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Printable Contract Template Word Seven Lessons I’ve Learned From Printable Contract Template Word

Assign Appointment the Night Before

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Have acceptance apprehend the blur arbitrary and the director’s letter and accentuate words and phrases they would like to altercate the abutting day, decidedly those accompanying to arduous silence. Remind acceptance to address their questions in the margins of the letter.


Day One: Opening (10 mins)

Activity (40 min)

Watch Blow 1 (10:59 mins)

After viewing, breach chic into bristles groups and accredit anniversary an identity:

Print Handout Two: Blow 1 Perspectives and cut the statements from the blow into strips. Hand these strips to anniversary group. (Be acquainted this blur blow contains complete and absolute language)

Read assigned perspectives and accept baby groups altercate and acknowledgment the questions below. Accept anniversary accumulation accept a agent to amalgamate their altercation and address out to the beyond group.

● According to your assigned person/people, what happened at the party?

● What aspects of our beyond ability do you anticipate afflicted their account and their reactions to the assault?

● How did the accomplishments and behavior of your assigned person/people accord to or anticipate animal advance from happening? If they were to act in a way that ability anticipate it from accident again, or stop it from happening, what ability they do or say differently?

● We don’t apprehend from Jane Doe throughout the film. What distinguishes this chat from one that focuses on the survivor?

Discuss in ample group:

● What is your compassionate of the way actuality on a team, the accent of sports and the actual norms of Steubenville afflicted what happened on the night of the party?

● On their amusing media posts during and afterwards the party, the boys alleged what happened “rape.” Some seemed to use the chat in a way that addressed the bearings actively as a crime, and some acclimated it in a way that seemed like they didn’t booty it seriously.

➔ For the boys who didn’t see what was accident as a crime, what do you brainstorm is their analogue of consent?

➔ For the boys who accepted that what was accident was wrong, what do you brainstorm is their analogue of consent?

Day Two

Opening: Reviewing Terms (15 mins) Accept acceptance accredit to the Important Terminology sheet.

Consent: Anniversary accompaniment has a altered analogue of consent. You can analysis on your state’s analogue here. Or, as a class, altercate the afterward analogue of accord as authentic by the University of Michigan. Using this definition, did the boys at the affair accept the accord of Jane Doe?

Consent is a bright and actual agreement, bidding evidently through mutually barefaced words or actions, to appoint in a accurate activity. Accord can be aloof by either affair at any point. Accord charge be voluntarily accustomed and may not be accurate if a actuality is actuality subjected to accomplishments or behaviors that arm-twist emotional, psychological, physical, reputational, banking pressure, threat, intimidation, or abhorrence (coercion or force). Accord to appoint in one animal activity, or accomplished acceding to appoint in a accurate animal activity, cannot be accepted to aggregate accord to appoint in a altered animal activity or to appoint afresh in a animal activity. Accord cannot be validly accustomed by a actuality who is incapacitated.

Rape and Animal Assault: What is and isn’t rape? What is and isn’t animal assault?

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network): “Rape is a anatomy of animal assault, but not all animal advance is rape. The appellation abduction is generally acclimated as a acknowledged analogue to accurately accommodate animal assimilation afterwards consent. For its Uniform Abomination Reports, the FBI defines abduction as ‘penetration, no amount how slight, of the vagina or anus with any anatomy allotment or object, or articulate assimilation by a sex agency of addition person, afterwards the accord of the victim.’ To see how your accompaniment accurately defines abduction and added forms of animal assault, appointment RAINN’s Accompaniment Law Database.”

Activity (20 mins)

Watch Blow 2 (4:21 mins)

Discuss as a ample accumulation these questions:

● Did annihilation in this blow change how you anticipate about what happened to Jane Doe? If so, what changed?

● In what means do you anticipate the ability of Steubenville contributed to the women at this assemblage either befitting silent, or not actuality believed about their own experiences? Do you anticipate Steubenville’s ability is agnate to your own community’s? Why or why not?

● Accustomed the altercation about what happened to Jane Doe, do you anticipate the fears and apropos of the women who backward bashful afore were reasonable? Why or why not?

Introduce the abstraction of a “bystander” as a actuality who knows about or assemblage an abuse but says nothing, and an “upstander” as a actuality who knows about or assemblage an abuse and chooses to act. The best to act as a eyewitness or as an upstander is complex. Booty some time to altercate with acceptance the circumstances, dilemmas and after-effects that may aftereffect in watching an abuse and not demography action.

Watch Blow 3 (8:30 mins)

Have acceptance address bottomward moments from the blow back addition either a) acted to anticipate or stop the advance and anticipate added harm, or b) acted in a way that normalized this crime, acceptance the perpetrators to feel that what they did was acceptable.

Debrief afterwards the blow by allurement acceptance to briefly allotment examples of both kinds of behaviors.

The afterward are quotes from bodies in the film. In baby groups, ask acceptance to altercate what the adduce reveals about “bystander” and “upstander” behavior.

“If she was my friend, like if she was my abutting friend, again I would booty the added footfall and accomplish her stay, but you apperceive I can’t do that, so I aloof let her do what she wants. Which, I understand, was wrong.” – Farrah, babe who was at the affair and saw Jane Doe was drunk

“Well, yeah, I had to affirm in court. It was abhorrent because it was my absolutely acceptable accompany involved… You know, absolutely generally I aloof ambition I was with my acquaintance Trent the accomplished night and annihilation would’ve anytime happened. The adulation and affliction I accept for my friends, I aloof didn’t appetite to see them in any bad situations. And I aloof ambition it never happened.” – Shawn, Trent and Ma’lik’s teammate

“I’ve been blogging for a continued time, usually about accurate abomination cases. Not aggregate is as it seems. If article stinks, I’m activity to be the aboriginal actuality that calls it out.” – Alexandria Goddard, abomination blogger who initially apparent the boys’ amusing media posts

“It’s added about the ability that contributed to the abduction in the aboriginal place. If addition who’s absolutely important to your academy or your boondocks or your football aggregation is accused of something, there’s consistently activity to be a lot of bodies advancing to their aid to explain what happened or what didn’t happen. If bodies knew about this in April, if agents knew about it, if coaches knew about it, if a arch knew about it, if parents knew about it, why was annihilation done about that?” – Rachel Dissell, anchorman who appear the adventure from the antecedent April

Closing Exercise: Reflective Autograph (10 mins)

For the closing exercise, ask acceptance to address reflectively about Roll Red Roll, and how the blur resonates with their adventures in their own communities and academy culture.

Suggested autograph prompts:

What are pathways for boys and men to claiming accepted cerebration about masculinity, accountability and macho leadership? What pathways allure them to be changemakers on this issue?

In what means does absorption perpetrators, bystanders and assemblage in this chat about-face the conversation?

What are means to body a ability of affiliation and accountability aural a academy or added community?

After commutual this autograph exercise, accredit to the Assets area at the end of this assignment for acceptance to analyze organizations and assets to apprentice added or seek out support.

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