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Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains are derivatives of S288c except back acclaimed (Supplementary Data 4). Gene deletions and insertions were generated by accepted one-step PCR-based Methods44. cdc28-as1 strains (Cdc28-F88G) were fabricated application plasmid pJAU01-cdc28-as1 (a affectionate allowance from Ethel Queralt) digested with Afl2 or EcoN1 for affiliation at the CDC28 locus; URA3 clones were called and again ura3- pop-outs abandoned in 5-FOA plates; final clones were accepted by Sanger sequencing. MET3pr-CDC20 strains were fabricated with YiP22-MET3pr-CDC20-LEU2 (Ethel Queralt) digested with MscI for affiliation in the CDC20 locus. For arrest in G1, beef were developed in YPDA (yeast extract, peptone, dextrose and adenine) boilerplate to log phase, synchronized with 20 μg ml–1 alpha-factor (Sigma-Aldrich) for 2 h. For absolution from the G1 block, beef were done in beginning YPDA boilerplate at the adumbrated temperature. For arrest in metaphase, MET3pr-CDC20 beef were developed in SD   Glu (synthetic authentic glucose) boilerplate defective methionine until mid-log phase, and the media were supplemented with 2 mM methionine to repress CDC20 for 3 h 30 min. For release, beef were done alert and resuspended in basal boilerplate defective methionine to abet CDC20. Alternatively, beef were incubated with 60 µg/ml nocodazole for 3 h. For Cdc15 or Cdk inhibition, cdc15-as1 or cdc28-as1 beef were incubated with NA-PP1 2.5 µM. For temperature shifts, beef were developed and arrested at 25 °C, confused to 37 °C 15 min afore washes, and appear in prewarmed boilerplate at 37.5 °C. Contrarily beef were arrested and appear at 30 °C. To actuate DNA agreeable with Sytox-Green, we acclimated the staining agreement from45.

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EdU bang and DAPI staining were agitated out as in46 with accessory modifications. Briefly, aggrandize beef (W303 RAD5 bar1 MET3pr-CDC20 GPDpr-TK(5×) ADH1pr-hENT1) cogent thymidine kinase (TK) and equilibrative nucleoside agent (hENT1) to acquiesce for EdU incorporation, were arrested in metaphase by Cdc20 depletion, as indicated. Arrested beef were again pre-incubated with 25 μM 5-ethynyl-2′-deoxyuridine (EdU) and α-Factor (20 μg/ml) for 15 min. Half the ability was kept in metaphase ( Met) and the added done and resuspended into basal boilerplate (–Met) supplemented with 25 μM EdU and with 20 μg/ml α-Factor to block beef in the abutting G1 phase. Afterwards 1 h, beef were anchored with 2% paraformaldehyde and candy for Sytox-Green staining (for breeze cytometry) and for DAPI staining and EdU labeling with Alexa Fluor 647 (for microscopy)46. Beef were beheld in a Leica TCS SP5 confocal microscope (63× objective, 3 planes spaced 0.67 µm). Nuclear EdU assimilation was abstinent in best projections as the background-subtracted beggarly acuteness in the basis (defined by DAPI staining). The accomplishments was abstinent in assorted baby cytoplasmic areas to abstain arresting from mitochondrial DNA. As not all beef are permeabilized during fixation, beef that showed no EdU arresting in mitochondria were not included in the altitude (Fig. 1). Alternatively, Ethidium Bromide (30 µg/ml) was added 15 min above-mentioned to accession of EdU to abate mitochondrial DNA; in this case all beef were included in the altitude (Supplementary Fig. S1).

EdU assimilation in advisedly cycling beef was agitated out in the aforementioned address as above, in beef with wild-type CDC20 (w303, RAD5 bar1 GPDpr-TK(5×) ADH1pr-hENT1), except that beef were pre-grown in SCD to mid-log appearance and α-Factor (20 μg/ml) was added for 30 min to anticipate beef already in G1 from entering into S phase. Beef were again incubated in EdU (25 μM) for 10 min; EdU was visualized with Alexa 647 and nuclei were visualised with DAPI46.

For time-lapse imaging, beef were argent in basal constructed boilerplate on concanavalin A–coated (Sigma-Aldrich) Lab-Tek accommodation (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Imaging was performed in a pre-equilibrated temperature-controlled microscopy chamber, application a spinning-disk confocal microscope (Revolution XD; Andor Technology) with a Plan Apochromat 100×, 1.45 NA cold able with a dual-mode electron-modifying charge-coupled accessory camera (iXon 897 E; Andor Technology). Time-lapse alternation of 4.5 μm endless spaced 0.3 μm were acquired every 2–8 min. The time breach did not affect nuclear appraisal or chromatin arch lifetimes. Images were analyzed on 2D best projections. Best projections are apparent throughout. For YOYO-1 altitude of chromatin bridges, beef were anchored in 4% formaldehyde for 30 min, done already in PBS and re-suspended in 5 mg/ml zymolyase in P band-aid (1.2 M Sorbitol, 0.1 M potassium phosphate absorber pH: 6.2) for 1 min. Beef were spun down, taken up in P-Solution 0.2% Tween 20   100 μg/ml RNAse A and incubated for 1 h at 37 °C. Afterwards digestion, beef were pelleted and taken up in P-Solution absolute 25 µM YOYO-1. Beef were beheld on an Andor Spinning deejay microscope (15 planes spaced 0.3 µm).

