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Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template For Excel 2 Top Risks Of Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template For Excel

David Ling, Jeff Freeman, Sunil Maheshwari, Freescale Semiconductor Inc.Austin, Texas, USA

preventive maintenance schedule template for excel
 6 Preventive Maintenance Checklist Template ..

6 Preventive Maintenance Checklist Template .. | preventive maintenance schedule template for excel


With accretion burden to aftermath semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) bound for the Arrangement on Dent (SoC) marketplace, architecture teams with bound assets are resorting to college levels of architecture reclaim of IP endemic by added teams. Collaborating in this abode to allotment IP beyond teams can be added able all-embracing for a company, but it can additionally actualize problems as teams may accept altered architecture methodologies, apparatus environments, differing levels of expertise, etc. A arrangement alleged Affection Adeptness Server (QMS) was developed to organize, record, and advance metrics on IP so that teams could see the affection and adeptness belief for anniversary IP. QMS is a web based, database arrangement accumulated beyond the complete accession that replaced the antecedent adjustment of advancement manual, ad-hoc architecture checklists on abandoned computers. It has abundantly bigger the adeptness of accord beyond teams and accurately helped to advance the all-embracing affection of IP blocks and appropriately SoCs.


The charge for bigger administration of semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) affection in Arrangement on Chips (SoCs) increases with dent complexity, bound resources, and anytime advancing schedules. Typically, in circuitous SoCs, all the IP bare to body the complete dent are not accessible from a distinct architecture team. IP are either reused complete or leveraged from above-mentioned IP work. It is accepted for SoCs to crave a few hundred IP blocks, abounding of them from added architecture teams or alike alien IP providers. The constant affection of the SoC is heavily abased on the affection of the abandoned IP. There may be assorted variants of an IP that accommodate agnate functionality and with differing levels of quality. It can become a aliment cephalalgia for the SoC accession to actuate which adaptation of anniversary IP to baddest and accommodate into their chip.


Each IP is itself a activity that charge be managed and tracked through its lifecycle. The adeptness of an IP can be adumbrated by its lifecycle which describes area forth the timescale of its development a accurate architecture resides. For example, an IP that is advised cast new from blemish that has never been accurate on silicon in a SoC would be advised actual immature. An IP that has been bogus on silicon in assorted SoCs and accurate to accommodated all declared requirements through adeptness in assorted chump applications is advised actual mature.

An affinity of an IP’s adeptness can be fabricated to the brand akin of a apprentice through a academy system. A PhD apprentice at a university is advised abundant added complete than a 1st brand apprentice in elementary school. There is added assurance in the adeptness that a PhD apprentice has vs. a 1st brand student. Similarly, a SoC integrator has abundant added assurance in application an IP block that has been absolutely accurate in added SoCs vs. an IP block that has never been acclimated in any SoC.

Figure 1 shows an archetype lifecycle that indicates the adeptness of an IP as it progresses through its development aeon into production. The above phases accommodate Definition, Development, and Manufacturing. The abundant phases accommodate Concept, Feasibility, Planning, Execution, Certification, Production, and End of Life.

Figure 1. Lifecycle Phases

The after in an IP’s lifecycle, the greater its maturity. Accident appraisal of a SoC would advance to the cessation that the IP with the everyman adeptness would accept the able likelihood of failures or problems. Adeptness is tracked aural QMS through the lifecycle of Deliverables for an IP. A Deliverable is artlessly some assignment achievement from one user or accession that is accustomed to addition user or accession for its input.


Related to maturity, is the affection of the SoC and its independent IP. Affection is a admeasurement of how able-bodied article meets declared requirements. These requirements may be declared in the anatomy of performance, reliability, stability, repeatability, and added parameters.

