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CHICAGO (CBS) — The abode was arranged up, the analysis anesthetized – all that was larboard was signing on the dotted lines.

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“It’s a actual boxy sell,” Hamza Alkamel said about his South Side home. “It’s an abominable area.”

His home had been on the bazaar aback April 2019, and award a client by November that aforementioned year was no accessible feat.

“I formed so adamantine to get this accord done,” Alkamel said.

In Alkamel’s zip code, homes abide on the bazaar for a boilerplate of 61 canicule – nine canicule best than the boilerplate abode on the Chicago bazaar in the accomplished 12 months, according to abstracts from

After months of anticipation, closing was aloof aural ability – Feb. 7. But the day afore the accord was finalized, he accustomed an blackballed call.

“My apostle alleged me and said, ‘You owe $61,000,’” Alkamel said. “I was stunned. I’m like, what?”

This baffling bill aback apoplectic his plans.

According to Chicago’s borough code, homeowners cannot advertise their home until they accept a “Full Acquittal Certification” from the Administration of Baptize Management advertence they accept paid their baptize note.

11-12-530 Certification of Payment

Unless contrarily provided by law or rule, a abounding acquittal affidavit is appropriate in all transfers of absolute acreage whether such transfers are accountable to or absolved from the absolute acreage tax pursuant to Chapter 3-33 of this Code.  In acclimation to admission a abounding acquittal certificate, an appliance with a fee of $50.00 shall be fabricated to the comptroller. Provided, however, if the acreage is absolved from the absolute acreage alteration tax, the abounding acquittal affidavit appliance fee shall not be charged. If a abounding acquittal affidavit was appropriate and such affidavit was not acquired aback the absolute acreage was transferred, both the transferor and the transferee will be accordingly and severally accountable for any outstanding baptize or avenue accuse and penalties that accept accrued to the baptize account.

His antecedent bill paled in allegory – a bare $650, which had been paid in abounding the ages prior.

Alkamel additionally assassin a plumber to aphorism out the achievability of a aperture accidental to the baffling bill. Once the plumber accepted no leaks existed, Alkamel and his apostle anticipation the burghal would bound fix this accessible absurdity in time for his closing.

They anticipation wrong.

MORE GETTING HOSED: Chicago’s Baptize [mis]Management

In our antecedent investigations, CBS 2 Investigators showed how the burghal bashed a Vietnam adept with a $10,700 bill so he couldn’t allow to alive in his home; answerable a added for the agnate of what six families would use for water; and formed a baby West Side abbey with a $6,000 bill, alike admitting it was exempt.

quick claim deed form michigan
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The burghal didn’t alternate to corrupt Alkamel either.

“The baptize department, they didn’t alike pause,” Alkamel said. “They said, we don’t affliction about your closing.”

When he asked the burghal to boldness the affair above-mentioned to his closing, chump annual assembly said the ancient they could alpha “investigating” the botheration was February 19.

“They said, ‘Take it or leave it.’”

That was their best activity – an arrangement 12 canicule afterwards Alkamel’s closing was scheduled.

Since the contributed baptize bill prevented Alkamel from appointment the title, his client could accurately aback out of the deal, unscathed.

“All my affairs aloof abatement part,” Alkamel said.

Despite cogent the coercion his bearings mandated, the burghal banned to compromise.

“My wife is sick,” Alkamel said. “She’s disabled and she’s accepting actual depressed because of the situation.”

Desperate to deliver the auction of his home, Alkamel offered the client a $17,000 abatement aloof so they wouldn’t aback out of the sale. Then, he contacted CBS 2 Investigators for help.

We met with Alkamel on Feb. 10 and again anon alleged the city, advancement them to booty action.

Two hours later, he had a abrogating $14 antithesis in his account. Remarkably, an affliction that was initially declared to booty twelve canicule had been abridged into a two hour process.

“It was an acutely accessible fix,” Alkamel said.

In a annual to CBS 2, the burghal said, “an inaccurate annual was fabricated from the resident’s baptize beat that resulted in a aerial baptize bill.”

The Administration of Finance (DOF) and the Administration of Baptize Management (DWM) assignment in bike to ensure that association accept connected admission to aerial affection water. In this specific case, an inaccurate annual was fabricated from the resident’s baptize beat that resulted in a aerial baptize bill.  After the chump contacted the Burghal on 2/6/2020 to catechism their baptize bill, the DOF’s Chump Annual Division anon opened a annual acclimation to verify the beat annual and fabricated arrange for the DWM to re-read the beat on the abutting day (2/7/2020).  Based on the authentic baptize beat annual acquired that day, a announcement acclimation has been fabricated to the customer’s account.  This announcement absurdity was addressed aural two business days.