Approximately 108 beef were collected, resuspended in 100 μL baptize and, afterwards abacus 100 μL 0.2 M NaOH, they were incubated for 5 min at allowance temperature. Beef were calm by centrifugation, resuspended in 50 μL sample buffer, and incubated for 5 min at 95 °C. Extracts were antiseptic by centrifugation, and agnate amounts of protein were bound in an SDS-PAGE gel and transferred assimilate a nitrocellulose membrane. The primary antibodies acclimated were anti-Cdk1 (PSTAIR) (#06-923, Merck Millipore) at a concoction of 1:2000, and anti-Rad53 ab104232 (Abcam) at a concoction of 1:8000. Blots were developed with anti-rabbit IgG Horseradish Peroxidase conjugate (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cat. No: 31460) adulterated 1:20,000 application the Supersignal West Femto Best Sensitivity Substrate (Thermo Scientific).

To analyze genomic regions that are under-replicated in mitosis, we performed whole-genome Illumina sequencing of beef arrested in metaphase (MET3pr-CDC20) or anaphase (dbf2-2). Anniversary ache was additionally arrested in G1 appearance (alpha agency arrest). MET3pr-CDC20 beef were developed to mid-log appearance in SC-Met, arrested in G1 with alpha agency at 25 °C for 3 h, again done and confused to YPDA   Met for 3 h at 37 °C to arrest in metaphase. dbf2-2 beef were developed in YPDA, arrested in G1 with alpha agency at 25 °C for 3 h, again done into YPDA at 37 °C to arrest in anaphase. For abstracts apparent in Fig. 6a–e, beef were harvested by centrifugation for 5 min, done alert in PBS, resuspended in baptize and layered on a 10%-40% sucrose gradient. Afterwards centrifugation at 400 g for 4 min, the top layers were removed, the absolute 10 ml of the acclivity were breach into two fractions and the pellet was taken up in 1 ml baptize to anatomy the third fraction. Aliquots were removed from all three fractions to appraisal for corpuscle aeon synchrony and the blow was pelleted and arctic at −80 °C. Corpuscle ablution accomplish were performed at 37 °C. The atom with the accomplished synchrony was acclimated for phenol-chloroform-isoamyl DNA extraction. For abstracts apparent in Fig. 6g, beef were advised as above, except that Cdc20-depleted beef were confused to 37 °C during 15 min to inactivate CDC12, and again incubated with 1-NAA-PP1 (1 µM) for a added 30 min afore DNA abstraction with a gDNA abstraction kit (Zymo Research). Corpuscle synchronisation was adjourned by breeze cytometry and by microscopy (DAPI staining).

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DNA sequencing was performed application Illumina HiSeq Sequencing V4 Chemistry with PCR-free library basic and paired-end 50-bp reads. Reads were akin application Trimmomatic absence ambit (java -Xms3G -Xmx3G -jar trimmomatic.jar PE -phred33)47. Mapping was performed assimilate the R64 advertence genome48 of S. cerevisiae application Burrows-Wheeler Aligner with absence ambit (bwa mem)49. Reads were again sorted and break commutual reads alone (samtools appearance -F 4) application Samtools50. We generated 200-bp non-overlapping windows beyond the genome (bedtools makewindows) and computed advantage for anniversary window (bedtools coverage). Detailed and accurate activity can be begin in the Makefile on github and in the Supplementary Information.

Normalized advantage for anniversary window was computed alone for anniversary sequenced sample and anniversary chromosome by adding the apprehend advantage for anniversary window on that chromosome by the approach of all advantage ethics for all windows on that chromosome (copy cardinal or CN). To anniversary CN we activated a bounded corruption application a abounding beeline atomic squares and a aboriginal amount polynomial archetypal (with a 5 kb span) to abatement the appulse of abstruse noise. For anniversary aberrant we affected archetype cardinal arrangement (CNR) for anniversary 200-bp window as normalized archetype cardinal in M-phase disconnected by the normalized archetype cardinal in G1-phase. The percent of beef that accept not yet replicated a accustomed arena of the genome (under-replication), is authentic as 2×(1-CNR).

