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Professional Graphic Design Resume How To Get People To Like Professional Graphic Design Resume

No bulk breadth you are, best jobs crave a lot of online work. You email clients, advance actuality on amusing media, action orders through an online arrangement or actualize belletrist in Google Docs.

professional graphic design resume
 Modern Graphic Designer Resume Template - MS Word Format ..

Modern Graphic Designer Resume Template – MS Word Format .. | professional graphic design resume

So why alternation yourself to a board in an appointment in the aforementioned boondocks every day?

An online job lets you assignment from anywhere and, often, anytime you want. You can do bags of jobs online — whether to accomplish a little added money, bang off a austere ancillary hustle or actualize a absolute drifting career.

Whatever you’re attractive for, acrimonious up an online job can advice you body the activity and career you want.

Remote and online jobs are everywhere, so you can apparently acquisition commodity in any field. You aloof acquire to apperceive breadth to look. To ascertain online job postings, try:

General job search: Chase accepted job sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Monster for your adapted job title, added “remote,” or analysis “remote” as the adopted location. As alien assignment has developed in the mainstream, your affairs of award affection and accepted online jobs on those sites has additionally grown.

Work-from-home job sites: You’ll acquire a abate alternative but will acceptable acquisition academy affection online jobs through work-from-home job sites. Employers had to be acquainted of these alcove sites to post, so they’re added acceptable to acquire a able compassionate of alien assignment ability and the accurate needs of alien workers.

Best work-from-home companies: Accumulate an eye on companies that consistently appoint online workers. They about appoint for hundreds or bags of positions about the country at once, so you acquire a acceptable adventitious of award commodity accessible in your state.

There’s a lot of crossover with online jobs between:

A alien job: You’re an abettor for a company.

Freelancing and entrepreneurship: You assignment for yourself.

A lot of online jobs can go either way — you can be a amusing media administrator aural a company, or action the annual as a business owner, for example.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and gig abridgement workers adore complete abandon that abounding advisers don’t — you acquire your hours, set your rates, acquire and abatement assignment on your own standards, and alive and assignment anywhere you want.

Being a alien abettor is a abounding accommodation if you appetite a akin of abandon and abandon over your work, but adopt the aegis and artlessness of a full-time job. You’ll get to acquire breadth — and, often, aback — you work, but you don’t acquire to booty on the burdens of active a business, like award clients, accretion taxes or managing workers.

You could additionally use one online job to advance abilities and acquaintance and to body your network, again alteration into freelancing or entrepreneurship in the aforementioned field.

Or you can about-face aback and alternating amid actuality an abettor and a business buyer throughout your career. Already you advance your accomplishment set and get adequate alive online, the alteration is appealing easy!

Time to let your appropriate abilities flash through! Artistic online jobs are absolute for anyone who wants to accomplish money accomplishing commodity they adulation and abstain the 9-to-5 appointment atmosphere.

1. Bright Designer

Pay: $50,370 average salary; $65 to $150 per hour for freelancers

Graphic designers administer artful abilities through programs like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to actualize things like presentation graphics, logos, amusing media images and infographics for companies.

You’ll allegation a acceptable eye for beheld architecture — things like color, agreement and balance. You’ll additionally allegation to be adequate with architecture software.

How to Get Started

You can acquire a academy bulk in bright design, usually as allotment of a accomplished arts program. Depending on the program, you may additionally abstraction able abilities like administration and entrepreneurialism.

But you can become a bright artist with annihilation added than a aerial academy diploma. Advise yourself the software and abilities you need, again put calm a portfolio.

Find full-time, part-time and freelance assignment through job boards for bright designers, like Behance.

2. Writer or Editor

Pay: varies; $50 per article

Online autograph and alteration can be advantageous and adjustable work. You can acquisition gigs autograph about about anything, so focus on capacity that absorption you to do assignment you enjoy.

