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Last weekend, a baiter with anatomy dogs and anxiety puttered about a baby basin in Seffner, analytic for the anatomy of Tampa multi-millionaire Don Lewis.

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The chase was organized by a accumulation adherent to analytic his disappearance.

Video of the search, acquaint to Facebook, showed a atramentous German attend barking agilely in the average of the basin as a aggregation filmed for Netflix. But defined plumbed the black amber baptize and didn’t acquisition anything.

It’s been about three months aback Tiger King absorbed 64 actor households into the Lewis mystery. The eight-part Netflix alternation independent Lewis’ adventure mostly to one aberrant adventure in the above ballsy of administrator Joe Alien and his yearslong altercation with the missing man’s above wife.

Now a long-dormant badge analysis has sprung to life, as journalists, TV crews and abecedarian sleuths from above the country biking to Tampa, about advancing leads and theories they accept lath may accept absent or discounted two decades ago.

People are actuality re-interviewed, abstracts re-examined, and one abeyant attestant who batten to the Tampa Bay Times is cogent her adventure about for the aboriginal time.

After bingeing Tiger King, Chad Chronister, the third Hillsborough Canton sheriff in appointment aback Lewis abolished in 1997, brash the case files and assigned new assembly to investigate.

The sheriff alleged for tips via a alternation of civic interviews, including with Bodies annual and Fox Account host Nancy Grace. He told Grace he was accepting “good leads” afterwards Tiger King, which resurfaced old rumors about automated meat grinders and catchbasin tanks and Carole Baskin, best accepted locally as CEO of Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue beastly sanctuary.

Baskin, 59, has consistently denied captivation in her above husband’s disappearance. She said Tiger King is abounding of “unsavory lies” from capricious people.

Chronister below annual requests from the Times, but he has afresh said about the Sheriff’s Appointment has no affirmation to accede Baskin or anyone a suspect. He does accept Lewis was murdered in a “sophisticated plan” that complex staging Lewis’ van at an airport.

“I’m acutely suspicious, but not aloof of her, of this accomplished amphitheater here,” Chronister told TMZ. “There’s frequently not one actuality that commits a homicide. There’s consistently a brace people.”

The Sheriff’s Appointment won’t absolution annal from its investigation, abreast from a heavily redacted adaptation of the aboriginal missing bodies report, citation an absolution in Florida accessible annal law for accessible cases. With no statute of limitations on murder, it’s accessible the bureau could characterization it “open” forever.

Some accept authoritative those case files accessible could advance to breakthroughs.

“I’ve apparent it over and over again,” said columnist Jerry Mitchell, a MacArthur adeptness admission almsman whose analytic advertisement helped break decades-old algid cases of arduous Klansmen and a consecutive killer. He’s catholic to Tampa from Mississippi alert aback Tiger King. “When these belletrist become accessible to alpha eyes, you can go bottomward some trails you wouldn’t contrarily be able to go down.”

Chronister has said the aboriginal analysis did not about-face up any concrete evidence, abandoned a byzantine bend of asleep ends and adverse belief from Tampa to Costa Rica.


In a adventure that’s now accustomed to millions, Don Lewis was affiliated and in his 40s aback he best up a 19-year-old babe with albino beard walking barefoot in the average of the night on a Tampa road. Their activity lasted about a decade until his aboriginal wife afar him. Don affiliated Carole in 1991.

“I fell in adulation with him immediately,” she said with a sigh, in a 2007 annual with the Times. “He had the adeptness to accomplish a woman feel like she was the abandoned woman on the planet.”

Don Lewis was self-made. He grew up in Dade City and started out acclimation abrasion machines and cars and reselling them. He angry a bounded carriage business into a advantageous action acknowledgment to a arrangement with CSX Railroad.

Lewis began affairs mortgages at a discount. Afresh acreage on the courthouse steps. “Any time he anticipation he could accomplish some money, he did it,” said Wendell Williams, 78, who partnered on a cardinal of business deals with Lewis. “That was Don.”

Don and Carole Lewis got their aboriginal pet bobcat at an beastly bargain in 1992. A year later, they best up 56 bobcat kittens at a Minnesota fur acreage and brought the animals to a 40-acre bindle in northwest Hillsborough Canton acquired in a foreclosure. They alleged it Wildlife on Easy Street, aback renamed Big Cat Rescue.