We apprehend the abstinent archetype cardinal in G1-arrested beef to be 1 beyond all loci in the genome. However, assorted factors, such as GC-content and mappability, accomplish this not true23. We accept that the aftereffect of such factors will be agnate amid identical loci in altered cell-cycle stages (G1 and M) and accordingly locus-specific furnishings on abstinent apprehend counts can be alone through normalization of CN in M and G1 phases23. This normalized archetype cardinal is the archetype cardinal arrangement (CNR). To annual the percent of beef that accept not yet replicated a accustomed locus, from CNR, we do the following. Let us denote that X (0 ≤ X ≤ 1) is the atom of beef that yet didn’t carbon a accustomed locus in M-phase. Accordingly, 1 − X is the atom of beef that accept accomplished archetype of this locus. Therefore, in a alloyed citizenry of cells, some of which accept accomplished replication, and others that haven’t, the locus will accept a absolute representation of X   2 × (1 − X) copies. Next, we accept that best of the genome has completed archetype in all beef afore entering M phase. The majority of loci (which corresponds to the approach of advantage which is acclimated as normalization factor) will accept absolute representation of 2 copies in M phase. All together, it gives us the beeline equation: CNR = (X   2 × (1 − X)) / 2. Therefore, X, the atom of beef that accept not yet replicated a accustomed locus, is X = 2 × (1 − CNR).

The aloft was performed for six biological replicates for anniversary ache and action (see Supplementary Table S1), one outlier carbon was removed, and the boilerplate amount of under-replication beyond replicates was assigned as a final amount for anniversary 200-bp window. All raw FASTQ files calm with smoothed CN and datasets with affected statistics for anniversary 200-bp genomic window are on github and NCBI GEO.

Finally, we afar the rDNA arena from the consecutive appraisal due to disability of appropriate DNA archetype cardinal from echo archetype number. Specifically, we alone the arena amid 450.6 and 491 kb of chromosome XII, which encompases two copies of RDN1 that are present in the advertence genome and RDN5-5. We additionally alone nine 200 bp windows that appearance acutely low under-replication (< 100%) due to actuality absolute abutting to absolute deletions in our strain, which affects both the appraisal for the under-replication in these regions and the appraisal of the skewness of the administration of under-replication. Finally, we alone all regions that appearance a absolute archetype cardinal of 0 for all G1 and M replicates (around 5.6 kb in total) that are acceptable deleted in our strain.

To ascertain which genomic regions (at a resolution of 200-bp) were decidedly under-replicated we compared the absolute CNRs amid M-phase and G1-phase adjoin abstruse noise. To accomplish a abstruse and biological babble CNR dataset we took CN abstracts from pairs of G1-arrested biological replicates and affected CNR (CNR-G1-control) amid them in the aforementioned address we did for M- and G1-phase (overall 15 pairs, for anniversary brace – 2 CNR vectors: CN(replicate #1)/CN(replicate #2) and CN(replicate #2)/CN(replicate #1)). Again for anniversary 200-bp window, starting from the aboriginal 200-bp from anniversary telomeric end, we compared ethics of absolute CNR vectors (5 in total, one for anniversary repeatable replicate) adjoin CNR-G1-control vectors at this window (Student T-test). The aboriginal window, starting from the telomeric end, area aberration was not cogent (p amount < 0.05) or the boilerplate for CN-ratios amid samples in G1 was college than boilerplate of absolute CNR-value, was apparent as the end of under-replicated region.

To accept a beginning amount of under-replication at which regions of the genome are under-replicated in metaphase we acclimated the under-replication administration of all 200-bp windows. This administration has a abundant appropriate appendage and absolute skewness. The beginning amount called to allocate loci as actuality under-replicated is the accomplished under-replication amount area skewness of ethics lower than the called amount is 0.

To abstract a distinct amount for altered genomic appearance of capricious length, we aboriginal extracted coordinates of the appearance of interest. We aggregate a dataset from altered sources, including SGD ( for centromeres tRNAs, transposons and accessible annual frames (ORFs) in general) and OriDB ( for ARSs. ARSs apparent as arguable were afar from the analysis. Additionally, we added regions that were acceptable to abide accident of heterozygosity (LOH) as able-bodied as duplications and deletions during corpuscle growth25. We denoted as brittle sites regions apparent as either interstitial or terminal deletions or duplications in25. For all calm features, we extracted a distinct amount of under-replication from the 200-bp resolution CNR agent application bedtools software (bedtools coverage). Archetype timing abstracts were extracted from51 and spline departure was acclimated to ascertain a distinct archetype timing amount for anniversary 200-bp window. To adumbrate the accident of G-quadruplexes throughout the genome, we acclimated G4-Hunter52 with a window admeasurement of 25nt (the default) and a annual beginning of 1 (python -i yeastgenome.fasta -o S1_W25 -w 25 -s 1). For anniversary 200 nt window we took the sum of all sequences that anesthetized the annual beginning (bedtools map -c 5 -o sum -a genome_windows_by_200.bed -b< G4HunterOutputFile.nts>). To annual boilerplate under-replication and ambit to telomeric alpha on gene aesthetics level, we extracted database with annal of all ontologies and agnate ORFs (not nested) from SGD, and for anniversary aesthetics we affected beggarly and CV (std/mean) for under-replication and ambit to telomeric alpha for all genes in anniversary GO term. The about fettle for all capital genes was assigned as 0 while the abstinent fettle for non-essential genes are from53. To abstract adumbrative metrics of abiogenetic alteration amid strains (mutations and copy-number variation) we acclimated whole-genome sequences of 85 strains from54. For anniversary 200 bp-window, we affected the abundance of SNPs and Indels. The abundance is the # of positions in anniversary 200 nt window that accept a SNP or Indel in at atomic one strain.

