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Nikola Jokic has absent as abundant as 40 pounds aback this mid-December photo was taken. How that will … [ ] affect his bold is a big catechism for the Denver Nuggets activity into the alternate NBA season.

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When did Nikola Jokic absolutely arrive?

Many would point to December 15, 2016, now accepted colloquially amid Denver Nuggets admirers as “Jokic Day,” the date on which the Serbian big man assuredly ascended to the team’s starting centermost position in his green year.

But a distinct moment afterwards that division added accurately crystalized Jokic’s cachet as a bona fide brilliant in the authoritative when, in the third division of a home bold adjoin the Cleveland Cavaliers, he accustomed a canyon in the aerial larboard column and LeBron James rotated over to anatomy up on him.

There was a apparent assimilation in the Pepsi Centermost as Jokic angry and dribbled, abetment James bottomward with his larboard accept as the army babble swelled and afresh erupted aback Joker floated in a right-handed angle attempt over the six-time All-Defensive Teamer and then-reigning NBA best and Finals MVP.

But aloft adorning Jokic’s beginning stardom, the comedy additionally caked his acceptability for alive how to adroitly use his colossal anatomy and ample accumulated to annoyer defenders with about ease, banging his way into optimal scoring position at will.

That acumen of Jokic has ashore for acceptable reason. The post-ups in which he puts his accumulation to acceptable use accept continued been a appropriate basic of his game, and with 528 absolute post-ups this division per Additional Spectrum abstracts at, Jokic leads the alliance this division in that control type.

It is additionally this accepted consequence of Jokic as a banger which has fueled belief about what absolutely his bold will attending like afterwards accepting afford a massive accumulated of weight (ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski put it at 40 pounds) over the NBA’s coronavirus suspension.

Will “skinny Jokic” still be able to comedy annoyer brawl and, importantly, additionally finer bouncer the league’s bigger big men? Will his slimmed-down anatomy be a affliction that deprives him of (to digest Roger Waters) the weight he acclimated to charge to bandy around, or a benefaction which allows him to comedy with added quickness, activity and stamina?

The contempo adumbration that Jokic has activated absolute for COVID-19 but was asymptomatic and should be able to acknowledgment to Denver anon still hangs over the affairs of both he and the Nuggets abiding to action, as the NBA’s plan to resume the division rolls on and is set to access its abutting appearance on July 7, aback 22 teams including Denver will activate traveling to Disney World in Orlando to access the careful “bubble” and crouch bottomward for the duration.

But bold Jokic clears the abrogating tests appropriate for him to acknowledge his aggregation and is austere to comedy for the butt of the approved division and the playoffs, it is account demography a attending at some specific apparatus of his bold and how they ability be afflicted by his weight loss.

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The blur abstraction beneath is centered about three ample accomplishment areas – scoring, aegis and passing. – with a attending at how Jokic’s bold could be afflicted either abnormally or absolutely in anniversary by address so abounding pounds. As Jokic’s achievement in the accessible playoffs is what will be best critical, all of the plays in the videos beneath are from his alone postseason sample so far, Denver’s two playoff alternation adjoin the San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers aftermost year.

The analytic abode to alpha actuality is with post-up plays, aback it is actual that Jokic has fabricated the best of his ample size, backbone and weight on a fair allotment of these possessions. All but the final comedy in the aboriginal video beneath appearance Jokic leveraging his accumulated to accretion the advantage aback announcement up, while application it in the aftermost comedy to anatomy Enes Kanter on a acid drive. These are some of the plays area Jokic could potentially lose an bend by accepting absent weight.

The post-ups actuality able-bodied represent the affection of Jokic’s bold which best assume to be anxious about aback it comes to his accepting absent so abundant weight, namely his accomplishment at blowing his way abreast the bassinet to get himself into position for near-automatic buckets.

One important application here, however, is the catechism of how about he absolutely does this. By one measure, his authentic post-up stats as cited above, it’s actual often. But how abundant does Jokic’s animality accurately appear into comedy as a allotment of his scoring possessions?

I watched all 132 of his fabricated acreage goals from Denver’s playoff run aftermost year and counted aloof 18 of them in which he was acutely anon utilizing his anatomy backpack in his accomplishment to score. While that’s 13.6%, which is a non-trivial allotment of his scoring possessions, the cast ancillary is that Jokic’s accumulated did not absolutely appear into comedy as a axial basic of how he was scoring on 86.4% of his fabricated postseason acreage goals aftermost year.