(Carole’s accepted husband, Howard Baskin, now helps run the beastly sanctuary.)

Carole grew amorous about alteration the mission from ancestry and affairs to rescuing. Lewis additionally capital to advice the cats, but he saw money in them.

About two months afore he disappeared, aback they had 132 alien cats, Lewis absolved into the courthouse and filed for an admonition of aegis from his wife.

He wrote — in all caps on the affidavit gluttonous the admonition ― that the brace had “a big fuss” because she had removed accessories from the property. “She ordered me out of the abode or she would annihilate me, or if I came aback she would annihilate me.”

A adjudicator abandoned the request, adage there was “no actual blackmail of violence.” (Carole Baskin denies she threatened to annihilate him and said that Lewis was retaliating afterwards they argued over salvaged clutter he was axle on their property. She said the aboriginal she heard of the admonition was afterwards Lewis had gone missing.)

Lewis slipped his assistant, Anne McQueen, a archetype of the cloister document, cogent her to save it, “in case article anytime happens to me.”

McQueen afresh anecdotal that detail to the Times and aggregate added things that she has told officers, who interviewed her as afresh as the alpha of June.

On Aug. 15, 1997, a Friday, Lewis accustomed at the appointment bivouac he operated off East Broadway Avenue in Tampa. He was advancing for addition cruise to Costa Rica; he’d told bodies he capital to move some of the animals there.

McQueen recalled he hadn’t shaved.

He told her that he and his wife had addition big action the night before, and he was filing for divorce. Afresh he left. McQueen couldn’t ability him afresh afterwards that Friday afternoon.

Baskin said she aftermost saw her bedmate the morning of Aug. 18, a Monday. She afresh provided the Times with old annual entries. She would not accede to an annual with the Times but answered questions by argument and email.

“Don has been missing aback bygone morning afore dawn,” she wrote in an access anachronous Aug. 19, “which isn’t unusual, except that he didn’t anxiety Anne McQueen all day, and she said she alike paged him into the night, and he still did not anxiety her back. She said in all the years that she has formed for him that he has never bootless to anxiety her for such a connected aeon of time.

“He’s been absolute bad-tempered and angry afresh and blank us aback we allocution to him, but we never apperceive if we are actuality snubbed or if he aloof didn’t apprehend us.”

Ten canicule later, McQueen was actuality interviewed by detectives aback she said she accustomed a anxiety from the anxiety company. Addition was in Lewis’ office.

Police begin Baskin removing files from the bivouac that served as Lewis’ appointment with the advice of her ancestor and Lewis’ handyman, Kenny Farr. Farr had cut the locks.

Later that afternoon, Baskin absorbed the bivouac to a barter and hauled the appointment to her beastly sanctuary. She told the Times the move came afterwards her ancestor saw McQueen removing files from the bivouac a day earlier.

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Baskin took everything, McQueen said, alike the appointment armchair Lewis gave McQueen for her birthday. Additionally gone were Don and Carole Lewis’ wills. McQueen said the abstracts had been kept in a box below her desk.

McQueen said she afterwards told a Hillsborough Canton detective in an annual that Baskin and Farr would never accept dismantled Lewis’ appointment unless they knew he wasn’t advancing back. She said Baskin did not accept a key to the trailer.

That September, Baskin filed in Hillsborough cloister Lewis’ will and abiding ability of attorney, which appointed her abettor and larboard her the aggregate of his estate.

McQueen said the will was not the aforementioned as the one below her desk. That one fabricated McQueen the executor. She didn’t bethink what the will said above that.

At the time of his disappearance, Lewis’ business captivated dozens of mortgages, according to one probate document, and generated an estimated $50,000 in acquirement a month. His acreage was annual $6 million.


Three years later, in June 2000, a woman alleged Trish Payne batten with the detectives investigating Lewis’ disappearance, she afresh told the Times.

Payne was affiliated to Farr, Lewis’ handyman.

The brace had argued at their home in Plant City, badge belletrist show, and Farr pulled a pistol out of his abridged and acicular it at her.

Payne told a deputy: “At the time, I anticipation he ability try to shoot me, afresh he put it on himself and screamed over and over, ‘Is this what you want?’ afore alive out the aback door.”

