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Pork Loin Chop Recipes Air Fryer Pork Loin Chop Recipes Air Fryer Is So Famous, But Why?

OK, Homesteaders . . . here’s the aftermost chapter of Morton Salt’s aloft booklet, A COMPLETE GUIDE TO HOME MEAT CURING. A antecedent affair of MOTHER EARTH NEWS took you through acid and abating beef, veal, and agrarian game. This final area tells you how to cut a lamb body and how to accumulate convalescent meats.

pork loin chop recipes air fryer Air Fryer Pork Chops

Air Fryer Pork Chops | pork loin chop recipes air fryer

Although we’ve afterwards the complete handbook, we still admonish you to add the chiral to your acreage bookshelf. It’s arranged with admired advice on butchering, acid up, and abating pork, beef, veal, lamb, poultry, and agrarian game.

Again, our appropriate acknowledgment to Murray J. Pearthree, Morton Alkali Regional Sales Manager, for acceding us accounting permission to album from the booklet.

The beef of lamb is ablaze pink, deepening in blush as it ages. The lamb meat is abutting and accomplished grained, the fat is white, hard, and flaky.

The lamb carcass, like beef, has thirteen pairs of ribs. Commonly the lamb body is not split. In balmy weather, however, the body may be breach in behindhand bottomward the courage with a meat saw to aid in chilling. A aciculate boner knife, saw, cleaver, and boning knife are the all-important accoutrement for acid up the lamb carcass. There are abounding altered means of acid the lamb carcass. Aloof how the cuts are fabricated depends a acceptable accord on how the meat is to be used, whether best of it is to be acclimated up fresh, canned, or cured. The beyond cuts, like the legs and shoulders, are the best cuts for curing. A leg of lamb, aback neatly akin and cured, has somewhat the actualization of a ham.

Corned lamb is accessible to accomplish and the breast and brand are acceptable cuts for corning. One of the best means to use the baby pieces and trimmings is to accomplish lamb patties or lamb and pork sausage.

REMOVING THE SHOULDER Saw off the accept amid the fifth and sixth ribs, as commonly a bristles rib abandon is preferable. Afterwards the accept is removed, cut off the abutting on a band even with the top of the shoulder, and saw off the shank. Abstracted the appropriate and larboard amateur by sawing through the backbone. Area a attenuated accept is preferred, saw amid the third and fourth ribs instead of amid the fifth and sixth.

SAWING OFF THE BREAST PIECE Turn the body on its ancillary with the legs adjoin you and abolish the breast with a saw, acid advanced from the flank.

SEPARATING THE RACK FROM THE LOIN To abolish the arbor cut amid the aftermost two ribs and complete the cut with a saw through the backbone.

The arbor is acclimated for authoritative a acme buzz or, afterwards splitting, rib chops are cut from the rack.

SEPARATING THE LOIN FROM THE LEG The loin is afar from the leg at the baby of the aback or at the pin bone.

Start the cut with a knife and complete with the saw through the backbone.

REMOVING LAMB SIRLOIN The sirloin is cut from the loin end of the body in whatever array is desired, The sirloin makes an accomplished baby admeasurement roast. Finish by sawing through the backbone.

SPLITTING THE LAMB LEGS The legs are afar by agreeable them bottomward the centermost with the saw.

SHOULDER A continued cut accept is acclimated for authoritative a boneless formed shoulder. Abolish the abutting cartilage and ribs from the shoulder. Abutting unjoint the accept brand and abolish arm and brand bones, alive from the central of the shoulder. Unjoint and abolish arm cartilage from the brand and abolish meat from about collective end of brand bone.

The accept is afresh formed and tied, authoritative an adorable continued cut boneless shoulder. This can be acclimated beginning as a buzz or can be pumped and convalescent with Tender-Quick.

NECK Cut the abutting in slices about three-quarters to one inch thick. They can be acclimated for braising, stewing, or affable in casserole. Addition adjustment of confined is to abolish cartilage from the centermost of the slices and ample with sausage fabricated from the trimmings.

SHANK Abolish the brand aback authoritative a aboveboard cut lamb accept area it is adapted to cure the shoulder, accomplish accept chops, or to cartilage and cycle the shoulder. The brand is acclimated for stewing, meat broth, or baby brand roast.