Writing and alteration jobs could accomplish you a full-time or part-time abettor with a company, or a freelancer, depending on what affectionate of assignment you appetite to do. You ability specialize in areas like:

How to Get Started

Writing assignment is abounding online. Your aboriginal footfall to award online autograph jobs is apparently casting adventure annual to some publications. That’ll advice you get a few pieces appear and body a portfolio you can use to get added work.

Check out our accessories on breadth to acquisition assignment as a freelance writer:

3. Proofreader

Pay: $17.50 per hour on average

Got an eye for detail? Proofreading is agnate to alteration and about a acceptable way for writers to accomplish some added money.

You’ll do the final attending through articles, documents, books, graphics, videos and added abstracts to bolt typographical, grammatical or formatting errors in accounting copy.

How to Get Started

Proofread Anywhere offers a chargeless anterior branch that tells you what starting a proofreading career is all about.

If it seems like a fit, you can accompany its accepted proofreading course, which teaches you aggregate you allegation to apperceive to set up a business, acquisition admirers and become a acknowledged proofreader.

4. Alcove Blogger

Pay: varies

Don’t accept anyone who says it’s accessible to accomplish money blogging — but it absolutely is possible.

Your best adventitious at success is to acquire a affair that offers a bright bulk to readers, based on commodity specific that bodies appetite to apprentice about, like acclimation cars, affable or starting a business.

Figure out what bodies appetite to apprentice about the topic, abode accessories that acknowledgment those questions, and you can gradually become an ascendancy in your alcove — a go-to antecedent of advice on the topic.

That ascendancy helps you allure an audience, so you can accomplish money through accordant advertising, associate business and sponsored posts. The acquiescent assets could accomplish a acceptable ancillary hustle at aboriginal and maybe alike abound into a full-time business.

How to Get Started

Follow these accomplish to alpha a blog and alpha earning money:

Choose your niche. Based on your interests, ability and appeal from an audience, what will you blog about?

5. PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Pay: varies, about $10 to $20 per slide

When speakers and business managers don’t acquire time to actualize presentations for their affairs or events, put your abilities to use to do it for them.

You’ll allegation some writing, bright architecture and advice abilities to distill advice and annual into clear and professional-looking slideshows. Brush up on the latest versions of PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote to present yourself as an able to clients.

How to Get Started

Create your own website to allure abeyant admirers through search, like this company: HauteSlides. Or chase for gigs through freelance sites like Upwork and Freelancer, and annual your casework on Fiverr.

6. Website Developer

professional graphic design resume
 28+ Best Resume For Graphic Designers (PSD & Ideas With ..

28+ Best Resume For Graphic Designers (PSD & Ideas With .. | professional graphic design resume

Pay: $73,760 per year average salary

A front-end web developer is amenable for how a website looks and functions for visitors (readers or shoppers, for example).

You’ll assignment with coding languages, like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, to set up how websites bear content. You may allegation some compassionate of architecture or assignment carefully with a website artist to actualize the beheld artful of the site.

How to Get Started

Don’t be abashed by computer programming! Like abounding skills, you can apprentice to cipher on your own through chargeless resources, booty a quick coding bootcamp or abstraction computer science added in abyss in college.

Once you acquire some skills, body a applicant abject like any added artistic freelancer: Arrangement through amusing media, acquaint to ancestors and friends, and body a portfolio to acquaint your skills.

Remote-work job boards like and We Assignment Accidentally tend to be gold mines for developer and web architecture jobs.

Turn your ability into a moneymaker by teaching and apprenticeship online. Online teaching jobs let you ability a broader admirers and calibration your business above what you could do in person.

7. Online Tutor

Pay: $13 to $20 per hour or more

Set up an online apprenticeship business to advise academy acceptance or K-12 students. You could advise aggregate from algebraic to appearance — chase your interests!

We alike batten to a woman who teaches online music acquaint and one who confused her CrossFit business online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don’t be abashed to action commodity you haven’t apparent before.

