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What is the absorbed of the CIF solicitation?

program budget format definition
 Program Budget Template - 10+ Sample, Examples | Free ..

Program Budget Template – 10+ Sample, Examples | Free .. | program budget format definition

The absorbed of the CIF address as declared in the abridgment of the affairs is “to accommodate the NSF-sponsored atmospheric sciences analysis association with admission to specialized chart for acreage and laboratory-based studies.” NSF would like to augment the user abject of empiric and laboratory-based instruments and accessories to accommodate a added assorted acreage of researchers, across-the-board of early-career researchers, underrepresented minorities, and users from non-R1 institutions.

How do CIF alter from added Accessories that the Directorate for Geosciences/Division of Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences (GEO/AGS) supports?

CIF are advised to be altered instruments or accessories that accommodate a analysis adequacy that is not contrarily frequently attainable to the accurate community. NSF will accommodate baseline allotment to accomplish a CIF attainable for association use, but it is contrarily maintained and managed by the Principal Investigator (PI) or the host institution. The cadre adapted to advance and arrange the CIF should be able with the account ambit accustomed by the CIF address ($50k-$250k per year).

How abounding CIF awards will be made?

The advancing allotment bulk as declared in the address is $750,000 to $3,000,000 accountable to the availability of funds. This works out to a ambit of 3 to 15 awards, depending on the mix of accolade sizes and durations.

If I adduce to accept my instrument/facility as a CIF, what would be adapted of me and my institution?

As declared in the solicitation, the CIF PI would be adapted to advance the apparatus in a accompaniment of address for association use, manage/respond to association inquiries, accommodate amount estimates for the use of the CIF, and bear quality-controlled abstracts to the user PI and to the National Center for Atmospheric Analysis (NCAR) for archival.

What are the allowances of actuality an NSF CIF PI?

NSF recognizes that institutions sometimes attack to abutment abstruse agents and apparatus maintenance, appropriately this allotment could accommodate abutment to accumulate instruments/facilities active and productive. Broader use of a CIF PI’s instrument/facility may enhance the CIF PI’s career and accommodate admired acquaintance in administration activities. The accurate association of user PIs will account from the availability of additional, altered chart for beginning studies.

What is the accepted annual acceptance of the CIF?

There is no set advice for accepted usage. Projected CIF acceptance may be awful capricious depending on the blazon of CIF. For example, it may be adapted for an avant-garde alien analysis arrangement to be accidentally deployed already a year for 1-2 months and host one or two bounded educational deployments, admitting a class arrangement could host a cardinal of beneath visits throughout a year.

program budget format definition
 Program Budget Template - 10+ Sample, Examples | Free ..

Program Budget Template – 10+ Sample, Examples | Free .. | program budget format definition

Do I allegation to accommodate all the agents bare to accomplish the CIF for a user request?

This depends on the affluence of use of the CIF and user experience/training. It is able to appeal accord from the user PI aggregation to conduct the observations, abnormally for alien or connected use. The achievability for bound or no agents to accomplish the CIF would allegation to be acutely declared and justified in the proposal.

Can or should I, as a CIF PI, additionally be a PI on a user appeal for my instrument/facility?

You may address a science angle to use your CIF, which would be accountable to abstracted NSF arete review.

User PIs are not adapted to absorb you as a accurate PI on a request, and there allegation be no burden activated by the CIF PI to become a user PI on a science activity that uses the CIF.

Can a user appeal appear from my own institution?

Yes. However, the absorbed of the affairs is to augment admission above the accurate association to specialized instruments and research. A CIF that does not authenticate such accomplishment during the accolade period, may attack approaching funding.

Why are new instruments or accessories not accustomed in this solicitation?

The cold of the CIF address is to accommodate allotment to accredit admission to absolute instruments and accessories by a broader abject of advisers in the atmospheric sciences. NSF continues to abutment cogent apparatus and adeptness development and accretion through the Major Analysis Chart (MRI) and approved science programs. As declared in the CIF solicitation, alternative will be accustomed to instrumentation/facilities that were acquired or developed beneath NSF funding, but this is not exclusionary.

I accept an apparatus or adeptness in the development or pre-acquisition stage. Am I acceptable for the CIF solicitation?

A CIF needs to accept a approved almanac of actuality a analysis affection apparatus or adeptness that can be anxiously acclimated for atmospheric research. If a CIF has not been operational, it will be difficult to actuate the akin of association absorption and accommodate a acceptable appraisal of the costs and cadre bare to accomplish the CIF viable. If you accept a abeyant CIF after a cogent analysis clue record, we animate you to acquaintance NSF aboriginal in the angle action to appraise the accommodation of the request.

Can a CIF be a accumulating of instruments?

Yes, if the instruments are deeply accompanying and the proposed science capacity crave an chip set of measurements. The CIF analogue is agnate to that of the NSF MRI solicitation. The MRI address states that “individual apparatus that aback accumulated serve as a distinct analysis instrument” are allowed. For the CIF, examples could potentially accommodate a set of alien analysis instruments on a bivouac or altered separation/ionization accessories for molecular/elemental analyses with accumulation spectrometry.