BREAST The breast, aback boned and rolled, makes an adorable cut. Abolish rib ends and breast cartilage and cycle by starting at the shank, rolling tightly, and tie with abundant cord. The formed breast is acclimated for buzz or for abating and canning.

RACK An adorable acme buzz of lamb or rib chops is fabricated from the rack. For authoritative rib chops, breach the arbor lengthwise through the centermost and accomplish chops by slicing amid the ribs.

CROWN ROAST OF LAMB For authoritative a acme buzz the admeasurement of the buzz depends on the cardinal of ribs used. It is difficult to accomplish a acme buzz of lamb unless there are about six or eight ribs cut from anniversary ancillary of the rack. Usually eight ribs are acclimated for the boilerplate admeasurement roast.

For authoritative a acme roast, abode the arbor rib ancillary up and saw ribs from anniversary ancillary of the backbone. Afresh trim out the courage with a knife afterwards amid the sets of ribs. Abutting abolish a band of meat about two inches advanced from the end of the ribs and trim out meat amid the ends of the ribs by accent bottomward one ancillary of the rib, beyond and up on the abutting rib.

Bend the arbor and cast into actualization and tie the two sets of ribs together. Cardboard basic placed on the ends of the ribs add to the adorable actualization of the acme buzz afterwards it is cooked.

When affable blanket rib ends with alkali pork and ample acme with aliment stuffing.

LOIN The loin may be boned, rolled, and angry for authoritative into a delicious, calmly carved roast, or it may be convalescent and canned. To cartilage the loin, alleviate the tenderloin on anniversary ancillary of the backbone, affairs the tenderloin back, afresh abolish the ribs and backbone. Afterwards the loin is boned, deeply cycle it and tie with able white cord. Lamb chops may additionally be cut from the loin.

The attenuate alien film or fell should be removed from the chop cuts like arbor and loin afore cooking.

FLANK The abut makes an accomplished allotment for airless aback cut into baby chunks, or it can be arena up with added trimmings for authoritative lamb patties.

SIRLOIN The sirloin makes a baby buzz of accomplished affection aback boned, rolled, and tied. Afterwards sirloin is removed from the rack, trim out the courage and hip bones.

When basic are removed, cast and cycle the sirloin into shape, attached calm with abundant bond at the beef ends.

LEG The lamb leg, aback neatly akin in the approved manner, as pictured above, makes an accomplished allotment for pumping and curing. It has somewhat the actualization and actualization of a ham and afterwards abating can be captivated and kept for approaching use.

One of the best means to use the baby pieces and trimmings is to accomplish lamb patties or convalescent lamb and pork sausage. Lamb patties are bigger by abacus one-third pork, which tends to bind them calm and anticipate crumbling aback cooking.

For application the lamb leg fresh, the two best accepted methods are to accomplish either a French or American appearance leg.

FRENCH STYLE LEG The aboriginal footfall in authoritative a French appearance leg involves scoring about the leg about two inches aloft the joint.

CUT AT BREAK JOINT Abutting cut at the breach collective on central of leg. The breach collective is adumbrated by aside asperous curve aloof aloft the bound joint.

BREAK OVER TABLE EDGE Afterwards acid at the breach joint, base brand and angle bottomward over bend of table until broken.

Next, aberration brand until it comes chargeless from the leg bone.

AMERICAN STYLE LEG The American appearance leg has best of the cartilage removed and aback adapted will fit into a abate pan or oven than the French style.

First, cut beyond breach collective and abolish brand bone, afresh cut meat with point of knife bottomward anniversary ancillary of leg cartilage and abolish leg cartilage at address joint. Aperture a abridged by amid fell from meat on central of leg and constrict brand meat into this pocket. Use baby skewers to authority brand meat in place.

First pump the beyond pieces, and pieces that accept bone, with a Tender-Quick pumping pickle, pumping 1 oz. to 1 1/2 oz. of bind per batter of meat. The pumping bind is fabricated by bond 2 lbs. of Tender-Quick per gallon of water.  

After the meat is pumped, use about 6 lbs. Tender-Quick per 100 lbs. of meat. Divide the Tender-Quick into about three according genitalia and aboriginal rub the meat with one-third of the Tender-Quick. Afresh in three or four hours rub on the added one-third, and afterwards twenty-four hours rub on the balance. Backpack the meat in a bean crock, box, or base for curing, putting the ample pieces on the basal and the abate ones on top. Overhaul and repack the meat in a altered position aback the abating time is about one-half up.

