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SolGold Resumes Bounded Appraisal Activities

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BISHOPSGATE, LONDON / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / The Board of SolGold (LSE:SOLG)(TSX:SOLG) is admiring to accommodate an amend on the Company’s bounded appraisal programme throughout Ecuador. Afterward the aperture of all activities due to the COVID-19 communicable and government restrictions, SolGold has resumed appraisal activities on a cardinal of concessions with austere COVID-19 protocols in place.



SolGold continues to analyze its all-encompassing adaptation portfolio in Ecuador with the ambition of adequate a Tier 1 chestnut and gold bearing company. SolGold operates assorted bounded acreage teams that are exploring and assessing 75 bounded concessions above 14 ambit in Ecuador. Thus far, the Aggregation has articular 13 antecedence targets above the bounded appraisal licenses.

Ongoing appraisal by SolGold’s abstruse teams is focussed on advancing these antecedence projects to assignment testing as anon as possible. SolGold’s aerial success amount has been accomplished by operating assorted acreage teams absolute 42 Ecuadorean geologists in bounded exploration, led by awful accomplished civic geologists and applying the adapt developed at the Company’s flagship Alpala project, over the aftermost four years.

Commenting on the restart of operations, CEO Nicholas Mather said:

“SolGold’s absolute administration position above the advantageous metallogenic belts of Ecuador from arctic to south in our four operational subsidiaries provides the belvedere for the appraisal of a action of wholly endemic and cogent chestnut gold porphyry deposits. We acquire that this action will see SolGold ultimately appear as one of the world’s arch chestnut gold miners.”

“SolGold’s pre-emptive appliance for these areas as aboriginal as 2014 and the appliance of authentic appraisal operations and amusing programs in a advancing and accommodating authoritative framework, as developed by SolGold at the flagship Alpala project, provides the aggregation with a aggressive bend in a essentially beneath explored above of the Andean Chestnut Belt, which in Chile abandoned accounts for about 25% of the worlds chestnut assets and production.”


SolGold appear the acting abeyance of all acreage activities to abate the accessible manual of COVID-19 aural Ecuador on March 25th, 2020. During this hiatus, SolGold has been alive carefully with all levels of government and bounded communities accouterment and distributing medical food and COVID-19 accompanying bloom information.

The Ecuadorean government has about recognised the analytic role the mineral mining and appraisal industry will comedy in rebuilding civic and bounded economies column COVID-19. To accomplish this ambition and resume activities in-country, the Aggregation has been liaising with government authorities and bounded emergency committees at anniversary of the Company’s action locations to advance all-encompassing COVID-19 accompanying assignment protocols that has accustomed a staged and safe acknowledgment to acreage activities.

SolGold subsidiaries acquire accustomed all authoritative conduct permits for Ambition 15 (Porvenir), Ambition 6 (La Hueca), Cerro Quiroz (Blanca). Assignment rigs and accessories are actuality mobilised to these projects and teams are aback on the arena in alertness for the admission of advance drilling.

Drilling permits are awaiting for Rio Amarillo, Chical, Sharug and Cisne-Loja. Architecture of camps and amount administration accessories are able-bodied avant-garde in alertness for advance conduct approvals.

Further Information

Green Bedrock Assets – Porvenir Target

Prior to the abeyance of activities constant from COVID-19, teams at Porvenir had amorphous mobilising conduct accessories to Ambition 15. With the restart of activities, teams are continuing affairs for the accelerated admission of drilling. Social, acumen and medical teams are on armpit at the action advancing the association and landowners for the recommencement of abstruse activities with planned conduct to alpha in aboriginal July. A helicopter will be apprenticed in aboriginal July to rapidly abetment alertness for drilling, about-face conduct accessories and ammunition to Ambition 15.

The antecedent conduct affairs will appraisal the mineralisation beneath the Cacharposa and Mula Muerte prospects. As advanced announced, bedrock saw sampling forth the Cacharposa Creek has alternate the mineralised intercept:

• 147.83m @ 0.64% CuEq (0.43 g/t Au, 0.37% Cu). This ambush is open-ended.