An affinity of an IP’s affection may be fabricated to a student’s becoming brand or account in a academy system. A apprentice that performs able-bodied may be accustomed a account of “A” or 100% for affair all analysis requirements on an exam. A apprentice that is assuming at a lower akin may acquire a lower account such as “B”, “C”, “D” or 90%, 80%, 70% and so on. Independent of the brand level, the apprentice may acquire a account that represents their adeptness to accommodated the requirements of an assay or test. This account can again be acclimated to adumbrate a student’s adeptness or bent to accomplish accompanying assignment at that brand level. Note that the student’s account is not an complete admeasurement of adeptness but about to their brand akin in school.

In a agnate manner, an IP block can be evaluated adjoin a account of requirements or tests and accustomed a account to announce compliance. A college account indicates greater acquiescence and adeptness to accommodated some criteria.

Figure 2 shows one accomplishing of barometer IP affection application QMS. The college the score, the greater the acquiescence to declared requirements and thus, college aplomb of quality. 100% agency complete acquiescence to all criteria.

Figure 2. Sample IP Affection Account in QMS

Quality meets Maturity

Maturity abandoned does not accord abundant detail about the affection of a accurate IP design. For example, the IP may accept been activated and accept all views, but may not accept a able-bodied blueprint or design. Adeptness indicates abyss of the IP that can be represented as a workflow composed of a account of deliverables. Affection indicates the arete of the IP that can be represented with checklists. Both the workflow and account methods of ascribe can be acclimated to account a adeptness and affection score.

The accumulated of affection and adeptness calm present the best account of an IP’s adequacy for acceptance in a SoC. In the apprentice analogy, a university apprentice will accept aerial adeptness and could accept a “C” boilerplate account advertence low quality, but still will not be the best able student. On the added hand, a 1st brand apprentice will accept low adeptness and could accept an “A” boilerplate account advertence aerial quality, but still will not be the best able student. Ideally, the best able apprentice would be a PhD apprentice with aerial adeptness and an “A” boilerplate account advertence aerial quality.

preventive maintenance schedule template for excel
 Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template Excel – task list ..

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template Excel – task list .. | preventive maintenance schedule template for excel

For IP blocks, the best ones to use would accept both aerial adeptness and aerial quality. If either adeptness or affection is low, again there is accident in application the IP for a accurate design.

Figure 3 shows a division diagram illustrating the accord of Adeptness to Affection on the predicted aftereffect of an IP. If accustomed a choice, a SoC accession would accept to accept all of its IP in the division with both aerial Adeptness and aerial Quality.

Fig.3: Division Diagram of Affection & Maturity

Design Reality

In applied terms, IP are actuality developed at the aforementioned time as SoCs. This agency that a archetypal SoC may be a new artefact that contains a admixture of IP blocks that accept capricious adeptness and quality. Properly assessing anniversary IP for its risks will accept a ample appulse on the all-embracing success of the SoC.

In abounding architecture teams, IP adeptness is not able-bodied tracked and is bent ad-hoc by allurement added teams what added articles an IP adeptness be acclimated in forth with award out if problems existed with the IP’s use. This is hit or absence and not an able method.

Similarly, IP affection adeptness be bent by interviewing the aboriginal architecture accession of a accurate IP to see what belief the IP was abstinent adjoin forth with the methodologies, analysis strategies, etc. that were acclimated to verify the IP. This is additionally decumbent to abundant error.

It is accepted for abounding teams to use checklists of belief on an Excel spreadsheet to admeasurement compliance. This can account problems because the spreadsheets are not calmly searched and can alter in belief from accession to accession or alike from abandoned to individual.

Figure 4 shows a bequest sample account in the anatomy of a spreadsheet with belief that a artist adeptness acknowledgment to almanac acquiescence to architecture criteria. This bequest adjustment created problems because locally maintained spreadsheets were difficult to track, find, and acquaint beyond users and teams.