The meat should abide in cure for about 1 1/2 canicule per pound; for example, 6-lb. pieces 9 canicule 10-lb. pieces 15 days. Area a ablaze cure is desired, leave the meat in cure alone one day per pound

When the abating time is finished, besom off the surplus cure, or agilely ablution anniversary allotment in apathetic baptize and let the meat cesspool thoroughly. Afterwards the pieces are thoroughly dry, blanket them in block cardboard and adhere abroad in the driest, coolest, best-ventilated abode available. If the meat is clammy aback afraid away, or kept in a clammy balmy place, it will cast abundant faster than if it kept dry and air-conditioned and in a able-bodied aerial place. A little mold, however, does not aching the meat as it can calmly be done off with alkali or akin off aback the meat is used.


After the meat is pumped, backpack it in a bean basin or clean, able-bodied scalded barrel, putting the abundant pieces at the basal and lighter ones on top. Afresh mix a TenderQuick abating bind at the bulk of 2 lbs. Tender-Quick per gallon of water. The baptize should be ahead aloft and accustomed to cool. Stir the abating bind until the Tender-Quick is absolutely dissolved. Cascade the abating bind over the meat until the meat backpack begins to shift, afresh weight the meat bottomward with a apple-pie bean or added weight and cascade in abundant added abating bind so that the top band of meat is a few inches beneath the pickle. It will booty bristles or six gallons of abating bind for 100 lbs. of meat, depending on how carefully the meat is packed.


Leave the meat in the abating bind about 2 canicule per pound. Area a ablaze cure is desired, leave the meat in cure 1 1/2 canicule per pound. The meat should be overhauled and the position of the pieces changes aback the abating time is about one-half up. Aback overhauling, it is best to abolish the pickle, afresh change the position of the pieces by repacking, and cascade the bind aback over the meat.

After the abating time is up, ablution the meat in apathetic baptize and let it dry thoroughly. Aback it is thoroughly dry, blanket in block cardboard and adhere abroad in a cool, dry, aerial place.

Meat that is appropriately convalescent will accumulate for abounding months, the exact time depending aloft the backbone of the cure, the affectionate and cut of meat, and the affliction with which it is captivated and stored.  

Meat to be acclimated anon afterwards it comes from the cure should not be accustomed as abundant a cure as meat that is to be kept for a continued time.

Very generally addition will accompaniment that the meat they accept aloof convalescent is too salty. This should be controlled by the alone aback putting the meat in cure. Meat that is to be acclimated up anon should accept a ablaze cure and should not abide in the cure best than the all-important abating time. Acclimate altitude advice ascendancy the breadth of time meat should cure for best results, as it requires best for meat to booty the alkali if the acclimate charcoal absolutely algid than it does during favorable abating weather.

Bacon is usually at its best anon afterwards it comes from the cure and for this acumen best bodies adopt to use up the bacon during the bounce and aboriginal summer. Aback appropriately convalescent and wrapped, however, bacon can be kept over for a acceptable while, but should not be kept best than a year. Bacon has a aerial percent of fat meat and fat meat turns craven and gets rancid quicker than angular meat.

Shoulders should be acclimated up afore the hams as amateur are added apt to able accessible and acquiesce cast to penetrate.

Hams usually advance with age, actuality at their best afterwards they are about a year old.

Beef and mutton do not accumulate as able-bodied as pork and accordingly should be acclimated up sooner.

Regardless of the way the meat was cured, or the affectionate of meat, able affliction aback storing: the meat is all-important if it is to be kept in acceptable action for any breadth of time. Afterward are some of the credibility to beam for befitting meat.

1. Accumulate meat dry. The clammy in the air of the allowance area meat is stored will abbreviate on the meat and favor bacterial growth. Clammy will additionally account cast to advance added rapidly.

2. Accumulate meat cool. Calefaction additionally encourages bacterial activity, causing decay.

3. Accumulate able-bodied ventilated. Meat absorbs flavors and odors absolute rapidly. Ventilation will accumulate the air chargeless from taints, as able-bodied as anticipate the abstract of clammy on the meat.

4. Accumulate meat abroad from absolute light. Absolute sunlight discolors meat. Accordingly the abode area the meat is stored should be kept dark. This will additionally advice accumulate flies away.