• Including 82.63m @ 0.96% CuEq (0.71 g/t Au, 0.55% Cu).

Mineralisation in the Cacharposa Creek continues to affectation agnate characteristics to Alpala, Cascabel with Au:Cu = 1:1.

Mapping and sampling of the Mula Muerta Creek on the northwest ancillary of the backbone from the Cacharposa Creek has apparent agnate mineralisation. Both areas are believed to be allotment of the aforementioned mineralised system. Both these areas anatomy allotment of an 800m-wide, northeast trending mineralised aisle added than 1200m long. Porvenir contains mineralisation styles, admeasurement and geometry constant with acknowledgment of a angular extensive, well-preserved porphyry copper-gold system.

3D geochemical modelling agitated out by Fathom Geophysics has accepted the abeyant for bank porphyry appearance mineralisation extending at abyss (Figure 1). Modelling additionally accepted the abeyant for mineralisation at the Bartolo anticipation forth with two new ambition areas.

Green Bedrock teams acquire additionally alternate to acreage activities at Cisne-Loja and Timbara with Sharug to chase shortly. Advance conduct applications are cat-and-mouse approval for Sharug for both the Quillosisa epithermal and Santa Martha porphyry targets. Logistic teams are aback on armpit at the completed conduct camps and amount administration accessories at Sharug.

Cruz Del Sol – La Hueca Target

Social, medical, logistical and abstruse teams acquire alternate to communities associated with the La Hueca, Coangos, Cisne-Victoria and Helipuertos projects. Affairs are able-bodied avant-garde for conduct Ambition 6 at La Hueca (Figure 2).

Field camps and amount administration accessories acquire been complete in alertness for an aboriginal July alpha to advance drilling. The advance conduct is advised to appraisal the admeasurement of chestnut porphyry mineralisation associated with B blazon attitude stockworks mapped at surface. Apparent chestnut mineralisation extends over 1km in a arctic north-west trend with bedrock dent ethics to 6% chestnut and 1% molybdenum.

A conduct rig is actuality mobilised to Ambition 6 to appraisal an all-encompassing above of mineralised outcrops absolute chestnut affluent B blazon porphyry veins with ancillary chlorite – biotite – sericite alteration.

Carnegie Backbone Assets – Blanca, Rio Amarillo and Chical Target

Using the protocols developed by SolGold, acreage teams from Carnegie Backbone Assets are advancing to recommence conduct at the Blanca project. Bounded communities acquire bidding their admiration for the acknowledgment of appraisal activities and acknowledge the akin of association engagement, apprenticeship and careful medical accessories provided by the Carnegie Backbone teams over the accomplished two months. All authoritative approvals and acumen are in abode for a accelerated restart of drilling. The Cerro Quiroz ambition represents a ample 700m by 300m mineralised above with quartz, pyrite, sericite alteration.

The Cerro Quiroz anticipation is a ample aggregate burden gold ambition with boilerplate bedrock dent grades averaging 0.5 g/t Au over the 700m by 300m silicified zone. All camps and amount administration accessories are in abode and a conduct rig is actuality able to activate to armpit to arise advance drilling.

Carnegie teams acquire additionally alternate to Rio Amarillo and Chical projects. The Rio Amarillo action is characterised by four aerial antecedence targets aural the three lithocap areas at Chalanes, Varela and Palomar.

As afresh announced, the Varela Lithocap above contains the Varela and Ambition 1 ambition areas aural an all-encompassing 2km x 1km lithocap with geochemical administration archetypal of abounding preserved porphyry systems globally. At Ambition 1 aftereffect B-type quartz veins action in volcano-sedimentary host rocks breadth rock-saw approach sampling in in progress. At Varela aftereffect porphyry appearance A, M and B blazon quartz attitude stockworks action in dioritic host rocks which alternate auspicious rock-saw approach sample after-effects of 99m @ 0.12% Cu, 0.29 g/t Au, and 38.7ppm Mo including 25.1m @ 0.61 g/t Au, 0.12% Cu, and 85ppm Mo.

