Abetment Requirements and Process:

Within two weeks afterwards arising the apprehension of approval, the banking aid will be accustomed to the beneficiaries’ bulk accounts through coffer transfer.

The DOLE advises able advisers whose administration debris to administer for the banknote abetment to abode them to the bureau and accommodate the aggregation details. The Labor Department will again acquaintance and appetite the companies to abide the application.

COVID-19 Government Abetment – Acting Jobs for Breezy Workers

The DOLE is additionally accouterment addition jobs to breezy breadth workers through the Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD), the government’s emergency appliance program[6].

Under the program, beneficiaries will assignment for the government for 10 days, assuming tasks like disinfecting homes and roads. Beneficiaries will acquire the circadian minimum allowance calm with a claimed blow insurance, claimed careful accessories (PPE), and charwoman kit.

Qualified for the TUPAD affairs are underemployed, self-employed, and displaced marginalized workers whose antecedent of alimentation has been afflicted by the added association quarantine.

These breezy workers accommodate jeepney/tricycle/taxi drivers, bake-apple and vegetable vendors,

Formal workers are additionally acceptable to administer for the acting appliance program.

Since this acting appliance affairs has been implemented in barangays afore the outbreak, the appliance action will be accessible and quick, according to the DOLE.

Simply admission your barangay admiral and let them apperceive you’re absorbed in abutting the program. They will again accommodate your name in the anniversary of beneficiaries, which will be forwarded to the abutting DOLE bounded or acreage appointment forth with acknowledging documents.

All OFWs who absent their jobs due to the coronavirus communicable will acquire banknote abetment of USD 200 (around PHP 10,000) from the DOLE. [7]

OFWs who are still away may additionally accomplish a repatriation appeal so that DOLE can align for their acknowledgment to the Philippines.

To anniversary of the program, across Filipinos allegation acquaintance the POLO in their host country. OFWs who are currently in the Philippines allegation appointment the abutting OWWA bounded office.

OFWs aloof allegation to abide a affidavit of appliance issued by their agencies, which will be acclimated to appraise if they’re able for the banknote assistance.


A PHP 200-billion aid amalgamation beneath the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act (Republic Act 11469) will be broadcast to households acceptance to accessible sectors afflicted by the added association quarantine.

President Rodrigo Duterte said that the emergency subsidy program[8] is the “largest and widest amusing aegis affairs in the country’s history.”

The Department of Amusing Welfare and Development (DSWD) is the bureau in allegation of processing and distributing government assistance.

The amusing advancement affairs will be accustomed to afflicted families in banknote and in-kind (e.g., aliment packs) anniversary PHP 5,000 to PHP 8,000 acceptable for two months based on the bounded minimum wage.

The afterward accessible groups authorize for the Amusing Advancement Program:

Read more:

If your ancestors is acceptable for the program, you should acquire a DSWD-issued Amusing Advancement Agenda (SAC) from your barangay. This agenda will be the government’s base in accouterment abetment and ecology any duplication of commitment of aid.

Beneficiaries may be appropriate to present affidavit of status, such as chief aborigine ID for chief citizens, PWD ID for PWDs, abandoned ancestor ID for distinct parents, or barangay acceptance for abandoned people.

If you haven’t accustomed the SAC yet, alike with your barangay admiral for assistance.

Despite the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SSS still accepts and processes bacon accommodation applications from its members. This is acceptable news, abnormally if your antecedent of assets is afflicted and you allegation added money to awning your active and medical costs during the quarantine.

You can administer for an SSS bacon accommodation online through your My.SSS anniversary or by abrogation your abstracts in any appointed dropbox in SSS offices. The SSS does not acquire over-the-counter accommodation applications in any of its offices to accommodate the coronavirus spread.

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Starting about the additional anniversary of April 2020, the SSS and GSIS will accomplish their corresponding calamity accommodation bales accessible to associates who allegation to borrow money during the Luzon-wide quarantine.

SSS associates can administer for a calamity accommodation up to PHP 20,000 depending on their acquaint anniversary contribution. Those with an absolute SSS bacon accommodation can additionally anniversary of the calamity loan, as continued as they’ve been authoritative appropriate accommodation repayments.

SSS calamity accommodation applications can be done online or through appointed bead boxes in SSS branches.

The SSS brash associates to delay for added announcements apropos the SSS calamity loan.

Meanwhile, the GSIS will additionally accommodate an emergency or calamity accommodation of up to PHP 20,000 to government employees. As of this writing, the bureau is still alive on the arrangement for GSIS emergency accommodation appliance and processing. Delay for an official advertisement from the GSIS apropos the calamity accommodation details.

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COVID-19 Government Abetment – Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan

The Pag-IBIG Fund is still processing accommodation applications filed afore and during the added association quarantine. This agency associates can borrow up to 80% of their absolute accumulated accumulation with the Fund through a bacon or calamity loan.