Can I accolade off time for my own use of the CIF?

Yes, aural reason. If you accept a CIF that is decidedly ill-fitted for belief a botheration that has a assertive melancholia or time-dependent use, such as blow landfalls, a angle that excludes that time aeon from abeyant alien users would acceptable not book able-bodied in the analysis process.

What happens if an NSF user and a third-party user both appeal the CIF for the aforementioned period? Does the NSF user accept priority?

NSF is about activity to adjourn to the CIF PI on affairs of scheduling. There will necessarily be a aback and alternating amid the CIF PI and the user PI above-mentioned to any acquiescence of a proposal, and this altercation can be acclimated to attack to assignment about any scheduling issues. As declared in a above-mentioned FAQ, if the CIF PIs do not authenticate ample use of the CIF by the NSF-sponsored analysis community, again absolution of the chart as a association adeptness is added difficult to achieve.

What is the aberration amid CIF accolade allotment and allotment from user charges?

Proposals to the CIF address will accommodate a account that provides for well-justified cadre abutment for authoritative and abstruse activities, accessory aliment and upgrades, and biking for outreach.

The CIF PI will ascertain a “user charge” in the angle that includes costs that would be incurred during the use of the CIF. For class measurements, this could accommodate cadre time and expendables. For acreage measurements, this could additionally accommodate travel, lodging, shipping, and added costs to conduct the experiment. If an academy has a categorical recharge amount (or similar) for the instrument, that may be included as allotment of the user charge. The “user charge” costs will be requested in the user PI science angle as a subaward to the CIF provider.

The Administration and Operations Plan area requires a blemish of projected user charges. How can I accommodate an appraisal after alive what blazon of user appeal I will receive?

The address states that user accuse may alter by anniversary use case. In the proposal, you should call the types of costs that would go into a user charge. It is not adapted by the solicitation, but an archetype use case account could prove advantageous to the reviewers.

Should I attach Letters of Collaboration from abeyant users of the arrangement to prove association absorption in my CIF?

No. Letters of Collaboration from abeyant users are prohibited. The alone Letters of Collaboration that are accustomed are from AGS’s absolute Lower Atmosphere Observing Accessories (LAOF) providers. These Letters of Collaboration are mainly targeted against aircraft chart area NCAR or Wyoming cadre would allegation to verify the adeptness of the CIF to be chip into the aircraft platform.

How abundant artisan time can be requested on a CIF proposal?

There is no set absolute to how abundant artisan time can be requested. In the solicitation, the agreement “limited” and “well-justified” are used. It is additionally declared that “the CIF accolade is advised to augment advancing allotment streams and not be acclimated as the capital antecedent of abutment for the CIF.”

What is meant by “minor” aliment and/or upgrades in the proposal? Is there a dollar limit?

There is no specific dollar absolute to the upgrades or repairs, but it should be a baby allotment of the all-embracing angle cost. This affairs is not meant to accommodate face-lifting to crumbling facilities. The proposed CIF should be in acceptable operational appearance aback the angle is submitted. We animate you to altercate this aspect with NSF above-mentioned to acquiescence of the proposal.

Can costs for training and software be included in the CIF budget?

Yes, aural reason. PIs are encouraged to account for training that can aggrandize the user abject and advice the CIF ability a broader association of users. Reasonable software costs accompanying to the use of the CIF may be requested. However, the CIF account should not pay for an big-ticket software amalgamation that would be primarily acclimated by cadre alfresco of the CIF, such as a broader lab/department.

What does it beggarly by the account that “it is advancing that abiding abstracts administration and archiving will be provided by NCAR?”

Observational abstracts and class abstracts can accept a continued analysis lifetime, potentially actuality advantageous far above the time frames in the CIF program. To accredit continued appellation admission of quality-controlled CIF abstracts and to accomplish abstracts administration easier for the CIF PI, the user PI, and abeyant users of CIF data, NSF has affianced NCAR to host the final, quality-controlled dataset for CIF use. Abstracts anesthetized to NCAR for continued appellation archiving will allegation to accommodated association abstracts standards and metadata requirements. NCAR will accredit a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for appropriately archived, publishable datasets to facilitate dataset commendation in publications application CIF data. Additionally, NCAR will accommodate abstracts cataloging, chase capability, abstracts download capability, abstracts subsetting account if the attributes and architecture of the abstracts permit, and advertisement of abstracts admission metrics. Specific questions about abstracts archiving can be addressed to [email protected]

Do we allegation to accelerate abstracts to NCAR for archiving alike if the CIF abstracts is already actuality archived in addition about attainable location?

Quality controlled CIF abstracts forth with able metadata allegation be submitted to NCAR for continued appellation archiving to accredit broader admission to CIF data. It is accepted that PIs may accept their own adopted athenaeum for autumn CIF data. While NSF does not bind PIs from archiving abstracts in their adopted repository, PIs allegation additionally abide their abstracts to NCAR for archiving.

Program Budget Format Definition 2 New Thoughts About Program Budget Format Definition That Will Turn Your World Upside Down – program budget format definition
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