Scout conduct approvals acquire been activated for and are awaiting for both the Rio Amarillo and Chical projects.

Social teams from Green Bedrock Resources, Cruz Del Sol and Valle Rico acquire maintained acquaintance with bounded communities throughout the “stay at home” appearance in Ecuador and are now administration proposed affirmation protocols with association associates and bounded Emergency Committees in adjustment to restart assignment on antecedence projects. Bounded businesses acquire been approached to accommodate adapted accouterment and adaptation that accommodated break and germ-free requirements in an accomplishment to abate the advance of COVID-19.

For the accountable future, accomplished medical cadre will assignment alongside the SolGold teams in adjustment to backpack out circadian cadre checks for COVID-19 symptoms, and ensure all COVID-19 protocols are activated properly.

By adjustment of the Board,

Karl Schlobohm

Company Secretary

Qualified Persons:

Information in this address apropos to the appraisal after-effects is based on abstracts advised by Mr Jason Ward ((CP) B.Sc. Geol.), the Chief Geologist of the Company. Mr Ward is a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, holds the appellation FAusIMM (CP), and has in balance of 20 years’ acquaintance in mineral appraisal and is a Qualified Person for the purposes of the accordant LSE and TSX Rules. Mr Ward consents to the admittance of the advice in the anatomy and ambience in which it appears.

Information in this address apropos to the Mineral Adeptness Estimate was advised by Mrs Cecilia Artica MSc. Mrs Artica is a Registered Member of The Society for Mining Metallurgy and Appraisal and has in balance of 20 years’ acquaintance in Mineral Adeptness Estimation and mineral exploration. She is an absolute Qualified Person for the purposes of the accordant LSE and TSX Rules. Mrs Artica consents to the admittance of the advice in the anatomy and ambience in which it appears.


Nicholas Mather

SolGold Plc (Chief Executive Officer) [email protected]

Tel: 61 (0) 7 3303 0665

61 (0) 417 880 448

Karl Schlobohm

SolGold Plc (Company Secretary)

[email protected]

Tel: 61 (0) 7 3303 0661

Ingo Hofmaier

SolGold Plc (GM – Action & Corporate Finance) [email protected]

Tel: 44 (0) 20 3823 2131

Gordon Poole / Nick Hennis

Camarco (Financial PR / IR)

[email protected]

Tel: 44 (0) 20 3757 4997

Ross Allister / David McKeown

Peel Hunt (Joint Broker and Financial Advisor)

[email protected]

Tel: 44 (0)20 7418 8900

James Kofman / Darren Wallace

Cormark Balance Inc. (Financial Advisor)

[email protected]

Tel: 1 416 943 6411

Clayton Bush / Scott Mathieson

Tel: 44 (0) 20 3100 2227

Liberum (Joint Broker)

[email protected]

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SolGold is a arch assets aggregation focussed on the discovery, analogue and development of world-class chestnut and gold deposits. In 2018, SolGold’s administration aggregation was recognised by the “Mines and Money” Forum as an archetype of arete in the industry and continues to strive to bear objectives calmly and in the interests of shareholders. SolGold is the better acknowledgment holder by acreage mass, and best alive charlatan in Ecuador and is aggressively exploring the above and above of this awful -to-be and gold-rich breadth of the Andean Chestnut Belt.

The Aggregation operates with accuracy and in accordance with all-embracing best practices. SolGold is committed to carrying amount to its shareholders, while accompanying accouterment bread-and-butter and amusing allowances to impacted communities, adopting a advantageous and safe abode and aspersing the ecology impact.

Dedicated stakeholders

SolGold employs a agents of 700 advisers of whom 98% are Ecuadorian. This is accepted to abound as the operations aggrandize at Alpala, and in Ecuador generally. SolGold focusses its operations to be safe, reliable and environmentally amenable and maintains abutting relationships with its bounded communities. SolGold has affianced an added skilled, aesthetic and accomplished aggregation of geoscientists application accompaniment of the art geophysical and geochemical modelling activated to an all-encompassing database to accredit the commitment of ore brand intersections from about every assignment aperture at Alpala. SolGold has 86 geologists, of whom 30% are female, on the arena in Ecuador exploring for bread-and-butter chestnut and gold deposits.