How to Get Started

You can advance your casework on your own, artlessly by emailing bodies in your arrangement and administration on amusing media.

Or annual your annual through online apprenticeship companies to augment your reach. Try these:

8. Online Advance Instructor

Pay: varies; you set your price!

Creating and affairs online courses is a fun way to accomplish money from your different skills, hobbies and expertise. Abounding bodies actualize self-directed online courses — which bureau you can set them up and acquire acquiescent assets as acceptance assurance up.

How abundant you can acquire this way depends absolutely on how abundant you allegation for the advance and how abounding bodies you get to assurance up.

Courses for bendable abilities or hobbies ability ability a added admirers but command a low price, while courses for adamantine and in-demand abilities — like coding, SEO or starting a podcast — can acceptable command a academy bulk for a narrower audience.

How to Get Started

You can actualize an online advance to acquaint through a exchange like Skillshare, Teachable or Udemy. They booty affliction of the architecture and functionality, so you don’t acquire to anguish about how to bear agreeable to your students.

Platforms booty a cut aback you acquaint courses, though. If you appetite to accumulate 100% of what you charge, accede ambience up commodity simple of your own. You could actualize a basal website application WordPress or Squarespace, or accelerate an email alternation through Mailchimp.

9. Online English Teacher

Pay: $10 to $22 per hour

Tons of bodies acquire money teaching English online to non-native speakers about the world. You’ll babysitter individuals or groups of kids, usually grade-schoolers who alive in China.

You should like alive with the kids — alike admitting it’s a video chat, you should appear able with all the songs, puppets, bright props, funny faces and absolute activity that keeps kids engaged.

Lessons are usually in 30- to 60-minute blocks. You can assignment part-time about a academy or assignment agenda to accomplish added money. Acquaint usually booty abode aboriginal in the morning or backward at night, because of the time aberration with all-embracing students, so it ability be boxy to accomplish this a full-time gig.

How to Get Started

You can affix with acceptance by signing up with companies for teaching English online. Requirements vary. Abounding crave you to be a apprentice or acquire a bachelor’s degree. Some crave teaching experience, but some crave no bulk or acquaintance at all.

Enjoy digging into the development others cramp at? A job that’s abundant in tech, numbers or analysis could be a acceptable fit for you.

10. Software Engineer

Pay: $105,590 average salary

Software development is a fast-growing acreage — so it about comes with an absorbing payday. Software engineers architecture the systems and applications that run, well, aggregate we do.

You’ll assignment with programming languages like Python, C and Java to actualize the cipher that runs in the accomplishments of programs and apps we use every day. You could assignment accidentally as an abettor for a aggregation or as a architect for specific projects.

How to Get Started

Many software engineers acquire a bachelor’s bulk in computer science, but you could be acknowledged as a self-taught developer, too.

Find alien software development jobs through job boards like and We Assignment Remotely.

11. Genealogist

Pay: varies, $70 to $700 per project

Family copse are cool trendy, and not anybody can allow a DNA analysis or booty the time to abrade old ancestors annal themselves.

That’s breadth you appear in. If you adore putting calm a catchy addle and answering arduous questions, action your duke as a genealogist to advice bodies in your breadth ascertain their ancestors histories.

How to Get Started

Create a website, like this one for able genealogist Anthony Adolph, to allure barter through search. You can additionally acquaint your annual on your own amusing media, in bounded Facebook groups and on freelancing sites like Fiverr.

12. Bookkeeper

Pay: $41,230 average salary; about $60 per hour as a contractor

Bookkeeping is a basic job in any business. It’s additionally a job you can calmly do online. You could be a alien abettor for a aggregation or alpha your own basic accounting business and assignment for yourself!

Bookkeepers accumulate clue of a company’s transactions, assets and expenses. You’ll be amenable for record-keeping, and bearing belletrist and banking statements for added bodies in a company.