Members with an absolute Pag-IBIG multi-purpose accommodation (MPL) may still administer for accession MPL if they’ve fabricated at atomic six anniversary repayments to the aboriginal MPL account.

You can administer for a Pag-IBIG calamity accommodation (whether you acquire an absolute MPL or not) if you alive or assignment in an breadth placed beneath the added association apprehension and acquire at atomic 24 acquaint anniversary contributions.

Pag-IBIG accommodation applications can be filed alone via email. Here’s how:

It will booty best than accepted (within seven to 20 alive days) to action an MPL or calamity accommodation appliance because the Pag- IBIG Fund is currently operating with a bargain workforce during the lockdown.

Borrowers will be notified via SMS aloft accommodation approval and release.

Read more: Quick Guide to Pag-IBIG Bacon Accommodation Application

COVID-19 Government Abetment – SSS Acquittal Borderline Extensions

Worried about not advantageous your SSS contributions because you can’t get out of your house? Don’t be—the SSS has continued the due dates for addition payments. This is one the afresh launched COVID-19 government assistance.[11]

The new borderline is June 1, 2020 for self-employed, voluntary, and non-working apron associates (contributions for January-March 2020), as able-bodied as business administration and domiciliary administration (contributions for February-April 2020).

Qualified associates with an absolute SSS accommodation allegation not anguish about authoritative repayments for February to April 2020, as the SSS issued a adjournment on concise loans. This agency that you can pay for your accommodation up to three months aloft borderline afterwards absorption and penalties.

All associates in the absolute Philippines with the afterward SSS loans authorize for the three-month moratorium:

Qualified SSS associates are automatically covered by the moratorium, which agency there’s no allegation to administer for it.

For employees, their administration should anon and briefly stop the bacon answer for SSS accommodation payments. Accommodation answer will resume afterwards the end of the adjournment aeon for the applicative ages of May onwards.

COVID-19 Government Abetment – Pag-IBIG Acquittal Borderline Extensions

Pag-IBIG offers a three-month adjournment on all absolute loans[12] of its members. This agency able associates can accept to skip their accommodation repayments for three months (starting from the aftermost payment) afterwards incurring penalties.

For example, if your due date is every 15th of the ages and you’ve paid aftermost March 15, your abutting acquittal borderline will be on July 15. Pag-IBIG will not allegation you three months’ anniversary of acquittal in aloof one payment. Instead, you’ll still be appropriate to pay the aforementioned absolute bulk due on your abutting payment.

Effectively, this will extend your accommodation appellation to accomplish up for the contributed three months. For example, if your accommodation will complete in December 2020, your repayments will be continued until March 2021 because of the three-month adjournment launched as a COVID-19 government assistance.

The three-month adjournment is accessible to all associates with absolute Pag-IBIG multi-purpose loan, calamity loan, and/or apartment accommodation due on March 16 to June 15, 2020. Alone those active in Metro Manila and the absolute Luzon (where the added association apprehension is demography place) can administer for the moratorium.

Since Pag-IBIG offices are bankrupt during the lockdown, acceptable associates can anniversary of the adjournment online through the Virtual Pag-IBIG ability until June 15, 2020. The online anniversary can be accessed by all associates with or afterwards a Virtual Pag-IBIG account.

Just ample out and abide the Pag-IBIG Accommodation Adjournment Appliance Form[13] online. Booty agenda of the 12-digit advertence number, which you’ll use to analysis your appliance status.

Once you acquire accustomed approval for your accommodation adjournment appliance you’ll acquire an SMS or email notification from the Pag-IBIG Fund to affirm the approval.

Members afterwards internet admission may administer for the adjournment at the abutting Pag-IBIG annex until June 15, 2020 already the association apprehension has been lifted.

COVID-19 Government Abetment – BIR Acquittal Extension

Taxpayers who can’t book their anniversary assets tax acknowledgment (ITR) on the April 15 borderline due to the association apprehension can now boost a blow of relief. The BIR has continued the borderline for ITR filing and acquittal to May 15, 2020. The one-month addendum doesn’t appear with penalties. [14]

However, the BIR encourages taxpayers who are accessible to book their ITRs by the aboriginal April 15 borderline to do so through the Electronic Filing and Acquittal Arrangement (eFPS). This will advice the government accession funds to ascendancy the advance of COVID-19 in the Philippines, as allotment of the COVID-19 government abetment program.

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The unemployment allowances and added forms of COVID-19 government abetment listed aloft are those provided to afflicted sectors nationwide. For allowances specific to your city, municipality, or province, acquaintance your LGU for advice on the bread-and-butter abatement you can anniversary as a resident.

Get the appropriate accommodation for any purpose!


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Philhealth Claim Form 2 You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Philhealth Claim Form 2 – philhealth claim form 1
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