About Cascabel and Alpala

The Alpala drop is the basic ambition in the Cascabel concession, amid on the arctic breadth of the heavily able Andean Chestnut Belt, the absoluteness of which is acclaimed as the abject for about bisected of the world’s chestnut production. The action above hosts mineralisation of Eocene age, the aforementioned age as abundant Tier 1 deposits forth the Andean Chestnut Belt in Chile and Peru to the south. The action abject is amid at Rocafuerte aural the Cascabel acknowledgment in arctic Ecuador, an about three-hour drive on closed artery arctic of the basic Quito, abutting to water, adeptness accumulation and Pacific ports.

Having accomplished its earn-in requirements, SolGold is a registered actor with an unencumbered acknowledged and benign 85% absorption in ENSA (Exploraciones Novomining S.A.) which holds 100% of the Cascabel acknowledgment accoutrement about 50km2. The boyhood disinterestedness buyer in ENSA is appropriate to accord 15% of costs back SolGold’s access in was completed, from 90% of its allotment of the administration of balance or assets from ENSA or the Cascabel concession. It is additionally appropriate to accord to development or be diluted, and if its absorption avalanche beneath 10%, it shall catechumen to a 0.5% NSR adeptness which SolGold may access for US$3.5m.

Advancing Alpala appear development

The adeptness at the Alpala drop boasts a high-grade amount which is targeted to facilitate aboriginal cashflows and an accelerated aftereffect of antecedent capital. SolGold is currently assessing costs options accessible to the Aggregation for the development of the Alpala abundance afterward achievement of the Definitive Achievability Study.

Mineral Adeptness Estimate #3:

SolGold’s Bounded Appraisal Drive

SolGold is application its acknowledged and cost-efficient adapt accustomed at Alpala, and Cascabel generally, to analyze for added apple chic chestnut and gold projects above Ecuador. SolGold is the better and best alive concessionaire in Ecuador.

The Aggregation wholly-owns four added subsidiaries alive throughout the country that are now focussed on thirteen aerial antecedence gold and chestnut adeptness targets, several of which the Aggregation believes acquire the potential, accountable to adeptness analogue and feasibility, to be developed in abutting assumption or alike on a added accelerated base compared to Alpala.

SolGold is listed on the London Stock Barter and Toronto Stock Barter (LSE/TSX: SOLG). The Aggregation has on affair a absolute of 2,072,213,495 fully-paid accustomed shares and 183,662,000 unlisted options exercisable at assorted prices.

Quality Affirmation / Affection Ascendancy on Sample Collection, Aegis and Assaying

SolGold operates according to its authentic Affection Affirmation and Affection Ascendancy (QA/QC) protocol, which is constant with industry best practices.

Primary sample accumulating involves defended carriage from SolGold’s concessions in Ecuador, to the ALS certified sample alertness adeptness in Quito, Ecuador. Samples are again air freighted from Quito to the ALS certified class in Lima, Peru breadth the assaying of assignment core, approach samples, bedrock chips and clay samples is undertaken. SolGold utilises ALS certified laboratories in Canada and Australia for the appraisal of metallurgical samples.

Samples are able and analysed application 100g 4-Acid abstract ICP with MS accomplishment for 48 elements on a 0.25g aliquot (ME-MS61). Class achievement is commonly monitored application adjudicator assays, assay batches and inter-laboratory comparisons amid ALS certified class in Lima and the ACME certified class in Cuenca, Ecuador.

In adjustment to adviser the advancing affection of its analytic database, SolGold’s QA/QC agreement encompasses accepted sampling methodologies, including the admittance of certified crumb blanks, base dent blanks, standards, lurid duplicates and acreage duplicates. The blanks and standards are Certified Reference Materials supplied by Ore Research and Exploration, Australia.

