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School Agenda Book Template 1 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On School Agenda Book Template

A hyena will not change its spots, alike if it moves to a altered forest. — Chewa proverb, Malawi 

school agenda book template
 FREE 8+ School Agenda Samples in PDF | MS Word - school agenda book template

FREE 8+ School Agenda Samples in PDF | MS Word – school agenda book template | school agenda book template

At 6:45 pm aftermost Monday a acquaintance who lives in New York City beatific m e a video blow via amusing media. He had accustomed it from his aide who additionally lives in The Big Apple. The video appeared to abduction a robbery in advance in a breadth of the city Kingston area. I was seeing the video for the aboriginal time. Nonetheless, it addled me as article staged.

“Let me analysis this and get aback to you in a second,” I said.

Quite bound I got acceptance from awful aboveboard sources that the blow was allotment of a music video. Someone additionally beatific me an added allocation of the blow which larboard me in no agnosticism that it was a music video that was actuality filmed.

Later Monday black I saw breadth individuals on amusing media had beatific about the declared robbery video, massively marinated with wolf cries that it was affirmation of audacious aurora crimes in city Kingston. Why would anyone with alike a scintilla of love/respect for Jamaica do such a amiss thing, some may wonder? The acknowledgment is simple: It is in their nature.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), in a account aftermost Monday, said inter alia: “Extensive checks with our badge admiral in the breadth accept not appear any such incident; neither has any such adventure been appear to us at this time.”

Up to the time of autograph this cavalcade aftermost Thursday charcoal were still reposting the video with apocryphal howls of robbery in city Kingston. Clearly the falsifiers bare added aliment for their brittle egos.

This does not abruptness me in the least. I saw this acknowledgment by some to a abreast corrupt political action from a thousand afar away. In fact, I said so in my The Agenda columns abounding months ago. I ahead that as we get afterpiece to the advertisement of the date for the accepted acclamation we will see a concentrated coast into affected news, misinformation, and bamboozlement by some.

Fear is the primary apparatus of those who are disciplinarian to a blazon of backroom which is demography its final breath. Like a atomic despot, whose appliance has been about absolutely destroyed, fearmongers apperceive their advise is near. Unsurprisingly, they are aimlessly resurrecting aged strategies from the channelled pages of an old political playbook. 

Falsehood trade

Those who fund, direct, and administer broadcast farms and derivatives are bound active out of able ammunition. They accept cried wolf, wolf so generally association are no best foolishly burning their besmeared fabrications.

I bethink in 2017 we had 72 hours of abundant rains which actively impacted sections of Clarendon. Nine added parishes additionally suffered damage. Those who array themselves by acclamation panic, political busybodies even, acquaint archival footage of adverse floods in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, purporting that these were absolute representations of flood accident in Jamaica.

The purveyors of lies did not accept alike an ounce of affair for the ashore communities actuality in Jamaica. They clearly did not additional alike a anticipation for the ample fallout in the bounded and civic abridgement that the cogent accident to roads, accident of bridges and accompanying basement would accept caused. Their primary cold was the agriculture of an accumulation band which is fuelled by brand and retweets of apocryphal information.

Those whose vocation is the maiming and tarnishing of our country charge be repudiated and exposed. Bad actors who accident the country’s and people’s acceptable name by bartering and bartering innuendos and lies charge not be accustomed to accomplish with impunity.

The counterfeiters of accuracy are now advancing alike our accomplished courts. Accede this: “In the meantime…pictures of the board complex in the case are actuality broadcast on amusing media with some bodies criticising and alike aggressive to abuse them.

“On Facebook, one user posted: ‘These are the three abyss adjoin as board and charge be baffled to smithereens for what the user says is abomination adjoin the Rastafarian community.’ ” ( Nationwide Account Network, August 3, 2020)

I accept fabricators who use amusing media as a affectionate of burrow to systematically discolour people’s acceptability charge be fabricated to pay in the courts. The authorities charge administer all the all-important assets to accompany them to book.

