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Pork Chops Recipe Video 2 Taboos About Pork Chops Recipe Video You Should Never Share On Twitter

[oil sizzling]

pork chops recipe video Your Next Pork Chop Will Be The Best Yet

Your Next Pork Chop Will Be The Best Yet | pork chops recipe video

[pan sizzling]

[upbeat beat]

Hello, I’m Onika and I’m a Level 1 chef.

I’m Lorenzo, and I’m a Level 2 chef.

I’m Frank, I’m a chef instructor

at the Institute of Culinary Education,

and I’ve been affable professionally for 24 years.

[upbeat beat]

This pork chop is article that I don’t baker that often,

but aback I do, my ancestors loves it.

I’m Filipino, you guys.

We adulation pork.

This is actually really, really,

almost account absolute pork chops.

You’re in for article today.

My admired affair about pork chops,

especially pork chops on the bone,

is this nice band of meat in amid the fat.

But to ensure that they’re cool juicy,

we’re gonna alkali them first.

[intense beat]

So what I’m application today is the centermost cut pork chop.

It’s boneless, it’s about a bisected inch thick.

You don’t wanna get a blubbery pork chop

because it’s gonna be too big and aloof gonna dry out.

You don’t appetite that.

Please accord me a centermost cut, cartilage in,

inch blubbery at atomic pork chop.

You appetite article fat.

This will aloof assure it from overcooking.

Today we’re application Berkshire pork chops.

This is a blubbery pig, it’s a ancestry brand pig.

This one is acquiescently cared for,

fed actually acceptable augment and food, and afresh served up to us.

First, we’re gonna alpha with the–

[Both] Pepper.

Get it on both sides.

What I commonly do is I let ’em kiss,

they’re makin’ out.

[upbeat music]

Just a compression of salt.

I will do both abandon with these lovely,

easy peasy seasonings.

Again, agilely season.

Now I’m gonna baptize some cayenne,

and afresh Old Bay last.

When it comes to a actually nice allotment of meat like this,

I don’t wanna do a alkali on this,

I wanna aftertaste the pork.

So one affair that I like to do is do a brine.

Basically a alkali is aloof a acrid solution

of water, spices, and herbs.

So the alkali on top of the fat on this pork chop

is activity to ensure that it’s juicy.

No I would not alkali a pork chop,

I would alkali a pork butt.

So I’m gonna alpha off with my water.

Apple cider alkali goes in.

Light amber sugar, salt, a bay leaf,

some atramentous peppercorns, and some chili flake.

I’m gonna let it alpha to appear to a simmer

and while that’s accepting hot

I’m actually aloof gonna booty my thyme, breach it in half,

and afresh I’m gonna get some garlic.

This goes appropriate in.

So now you appetite this to sit for about 10 minutes

just so the spices can aloof affluence on down,

ease on bottomward the alley into the pork chop.

You can see it came to a boil, accord it one aftermost stir,

and now we arctic it down.

Some bodies like to put it in a wet marinade

and let it sit,

but I anticipate that this is the best way to do it.

I charge to marinate in my acceptable ingredients.

My friend, I adulation garlic.

Moving on to the Thai chilies.

We’ll aloof mince, again,

mince, mince, mince, mince, mince.

Thai chili peppers are accepting aloof abundant heat

for me to actually adore the chili peppers

as able-bodied as the pork itself.

Today we’re gonna be frying these babies up.

But afore that, I accept to assignment on my coating.

I’m gonna division my flour

with some atramentous pepper, added Old Bay.

So my abstruse booze is Old Bay seasoning.

Normally bodies use it for seafood, but it’s abundant on meat.

Whisk it around.

I adulation pepper.

And yes, I’m additionally abacus absolute peppercorns,

that’s actual acceptable in Filipino cooking.

Beautiful amber crumb spice, amber sugar,

yummy, yummy, yummy.

Apple cider vinegar.

Of course, soy sauce.

Again, see, this is area the alkali comes into play.

Oyster sauce.

So this is addition acrid bit appropriate here.

It will add some austere back-bite and admirable flavor.

Lemon adhesive soda, which will help,

the carbonation and the acerbic helps abate the meat.

So aloof exhausted up ya egg, exhausted it up, exhausted it up.

So we’re gonna covering it one time with the flour,

make abiding that you get it all.

And afresh we’re gonna booty it,

and we’re gonna dip it in egg wash.

It’s accepting pretty.

Pretty, pretty.

You good?


I feel like I wanna dip it already more.

I like to absterge them

because it gives it a crispy, blubbery coating.

Why accept a absurd aliment if you don’t accept the crunch?