SolGold’s QA/QC agreement additionally monitors the advancing affection of its analytic database. The Company’s agreement involves Absolute abstracts validation of the agenda analytic database including chase for sample overlaps, alike or absent samples as able-bodied as aberrant appraisal and assay results. These are commonly performed advanced of Mineral Adeptness Estimates and Achievability Studies. No absolute QA/QC issues acquire been articular with account to sample collection, aegis and assaying.

Reviews of the sample preparation, alternation of custody, abstracts aegis procedures and assaying methods acclimated by SolGold affirm that they are constant with industry best practices and all after-effects declared in this advertisement acquire anesthetized SolGold’s QA/QC protocol.

See for added information. Chase us on cheep @SolGold_plc


News releases, presentations and accessible annotation fabricated by SolGold plc (the “Company”) and its Admiral may accommodate assertive statements and expressions of belief, apprehension or assessment which are advanced attractive statements, and which relate, inter alia, to interpretations of appraisal after-effects to date and the Company’s proposed strategy, affairs and objectives or to the expectations or intentions of the Company’s Directors. Such advanced and interpretative statements absorb accepted and alien risks, uncertainties and added important factors above the ascendancy of the Aggregation that could account the absolute achievement or achievements of the Aggregation to be materially altered from such interpretations and advanced statements.

Accordingly, the clairvoyant should not await on any interpretations or advanced statements; and save as appropriate by the barter rules of the TSX and LSE or by applicative laws, the Aggregation does not acquire any obligation to advertise any updates or revisions to such interpretations or advanced statements. The Aggregation may reinterpret after-effects to date as the cachet of its assets and projects changes with time expenditure, metals prices and added affecting circumstances.

This absolution may accommodate “forward‑looking information” aural the acceptation of applicative Canadian balance legislation. Forward‑looking advice includes, but is not bound to, statements apropos the Company’s affairs for developing its properties, acknowledged achievement of the NSR Financing, approaching gold beck financing, adeptness estimates, the appropriation of travel-related COVID-19 restrictions, after-effects of appraisal activities, development of the Alpala project, approaching allotment accord by Cornerstone, approaching budgets to complete a achievability abstraction and re-activation of operations . Generally, forward‑looking advice can be articular by the use of advanced analogue such as “plans”, “expects” or “does not expect”, “is expected”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates” or “does not anticipate”, or “believes”, or variations of such words and phrases or accompaniment that assertive actions, contest or after-effects “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will be taken”, “occur” or “be achieved”.

Forward‑looking advice is accountable to accepted and alien risks, uncertainties and added factors that may account the absolute results, akin of activity, achievement or achievements of the Aggregation to be materially altered from those bidding or adumbrated by such forward‑looking information, including but not bound to: timing of the appropriation of COVID-19 related-related restrictions, satisfactory achievement of armpit appointment due activity by Franco-Nevada, the adeptness to complete approaching financings on agreement adequate to SolGold, transaction risks; accepted business, economic, competitive, political and amusing uncertainties; approaching prices of mineral prices; accidents, labour disputes and shortages and added risks of the mining industry. Although the Aggregation has attempted to analyze important factors that could account absolute after-effects to alter materially from those independent in advanced information, there may be added factors that account after-effects not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. There can be no affirmation that such advice will prove to be accurate, as absolute after-effects and approaching contest could alter materially from those advancing in such statements. Accordingly, readers should not abode disproportionate assurance on forward‑looking information. The Aggregation does not undertake to amend any advanced information, except in accordance with applicative balance laws.

The Aggregation and its admiral do not endorse, or adios or contrarily animadversion on the conclusions, interpretations or angle bidding in columnist accessories or third-party analysis, and breadth accessible aims to broadcast all accessible absolute on its website.

This advice is provided by RNS, the account account of the London Stock Exchange. RNS is accustomed by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a Primary Advice Provider in the United Kingdom. Agreement and altitude apropos to the use and administration of this advice may apply. For added information, amuse acquaintance [email protected] or appointment


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