Payne alternate home weeks afterwards to aces up her belongings.

According to a Hillsborough Sheriff’s Appointment report, the brace tussled again. Farr pulled the fizz band out of the wall, leaped on Payne’s aback and punched her in the aback and shoulder.

Her son, Matthew Marvel, who was 10 at the time, told the Times that he ran abutting aperture for help.

The abutting day, Payne said she stood below the barn and told detectives she doubtable Farr of actuality complex in Lewis’ disappearance.

On Aug. 17, 1997, the Sunday of the weekend that Lewis disappeared, Farr backward home from work, Payne said she told the detectives. That was abnormal because he spent seven canicule a anniversary at the beastly park.

Payne said Farr got a anxiety aloof afore 1 p.m. that day and larboard home with a man she anticipation she accustomed through the window as accepting additionally done assignment for Lewis.

The Times could not ability that man to affirm Payne’s account.

Farr alternate abandoned that Sunday night a little afore midnight alive Lewis’ van, Payne told detectives. Farr backed it up to their abode and opened the doors to acknowledge a accumulation of pistols and rifles.

According to Payne, her bedmate said Lewis was missing, and she shouldn’t allege his name anytime again. He asked her to advice him backpack the accoutrements into the house. They blimp them in the closet, below the bed and in the bathroom. She abstruse the accumulating belonged to Lewis.

The abutting day, Farr larboard in Lewis’ van. Afterwards that night, Farr alternate alive his own flatbed truck. Payne said Farr told her afresh not to acknowledgment Lewis, abnormally on the phone, which he anticipation ability be tapped.

Later, aback Payne saw the account about the missing man, she said she asked her bedmate if he had annihilation to do with it. She said he replied, “Don’t ask questions you don’t appetite the answers to.”

Payne said her bedmate became added batty and agitated afterwards Lewis’ disappearance. One time, she said, Farr told her if she larboard him, he would stick her “in the grinder like I did Don.”

The Times agape on residences in Basin Mary and Mulberry, attractive for Farr and abrogation him belletrist gluttonous an interview. Over the accomplished few weeks, the Times additionally fabricated assorted attempts to ability him by phone, email and text. But he did not respond.

Payne said detectives asked her to acquaint her adventure a additional time, at the Sheriff’s Appointment on Falkenburg Alley six months later, in 2001. She said she didn’t apprehend from lath afresh for 20 years.

A few weeks ago, she said, a new detective asked her to arise in for a video-recorded interview. Payne batten to him for an hour and answered the aforementioned questions.

Records affirm that assembly confiscated about a dozen accoutrements from their home in 2000.

Tiger King administrator Rebecca Chaiklin said she was told by a above detective on the case that Farr had been accustomed a lie detector test, and it showed he was not actuality deceptive. In interviews that did not accomplish it into the series, Farr denied animate annihilation about what happened to Lewis, she said.

Baskin told the Times she gave Farr the accoutrements connected afterwards her bedmate was gone. She said she couldn’t bethink the date, but it had been connected abundant that she knew Lewis wasn’t advancing back. Or, if he was begin animate afterwards so long, “it would be accessible he was amateur to be accustomed a gun.”

Records additionally appearance Farr and his ancestors transferred a half-dozen properties, aback and forth, with Baskin, alpha a ages afterwards Lewis went missing.

Farr, 50, has, for the best part, kept a low contour in the fizz of Tiger King. He plays abandoned a accessory role in the series.

His best memorable adduce recounts what he says Lewis told him the aftermost time they spoke: “Kenny, if I can cull this off, it will be the slickest affair I anytime did in my life.”

Farr’s ex-wife’s accusations accept been circulating for weeks on YouTube and a clandestine Facebook accumulation adherent to Lewis’ disappearance. That accumulation has angry Farr into the accountable of dozens of conversations amid armchair detectives about the country.

Before Lewis disappeared, Farr had no bent almanac in Florida above alive violations.

In 2001, he pleaded accusable to calm abandon and abnormal exhibition of a firearm for the adventure the year afore involving Payne. He was beatific to bastille for 90 days. Over the abutting four years, he was arrested alert on accuse of possessing or demography methamphetamines and afterwards went to bastille for trafficking.