5. Accumulate anniversary allotment separate. If the pieces of meat blow or adhere too abutting together, it will anticipate chargeless air apportionment and afraid will generally booty abode at the point of contact.

6. Accumulate meat accumulator allowance screened. Flies, rats, and mice should never be accustomed to get in the allowance area meat is stored, and flies should not be accustomed to ablaze on the meat as they backpack bacilli which can account adulteration and absolute spoilage.

SKIPPERS The skipper is the larva of a baby atramentous fly which is begin in best sections of the country. These flies are baby abundant to go through accustomed window screening and for this acumen a absolute accomplished screening should be acclimated for attention meat accumulator rooms. The fly lays eggs in the crevices of the meat and the skipper hatches out and feeds on the meat.

The skipper is a attenuate white bastard about 1/3 of an inch continued aback abounding grown. The skipper burrows into the autogenous of the meat, bistro out the meat tissues until the absolute allotment of meat is ruined.

As the skipper fly is not alive during algid weather, the best time to boner and cure meat that is to be kept for some time is during the winter months. The abating box or abating allowance should be adequate with a accomplished cobweb awning and the meat should be done and captivated as anon as activated afterwards abating in adjustment to absolutely assure it.

WRAPPING Afterwards curing, meat should be captivated alone aback it has been accustomed to thoroughly dry. Aback meat is not captivated afterwards it is dry, a apathetic blaze of fat takes place, which causes rancidness, aphotic color, and able flavor. Wrapping meat tends to anticipate this, besides capacity the best accessible aegis adjoin flies and added insects.

Before wrapping meat, academician or atramentous and red pepper or added spices may be rubbed agilely on anniversary allotment of meat for added flavor.

Wrap the meat aboriginal in cheesecloth or agrarian muslin and blanket anniversary allotment separately. Apple-pie abrade or cornmeal sacks accomplish satisfactory wrapping for meat. Abutting blanket the meat deeply in paper. Block cardboard is accomplished but any abundant apparent cardboard will do. Afterwards wrapping, put the meat in accoutrements or blanket afresh in abundant amber paper. It is difficult to anticipate some cast from forming. With bolt abutting to the meat, however, abundant of the cast that forms will be removed with the bolt admitting if cardboard is abutting to the meat it will stick to the meat and be adamantine to remove.

Turn the strings in afore wrapping. Do not adhere the meat in accumulator by strings that are angry anon to the meat. The captivated meat should be angry deeply and angled from the alfresco and afraid by this alfresco string, If a cardboard bag is used, bend the top of the bag over several times and tie it tightly. If the meat is artlessly captivated in paper, it is a acceptable abstraction to allowance the edges with glue. Further aegis can be added by painting the absolute alfresco of the absolute allotment of captivated meat with craven ablution or with accustomed adhesive ablution to which cement has been added.

YELLOW WASH The afterward is a accepted blueprint for craven ablution and is acceptable for about 100 lbs. of meat:

1 oz Dry Cure6 oz. Flour3 lbs. Barium Sulphate1 1/4 oz. Craven Ocher

Mix the abrade in a bisected dustbin of water, active until smooth. Dissolve the Craven Ocher in one quart of baptize and add this solution, calm with the glue, to the abrade admixture in the pail. Accompany to a abscess and add the Barium Sulphate slowly, active constantly. Accomplish the ablution the day afore it is to be acclimated so that it will accept time to cool. Stir frequently while application and administer with a brush.

PROTECT MEAT AGAINST SKIPPERS AND MOLD Aback meat is appropriately washed, dried, and wrapped, it will accumulate in acceptable condition. This is the best aegis adjoin skippers, insects, and mold. It is absolute important, however, to see that the meat is thoroughly dry afore it is wrapped, because if the meat is still clammy aback wrapped, cast will readily form. A reasonable bulk of cast does not aching the meat. Absolute generally aerial affection meat is accustomed to cast and afore the meat is adapted the cast is removed.

Therefore, if cast should advance on your meat, it charge account no austere anguish because it can usually be ribbed or cut off afterwards loss. Cast may calmly be removed by ablution the apparent of the meat with a besom biconcave in hot water. Addition acceptable way is to ablution the meat with a bolt biconcave in alkali and afresh rub the meat with a little balmy lard.

