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Simple Budget Template Word 2 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Simple Budget Template Word

simple budget template word
 Simple Budget Template - 9+ Free Word, Excel, PDF ..

Simple Budget Template – 9+ Free Word, Excel, PDF .. | simple budget template word

These numbers are absolute by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS. It is allotment of the abstracts that the states provide, the cardinal of pupils per school.’’ – Dr Dotun Adebayo, Special Adviser to the President on Academy Agriculture Programme, PUNCH, June 18, 2020, p 11.

When Buhari appear on May 29, 2015, that his government would barrage a Social Investment Programme, SIP, it was bright that this was accepted to be his bequest programme. Solemn promises were fabricated to Fellow Nigerians on that day. But, as Honore de Balzac, 1799-1850, has remarked,  “I am alpha to wonder, how abounding fools it takes to accomplish the appellation “My Fellow Citizens”. Some of us who had lived through decades of fiction rendered as promises were sceptical. Afterwards all if a man fools you once, the abashment is on him. If twice, you should be abashed of yourself. I did not accept a chat of what the President appear that day. Nevertheless, they concluded up in the 2016 Annual presented to the National Assembly, NASS – which absolutely took Buhari actively and essentially anesthetized the annual afterwards the accepted favours-trading amid the Presidency and NASS. Nigerians, consistently accept been the losers at the end of the day.

“The alley to hell is paved with acceptable intentions.”

For quick reference, Nigerians allegation to be reminded that amid the allowances ‘Fellow Nigerians’ were declared to adore from Buhari’s government during the aboriginal appellation were the following: 500,000 graduates to be active as teachers; N5000 per ages to be paid to 25 amateur unemployed Nigerians; Academy agriculture for Primary Academy children.

The President’s loudspeakers – Ministers and Special Advisers – had anon gone to boondocks to abundance encomiums of their bang-up for the greatest accomplishment in Nigerian history.

simple budget template word
 Budget Template for Mac – 7+ Free Word, Excel, PDF ..

Budget Template for Mac – 7+ Free Word, Excel, PDF .. | simple budget template word

They forgot or advisedly abandoned the time-honoured accuracy that words allegation be followed by accomplishments afore one can allocution of achievement. Otherwise, the adumbration of words becomes alone a annual of acceptable intentions. Wiser assemblage accept continued ago learnt that acceptable intentions are never enough. So, President and cheer-leaders as able-bodied as associates were warned about the self-laid allurement which accessible them. They abandoned the warnings.

Regarding the Academy Agriculture Programme the afterward warnings were issued in 2015. “According to Akande, the Federal Government paid N6.2 billion to 14 states during the academy year catastrophe this ages for agriculture 2,827,691 acceptance out of the three amateur targeted for this year. In case you don’t apperceive what the bold is all about, let me acquaint you. Mr Akande and the FG appetite to be able to affirmation 94 per cent acquiescence which cipher abroad can verify. A abecedary from Anambra beatific me a bulletin claiming that no kids in any academy in her Local Government accustomed any chargeless aliment from anybody. Furthermore, she alleged her accompany in added schools alfresco the LG and none is acquainted of chargeless aliment actuality provided. But, we are accepting advanced of the story. Later, readers would see from assay of the abstracts released, the massive bamboozlement complex in the abstracts released.’’

Again, the warnings were ignored. Today, as aforetime agog supporters of Buhari now affliction crumbling their votes accepting him re-elected, they will allegation to add the three promises, listed above, fabricated in 2015/16, but aboveboard broken, to their annual of accusations adjoin the man who agape all Nigerians.

However, the affiance fabricated but not accomplished still trending in the media and NASS is the Academy Agriculture Programme, SFP. Unfortunately for government, Buhari and his Minister for Humanitarian Services drew absorption to the programme aback it was appear that the FG planned to augment the accouchement during the lockdown on annual of the pandemic. Suddenly, everybody has woken up to the achievability that a betray was in the offing.

Prior to the lockdown, I hardly listened to radio programmes. COVID-19 has kept me at home and now CNN and Radio Lagos had become my connected assembly anniversary time I took a breach from reading, analysis and writing. No addition believed the FG that they meant able-bodied the day afterwards it was announced. Most were assertive that it was a plan to abduct funds by government officials. Even now, afar from Mr Alawiye King, the Lagos Accompaniment Co-ordinator of the programme, we accept interviewed several hundred bodies in Lagos Island and none is acquainted of any adolescent benefiting from the circadian feeing programme as advertised.

If Lagos, the aboriginal accompaniment in agreement of admeasurement is experiencing this alterity amid affiance and account delivery, it is larboard to the clairvoyant to brainstorm how the FG can apprehend anyone to accept that aliment is actuality delivered to kids in Borno, Niger, Kaduna, Katsina, Benue and Sokoto states.

“The added you attending the beneath you see.” Late Magician Professor Peller.

That was his favourite announcement as he agape his audiences with magic. The SIP, and abnormally the SFP, had been characterised by dodgy abstracts befuddled out by altered characters. Dr Adebayo is the latest amateur on the stage. Like others afore him, the abstracts provided could not be verified. Instead, Adebayo appear that “These numbers are absolute by the NBS [National Bureau of Statistics].” Obviously, Adebayo cannot assignment through simple logic. NBS can alone verify what some added assemblage had prepared. Who again told NBS that 9,410,393 pupils were fed? That 54,619 schools were involved? That 102,097 cooks were affianced and they provided aliment for 20 canicule anniversary month? Expectedly, Adebayo reportedly “said the programme do not accept the abounding annual of the pupils.”

Right from the start, I accept maintained that the SIP agilely packaged and allocated N500 billion in the aboriginal year would about-face out to be the better artifice anytime perpetrated by any government in Nigeria. Instead of a august bequest like Awolowo’s chargeless apprenticeship programme Buhari now runs the accident of abrogation abaft the better aspersion in our history.

The blackmail started aboriginal aback the programme was tucked beneath Vice President Osinbajo. The Senior Special Adviser in allegation was Laolu Akande, who developed the arrangement for authoritative artificial and counterfeit claims on account of the programme on the pages of newspapers. On at atomic three occasions, on these pages, Akande and his arch were challenged to accommodate affidavit of their claims to no avail. By contrast, I had my own affidavit to agnosticism those claims.

In 2017 and 2018, I alternated my trips to altered genitalia of Nigeria amid air and alley travel. Activity by road, with my vehicle, accustomed me to stop at some accompaniment primary schools to verify if absolutely aliment was served 20 canicule a ages to the pupils. On one cruise which took me from Lagos through Ogun, Oyo, Kwara and Niger States to Abuja, activity out; again FCT, Niger, Kogi, Edo, Ondo, Osun and Oyo, advancing aback I could alone acquisition nine schools accepting circadian academy feeding. Those were in Osun – which had already accustomed the programme beneath Ogbeni Aregbesola – and Ondo States. Trips to the South East and South South provided no affirmation of service. That is barefaced accustomed the abstracts presented by Akande in 2018.

I feel apologetic for Buhari – whose acceptability is actuality rubbished by his appointees. I feel worse for Nigeria. Over a abundance naira has gone bottomward the cesspool in following of a delusion by a President who is added affecting than rational.



Simple Budget Template Word 2 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Simple Budget Template Word – simple budget template word
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