Each corpuscle in the amount shows the after-effects from one simulation. Anniversary simulation begins with 1000 cells, all of which accept the aforementioned acceleration time (80–100 timesteps (min), y-axis). The simulation gain one timestep (min) at a time, and back anniversary corpuscle alcove its acceleration time, it divides symmetrically into two cells. Every corpuscle has an X% adventitious of dying (x-axis). The simulation is run for 300 timesteps, the absolute cardinal of beef at the end is measured, and the cardinal of citizenry doublings affected (the blush of anniversary cell).

To appraisal the alteration amount beyond altered loci and backgrounds we acclimated the Luria-Delbrück Aberration Assay55,56. We acclimated URA3 from S. bayanus as a ambition for abrogating selection. TEFpr-yeGFP-URA3 assemble was chip via akin recombination into four loci: 2, 15, 100, and 150 kb from the telomeric end of the appropriate arm of chromosome XIV in BY4741. Additionally, in all four strains we deleted SIC1 or CYK3 by inserting TEFpr-Hyg-TEFterm cassettes into the agnate ORFs via akin recombination. We absitively on this adjustment of ache architecture due to the genome alternation of sic1 strains.

Once strains were generated and accepted application antecedents PCR and breeze cytometry for the GFP channel, we performed the aberration assay. Strains were pre-grown from the glycerol banal in SCD-Ura overnight, adulterated 1:10,000 in SCD and breach into wells in a 96 able-bodied bowl (200 µl each). Plates were larboard for 48 h in a 30 °C allowance afterwards shaking. Next, we spotted abstracted cultures (all 200 µl) assimilate SCD   5-FOA (1 g/L) agar plates. 5-FOA is baneful for URA3 strains, but ura3 mutants can grow. The cardinal of argent spots assorted from 35 to 42 amid altered strains and replicates. We kept agar plates at 30 °C for seven canicule to acquiesce beef that acquired mutations in the GFP-URA3 locus (or beef with added unaccounted 5-FOA attrition events) abound into colonies. Accustomed that the administration of cardinal of mutated colonies beyond altered spots follows a Poisson distribution, the cardinal of accepted 5-FOA attrition contest is-ln(ρ0), area ρ0 is the atom of spots with 0 microcolonies afterwards 7 canicule of growth. Accordingly, the final 5-FOA attrition abundance (a proxy for the alteration rate) is the cardinal of colonies on 5-FOA plates disconnected by the cardinal of beef plated. To actuate the absolute cardinal of beef plated, for anniversary ache we acclimated three wells to admeasurement the optical body of the ability (OD). To annual for abeyant about-face in the cardinal of beef amid altered cultures with the aforementioned OD, for anniversary ache we argent beef of OD = 0.0001 (onto YPD plates) and counted the cardinal of microcolonies (this arrangement plating was performed three times for anniversary strain). Overall, the aberration appraisal was performed at atomic four times for anniversary strain.

All abstracts appraisal was done in Matlab 2018b or Prism V8. bedtools was acclimated for preprocessing sequencing data. iQ Live Corpuscle Imaging software (Andor Technology) was acclimated for angel acquisition.

Unless adumbrated otherwise, the axial band in box plots shows the boilerplate and the basal and top edges of the box announce the 25th and 75th percentiles, respectively. The bristles extend to q3   1.5 × (q3 − q1) and to q1 − 1.5 × (q3 − q1), area q1 and q3 are the 25th and 75th percentiles of the sample data, respectively. These are the MATLAB 2018b absence settings for boxplot. Microscopy abstracts were again at atomic two times, on two altered days. Sequencing abstracts were again at atomic six times.

For microscopy, anniversary agreement was again at atomic alert on two altered days. For sequencing, at atomic six biological replicates were performed for all sequencing experiments.

Further advice on analysis architecture is accessible in the Nature Analysis Reporting Summary affiliated to this article.

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