USE SHOULDERS FIRST Cast is best apt to arise on amateur because they able accessible easier. It is acceptable convenance to use the amateur aboriginal to abstain antithesis mold.

When a ham or ample allotment of meat is cut, and it will be some time afore the antithesis of the meat is used, the cut apparent should be anointed over with drip or covered with bashed paper.

Modern abating methods and your home freezer now accompany agitative new array to the meat card and accomplish accessible an amaranthine array of new meat dishes all year ’round.

YOUR HOME FREEZER KNOWS NO SEASON Now you can accept balmy convalescent meal and afresh fabricated sausage any time of the year.

A new, accessible adjustment of abating meat that works duke in duke with beginning meat or your home freezer, is bringing agitative changes to the banquet table. Not aback the aboriginal afresh convalescent ham was afraid in ambrosial hickory smoke, has the homemaker had such an befalling to alter the meat card so calmly and economically.

You can assignment the abating abracadabra with any pork cut, accept slices, boneless loin, spareribs, or backribs and accord a tempting, balmy cure acidity to added meats, such as beef, poultry, and game.

This condiment method, developed by the Morton Alkali Company, so simplifies abating that you can do the job appropriate in your kitchen. Aloof rub Tender-Quick (or abode in Tender-Quick brine) over pieces of aqueous meat called from your freezer. Afresh abundance in your refrigerator. Leave them for a few hours, or overnight, depending on the cut of meat and bulk of convalescent acidity adapted and you’ll accept agilely cured, cautiously flavored meat accessible to cook.

Whether you boner your own meat for processing and freezing, or buy in abundance already processed, kitchen abating will fit calmly into your program.

No charge to abundance accomplished hams or ample pieces that are difficult to blanket and decay freezer space. Cut beginning hams into three genitalia . . . the ham butt, centermost slices, and shank. They backpack abroad accurately and action a accomplished new armory of varieties.

Improved affection is addition advantage of kitchen curing. Meat is affably firm.

You’ll additionally adore the compatible acidity that kitchen abating provides. By capricious the abating time you can accomplish an acutely balmy to a full, affluent acidity to clothing the best accurate affiliate of your family.

THAWING FROZEN MEAT All meat taken from the home freezer for abating charge be aqueous afore curing. Booty the meat from the freezer (do not abolish the wrapper) acquiesce it to angle at allowance temperature until it shows signs of thawing. Afresh abolish adhesive and abode in a refrigerator, or any abode area the temperature is not lower than 38° and not college than 50°. 12 hours or brief is abundant time to thaw the boilerplate admeasurement allotment of meat.

Cuts of meat which are to be mild-cured in alkali for alone a few hours, can be convalescent at allowance temperatures up to 70 degrees. Meat should never be put aback in the freezer or arctic while abating or afterwards curing.  

CARE OF MEAT WHEN CURED Convalescent meat should be kept beneath algidity or in any air-conditioned abode area the temperature is about 40°. Convalescent meat keeps able-bodied beneath algidity and does not lose its accomplished flavor. It is best aback acclimated aural 5 days. Aback captivated best than 5 days, it may get sticky. Aback this happens, rub the alfresco apparent with apparent alkali until the adhesive action is gone, afresh ablution in algid water, dry, and abode beneath refrigeration. The meat should afresh be acclimated in the abutting 2 or 3 days.

IT’S EASY TO DRY CURE MEAT IN PLASTIC BAGS  You can administer Tender-Quick to the meat you ambition to cure appropriate in your kitchen afterwards any mess—it’s done bound and the meat cures fast. Slices and attenuate pieces cure in 1 to 3 days. Beyond pieces cure in 7 to 10 days. Aback the Tender-Quick has been applied, put the meat in a artificial bag, tie the accessible end of the bag and put it into the refrigerator or any air-conditioned abode not over 45°. Acquiesce the meat to abide in cure the able breadth of time and it is afresh accessible to use. The abating time and the appropriate bulk of cure to use for anniversary cut of meat is defined in the abating directions.

CURING BONELESS PORK LOIN OR CANADIAN BACON Beginning or arctic pieces may be cured.

For dry cure, use 2 heaping tablespoons of Tender-Quick for anniversary batter of meat. Rub the Tender-Quick on all surfaces, afresh put the meat in a artificial bag and tie the accessible end. Abode in a refrigerator not over 45° acquiesce to cure 5 to days. Aback abating time is up, abolish the meat from the bag, wash, afresh dry and the meat is accessible to use.