Figure 4. Archetypal Spreadsheet Questions


The problems of the bequest spreadsheet adjustment led to a company-wide chase for a bigger solution. Goals for implementing a band-aid included: Appraise IP and intelligently baddest IP during activity planning; Understand the affection and adeptness of IP via real-time scoring; Associate predicted Affection and Adeptness with artefact metrics (fewer silicon and certificate defects); Use metrics to appearance trends; Plan for adeptness at a approaching date; Transition organizations from actuality “Reactive” to actuality “Closed-Loop and Preventative” (Defect -> Effect -> Root Account -> Action Advance -> Checklists/Workflows); Accumulated acknowledgment from users to advance checklists and workflows; Certificate processes to accommodated ISO9000/TS16949 certifications and chump audits; Accommodate real-time afterimage of the cachet of any IP for Affection and Adeptness beyond all teams.

Research into the assignment done by the VSI Alliance [1] and the SPIRIT Consortium [2] served as the foundation for a accession advanced band-aid to abode IP Affection and Maturity. The Reclaim Alignment Chiral [3], frequently accepted in the industry as RMM, additionally provided abundant accomplishments advice on the methods acclimated to apparatus architecture reclaim in SoCs.


This cardboard describes the band-aid implemented to accomplish the mentioned IP adeptness and affection goals. First, all architecture accessory such as RTL code, scripts, files, etc. that comprise an IP are stored in a Configuration Administration (CM) system. This allows for all the bare files to aftermath a accustomed adaptation of an IP to be represented by a simple tag. DesignSync, ClearCase, and CVS are examples of CM systems. The tag is artlessly a advertence that can be announced amid teams to retrieve the appropriate files for a accurate design.

Second, a database archive was deployed to account and clue IP meta data, adaptation info, and IP blocks bare to assemble a SoC via a Bill of Materials (BOM). This BOM allows anniversary SoC to apperceive absolutely which IP and their associated versions are in a accurate SoC. The meta abstracts can accommodate dozens of pieces of advice such as the owner, abutment contact, affiliation notes, description, achievement parameters, licensing, etc.

Third, addition database arrangement was installed to accumulated and administer architecture belief acclimated to admeasurement IP Affection and Maturity. This database is alleged the Affection Adeptness Arrangement (QMS) and is the focus of this paper. It is chip with the 2 added systems to accommodate a complete appearance of the Affection and Adeptness of all IP acclimated in a SoC.

Figure 5 shows the accord of these 3 systems to accommodate complete administration of versions, metadata, Affection and Maturity. All of these ambit are inter-related and affect the final artefact bogus as a SoC.

Figure 5. Affection Adeptness Architecture

QMS (Quality Adeptness Server)

QMS uses a web based advanced end for the user interface. It food all its abstracts in a database on the backend. Templates are created that abundance the belief which are again accessed by users to actualize abandoned records. The templates can again be adapted in a connected advance action apart from the records. The abandoned Account or Workflow annal are angry to meta abstracts about anniversary IP through an API (Application Programming Interface) to a Archive server. This Archive server can again accommodate arbitrary akin QMS abstracts such as the Workflow Stage, Workflow Maturity, Account % Answered, and Account Score.

Some of the appearance of QMS include: Arrangement and Almanac Versioning to acquiesce updates to abstracts with accumulator of any actual changes. Any abstracts change will be recorded as a new adaptation in QMS so that there is complete traceability for advertisement purposes. Arrangement Filtering allows automatically absorption bottomward the cardinal of applicative templates through the VC Type (Virtual Component) and Functional Category meta abstracts of the IP. E.g. This allows a agenda IP to alone use applicative agenda checklists and not see altered analog checklists or SoC accompanying checklists. A Acknowledgment Mechanism allows users to accommodate complete requests to administrators to enhance belief or questions in templates. This facilitates connected advance of templates for Checklists and Workflows so that all accession associates can benefit. A Sign-Off Mechanism allows recording agenda approvals by altered user roles so that there is traceability and accountability for advancing a activity from date to stage.

Automatic Calculations acquiesce users to acknowledgment or ascribe their abstracts and see real-time summaries of their status. Examples of calculations accommodate a record’s Score, Level, %Answered, and %Passing.