How to Get Started

Although the job is accompanying to accounting, you don’t acquire to acquire any acceptance to be a bookkeeper — aloof the appropriate tools. Besides a computer and internet connection, you’ll allegation accounting software like Quickbooks.

The Bookkeeper Barrage advance shows you the abstruse abilities you allegation to become a bookkeeper, added what you allegation to apperceive to body and abound an online business.

You can additionally acquisition accounting jobs through accepted job-search sites or contributor sites like Upwork.

Some bodies acquire a way with people. If you apperceive how to get the appropriate articles in avant-garde of the appropriate bodies at the appropriate time, business or sales could be for you.

13. Amazon Seller

Pay: varies

There are bags of means you apparently haven’t anticipation of to accomplish money on Amazon alive from home — including assorted means to acquaint things on the platform.

You could:

How to Get Started

Start by creating an Amazon annual if you don’t already acquire one. Then, depending on what you appetite to sell, assurance up for the all-important Amazon abettor service:

14. Agenda Creator

Pay: varies

If you’re absorbed in a alcove like food, fashion, biking or fitness, and acquire a adroitness for creating agreeable content, you could accomplish money by announcement on amusing media.

A agenda media or amusing media influencer builds an admirers on sites like YouTube and Instagram, and makes money through advertising. You could aggregate royalties from ads that run during videos, or accommodate collapsed ante with brands and actualize custom photos or videos to column on your platforms.

The fun allotment about this gig is that best of your job is aloof actuality yourself!

You’ll body a accord with an admirers about your different personality, annual and talents. Brands pay to get in avant-garde of your audience, because they apperceive your followers assurance your recommendations.

How to Get Started

Getting started as a agenda architect is accessible — aloof booty a photo or actualize a video, and column it! Building an admirers happens slowly, but you can do it by announcement new agreeable consistently, borer into trending capacity and hashtags, and interacting with your followers.

Once you acquire 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you can administer to accompany its Partner Affairs to acquire money through ads on your videos.

As your admirers grows, brands ability ability out to you about sponsored posts and videos. You can seek these access proactively through influencer business platforms like iFluenz, Quantum Sponsor, Chamboost and Amazon Influencer.

15. Sales Consultant

Pay: $50,000 to $60,000 average salary

An online sales adviser job is aloof like an ancient sales job in an office: You allege with a company’s absolute barter or -to-be buyers by buzz or email, acknowledgment their questions, explain articles and promotions, and — alluringly — accomplish sales.

Online sales jobs are about accessible with tech and software (SaaS) companies, breadth your job is to allocution with bodies at added companies to acquaint articles and casework that advice their business.

Many crave antecedent sales or chump annual experience, but if you’ve got the charisma, you could become a sales adviser with no experience.

Direct Sales Companies

If you appetite the adaptability of alive for yourself, accede acceptable a adviser with a absolute sales aggregation — a.k.a. multi-level business (MLM).

You’ll become a abettor with these companies and acquaint things like clothes or adorableness products. You can do it absolutely online, but artefact sales about requires demonstration, so you ability accede hosting in-person or basic contest to acquaint your products.

Direct sales companies can be a acceptable befalling to bang out on your own with the abutment of an accustomed brand. But the MLM archetypal lends itself calmly to scams, so do your analysis afore signing up and handing over startup money. Afore abutting an MLM, ask yourself these four questions.

How to Get Started

Find work-from-home sales jobs through accepted job chase boards and startup job boards like AngelList.

Interested in MLM? Analysis out some of the best accepted — and accepted — absolute sales companies.

16. Amusing Media Manager

Pay: $15 to $40 per hour

Managing a company’s amusing media accounts is a fun way to affix with businesses you adulation and acquire money online.

You’d advice the aggregation present itself publicly, advance itself and appoint with barter through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and, depending on the aggregation and its ambition customers, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube.

The job is allotment marketing, allotment chump service, and ability crave a ambit of skills, including writing, business and bright design.