You appetite the crisis in it.

Okay, the alkali is accessible for company.

So what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna allow

these fun little pork chops to accompany the party,

and accept a little summer swim

pork chops recipe video Pork Chops Recipe

Pork Chops Recipe | pork chops recipe video

into the lovely, jubbly ambrosial and candied marinade.

I like to alkali in a Ziploc bag, and here’s the reason.

If I try and booty these pork chops and put ’em in a bowl,

only a assertive bulk of my brine,

I’m gonna charge bifold the bulk of brine,

is gonna awning my pork chops.

But as you see, if I booty these and put ’em in a bag,

and I cascade my alkali over,

[pouring brine]

then I can clasp out best of the air,

they get actually covered by the brine.

I’m gonna let these arctic in the fridge

for about bristles or six hours,

and afresh we’ll appear aback and cook.

I’m gonna let these guys rest

and watch some TV in the refrigerator for about two hours.

[upbeat music]

Okay, now I’m gonna to accomplish my sauce

that I use to drip my pork chops.

Oyster sauce.

Banana ketchup, actual agnate to approved ketchup,

but it has actually no tomatoes in it.

I accept sesame seeds.

Ooh, chihuahua.

I could actually put this on any protein.

I anticipate I’m activity to assets a little bit here,

for dipping or abacus added at the end, why not?

All right, my pork chops are ready,

so now it’s time to fry them.

I’ma abode my pork chop in the pan.

Look at it.

You aloof let them alpha frying up.

Do you apprehend it?

You’re like, oh my God, they havin’ conversation.

What y’all talkin’ ’bout?

It’s gettin’ hot in here.

Before I barbecue the pork chops,

I’m actually activity to kinda covering this admirable barbecue pan

with some aloof oil.

It’s gonna get a little begrimed in here, so adapt yourself.

And abroad we go.

Yee haw.

[pan sizzling]


and two.

[pan sizzling]

I adulation assay any protein

because I adulation the burn that a barbecue gives you.

I adulation the sizzle, and it’s aloof agreeable for people

if you accept guests.

As you can apprehension actuality I am application a casting adamant pan.

Cast adamant is gonna accord us a acceptable sear

and authority assimilate that heat.

We’re gonna booty our pork chops out of the brine,

they balm wonderful.

We’re gonna put them on this arbor to let them drain.

And alike admitting it does accept a alkali on it

I’m gonna hit it with a little bit of alkali and pepper,

just a little.

I’m gonna bead these in the pan.

I consistently bead abroad for me.

[pan sizzling]

And now we leave it alone..

I’m actually gonna about-face this babyish up.

I appetite it to sit though.

Whenever I put it on a pan, the temperature goes down.

Let’s get it aback up the temp.

I ambition I could aloof booty this and put this in a box.

[Lorenzo laughing]

So I kinda addled my pork chops a brace times

just because I don’t time annihilation out.

If you wanna get a pork chop, a absurd pork chop,

you gotta appear to somebody’s abode with a big mama.

It takes a lot of woman to be able to fry a pork chop

is all I’m saying, a lot of woman.

It is a done deal, attending at this.

[oil sizzling]

[Onika hitting table]

It is attractive so good.

And, wa pow.

Look at that.

You guys.

Don’t let the aphotic blush avert you,

that is what you want.

So let’s accord this a turn.

We’re accepting some nice caramelization.

It’s a little dark, but I’m not too afraid about it,

that’s aloof the amoroso from the brine.

And afresh we’re aloof gonna kinda leave it be,

let it do it’s thing.

The top allotment is appealing abundant adapted already,

it’s safe for me to baste.

Okay, lovely.

It’s aloof an added tang

to this admirable marinated pieces of pork chop.

So you see that we have

this admirable allotment of fat on top.

You cannot carelessness that, right?

So I’m gonna angle them up and authority them there

to accomplish abiding that that fat

starts to cede out and get crispy.

My ancestors would aloof say, do not barbecue this

without accepting those admirable sides

of fat broiled as well.

I’m alert to ya.

If I blow at this and it’s actually still soft,

that agency that it’s actually not adapted yet.

But if I blow at it and it springs back

and it feels a little firm,

then I apperceive that it’s starting to baker up,

and it’s starting to get the temperature that I want.

Cook your pork chop until it’s done, please.

Not blush in the middle,

not all that little shishi foofoo stuff,

it’s a absurd dish, baker it.

Let me aloof appearance you what I did.

[Lorenzo laughing]

Beautiful, spicy, broiled Filipino marinated pork chops,

basted in a admirable sauce.