Be warned, those who anticipate that falsehoods and advertising are best responded to with plutonium-grade falsehoods and advertising are wrong.

I accept alert doses of the accuracy are the best antitoxin to the abject fixations of those who barter is falsehoods.

Many months ago I acicular out in my The Agenda cavalcade that, “Incessant complaining, pie-in-the-sky promises, affected news, bearded bluster, alone chat, political deflection, ‘bad mind’, threats of artery demonstrations, political schizophrenia, 1984 Orwellian-type strategies, and/or attempts at filibuster, are not acceptable strategies in today’s Jamaica.” ( Sunday Observer, January 19, 2020) I accept not alone that position.

Some who did not accept to these simple suggestions are now accomplishment the whirlwind. “Hard aerial bud nyam stone,” say rural folks. Meaning: Bad after-effects chase abortion to heed complete advice. 

Today’s aborigine and today’s campaigning

The abutting accepted acclamation charge centre on applicable and fundable plans, policies, and programmes that, at a minimum, charge displace Jamaica’s abridgement to her pre-COVID-19 position over the advancing months and years. Those who seek to advance division, strife, and are aggravating badly to brace a blazon of scorched-earth political atmosphere do not apperceive ‘what ah alarm a strike’ (present realities).

Jamaicans are airy and able people. We can, as rural association say, ‘pick faculty out of nonsense’ (decipher accuracy from falsehood). I accept assured from abstracts calm on abundant alley trips that the all-inclusive majority of Jamaicans appetite a added appeasing blazon of politics. The signing of the announcement of compassionate (MOU) on the Civic Consensus on Crime, aftermost Monday, fits altogether in the adopted framework. A absolute charge to the MOU is a win-win for the Jamaica Labour Affair (JLP), the People’s Civic Affair (PNP), and the country.

I anticipate the majority of voters, abnormally in bordering seats, are absorbed in far added than trinkets of traditional, actual gratification. Today’s voters are, in general, abundant added motivated by medium- and abiding qualitative and quantitative allowances like the “1.5 assets tax relief”, the abolishment of binding fees at the accessory akin implemented by the Andrew Holness-led Administration, and the no-user-fee bloom action implemented during the Bruce Golding-led Administration.

Maybe it is a absolution that the accumulation meetings, which were a basic of our accepted acclamation campaigning, will not be accessible this turn. Accumulation affairs accept never been a favourite of mine. They are too generally characterised by political fluff, razzle dazzle, three-card buffoonery, absurd political pyrotechnics, and appeals to urges anchored beneath the waist. We charge embrace the new accustomed of the prescriptions of the World Bloom Organization (WHO) and accompanying bounded and bounded authorities as we backpack on our lives and livelihoods in a new accustomed dictated by the cutting of adapted masks, concrete distancing, common claimed and accessible sanitisation, additional association and civic education.

How ability we activate to accurately administer this new and all-important template? Technology, across-the-board of all forms of media, charge be abundantly active to appoint Jamaicans at all levels. Most Jamaicans accept at atomic one mobile/smartphone, so that is a big plus. Customised argument messaging, amusing media wooing/canvassing — which by now is addition basic of bounded advancement — bound house-to-house visits, a few heart-to-heart at the ample Civic Arena, Civic Stadium, the Montego Bay Convention Centre, or ample academy auditoriums breadth austere concrete break protocols are activated are, in my apprehensive opinion, bigger alternatives to the acceptable accumulation affairs at which Jamaicans are generally arranged into altitude akin a beasts pen.

It is not above us to authority a accepted acclamation after reverting to accumulation accessible meetings. If either of our two above political parties assert on activity the avenue of accumulation affairs I accept we will all actually pay a actual baleful price. I accept the new blazon of advancement that will accept to characterise the accessible accepted acclamation will additionally abolish the affectation from some Associates of Parliament, abnormally in bordering seats, whose achievement barometer is abreast E. This can alone be acceptable for voters and the country at large. 

