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The abode wasn’t congenital for a Russian oligarch, although it looked the part. The 62,000-square-foot, 17-bedroom abode is a alcazar of new-money flash, featuring Greek fountains, tennis courts, trompe l’oeil murals, underground parking for dozens of cars, and a 100-foot pond basin and hot tub overlooking the ocean. It alike had a faux-aristocratic name: “Maison de l’Amitie,” or the Abode of Friendship. It was the bays of a Boston-area nursing home magnate, until he absent his affluence in 2004. That’s back Donald Trump biconcave it up.

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After advantageous $41 amateur for the abode in November 2004, Trump alleged it “the finest allotment of acreage in Florida, and apparently the U.S.” He vowed to advancement the anatomy into “the second-greatest abode in America.” (Second, of course, to his adjacent Mar-a-Lago resort.) But Trump had no ambition of active there. He advised to cast it for a quick — and huge — profit. His antecedent allurement price, beneath than two years afterwards affairs it, was $125 million. By the time Trump listed the property, in aboriginal 2006, the absolute acreage bazaar was already cooling off. The acreage sat on the bazaar for about two years as a balked Trump aerated through absolute acreage brokers and bargain his amount 20 percent. It wasn’t at all bright who ability pay Trump three times his affairs amount for a neoclassical alcazar amidst a looming recession.

In the summer of 2008, Trump begin a band-aid to his botheration in the anatomy of one of the world’s hundred richest men: a 41-year-old Russian billionaire called Dmitry Rybolovlev. Again with a net annual that Forbes estimated at $13 billion, Rybolovlev had fabricated his affluence in the agrarian west of 1990s post-Soviet Russia. He’d spent a year in bastille on annihilation accuse (he was afterwards cleared) and wore a bulletproof belong back his own activity was threatened. He would pay Trump $95 amateur for Maison L’Amitie in what was broadly declared as the best big-ticket U.S. residential acreage auction ever.

In 2004, Donald Trump bought Maison de L’Amitie. He’s refurbished the bank property.

— Affluence Acreage Appearance (@LuxPropertyShow) May 2, 2014

“People were shocked” at Trump’s coup, said Jose Lambiet, a bounded reporter-turned-blogger who knows Trump and already toured the acreage with him. “They couldn’t accept that he did it.”

“It was a abundant deal,” Trump told POLITICO in a mid-July blast interview. “I’m acceptable at absolute estate.”

That’s adamantine to deny. Trump added than angled the property’s auction amount in beneath than four years. All it took was a signature Trumpian aggregate of blowing and exaggeration, forth with article added controversial: Russian money.

The attributes of Trump’s affiliation to Russia has exploded afresh as a attack issue, acknowledgment to his affable comments about Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin; the ties that several of his admiral accept to Moscow; his contrarian angle on NATO and Ukraine, which appear to acknowledgment Putin’s; and his amazing alarm on Wednesday for Moscow to acquisition and absolution Hillary Clinton’s deleted clandestine emails.

But the affiliation isn’t aloof political. Trump has again explored business ventures in Russia, partnered with Russians on projects elsewhere, and benefited from Russian alms in his business ventures. “Russians accomplish up a appealing asymmetric array of a lot of our assets,” Donald Trump Jr. said at a absolute acreage appointment in 2008.

On Wednesday, Trump angrily insisted that he has “nothing to do with Russia,” and said that he has no investments in the country.

He did, however, admission one acicular exception: Maison de l’Amitie. “The abutting I came to Russia, I bought a abode a cardinal of years ago in Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump told reporters. “I bought the abode for $40 amateur and I awash it to a Russian for $100 amateur including commissions.”

It is additionally a adventure of a archetypal Trump deal: a advantageous flip, abstracts on both abandon that don’t absolutely add up, and at the center, a abode that may not accept been what either affair claimed.

Why did a Russian billionaire pay Trump so abundant money for a abode the new client is believed never to accept set bottom in, which he has denied owning, and which he now intends to breach down? The acknowledgment offers an important window into Trump’s alikeness with Russia’s oligarchs, and what he acceptable sees in them as business allies. It is additionally a adventure of a archetypal Trump deal: a advantageous flip, abstracts on both abandon that don’t absolutely add up, and at the center, a abode that may not accept been what either affair claimed.


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Even by Palm Beach’s standards of brightness and excess, the French Regency-style acreage at 515 N. Country Road, with its amazing ocean angle and hundreds of anxiety of clandestine beach, stood out. A butler active there already encountered tourists with cameras alfresco the house’s advanced gates, boring the modernist statues outside. “When does the building open?” they asked.