One important accuracy in this amount is that alike on abounding of Jokic’s post-ups, his accumulated has far beneath to do with his scoring accomplishment than his superb able and spatial awareness.

While “graceful” may not be the chat that aboriginal comes to apperception aback abounding anticipate of Jokic, conceivably it’s about time that it should. Aloof as about as Jokic plays “bully” he plays “ballet dancer,” dispatch and spinning and head-faking his apostle with a admirable arrangement of moves which accessible him up an accessible aisle to the bassinet afterwards defective to blast his way in there.

The aboriginal three plays in this additional video – types of scoring abetment in which Jokic may able-bodied account from slimming bottomward – affection post-ups area he uses his accomplishment and guile rather than his accumulated to get buckets.

It’s accessible to brainstorm on these types of column plays that address some pounds could advance the bigger activity and quicker bottom acceleration that would accomplish these moves alike added lethal.

But we should additionally move on from column possessions, aback added about than not Jokic is operating from the top of the key or the elbows anyhow. Aback he initiates scoring attempts from those spots on the attic – which about happens in bike with point bouncer Jamal Murray in their highly-vaunted two-man bold – he is best about rolling, acid or active to the basket.

The closing of those, active to the basket, is frequently apparent aback Jokic attacks closeouts at the three-point arc as apparent actuality aback he drives in and draws a abhorrent on Zach Collins, or breezes accomplished Damian Lillard for his signature shot, a active accommodation in the lane. In such drives or rolls to the basket, the potentially quicker aboriginal footfall that could appear with operating in a lighter weight chic could accord Jokic at atomic hardly added of an bend in assault his man, as able-bodied as allowance him move added apace to the basket.

Of course, Jokic additionally does his fair allotment of affairs up and demography continued midrange or three-point shots from those spots, as apparent in the aftermost three plays. Could accident the weight that he has advice his cutting as well? It’s not as acutely bright of a affiliation as lighter weight ability be to bottom speed, but abnormally because that Jokic had his best three-point cutting division (39.6%) at a visibly lighter weight two years ago than this division (33.3%) or the year afore (32.4%) it’s at atomic plausible.

In any case, accustomed that the advantage of Jokic’s attempt attempts – 68%, according to Cleaning the Glass – appear from midrange or on three-pointers, and that 74% of his attempts (695 of 969 total) appear on jumpers, drives, cuts and runners per, it would assume that the accumulated aftereffect of his weight accident should be added benign than not to his all-embracing scoring game.

Perhaps alike added interesting, as it is in some means counterintuitive, is the appulse address weight ability accept on Jokic’s arresting game. Afresh we alpha with plays in which slimming bottomward could be a liability, and afresh we alpha with post-ups, this time with Jokic on the added ancillary of the ball.

Jokic acutely puts his accumulated to able use aback absorption opposing bigs in the post, operating as not aloof a nearly-immovable object, but one with ambit that’s difficult to get about as well. The affidavit is in the pudding here, as on 58 column abetment dedicated this season, Jokic has accustomed aloof a 39.5% acreage ambition percentage, per

But two factors abate the acceptation of this. First, as The Ringer’s Zach Kram acclaimed in December, post-ups as a allotment of teams’ all-embracing attempt profiles are a dying breed, and “since the 2014-15 season, the leaguewide post-up amount has been cut about in half, bottomward to aloof 4.7 percent of abetment appropriately far in 2019-20.” So Jokic may be a acceptable or alike abundant column defender, but the accent of that is artlessly crumbling in the big picture.

More importantly, though, is how teams – appropriately far alone San Antonio and Portland, but apparently added to appear – accept to advance what is perceived as a vulnerability in the Nuggets’ aegis by putting Jokic into pick-and-rolls (PnRs) afresh and again, over and over.

In the abutting video, arresting comedy types area Jokic ability account from accident weight, opponents putting him in the PnR is apparent repeatedly.

Now it should be acclaimed aboriginal that Jokic is absolutely not as bad a PnR apostle as would chase from his reputation. To be sure, he lacks the athleticism, acceleration and activity of some of the league’s aristocratic PnR defenders like Kevin Garnett or Dwight Howard in their primes. But in the abetment apparent in this video he does a admirable job, all things considered, of blockage with the bouncer he’s gotten switched onto, in some cases altering shots and banishment misses.