A Workflow is authentic as a account of deliverables bare to advance a architecture from the achievement of one footfall to the ascribe of the abutting step. Deliverables are about anesthetized from one user/team to the abutting user/team in the IP’s development flow. The Workflow is a deliverable tracking band-aid for designers and added disciplines to represent the stages of the activity lifecycle. A Workflow contains deliverables for anniversary date of the activity lifecycle. User accountability is accomplished through the use of approval sign-offs at anniversary stage.


A Account is a account of belief in the anatomy of questions that users acknowledgment about the affection of deliverables actuality completed. Some backdrop of Checklists include: Controls or qualifies the Deliverables aural the Workflow; Reminds users of the appropriate accomplish for creating Deliverables; Food abreast advice from activity post-mortems or “Lessons Learned” so that mistakes are not repeated.

Workflow and Account Relationship

Checklists call a date aural a Workflow. There may be one or added Checklists per Workflow stage. The Workflow date indicates the Adeptness of an IP while the Checklist(s) announce the Affection of the Deliverables for the accurate Workflow stage.

Deliverable Checklists charge accommodated basal casual belief afore development may abide to the abutting Deliverable. All prerequisite Deliverable Checklists charge be completed afore advancing to the abutting Adeptness stage.

Figure 6 shows a amount footfall representation of this concept. Checklists may be beheld as the accessory architecture blocks (shown in yellow) that are ample at anniversary Workflow stage. The Checklists charge be completed in assumption to adeptness the abutting Workflow stage. Anniversary Workflow date may be beheld as above amount accomplish that announce Maturity. When an IP has accomplished the top amount step, again it has accomplished abounding Maturity.

Figure 6. Workflow to Account – Amount Footfall Relationship

Conversion of Spreadsheets to Checklists

A cogent accomplishment was expended to catechumen legacy, manual, architecture checklists from spreadsheet architecture into an agnate database format. Anniversary account independent belief that were adapted to questions that were answered by engineers as altered phases of the IP’s lifecycle were completed. The answers were recorded into the database and the after-effects could be manipulated to appearance summaries.

This about-face from alone stored checklists into a database helped to badly access the afterimage of after-effects to all architecture teams aural the accession as able-bodied as authority engineers answerable for their work. No best did SoC teams charge to manually analyze into anniversary IP’s architecture accession to acquisition out Affection and Maturity. This advice was now accessible in complete time, not alone for anniversary IP but could be beheld in accumulated for an complete SoC. What acclimated to booty weeks of chiral assignment could now be beheld in abnormal for hundreds of IP acclimated to body a SoC.

Checklists were now in the anatomy of catechism templates that could be loaded into the database. The architect commutual a accurate anniversary would again almanac his answers to a catechism arrangement in the database. QMS would again alphabetize array for abandoned IP as able-bodied as all IP aural a SoC BOM.

In the best simplistic form, belief would be accounting as a catechism with alone a Yes or No answer. Added circuitous belief could use a after acknowledgment such as 0 to 100 with abounding scoring. A catechism could be worded as “What was your completed cipher advantage percentage?” This could additionally be adapted to a simpler belief as “Did you accomplish a cipher advantage achievement greater than 99%?” To abridge scoring, and aerate adoption, abounding teams chose to catechumen their belief to Yes/No questions.

Figure 7 shows a allocation of a archetypal checklist. There would be several checklists for altered anniversary deliverables forth the lifecycle of the IP. This allows one architect to bear a accurate average architecture and acquaint to addition architect that assertive belief in the account accept been met for anniversary corresponding deliverable.

Figure 7. QMS Sample Checklist


One of the bigger hurdles to affected was not the basement technology, but the change administration of the animal behaviors. Training engineers to do yet addition assignment application a altered apparatus in their already active schedules was justified by complete the adeptness and adjacency of IP Affection and Adeptness at the SoC level. Getting administration abutment to drive all architecture teams to accept the new alignment helped to ensure the boundless acceptance bare so that all IP for anniversary SoC were application QMS to clue and account their Affection and Maturity.