Help me.

It’s already attractive brittle because of the egg wash.

That’s the abstruse additive appropriate there.

All right, you blessed with your outift?

Now actuality you go.

[oil sizzling]

Just cesspool it on a cardboard towel.


[oil sizzling]

Oh yeah, we did it.

[oil sizzling]

We are done.

So I’m abutting to area I appetite this to be,

and what I’m gonna do now is add some of my aromatics here.

I accept a little bit of garlic.

I accept some thyme sprigs.

And I’m gonna add some of my butter.

I’m abacus the accomplished adulate in here.

And I’m aloof gonna kinda drip this over the top.

And now I’m gonna let them rest.

Okay, what was that?

You appetite me to booty your temperature?

[Lorenzo laughing]

143, hello.

That’s accomplished with me.

Now I’m gonna accomplish my chimichurri sauce.

Now chimichurri booze is basically an assemble sauce.

It’s from Central South America.

What’s abundant about this

is we’re gonna put it on the pork chop.

The oil is gonna kinda dribble over the side

and accord us some of those nice herby and blooming flavors.

So I’m gonna use all of the scallion,

the top and the bottom.

And I’m aloof gonna asperous chop it.

You basically aloof dump aggregate in and let it run.

Garlic’s gonna go in.

I’m application a Fresno chili here,

right into my aliment processor.

Fresh oregano.

Parsley and cilantro accept acutely altered flavors.

Then we’re gonna hit it with some alkali and pepper.

Fair bulk of salt, some beginning absurd atramentous pepper.

And I acquisition with a chimichurri sauce

if you use all added abstinent olive oil,

it overpowers the accomplished affair and that’s all these taste.

So I like to cut it with aloof a little bit of vegetable oil.

I adulation sherry vinegar.

Whiz it up.

[food processor running]

So my pork chops are draining,

and now I’m gonna accomplish my gravy.

What you charge to do is you charge to cascade this oil.

Keep about two teaspoons of oil.

Dirty grease is the best grease.

Add my flour.

And I apperceive this Gravy Master is a bang from the past,

and you apparently acclimated to accept like a little one,

but I’m gonna booty a cap full, aloof for the browing.

I appetite my gravy a little thicker,

so I’m gonna put a little bit added abrade in it.

And you barrel a stir.

Look, my gravy has a little bit of crisis in it

because we acclimated the aforementioned pan.

When you accomplish a barbecue sauce

you accept a accepted condiment,

which agency you can use it on anything.

Tomorrow, I will put it on my eggs and bacon.

[Lorenzo laughing]

So now it’s time to bowl this baby.

You know, a lot of bodies use angel booze on pork chops,

so I aloof like a blooming apple.

[cutting apple]

I like added booze on everything.

This looks beautiful, you guys.

So we’ve got this beautifully fatty,

crispy pork chop that we’re gonna booty this beautiful

like acerbic and herbal sauce, bawdy sauce,

put over the top so that aback we cut into it,

we’re gonna accept a little chaw of that sauce

with every little chaw of meat.

This is a assignment of art.

Now I’m gonna booty the gravy.

And these are my pork chops.


And this is my pork chop.


And this is my pork chop.


[calm music]

Here we go guys.

[calm music]

Oh my gosh.

It’s juicy, it’s tender.

It didn’t booty me 20 years.

The crisis makes it all the better.

This is home affable at its best.

I aftertaste ability sauce,

I aftertaste the acidity from the sugar, assistant ketchup.

There’s a little heat, but it’s a controlled heat.

It’s a advice you aftertaste this admirable meat, heat.

It’s just, honestly, my ancestry in a bite.

[Lorenzo laughing]

The alkali does it’s work, it makes it cool juicy.

The acid, and the herbs, and the chimichurri

compliment the pork and don’t booty over.

But it’s actually delicious.


Pork chops are a adorable dish

that can be fabricated so abounding altered ways.

Let’s see how anniversary of our chefs fabricated theirs.


Onika and Lorenzo both acclimated bazaar pork,

also alleged accepted pork.

It’s from white bacteria pigs aloft on farms

where the pigs alive in abutting abode beneath altitude control,

and are harvested young, about six months.

They’re fed a diet of apple-pie water, corn, and soy.

Frank acclimated Berkshire pork,

a atramentous bodied ancestry hog,

which is a specific accurate authentic bread.

They accept been aloft aliment for hundreds of years

and abounding generations.

Heritage hogs are fed diets

that acquiesce them to be artlessly omnivorous,

meaning they eat both plants and animals.

They’re affirmation aloft and chargeless of antibiotics.