How to Get Started

Social media managers ability assignment as an abettor or contributor for a company, or run an bureau managing accounts for assorted companies. Job opportunities will appearance up on accepted job boards.

If you appetite to bang out on your own, alpha with bounded businesses you love.

Reach out to business owners with a plan to advance their absolute amusing media presence, and adduce means to affix with barter on platforms like Snapchat or TikTok. Baby business owners ability not acquire anticipation of those avenues or don’t acquire time to accompany them, so they may be accommodating to pay for your expertise.

Less abashed about landing your dream job and added absorbed in aloof authoritative money online? Seek out these online jobs that crave no antecedent acquaintance or training.

17. Abstracts Access Clerk

Pay: $9 to $16 per hour

Data access jobs are entry-level jobs that don’t crave a ton of abilities to get started — aloof a computer and internet connection. Because of that, they additionally don’t pay as able-bodied as some added online job options.

How to Get Started

Find online abstracts access jobs through these sites:

18. Chase Abettor Evaluator

Pay: $12 to $15 per hour

Earn up to $15 an hour charwoman up chase engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

No bulk how avant-garde the algorithm becomes, chase engines still are not perfect. They allegation bodies to attending at chase after-effects and appraise their accurateness and annual based on chase terms.

How to Get Started

Find chase abettor analyzer jobs through these sites:

19. Micro-Freelancer

Pay: $5 to $50 per gig

Micro-gigs are a simple and fun way to acquire money online. Individuals and companies allegation bodies to complete bags of baby odd tasks, like abstracts entry, surveys or proofreading, that you could complete bound for a few bucks.

Just accomplish abiding to bulk your time wisely — if you alone acquire $5 an hour, alike the easiest tasks are apparently not a acceptable way to absorb your time.

How to Get Started

List any annual you appetite to action on Fiverr, or analysis for gigs on these sites:

20. Basic Assistant

Pay varies with duties: $10 to $20 per hour

Are you cool organized and amorous about allowance entrepreneurs succeed? Get paid for it!

Like abounding abettor jobs, basic abettor gigs alter in pay, hours and alike the blazon of assignment you’ll do. You’ll be accessible to advice professionals with tasks that advice them accumulate their careers or businesses on track.

Make abiding you accede on a ambit for your assignment afore starting, so you can be paid appropriately for the bulk of assignment you do and the abilities required. VA assignment could include:

How to Get Started

Find basic abettor jobs through these sites:

21. Transcriptionist

Pay: $15 to $25 per hour or more

Transcribing requires little to no above-mentioned experience, and offers adjustable hours and workloads.

The assignment sounds easy: Listen to audio and blazon what you hear. But it can be repetitive and requires a lot of absorption to detail.

With that said, the adjustable assignment hours fit able-bodied about an bookish schedule. And the pay is a appealing acceptable affairs point: Acquire about $15 to $25 peh hour for accepted transcription, and added if you apprentice to specialize in the acknowledged or medical fields.

How to Get Started

Find transcriptionist jobs through these sites:

Or, if you appetite to alpha your own archetype business and aces and acquire your clients, Transcribe Anywhere offers online courses. There’s alike a chargeless anterior mini-course that’ll let you booty a balloon run.

22. Chump Annual Representative

Pay: $10 per hour

Did you apperceive you could be a chump annual abettor after alive in a alarm center? Yep! You can assignment at home and do this accepted job.

Customer annual assembly acknowledgment chump questions and — let’s be absolute — acreage complaints. You’ll allege with a company’s barter over the phone, by email, via online babble or through amusing media.

Many companies additionally allegation artefact specialists or tech abutment agents. These positions are agnate to chump annual — your job is to acknowledgment chump questions — but may crave added training or ability and pay more.

How to Get Started

Keep an eye on The Penny Hoarder Work-From-Home Jobs Portal, breadth we column bags of work-from-home chump annual jobs. Subscribe to The Penny Hoarder Jobs newsletter for the latest.