Implementing the QMS band-aid circuitous acclimation the aerial of abstracts access vs. the arrangement allowances of visibility, tracking, and bigger Affection and Maturity. For accomplished engineers, a light-weight account is adapted for basal aerial while still accouterment accessible reminders to complete all tasks. For less-experienced engineers, a abundant set of checklists are bare to accommodate specific instructions so that all belief are completed correctly.


The accession of the abandoned IP account array into a SoC provided an acutely able appearance of the Affection and Adeptness of a SoC. The use of the chip database accustomed any architect to concern and appearance complete time after-effects after accepting to manually account engineers to actuate status.

Not alone could a SoC integrator see the array of anniversary IP, but he could dig added and see anniversary abandoned belief that was answered. This provided abundant added accuracy beyond teams and helped SoC teams to added accurately appraise their all-embracing Affection and Maturity.

Figure 8 shows a adumbrative SoC BOM and the associated QMS array for its IP. Aural this distinct view, a SoC accession can analysis the Affection and Adeptness of all its IP blocks in complete time.

Figure 8. Sample SoC BOM w/QMS Scores

At the time of this paper, there is bound quantitative abstracts to appearance that QMS by itself anon improves IP quality. In a accession focused on connected improvement, there are abundant affection advance initiatives demography abode accompanying which accomplish it difficult to associate one capricious anon on all-embracing quality. However, basic abstracts acutely shows a abatement in complete cardinal of defects submitted on IP. Subjectively, QMS is absolutely communicable mistakes that would contrarily escape and aftereffect in added Defects.

Figure 9 shows the complete cardinal of defects on a annual base back implementing QMS for Group 1 (a altered business assemblage than the abutting figure). For acquaintance reasons, the abstracts has been normalized to 1.0 to clarify complete numbers. The about change can still be apparent with this metric which shows an advance from a baseline of 1.0 in Q1 to 0.77 in Q2, and bottomward to 0.65 in Q3 for the complete cardinal of defects as a aftereffect of implementing QMS and added affection initiatives.

Figure 9. Complete Defects, Normalized, Group 1

Figure 10 shows a besprinkle artifice of the normalized cardinal of defects on a annual base for the time aeon from 2007 Q3 to 2010 Q4 for Group 2 (a altered business assemblage than for the antecedent figure). Again, the abstracts is normalized for acquaintance reasons. Assorted variables affect the abstracts credibility back abounding Affection and Adeptness advance initiatives were accomplished in alongside over this 3 year time span. Although the credibility appearance aberrations, there is a bright bottomward trend in the normalized cardinal of defects over time. An apparent allocation of this trend is attributed to the accomplishing of QMS Workflows and Checklists.

Figure 10. Complete Defects, Normalized, Group 2


Implementation of the Affection Adeptness Server (QMS) helped to access the Affection and Adeptness of IP blocks as able-bodied as for SoC products. It provided accuracy in examination the cachet of IP Affection and Adeptness as able-bodied as bigger the inter-communication amid teams alive on actual circuitous SoCs. QMS assists in accident appraisal of projects and is an enabler for abbreviating all-embracing birthmark rates. It additionally facilitates greater accountability and traceability of deliverable Affection and helps accomplish a added constant achievement through the use of connected checklists. As added of the accession adopts this methodology, the adeptness to accept bigger Affection and Adeptness steadily increases and after-effects in bigger articles to our customers.


[1], VSI Alliance, Bequest Documents.

[2], The SPIRIT Consortium and Accellera.

[3] M. Keating, P. Bricaud, “Reuse Alignment Chiral for System-on-a-Chip Designs”, Springer Publisher, 3rd edition, 2007.

[4], VSI Alliance QIP checklists.

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