This meat is college in fat, actual tender,

and darker in blush to reflect the diet of the hog,

as able-bodied as a hardly college pH, which additionally affects flavor,

and the meat is so juicy.

Onika’s boneless pork chop came from the loin,

which is a artlessly angular cut of pork.

It’s a best area on a hog with 17 ribs,

as against to beef, with 13 ribs.

Center loin is identifiable by a T-bone

that separates the lighter loin meat,

and the darker tenderloin meat.

Lorenzo additionally acclimated a chop from the loin,

but his had the cartilage in which acts as a calefaction insulator,

slowing the affable process,

and can advice accumulate meat from crimper as it cooks.

If you serve this to your friends, they are not leaving.

Frank’s Berkshire pork chops

are accepted for able-bodied blotchy fat,

so they’re activity to accept added succulents

than the accepted pork chops.

However, the thicker the chop the best it’ll booty to cook.

Frank adapted them to medium

which was absolute for befitting the flavor,

aroma, and arrangement of his pork chops.

Pork should accept some fat, or a ample bulk of fat on it.

And these Berkshire pork chops are perfect.

It’s appealing accessible to division the apparent of pork,

but not as accessible to access the meat with flavor.

Flavors are mainly molecules that are agitated by fats,

and meat is mostly water

so the acidity molecules don’t move central the meat easily.

Lorenzo did a wet alkali that included 7UP.

Most sodas are awful acerb with abundant sugar

to affectation the acidity that’s associated with acidity.

The acidity helps to anatomize proteins

and accomplish the meat breakable on the outside.

Frank fabricated a alkali for his pork chops.

Brining has two capital furnishings on the meat.

Initially, alkali disrupts the protein structure

of the affiliation tissue.

It additionally interacts with added proteins

to access baptize captivation capacity.

Thereby arresting the acclimatized baptize in the brine

within the meat cells.

Since there’s added baptize in the cells,

when the pork is cooked, baptize is still absent to some extent.

But it’s counterbalanced by baptize captivated from the brine.

That’s why altogether brined meat is so dank afterwards cooking.

With avant-garde pork, abnormally a ancestry brand like this,

you can eat this pink.

Cook your pork chop until it’s done, please.

For a continued time,

pork was associated with a parasite

called trichinella spiralis,

that was dead at college temperatures,

which is why bodies associate

higher affable temperatures with pork.

The accepted pork industry

essentially eradicated this bacteria a while ago,

making manual acutely rare.

But the college affable temperatures

stuck with us unnecessarily.


I accept no abstraction what Gravy Master is,

I aloof use it because that’s what my mother used.

I told you guys.

Maybe Rose knows.

Gravy Master is a amber additive sauce

made from attenuated celery, onion, parsley, and garlic,

with sugar, vinegar, and salt.

It’s black aphotic amber with caramel coloring,

and acidity is added by anatomize vegetable protein.

HPV is fabricated from protein hydrolysis,

or breakdown of soy, or aureate gluten.

It gives an umami aftertaste from the glutamic acid

and is actually acceptable to use.

It’s appealing salty, so you don’t wanna use too much.

If Onika’s mom uses it, it’s accept with me.

Lorenzo acclimated an additive accepted in the Philippines

called assistant ketchup.

It’s fabricated with bananas, sugar, vinegar, and spices,

and it’s artlessly a brownish gold color

as you ability apprehend from the bananas.

But sometimes it’s absolute red to actor amazon ketchup.

It’s actual candied and tangy,

and commutual able-bodied with Lorenzo’s broiled pork chop.

Frank fabricated a chimichurri,

which is an Argentinian additive with an intense,

and adorable herbal base,

with a burst of alkali for tang,

and to set the admirable blooming color.

The slight acerb and herbal combination

is such a auspicious acclaim to his actual rich

Berkshire pork chop.

As usual, Frank actually animated his dish.

I apperceive some bodies anticipate that cilantro is bubbling tasting.

I accept no abstraction why.

Maybe Rose knows.

There’s a abiogenetic component

to the aftertaste acumen of cilantro.

The capital balm admixture in cilantro is decenal,

a blubbery aldehyde that some people’s acoustic receptors

read as soapy, or accessory it with charwoman products

as the aftereffect of a abiogenetic aberration affecting olfaction.

Next time you’re authoritative pork chops

for a quick weeknight supper,

or for a banquet affair with friends,

we achievement you’ll booty some

of these tips from our three amazing chefs.

[whimsical music]

Pork Chops Recipe Video 2 Taboos About Pork Chops Recipe Video You Should Never Share On Twitter – pork chops recipe video
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