In an interview, Trump shrugged off the Maison de l’Amitie auction as a “small deal,” compared to his added ventures, the way some bodies ability accredit to a summer berth in the woods. “That was a abode I bought for fun,” Trump said. He additionally downplayed his claimed advance in the place, adage that he alone fabricated accessory improvements to the property. “I bankrupt it up a little bit, but not too much,” Trump told POLITICO. “The primary affair was, I corrective it.” The implication, of course, would be that the amount cogwheel amid his acquirement and auction was about absolutely profit.

Back back Trump was aggravating to cast the abode at a boundless price, however, he claimed to accept done far more. “I bought the acreage and gutted the house,” Trump told a anchorman in backward 2005. Afterwards the acreage went on the market, Shawn McCabe, carnality admiral of Trump Backdrop in Florida, told Forbes that Trump had put in at atomic $25 amateur of his own money. Kendra Todd, a above adversary on Trump’s hit NBC show, The Apprentice, who went to assignment for Trump and helped to baby-sit the property’s renovation, said in an annual that Trump had done all-encompassing work, from redoing a basin abode to landscaping. “He was absolutely complex with the project. He fabricated the selections for the bean and the fixtures,” Todd said.

Documents submitted in March to Palm Beach’s architectural agency by a clandestine abutting retained by the client advance that the absolute assignment was modest. They say Trump had the capital house’s autogenous “remodeled, afterlight with a new kitchen and adding a ample allowance to actualize added bedrooms and bathrooms,” forth with “some accessory autogenous alterations of doors, frames & windows.”

Whatever improvements Trump absolutely made, they weren’t abundant to bound allure a buyer. As the abode went unsold for months, according to a 2008 annual in the New York Observer, Trump aerated through three absolute acreage brokers.

Republican presidential applicant Donald Trump | John Moore/Getty Images

Some anticipation his allurement amount ludicrous. Lambiet, a above Palm Bank Post anchorman who now publishes the bounded blog GossipExtra, noticed flaws and shortcuts during a claimed bout Trump gave of the acreage in 2007. Trump, for instance, boasted that he’d installed gold accessories in the bathrooms. But back Lambiet aching a faucet, he begin gold acrylic beneath his fingernails. And back Trump acicular out blow windows, which he additionally claimed were bulletproof, Lambiet begin them cautiously thin. “You knew in a blow the aboriginal beachcomber was activity to appear appropriate in,” he recalled in an interview.

In March 2008, Trump bargain the amount to $100 million.

Trump alone at atomic one action for beneath than his allurement price, one of his above brokers, Dolly Lenz, told the Observer in 2008. Lenz declared the ambitious client as an American socialite. Perhaps Trump accepted that the adjustment he was ambitious would accept to appear from alfresco the U.S. A new bearing of ultra-wealthy foreigners had emerged in the antecedent decade, abounding of them Russians who had reaped extraordinary abundance as aforetime state-controlled industries were privatized, the boodle mostly aggregate amid political cronies. By then, Trump had pursued or completed assorted deals with Russian partners. “We see a lot of money cloudburst in from Russia,” Donald Jr., said at that 2008 absolute acreage conference. Lenz told the Observer that she additionally believed a Russian ability be Trump’s savior: “If you didn’t ambition the Russian billionaires, again you shouldn’t be in business.”


Enter Dmitry Rybolovlev. Barely over 40 and annual a Forbes-estimated $12.5 billion in 2008, Rybolovlev was not absolutely a accustomed name on the Palm Bank amusing circuit. A above medical apprentice who became a banal agent as the country transitioned from socialism to a bazaar abridgement in the 1990s, he invested in abundant industry. In 1995, again aloof 29 years old, he was administrator of the Russian fertilizer behemothic Uralkali. Dubbed “the fertilizer king,” he would become one of the world’s wealthiest men, peaking at No. 59 on the Forbes 500 list. (Today, he’s listed as the 148th wealthiest man.) Like abounding Russian oligarchs, his success abundant in the adumbration of violence. Caught up in the alarming apple of 1990s Russian industry, he began cutting a bulletproof belong and confused his ancestors to Switzerland. In 1996, he was confined for about a year, accused of acute the annihilation of a battling businessman. (Rybolovlev has said he was pressured in bastille to advertise shares of his aggregation for his freedom, suggesting accessible extortion; he was afterwards acquitted.)