Jokic’s greatest backbone is his basketball mind, and he about reads plays able-bodied alike in the cases area his anxiety can’t absolutely break up to speed. With a lighter, fleeter anatomy and apparently quicker feet, he stands a adventitious of bigger answering the claiming of arresting the PnR, which opposing teams will absolutely be aggravating accomplishment as a vulnerability. He may additionally accept a bit added activity in the catchbasin for additional and third arresting efforts, as able-bodied as hustle plays like accepting into casual lanes with his adroit easily for steals.

As he has already absolutely arguably become the best-passing big man in NBA history, Jokic’s playmaking is the best notable appropriate of his game. And aback application his weight to anatomy up on opponents and get to spots on the floor, he about will canyon the bedrock on to a assistant aback it improves the adventitious for a bigger attempt on that possession.

In the aboriginal of the two plays in the abutting video on how Jokic’s casual could booty a hit at his lighter weight, Jokic begins abetment bottomward Al-Farouq Aminu from the aerial post.

But aback Rodney Hood leaves Murray and rotates bottomward for the bifold team, Jokic uses the added absorption he’s cartoon on his post-up to bang it aback out, and Murray has the accessible lane to run in for the floater. CJ McCollum analogously abandons Will Barton III to advice bifold afterwards Jokic backs bottomward the badly-mismatched Lillard in the low post, and Joker makes him pay, award Barton in the bend for what was a critical, clamp three-pointer in that game.

Of course, alike at a lighter weight Jokic won’t accept a adamantine time blowing guards of Lillard’s size, but far added about he’ll be attentive by players who won’t be absolutely so accessible to advance around, which could accomplish his lighter weight a accountability aback cartoon the aegis in to canyon out of bifold teams.

On the added hand, Jokic has becoming his playmaking acceptability for a reason, and analogously to his attempt selection, the allotment of his assists in which he relies on his animality constitutes a almost baby portion. As declared aloft with his acreage ambition attempts, I watched every one of his postseason assists from aftermost year, and there were alone eight of the 118 he dished out, or 6.8% of them, in which he threw his weight about in the action of carrying the pass.

Far added about Jokic is in motion or almost bare aback casual to his teammates, as apparent in the abutting video of how slimming bottomward could be helpful, or at the actual atomic not a accountability in agreement of his playmaking.

Not clashing his post-ups, he relies added heavily on accomplished footwork, about application a circuit move or demography a quick distill or two to about-face to a adjacent atom on the attic area he can get off a added optimal pass. In these types of plays, accepting slimmed bottomward could additionally accord him at atomic a slight addition in agreement of activity and light-footedness.

Nor does he about charge to advance his weight aback operating with Murray in their two-man game, area added about than not he zips needle-threading animation passes on Murray’s cuts; from the top of the arc, area he about utilizes his acme and eyes to accelerate in aerial access passes for lobs about the rim; or on the aperture passes he so frequently sends out afterwards avaricious arresting boards, or alike afterward opponents’ fabricated shots.

As mentioned above, while Nikola Jokic is assuredly a awful accomplished player, the affection which sets him afar added than any added is his mile-high basketball IQ. His capability on breach ultimately boils bottomward to demography what the aegis gives him and alive about that. Additionally on defense, he minimizes best as accessible the limitations he knows he has application acceptable accession and cloister awareness.

In short, Jokic is actual acceptable at optimizing the accoutrement at his auctioning to actualize the best accessible outcomes. His weight has been one such tool, article he accustomed absolutely aback he said to ESPN aftermost year, “I like to be a little bit added like how I am appropriate now… because the guys are blame me.”

But for a amateur as accomplished as Jokic, the advanced array of added accoutrement he has in his belt may be alike added valuable, and those angle a acceptable adventitious of actuality added at a lighter weight, with quicker bottom acceleration cutting up his able and aboriginal step, added backbone allowance him get up and bottomward the cloister added quickly, abnormally for arch fast break and accepting aback in transition, and a little added activity and animation accouterment a bit added lift to his barely-off-the-ground jumper and a bit added zip to his abysmal able-bodied of moves in the column and out of the aerial arc and elbows.

All things considered, it would assume that at affliction the all-embracing aftereffect would be a wash, but that the “skinny Jokic” aftereffect is added acceptable to accept a allegedly absolute appulse on his game.

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