After the Netflix alternation came out, Baskin wrote a acknowledgment blue-blooded “Refuting Tiger King.”

“I adulation Kenny Farr like a son,” she wrote. “He was addition I could assurance to accumulate Don from accepting absent or activity into cages with bodies who could annihilate him, while I worked.”

Baskin has said Lewis appeared to be assuming signs of dementia. She provided abstracts that showed Lewis had undergone an MRI in June 1997, a brace of weeks afterwards he filed for the admonition of aegis adjoin her.

She said she has abandoned heard from Farr alert aback about 2000, and already was afterwards Tiger King aired. “But I didn’t anxiety him back.”

She does not accept Farr, who connected alive for her, was complex in Lewis’ disappearance.

In September 1997, according to cloister records, Baskin transferred the aboriginal of several backdrop to Farr and gave him a $9,080 mortgage. Similar arrange were fabricated with a man alleged John Farr and added properties.

Baskin told the Times that Kenny Farr and his brother bought backdrop as investments, but they couldn’t “make a go of it and assured up signing best of them aback in lieu of foreclosure.” She said she’d been aggravating to advice Farr.

Payne, Kenny Farr’s wife at the time, is not abiding how her bedmate was able to allow the properties. She said his paycheck was $350 a week, while she formed part-time.

A ages afterwards the brace breach in 2000, Farr alive over to Baskin bristles backdrop in Hillsborough, Polk and Pasco counties. Baskin able a quitclaim deed, a action frequently acclimated amid ancestors associates or aback little or no money is exchanged. McQueen, Don Lewis’ assistant, said Lewis admired them because he didn’t accept to use appellation insurance.

The quitclaim accomplishment amid Baskin and Farr was adapted a ages afterwards to reflect that John Farr had alive over the properties. Again, the affidavit was able by Baskin.

Robert Stern, one of two absolute acreage attorneys who brash the abstracts for the Times, declared the transfers as “some of the messiest conveyances of appellation I’ve apparent in my practice.”

He said there was annihilation accurately amiss with the transfers. But, Stern said, “the cardinal of transfers and transactions, the self-preparation collectively with the fast clip of the abstracts — from foreclosures to tax accomplishments to conveyances — all accumulated to advance me to accept that there’s a backstory abaft all this that does not arise in the accessible record.”


Two of the aboriginal detectives on the Don Lewis case flew to Costa Rica to chase for him in 1997. One of them told the Times afresh that they did not acquisition any assurance of him.

Lewis’ ancestors and accompany say they were told aboriginal on that the badge were breach on what had happened. Some believed that Lewis larboard on his own, others anticipation he’d been killed.

Jim Moore, who consistently fed the tigers, leopards and cougars with Don and Carole, was afraid aback no one came to annual him. He assuredly alleged badge months later. He capital to acquaint them he’d helped Lewis ample containers Lewis planned to address to Costa Rica with cars and motorcycles he could sell. Lewis additionally arranged toys, clothes and added items he planned to donate. Moore capital to acquaint them that Lewis did not arise to be assuming signs of Alzheimer’s. Moore said the badge listened, but the accomplished acquaintance fabricated him wonder.

“It absolutely larboard somewhat of a bad taste,” Moore said, “that they absolutely didn’t accompany this that vigorously.”

The administration may accept been absent by the dematerialization of “Baby Sabrina” Aisenberg, a adventure that fabricated civic account anon afterwards Lewis’ disappearance.

But McQueen, like Moore and Payne, is analytical of the aboriginal investigation.

“At the time, there were a lot of things they should accept done, but didn’t do,” said McQueen, Lewis’ abettor for 13 years.

She finds it aberrant that Lewis’ van, begin at the Pilot Country Airport in Pasco Canton with the keys in it and no tag, was alternate to Baskin afore Hillsborough Canton lath candy it for evidence.

The airport’s owner, Dewey Gallops, alleged the Pasco Canton Sheriff’s Appointment Aug. 20 to arise see if the van he’d begin anchored there at 4:30 a.m. was stolen.

Baskin beatific the Times a annual access from that day. She writes about accepting a anxiety from a Pasco abettor and alive to the airport with her ancestor to aces up the van. The annual states that a abettor on the arena was acquainted that Lewis had been arise missing but told her the van wasn’t apprehensive and accordingly could not be fingerprinted.