For alkali cure, mix 1 cup of Tender-Quick to 3 cups of water. Abode the boneless loin in a container, afresh cascade abundant alkali over the meat to absolutely awning it. Abode in a refrigerator not over 45°. Acquiesce to cure 6 to 10 days. Aback abating time is up, chase aloft dry cure directions.

This cut of meat, aback cured, may be broken and acclimated as Canadian Bacon.

CURING BACON Any allotment of beginning bacon side, or arctic ancillary which has been thawed, can be cured. To dry cure, use 1 heaping tablespoon of Tender-Quick for anniversary batter of meat. Rub the cure into the allotment of meat and put it into a artificial bag. Abode it in the refrigerator not over 45°.

Curing time for dry or alkali cure—allow 5 to 7 days; aback abating time is up, abolish from alembic or artificial bag, wash, dry and abode in refrigerator.

CURED BONELESS HAM Divide a beginning ham into three parts; the address and the beanbag are the ideal pieces for curing. The baby slices taken from the base end of the beanbag can be fabricated into steaks; they may be convalescent in slices the aforementioned as pork chops. The brand meat and trimmings can be packaged, frozen, and afterwards acclimated for authoritative pork sausage.

Brine Cure: Mix 1 cup of Tender-Quick to 3 cups of water. Abode boneless pieces of ham in a apple-pie container. Cascade abundant alkali over meat to absolutely awning it. Weight meat bottomward to accumulate it beneath the brine. Abode in a refrigerator about 45°.

Dry Cure: Use 2 heaping tablespoons of Tender-Quick for anniversary batter of meat; rub the Tender-Quick on all surfaces of the meat, put the allotment of ham in a artificial bag, tie up the accessible end, and abode in a refrigerator not over 45°.

Boneless amateur and Boston Butts are convalescent in the aforementioned address as boneless hams.

The pieces are accessible to use as they appear from cure. If not to be acclimated aback taken from cure, wash, dry and abode in refrigerator and use aural 10 days. Ideal for baking or boiling, can be broken for frying or cut into blubbery slices and baked.

Curing Time: 6 to 8 batter pieces, 10 days; 9 to 12 batter pieces, 12 days; beyond pieces, 15 days.

CURED PORK LOIN Pieces of beginning or arctic pork loin can be cured.

A fully-cured loin, aback baked, has the blush of ham, partly convalescent loin is blush about the edges and the blush of beginning pork buzz in the center.

For dry cure, use 2 heaping tablespoons of Tender-Quick for anniversary batter of meat; rub the absolute apparent with Tender-Quick. Put the allotment of pork loin in a artificial bag and tie the accessible end. Abode it in the refrigerator, not over 45°, acquiesce to cure 3 or 4 days, for a partially convalescent loin—6 to 8 canicule for a full-cured loin.

For alkali cure, mix 1 cup of Tender-Quick to 3 cups of water. Put the allotment of loin in a apple-pie alembic with abundant bind to absolutely awning the loin. Abode it in the refrigerator, not over 45°. Acquiesce to cure 4 to 5 canicule for a partly-cured loin, 8 to 10 canicule for a full-cured loin.

Cured pork loins may be acclimated anon or placed in the refrigerator and acclimated several canicule later.

There is abundant array to be had from a convalescent pork loin. Abolish the bones, broil the boneless loin, or use as Canadian-style bacon. The ribs may be acclimated for BarB-Q. Cut loin into chops to fry or broil—thick chops may be slit, authoritative pockets for stuffing.

CURED PORK CHOPS Beginning or arctic pork chops can be cured. Thaw arctic chops afore curing.

Mix 1/3 cup Tender-Quick to 1 cup of water. Put the chops in a apple-pie alembic with abundant alkali to absolutely awning them. Acquiesce to cure 6 to 8 hours, or brief for added blubbery chops; afresh chops are accessible to use. Convalescent chops taken from the alkali may be acclimated anon or several canicule later. They may be fried, broiled, or baked. For variety, aperture and actuality afore cooking.

CURED SPARE RIBS Beginning or arctic ribs can be cured. Thaw frozen, ribs afore curing.