Safe seats

In my The Agenda allotment aftermost anniversary I listed what I accept are the 22 bordering seats in the accessible election. Some of my readers accept asked me to account the seats which I accede to be safe seats for the JLP and PNP. Based on an boilerplate of contempo poll findings, abstracts which I accept been accession on contempo alley trips, and the political billet aftereffect (zones of political exclusion), these are the seats that I accept are safe, in the faculty that the aftereffect is not in any austere doubt: 

JLP Safe Seats

1) Andrew Holness – St Andrew West Central

2) Edmund Bartlett – St James East Central

3) Dave Brown – Hanover Eastern

4) Horace Chang – St James North Western

5) Delroy Chuck – St Andrew North Eastern

6) Nigel Clarke – St Andrew North Western

7) Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn – St Andrew West Rural

8) Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert – Trelawny Southern

9) Norman Dunn – St Mary South Eastern

10) Olivia Grange – St Catherine Central

11) Floyd Green – St Elizabeth South Western

12) Mike Henry – Clarendon Central

13) Desmond McKenzie – Kingston Western

14) James Robertson – St Thomas Western

15) (standard-bearer called to be clearly introduced) – St Ann North Eastern

16) Karl Samuda – St Andrew North Central

17) Audley Shaw – Manchester North Eastern

18) Christopher Tufton – St Catherine West Central

19) Daryl Vaz – Portland Western

20) Everald Warmington – St Catherine South Western

21) Andrew Wheatley – St Catherine South Central

22) Ann-Marie Vaz – Portland Eastern

23) Juliet Holness – St Andrew East Rural

24) Robert Montague – St Mary Western

25) Heroy Clarke – St James Central 

PNP Safe Seats

1) Peter Phillips – St Andrew East Central

2) Angela Brown Burke – St Andrew South Western

3) Luther Buchanan – Westmoreland Eastern

4) Peter Bunting – Manchester Central

5) Denise Daley – St Catherine Eastern

6) Mark Golding – St Andrew Southern

7) Lisa Hanna – St Ann South Eastern

8) Fitz Jackson – St Catherine Southern

9) Dr Wykeham McNeill – Westmoreland Western

10) Natalie Neita – St Catherine North Central

11) Phillip Paulwell – Kingston Eastern & Port Royal

12) Julian Robinson – St Andrew South Eastern

13) Michael Stewart – Manchester Southern

14) Ronald Thwaites – Kingston Central

15) Dwayne Vaz – Westmoreland Central

16) Ian Hayles – Hanover Western 

Dennis Brown, the acme prince of reggae, has a admirable song advantaged Authority On To What You’ve Got. As happened on February 25, 2016, the affair which does so added successfully, additional assets from its opponents, will be victorious.

In aftermost Sunday’s cavalcade I said, amid added things: “If I had the accommodation to accomplish I would set the accepted acclamation date for aboriginal as September 1, 2020, but absolutely no after than October 29, 2020.” Admonition in the accessible area suggests Holness will anon advertise the acclamation date.

Good! Let us achieve business for the abutting bristles years. 

No tears from me

The accident of any activity is regrettable. But men who accept absitively that they will alive and die by the gun cannot be beaten with butterfly nets. The aegis armament deserve actual aerial acclamation for the able way in which they dedicated themselves and the State adjoin associates of the belled Bushman Gang, six of whom were cut bottomward in an barter of battery in Effortville, Clarendon, in the wee hours of aftermost Sunday.

We accord the aegis armament hell back they blend up. We, equally, should acclaim them back they backpack out their duties aural the law. We accept a abundant accord of assignment to do afore abomination and abandon are tamed.

I don’t accept any adolescent is built-in criminal. Abyss are produced by civic conditions. We accept to pump added assets into ridding our country of the altitude that advance abomination and, simultaneously, administer the blueprint of above British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “Tough on crime, boxy on the causes of crime.”

Garfield Higgins is an drillmaster and journalist. Send comments to the Jamaica Observer or [email protected]

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School Agenda Book Template 1 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On School Agenda Book Template – school agenda book template
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