When the Times requested Pasco County’s address on the van, the affidavit accustomed mostly unreadable. A abettor for the Pasco sheriff apologized, adage that affection ascendancy for scanning belletrist was defective in 1997.

In aegis of Hillsborough Canton investigators, to whom the missing actuality analysis fell, McQueen said they were actuality led bottomward so abounding paths, “they didn’t apperceive which way to go.”

After Lewis’ disappearance, Baskin accused McQueen of embezzling backdrop from Lewis’ absolute acreage business. McQueen said that annihilation put in her name was done out of convenience, and with Lewis’ permission, because he hated ambidextrous with paperwork or activity to the appellation office.

In 1998, as allotment of a settlement, Baskin apologized in autograph to McQueen, admitting afterwards the absolution of Tiger King, she again the allegation on her website.

In Baskin’s annual entries, she logged communications with detectives and reporters over the years. They blab theories about who ability accept afflicted Lewis or whether he could accept been complex in an accident, like a even blast over the Gulf of Mexico. Baskin said Lewis, who had connected aerial afterwards actual several crashes and accident his pilot’s license, was absorbed in affairs an “experimental” aircraft with no appendage number.

In 2001, a detective told Baskin a man had confessed, claiming he’d helped Lewis’ son, Danny, coffin the anatomy on acreage Lewis endemic in Seffner. Danny Lewis and Lewis’ babe accepted that a man alleged Michael Stip, who had approved to blackmail money from Danny Lewis connected afore Don Lewis’ disappearance, told such a story. But annal showed Danny Lewis was arrested into a defended biologic analysis ability at the time. Stip died in 2007. Danny Lewis said badge accept not talked to him about his father.

In 2007, aback the Times wrote a adventure about Big Cat Rescue, a anchorman asked the Sheriff’s Appointment for the cachet of the Lewis investigation. Hillsborough Det. Christopher Fox, who had taken over the case, wrote in an email that he had no alive leads.

“I would sum up by adage that the dematerialization of Don Lewis appears apprehensive and that no one who ability accept benefited from his disappearance, including his wife, has been or has not been bent to be responsible,” Fox wrote.

In the weeks afterwards Tiger King, Hillsborough detectives re-interviewed some of the capacity from the series, including McQueen.

If assembly are alive with any new information, she said, they didn’t acknowledge that to her. Lath hadn’t contacted her in over 20 years.

Joseph R. Fritz, who said he represented Lewis in beastly ascendancy and absolute acreage lawsuits, said he assuredly heard from the Sheriff’s Appointment for the aboriginal time afterwards Tiger King.

The chat lasted four or bristles minutes. Fritz said Cpl. Moises Garcia told him they planned to do added in-person interviews afterwards the affliction of the coronavirus. Fritz alleged Garcia aback a anniversary afterwards and appropriate he accept autography experts analysis the signatures on the will. Garcia said they had done that.

Payne, Farr’s ex-wife who now lives in Hillsborough County, said she has not heard from the detective aback mid-April.

Garcia below to allege to the Times. He bidding annoyance with all the attention, saying, “I’d like to accumulate the analysis private.”


If the Don Lewis case goes nowhere, it won’t be from a abridgement of bodies attractive into it.

As detectives re-investigate, CBS’ 48 Hours and the I-D approach additionally are alive on aftereffect stories. Armchair lath are centered about the Facebook accumulation Don Lewis Algid Case Files.

Late into the night, its 3,000-plus associates pore over acreage transactions, badge annal and old bi-weekly reports.

Jack “Ripper” Smith has become one of the added apparent names there by announcement YouTube videos of affirmation and interviews with bodies associated with the case, including Trish Payne. Smith was allotment of a accumulation of volunteers who helped ascertain affirmation for Authoritative a Murderer accountable Steven Avery. They anatomy the baby and committed amount of the Lewis accumulation on Facebook.

Wild theories can fly there afore they’re vetted, and there is a bright bent adjoin Carole Baskin amid some of the members. The accumulation additionally has alike names and access amid affirmation that had not been talked about in accessible before.

Smith filmed and acquaint the accomplishment aftermost weekend in Seffner, area anatomy dogs absolved the ambit of a 172-acre acreage Lewis already owned. The chase with anxiety focused on a basin in the center.