Today, Rybolovlev is bigger accepted for added things. There was his record-setting acquirement of an $88 amateur Manhattan accommodation for his 22-year-old daughter; his affairs of Monaco’s pro soccer team; and contempo accounts in the New York Times and The New Yorker of claims that an art agent who helped him acquirement works by the brand of Picasso and da Vinci overcharged him by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Back then, Rybolovlev was aloof starting to aggregate the treasures for which he is now famous. He and his wife, Elena, whom he affiliated in 1987, were developing an appetence for admirable properties, and planned to body a replica in Geneva of Marie Antoinette’s alcazar at Versailles. But they additionally bolter for estates overseas, and in aboriginal 2008, a agent led them to Maison de l’Amitie.

By again Trump had bargain his allurement price, but he was bent to accomplish a nine-figure auction abiding to draw civic headlines. “He capital to breach $100 million,” said David Newman, a advocate at Day Pitney who represented Elena Rybolovleva. Trump acutely acquainted aggressive about the final price. Back the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan listed his home in Aspen, Colorado, for $135 amateur a few months earlier, Trump about complained that “some appearance [is] putting on a amount aloof to try to top Trump.”

Ultra high-end absolute acreage sales are generally alone from accustomed bazaar forces. An ego-driven client ability accept a abnormal allurement to pay more, not less. “People are blessed to say, ‘I got the best big-ticket abode in the U.S.,’” Newman said. This is decidedly accurate of Russian oligarchs, he added: “They like to buy the better and the best.” In this sense, Trump and Rybolovlev had article axiological in common.

But as the accord took shape, the Florida absolute acreage bazaar began to crash. And for all of Trump’s allocution of renovations, sources abutting to the Rybolovlevs would afterwards acquaint reporters that the abode was uninhabitable. (Lambiet says it’s adamantine to air action and has assiduous mold.) Perhaps fearing they were actuality played, the Rybolovlevs apprenticed Trump for a $25 amateur discount, an bearding antecedent abutting to the ancestors told the New York Times in 2012.

But Trump capital his abracadabra number. If he absolutely did put $25 amateur into the house, a $75 amateur auction wouldn’t leave abundant profit. Trump additionally said in the annual that he could acquaint Rybolovlev was hooked: “He capital it absolute badly.” Trump captivated firm.

And Rybolovlev caved. It may be that the Russian absitively the added $25 amateur was breadcrumbs from his $13 billion fortune. It’s additionally accessible that Rybolovlev’s abundance far exceeds his banking acumen. Aftermost year, the Russian accused a Geneva-based art banker of backbiting him out of $500 amateur to $1 billion through huge markups on accomplished art purchases. In one case, Rybolovlev paid $118 amateur for a nude account by Modigliani, which he now believes the banker bought for aloof $93.5 amateur on his behalf.

In July 2008, a ancestors assurance accustomed by Rybolovlev paid Trump $95 million, according to a assurance accomplishment recorded by Palm Bank County. Trump, for whom appearances are everything, continues to accompaniment the amount as $100 amateur (“plus commissions,” as he put it Wednesday; he has antecedent said that absolute included a $5 amateur acclaim for agent fees).

A anchorman asked Trump about the confusion: Did he apperceive absolutely who had bought his house? “Somebody paid me $100 million,” Trump joked.

Five years afterwards the sale, Palm Bank County acquainted the abode for aloof $59.8 million. It has back rebounded to a convalescent $81.8 million, still about 15 percent beneath than Rybolovlev paid.

“I got a acceptable price,” Trump said, absolution skeptics who say he took advantage of Rybolovlev. “People don’t appetite to see that big a accumulation actuality made.”

But the ball about what had become Palm Beach’s best acclaimed bays abode had alone begun.

Within months, the Rybolovlev alliance bankrupt afar in animal fashion. Elena accused her bedmate of consecutive infidelity, charging in her annulment address that, during parties on his yacht, he aggregate his “young conquests with his friends, and added oligarchs.” Amid her demands on his assets was a affirmation to bisected the amount of Maison de L’Amitie, which she accused Dmitry of affairs with a assurance to accumulate it from her. Her accusation answerable that her bedmate had “a history of secreting and appointment assets in adjustment to abstain his obligations.” The Panama Affidavit leaked in April showed that, about the time the brace breach up, Rybolovev acclimated adopted companies to move affluence assets like absolute acreage and accomplished art out of Switzerland, area they would accept been apparent to her annulment claims, according to the International Consortium for Investigative Journalists, which acquired the documents. (Rybolovlev has denied aggravating to adumbrate assets from his wife, and in an April statement, a advocate for his family’s assurance said his adopted backing had been set up “completely legitimately.”)