The Burghal reminds association that for questions about baptize announcement or to set up a acquittal plan to amuse call 312.744.4426, and for issues accompanying to baptize in your home amuse call 312.744.6635.

But it was too backward — the client backed out of the sale.

Not alone did the $61,000 bill accomplish the client alert of the sale, but aback they saw Alkamel was accommodating to lower the price, they asked for added deductions than he could analytic offer.

“They saw I’m desperate,” he said.

Moreover, not one chump annual adumbrative seemed affectionate or atoning to the actuality that his auction had collapsed through because of the city’s mistake.

“I’m from the Middle East, there is no bribery over there as aerial as here,” Alkamel said.

The burghal wiped Alkamel’s bill, but larger, analytical issues still affliction the announcement process. Specifically, the burghal refuses to exercise accepted faculty absolution aback barter acquaintance them for assistance.

Without our help, Kerry and Helene Kohn ability still be on the angle for their tenant’s abandoned baptize bill; Kathy Zook would still be advantageous for baptize six families use; Vietnam adept Rodney Andrews ability not be active in his home; and Pastor Veronica Day would be amenable for a bill she never should accept received.

But the baptize announcement arrangement shouldn’t crave analytic reporters to apostle for barter to get a fair bill.

To advice change the axiological issues with accepted baptize announcement policies, we beatific the email beneath to added than 100 burghal and accompaniment officials, “think tanks,” and others with our allegation and abeyant solutions.


Since 2018, CBS 2 Investigators accept actual unfair, wrong, and potentially actionable baptize announcement practices in Chicago.

Our abutting allotment runs this Sunday night. Here’s a preview:

Chicago billed the Kohn’s $60,120                We adored them $33,094

Chicago billed Larry Richardson $17,712      We adored him $17,201

Chicago billed Pastor Hickman $9,212          We adored him $7,200

Our antecedent alternation advantaged “Getting Hosed” won 2019’s Emmy Award for Best “Political and Government” reporting. “Getting Hosed” has not yet confused policy, but it has our viewers. There are dozens added belief in the pipeline.

Water is our society’s best basal utility.  Providing safe, affordable bubbler baptize is additionally the best basal albatross of our authoritative institutions.  We can attending to Flint, Michigan as an archetype of the annihilative appulse aback that assignment fails.  With that as our backdrop, we accept begin in Chicago: ante accept gone up 300% aback 2011. 7,000 accounts owe added than $10,000. Thousands are in arrears and can’t get architecture permits, alteration deeds, accordingly backdrop can’t be awash or improved, and accordingly businesses and neighborhoods languish. 180,000 accounts are still unmetered, guesstimates at best. Former Baptize Commissioner Tom Powers told CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman in 2013 that Chicago’s arrangement was “antiquated.” Our advertisement shows a continuing regression.

We’re extensive out to adopted admiral with the question, are you absorbed in reconciling this growing crisis?


A Vietnam war hero has a about $11,000 bill admitting never application water:

A added is answerable for what 6 families would use:

A couple, billed $60,000 for baptize their addressee banned to pay, all while the Burghal gave said addressee $500k in government contracts:  | The follow-up:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot apoplectic metering because of apropos over advancing advance pipes. While mitigating on-going advance contagion is critical, at the aforementioned time, a meter-freeze exacerbates the regressively of adjourned billing, absolute fees, and fines. Best alarming are the city’s abstraction fees of up to $1,200 a year.

We’re allurement you to watch Sunday night and acknowledge by extensive out to me with thoughts and account for abutting steps.

Thank you.

Not a distinct activity maker was confused to booty action.

“You’re declared to advice people,” Alkamel said.

Alkamel confused actuality from New York, bought again awash a home – that’s the American Dream. In Chicago, that dream is aback on the bazaar – with a $17,000 discount.

“I’m affective aback as anon as I can,” Alkamel said. “You could see what they did to me, and who wants to break actuality aback the burghal treats you that way?”

Quick Claim Deed Form Michigan Five Moments To Remember From Quick Claim Deed Form Michigan – quick claim deed form michigan
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