A assembly aggregation from Tiger King was there, too.

Chaiklin, the Tiger King director, said the acreage had arise up over and over in interviews for the aftereffect she is now filming for Netflix.

She thinks if there anytime was annihilation there, it abolished aback the basin was dredged years ago.

In one of the Facebook group’s most-discussed videos, Smith avant-garde a approach that Lewis’ ability of advocate affidavit giving Baskin ascendancy over his acreage was forged. The video claims to appearance Lewis’ signature had been traced from his and Baskin’s 1991 alliance certificate.

The Times showed copies of the ability of attorney, the alliance affidavit and abundant added examples of Lewis’ signature to four argumentative autography experts.

All said the signature on the ability of advocate did not attending authentic, in allotment because it lacked fluidity. Two experts below to accord an assessment on whether the alliance affidavit was the archetypal signature afterwards seeing the original.

The added two, including Robson Forensic’s Mark Songer, a above appropriate abettor and affidavit analyst with the FBI, believed Smith’s video was appropriate about the signature actuality traced from the alliance certificate.

Songer and Thomas Vastrick, a affidavit examiner who sits on the lath of the American Academy of Argumentative Sciences, agreed both of Lewis’ signatures there arise to be traced from the alliance certificate.

“You accept three Don Lewis signatures above the will and ability of advocate that are around identical,” Songer said. “That’s like three bodies accepting the aforementioned DNA.”

These questions were aloft afterwards Lewis disappeared.

Court abstracts appearance that in November 1997, Lewis’ daughters assassin their own able to appraise Lewis’ signatures on the ability of attorney. That able assured they were traced. Baskin assassin two experts, who additionally compared the signature to added abstracts Lewis had alive and assured they’d been accounting by the aforementioned person.

The daughters absitively not to decay money angry it.

Smith, from the Facebook group, afresh collection from Oklahoma to Tampa to do interviews in person. He told his wife he wasn’t abiding how connected he’d be gone. He doesn’t assignment full-time but derives assets from Airbnb rentals and walks with a pikestaff aback what he alleged a “botched” hip surgery.

“Man, I’m nobody,” he said a day afterwards he ate banquet with Lewis’ daughters, who he says he’s alive to help. “I’m aloof a approved actuality that’s been on the bad end of some things. It absolutely sucks aback you’re faced with a acknowledged system, or aloof article in activity area there’s cipher that can advice you.”

In Clearwater, he met up with Jim Rathmann, a above abettor who hosts Absolute Activity Absolute Crime, a podcast that helped break a algid case in Louisiana. Rathmann collection from Orlando, so calm they could annual bent aegis advocate Kaitlyn B. Statile at the law offices of Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett.

Statile brash the men to focus on award affirmation of a annihilation and not affirmation of someone’s motive to accomplish murder.

“In my opinion, this case hinges 100 percent on a attestant statement, because you don’t accept any concrete evidence,” Statile said.

If such a attestant exists and is accessible to arise forward, Statile said she will represent them for chargeless to advice get the best accord possible. Chronister afresh told TMZ that amnesty “is on the table appropriate now.”


Recently, on what would accept been Don Lewis’ 82nd birthday, Gale Rathbone acquaint about her ancestor on Facebook. She envisioned him sitting in a rocker, scanning through “offer-up” items, authoritative deals with a corpuscle phone.

“I am canonizing you today and adulatory you peace, and love, Daddy,” she wrote, “even in this beneath kind, amiss world.”

Another daughter, Lynda Sanchez, wrote in an email to the Times that the ancestors is beholden that detectives are demography a alpha look.

Lewis’ earlier daughter, Donna Pettis, absolved into the Falkenburg Alley Sheriff’s Appointment in backward May to accommodated with Det. Garcia.

He told her he had a detective researching all the acreage transactions, but he said he hadn’t done abounding interviews because of COVID-19.

Pettis believes her ancestor was murdered, but she wondered how abounding hours the detective had to allot to a algid case.

Smith was with her. He aggregate advice he’d abstruse with the detective, who wrote it down.

But both absolved abroad disheartened.

Contact Leonora LaPeter Anton at [email protected] or 727-433-1446. Follow @WriterLeonora.

Contact Christopher Spata at [email protected] Follow @spatatimes.

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