The annulment took on an action-movie acidity as Rybolovlev accustomed to contrivance acknowledged affidavit staking Elena’s affirmation to his assets. In 2011, a action server stalked Rybolovlev in Hawaii, area the Russian had purchased a $20 amateur abode from the amateur Will Smith. As the Russian accustomed to escape, the server jumped on the mogul’s affective atramentous Cadillac Escalade to bang acknowledged abstracts on the windshield, according to affidavits declared by the Palm Bank Post. Another incident, filmed and acquaint on YouTube, shows a server sprinting against Rybolovlev’s SUV shouting, “Dmitry!” as the disciplinarian accoutrements the agent and speeds off.

With Maison de L’Amitie in a acknowledged tug of war, Dmitry Rybolovlev distanced himself from the property. In one 2011 deposition, he denied owning the house, “directly or indirectly.” (The absolute client was a ancestors assurance created to defended the banking approaching of his two daughters, he said.)

One of Trump’s Deals! Check out Maison de L’Amitie via @lifeisbigtv #homes #mansions #Trump

— LifeisBigTV (@lifeisbigtv) March 21, 2016

A Palm Bank Post anchorman asked Trump about the confusion: Did he apperceive absolutely who had bought his house? “Somebody paid me $100 million,” Trump joked.


Trump has abundant in accepted with Russia’s oligarchs — billions in wealth, absolute self-confidence, a aftertaste for trophies and a adulation of affected abundance — and in contempo years, he has gravitated against them. In 2013, he partnered with the Russian absolute acreage mogul Aras Agalarov to accompany the Miss Universe pageant, which Trump endemic at the time, to Moscow. Trump afterwards boasted that “all the oligarchs” had abounding the event. While in Moscow, Trump discussed affairs for absolute acreage projects there.

It is adamantine to verify the affirmation Trump fabricated this anniversary that he has no investments in Russia and that his affairs with Russians are absolute limited. His aggregation is clandestine and is not appropriate to acknowledge its finances. In a breach from avant-garde presidential norms, Trump refuses to absolution his claimed tax returns.

Trump says he’s never so abundant as annoyed easily with Rybolovlev, his about $100 amateur man. “I never met him. He was represented by a broker.”

“The big catechism is whether any adamantine affirmation comes out about whether Trump has any banking interests affiliated to Russia,” says Democratic adviser Jeremy Rosner, who served on Bill Clinton’s civic aegis board staff. “And that’s why it’s so important that he absolution his tax records. Otherwise, we could accept a Manchurian Applicant with the keys to the Oval Office who is beneath the ascendancy of a adopted power. And voters deserve absolute bright affirmation that that is not the case.”

A abutting accessory at the case of Maison de L’Amitie doesn’t advance any affiliation to Putin. Rybolovlev is not usually declared in media accounts as a abutting accessory of the Russian leader, and Kremlin admiral accept about criticized him over a 2006 automated blow at a Uralkrali mine. “He’s not absolute able-bodied accustomed actuality in Russia,” an bearding adviser to the Russian government told the New York Times in 2013.

Trump says he’s never so abundant as annoyed easily with Rybolovlev, his about $100 amateur man. “I never met him. He was represented by a broker,” Trump said in the interview. “I heard acceptable things about him in abounding ways, and about his family.” Trump added that Rybolovlev’s allegiance was not accordant to him. “He aloof happened to be from Russia. He’s a affluent guy from Russia.”

Asked whether Trump and Rybolovlev had anytime spoken, a agent for the Russian said he “would [not] animadversion on a private, claimed relationship.”

The dust is now clearing on Rybolovlev’s divorce. In 2014, a Swiss cloister ordered Rybolovlev to pay Elena $4.5 billion, a sum afterwards bargain to $600 million. The brace assuredly acclimatized on bearding agreement aftermost fall. Forbes currently estimates Rybolovlev’s net annual at $7.7 billion. He now lives in Monte Carlo, residing in a accommodation apartment, overlooking its acclaimed anchorage and accessory amateur of his AC Monaco soccer club with Prince Albert.

But dust clouds may anon acceleration over Maison L’Amitie. In April, Palm Beach’s architectural agency accustomed a plan to annihilate the home. The Abode of Friendship, accepting faced defalcation and absinthian divorce, will acceptable be broken down. Rybolovlev may never set bottom in it.

Trump speculated that the acreage will be subdivided. Which is accomplished by him, he says, common about a home he already envisioned as America’s second-greatest.

“I accept no emotion,” Trump said, “other than it was a abundant deal.”

That’s adamantine to dispute. Alike with the assignment Trump did on the house, Lambiet still marvels at the quick accumulation he turned.

“This is what he does with everything. He puts a little appearance on things and he doubles the price, and bodies buy it,” Lambiet said. “He’s all smoke and mirrors — and that abode was the proof.”

Annabelle Timsit contributed to this report.

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