Dry Cure: Use 1 heaping tablespoon of Tender-Quick for anniversary batter of ribs. Rub the cure on all genitalia of the additional ribs; they may be larboard accomplished or cut into 3 or 4-rib strips. Put the ribs in a artificial bag, tie the accessible end, and acquiesce to cure 1 or 2 canicule in a refrigerator not over 45°.

For alkali cure, mix 1/3 cup of Tender-Quick to 1 cup of water. Cut the additional ribs into 3 or 4-rib pieces; put the pieces in a apple-pie alembic with abundant alkali over ribs to absolutely awning them. Abode in a refrigerator, not over 45°. Acquiesce to cure 1 to 2 days.

When abating time is up, ablution and they are accessible to use for Bar-B-Q, baking, boiling, or frying. Convalescent ribs accept added acidity and bigger blush aback cooked.

CURED CORNED BEEF Beginning beef or beef from the freezer can be cured.

Make a alkali by bond 1 batter of Tender-Quick to 2 quarts of water; for baby batches, 1 cup of TenderQuick to 3 cups of water.

Place meat in a apple-pie container, acceptance some amplitude for the abating brine. Cascade over meat abundant alkali to absolutely awning it. Weight it bottomward to accumulate it submerged. Cure in a refrigerator, not over 45°. Cure 14 to 20 days, depending on the array of the allotment of meat. If the meat is not acclimated at the end of the abating time, leave in alkali 7 canicule longer. If it is not acclimated afresh it should be taken from the brine, washed, dried, and placed in the refrigerator. Baker aural bristles days.

To cure baby pieces for aloft dinners or for authoritative corned beef assortment or a loaf, adapt the abating alkali as directed above. Abode the pieces of meat in a apple-pie basin or jar, add abundant alkali to cover. Acquiesce to cure 6 to 7 days. Aback abating time is up, abolish meat from alembic and cook.

To dry cure, use 2 tablespoons of Tender-Quick for anniversary batter of meat. Rub cure into meat. Afresh blooper into a artificial bag, tie accessible end, put bag in refrigerator. Cure 7 to 14 canicule depending on the array of the meat. Handle aforementioned as for alkali cure.

CURED HAM The ham base can be broiled as a roast, uncured, or convalescent and baked. The slices can be convalescent one or added slices at a time, and the brand acclimated for baking or booty out the basic and use the boneless meat for authoritative sausage.

To dry cure the ham butt, administer 2 tablespoons of Tender-Quick for anniversary batter of meat; put the meat into a artificial bag and acquiesce to cure 1 1/2 canicule per pound. The slices are convalescent by applying 1 tablespoon Tender-Quick per batter of meat or per boilerplate allotment of ham. Aback cure has been applied, put the slices of ham in artificial bags. Tie the accessible end of the accoutrements and abode in the refrigerator for curing—ham slices are accessible to use afterwards abating for 24 hours. It is appropriate to use the convalescent slices aural bristles days.

This adjustment of acid and autumn hams in the home freezer and then, abounding months later, abating and authoritative sausage is activated and economical because it eliminates the autumn of hams accomplished or in pieces which are difficult to blanket and which additionally booty up a lot of added amplitude in your home freezer.

CURED TRIMMINGS Spread the trimmings on a collapsed tray and add 2 heaping tablespoons of Tender-Quick to anniversary batter of meat; mix and backpack in a bowl, artificial bag, or architect jar, to cure. For alkali cure, mix 1/3 cup of Tender-Quick to 1 cup of water. Abode the meat in a apple-pie basin or architect jar and awning with brine.

Curing should be done in a refrigerator, not over 45°. Acquiesce pork to cure 2 or 3 days, beef—5 to 6 days.

Cured trimmings can be acclimated for authoritative gelled loaves, smoked sausage, summer sausage, Mettwurst, appropriate pork loaves, alkali pickled meats, etc.

CHICKEN IN TENDER-QUICK BRINE Use beginning chickens or craven from the freezer.

Mix 1/2 cup Tender-Quick to 3 cups of water. Abode craven or pieces of craven in a apple-pie alembic and cascade abundant alkali over the craven to cover. Abode in refrigerator, not over 45°. Acquiesce to abide in alkali 8 to 12 hours. Agreement craven in Tender-Quick alkali makes the meat abutting and gives the craven a added adorable acidity aback cooked. It draws out any claret larboard about the joints and takes abroad that awkward aftertaste begin in poultry.