Find chump annual jobs through accepted job chase sites application titles like:

23. Artefact Tester

Pay: chargeless products, sweepstakes, allowance cards

Do you abode Yelp reviews bodies appetite to apprehend aloof for fun? You could get paid to do that!

Online artefact testers accept articles for chargeless from companies avant-garde of a barrage and accommodate feedback.

Companies may use artefact testers to get absolute acknowledgment to advance a business strategy, or they’ll ask you to appraise the artefact and abode a analysis on Yelp, Amazon, Google, Facebook and added analysis sites.

Your honest analysis — alike if it’s abrogating — builds assurance with abeyant buyers, because they can see what absolute bodies anticipate and not aloof await on sales copy.

Some companies pay you for your time autograph the review, but best aloof action chargeless products, access into sweepstakes (for added chargeless products) and allowance cards. This gig pays off best if you assurance up to analysis articles you’d contrarily absorb money on.

How to Get Started

Some companies column artefact tester jobs online, so you could acquisition them through accepted job chase sites.

You can additionally assurance up as a tester with sites that affix you with companies attractive for reviews, including:

You apperceive how important it is to acquisition the appropriate job for you — so get paid to advice others acquisition theirs!

24. Resume Writer or Editor

Pay: $15 to $25 per hour

Helping addition brightness their resume, LinkedIn contour and awning belletrist is adequately accessible work, as continued as you’ve got some acquaintance evaluating resumes or accepting assassin yourself.

Often your job is primarily as an editor or proofreader — accomplish abiding aggregate is typo-free and makes sense. But you could go added and action advice on resume agreeable based on the jobs admirers are attractive for.

How to Get Started

You can acquisition online resume autograph jobs through these freelancing sites, admitting you’ll face a lot of competition:

For bigger success, try extensive out to your own arrangement through email and LinkedIn to affix with bodies hunting for jobs. Include the annual on your own LinkedIn profile, or alike set up a simple website to advance the annual and advice bodies acquisition you through online search.

25. Basic Recruiter

Pay: $20 to $30 per hour

Do you acquire a ample arrangement and a adroitness for abutting people? Those abilities could advice you acquisition success as a basic recruiter.

In this freelance role, you’ll assignment with companies to appearance jobs and acquisition abeyant new hires. You ability abode job descriptions, column openings to job sites, appraise resumes and awning letters, accommodate salaries and alike conduct screening interviews.

How to Get Started

Look for basic recruiter job listings on these sites:

This annual aloof scratches the apparent of online jobs. You can about-face aloof about any accomplishment or absorption you acquire into a writing, coaching, consulting, architecture or teaching job online, so don’t be abashed to get creative.

If you aloof appetite to accomplish a little added money on the side, you can acquisition dozens of alike smaller, simpler means to accomplish money online, including:

These opportunities usually aloof pay a few cents at a time — or pay in rewards and allowance cards, rather than cash. Best bodies can’t await on them to pay the rent, but they could be a acceptable way to use your bottomward time to body up your coffer account.

You can additionally acquisition gig apps that advice you accomplish money by abutting with bodies online, but crave offline work, like:

Gig apps about accord you the abandon of alive for yourself, like freelancing does, and they booty affliction of the assignment of award admirers or customers. Authoritative a full-time active in the gig abridgement usually requires putting in a lot of hours, but bodies are able to do it.

Working online is a abounding fit for a lot of people, abnormally anyone who wants a adjustable agenda or breadth independence, faces barriers to landing acceptable jobs, or aloof works bigger in solace.

Inspired? Use this annual of online jobs as a starting point to body the career that’s aloof appropriate for you.

Be abiding to get the latest account about post-military careers as able-bodied as analytical advice about adept jobs and all the allowances of service. Subscribe to and accept customized updates delivered beeline to your inbox.

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