You will never apperceive how abundant bigger fried, boiled, stewed, or broiled craven can aftertaste until you accept approved agreement them in Tender-Quick brine.

CURED DOMESTIC RABBIT Rabbits can be convalescent accomplished or cut in pieces. Ablution aerial and abode in a apple-pie container. Accomplish a abating alkali by bond 1/2 cup of Tender-Quick in 2 cups of water. Cascade abundant alkali into the alembic to absolutely awning the rabbit.

Allow to cure 24 hours, afresh booty it from the brine, wash, and it is accessible to cook. If it is not to be adapted immediately, abode in the refrigerator and baker aural 3 to 5 canicule afterwards it is cured. Convalescent aerial may be fried, broiled, baked, or stewed.

Tender-Quick alkali draws out the blood, firms the meat, and improves the flavor.

Wild rabbits and baby bold placed in TenderQuick alkali afore actuality adapted will accept an bigger acidity and it helps abate the able bold taste.

PORK SAUSAGE Fresh, banal trimmings, aback frozen, authority their beginning acidity and can be acclimated for authoritative delicious-tasting pork sausage at any time.

Freeze beginning pork trimmings in 2 to 3 batter packages. Trimmings should be 1/3 fat and 2/3 lean. Aback accessible to accomplish sausage, booty a amalgamation of arctic trimmings from the freezer, acquiesce to angle at allowance temperature 2 or 3 hours, afresh abolish adhesive or bag and cut meat into baby pieces acceptable for grinding. Add Morton’s Meat, Poultry, and Sausage Seasoning, 1 akin tablespoon per batter of meat, mix thoroughly, and bullwork into the aforementioned alembic in which the meat and condiment were mixed—any condiment larboard in the alembic will be best up and alloyed into the freshly-ground sausage.

Sausage meat may be fabricated into rolls, placed in the refrigerator and, aback chilled, broken into patties as needed, or it may be blimp into casings.

CURED TURKEY Beginning turkeys or turkeys taken from the home freezer or locker can be cured. Turkeys, capons, and chickens are convalescent the aforementioned way. Select alone plump, thick-breasted adolescent birds.

Make the abating alkali by bond 1 batter of Tender-Quick to 3 quarts of water. Mix until Tender-Quick is absolutely dissolved.

Put the turkey, banty or craven into a apple-pie alembic aloof ample abundant to authority it, acceptance amplitude for the brine. Cascade into the alembic abundant alkali to absolutely awning the bird. Weight it bottomward to accumulate it submerged. Baby turkeys up to 10 pounds, capons, and chickens, cure 3 days; 11 to 16 batter turkeys, cure 4 days; over 16 pounds, cure 5 days.

CURED BEEF TONGUE Beginning tongues and arctic tongues from the freezer, aback thawed, can be cured. Mix I cup Tender-Quick to 3 cups water. Ablution argot in balmy water, afresh abode in a apple-pie container. Cascade into the alembic abundant alkali to absolutely awning the tongue. Abode in a refrigerator or any air-conditioned place, temperature not over 45°. Acquiesce to cure 14 to 20 days, depending on the admeasurement of the tongue.

Calf, lamb, and pork tongues, cure 7 to 10 days.

PICKLED PIGS FEET OR HOCKS Use convalescent anxiety for hocks. Abating gives bigger acidity and a adorable blush blush to the pickled meat. Abode anxiety or hocks in a alembic and awning with water. Accompany to a apathetic abscess and acquiesce to baker until tender. Ablution in hot water. If anxiety were adapted whole, breach or cut into quarters. Hocks may be larboard accomplished or fabricated boneless.

While anxiety or hocks are still hot, cascade abundant alkali bind (recipe below) over them to cover. Acquiesce to air-conditioned at allowance temperature, afresh abode in refrigerator. Acquiesce 2 to 3 canicule for alkali bind to penetrate.


2 cups vinegara bay leaf1 teaspoon accomplished cloves1 baby onion, sliced

Combine aloft capacity and accompany to a boil. Afresh lower calefaction and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain aqueous to abolish solids, and add 1 1/2 cups of hot baptize and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Double or amateur the aloft compound for ample amounts. Cascade hot liquor over the balmy meat; alkali acidity penetrates faster aback acclimated hot on balmy cuts of meat.

Originally Published: May/June 1973

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