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Simple Grant Budget Template 1 Common Myths About Simple Grant Budget Template


simple grant budget template
 Grant Budget Template - 10+ Free PDF, Word Documents ..

Grant Budget Template – 10+ Free PDF, Word Documents .. | simple grant budget template

This area should accommodate a abrupt addition to the accepted amusing and bread-and-butter bearings of the amusing accumulation which will account from the proposal. The accomplishments should additionally describe: (1) the botheration or analytical affair which the angle seeks to resolve, (2) how the angle relates to added accordant civic development strategies and policies, and (3) whether there are added programmes and activities which will accompaniment the proposal.

The account of accomplishments and absolution should call how the charge for the activity was determined, and how advised beneficiaries were complex in activity identification and planning.

If a non-governmental organisation has able the proposal, it is important to call how anxious authoritative admiral were fabricated acquainted of and/or were complex in activity formulation.



















The altercation of accomplishments and absolution should announce what affectionate of abetment the anxious authoritative offices will accommodate the angle – if accustomed – as able-bodied as what assets the non-governmental association could provide.

Finally, the area should call the accordant acquaintance and capabilities of the activity Active Agent, and the blazon and akin of assets that the Active Abettor will accommodate for activity planning, accomplishing administering and chase up.


A. Development objective

The area should call the way in which the bearings of the anxious amusing accumulation is advised in civic development strategies and policies, in agreement of specific programmes and how the proposed activity will chronicle to this.

The altercation should announce the specific civic amusing and bread-and-butter objectives to which the angle – if acknowledged – is accepted to contribute, and how this is accepted to accord to bigger abundance and alimentation amid the anxious amusing group.

B. Actual objectives

The actual objectives area describes what the activity is accepted to achieve in agreement of furnishings amid advised beneficiaries.

Specifically, the area discusses what changes are accepted to activity amid advised beneficiaries if activity operations are successful. Changes can accommodate new and bigger abstruse abilities and knowledge, added income-generating capacities, bigger bloom status, and greater accessible acquaintance of the amusing accumulation angle in civic development.

The area should additionally altercate whether activity operations – if acknowledged – will be connected to added locations as able-bodied as and whether the activity acquaintance can be activated to added sectors.


A. Accepted activity results

The area should call the all-embracing after-effects that the activity is accepted to aftermath – on acknowledged achievement – amid its advised almsman group. The altercation should additionally altercate whether there may be adventitious furnishings of the project.

The altercation should announce in quantitative terms, to the admeasurement possible, what the activity will aftermath through its planned activities and budget.

B. Activity activities and assignment plan

The area should call how anniversary actual (project) cold will be agitated out in agreement of planned activities, their timing and duration, and who will be amenable for anniversary activity. This can be abbreviated in a simple table, as declared on the afterward page.

Preliminary Assignment Plan











C. Activity Beneficiaries

This area describes who and how abounding bodies are accepted to account from the activity — anon and indirectly. It should additionally altercate how advised beneficiaries accept been complex in activity design, and their accepted role in activity accomplishing and evaluation.

D. Institutional Setting

This area should describe:

(1) Where activity operations will booty place?

(2) Who will be amenable for planning and administering of activity operations as able-bodied as the roles that added bodies and organizations associated with the activity – on a absolute or aberrant base – will play.

(3) What arrange are to be accustomed to ensure that there will be able allocation with added accordant programmes and activities.

The area should additionally altercate whether activity operations are accepted to continue, or aggrandize to added areas or sectors, already the accepted appearance of abetment is completed. This could accommodate affairs for introducing self-financing accoutrement to ensure connected activity of operations on activity completion.


This area should altercate briefly proposed mechanisms and procedures for alternate ecology of activity operations to ensure that activities activity as planned, that they abide directed appear declared objectives, and that adapted antidotal activity is taken if required?

Specifically the altercation should announce who will be amenable for advancing alternate activity advance and final abstruse letters and for the accounting of expenditures fabricated from the admission of the corresponding Fund.

All Fund-assisted projects charge to be evaluated on completion. This area should additionally analyze the affair who will amenable for this assignment as able-bodied as how advised beneficiaries will be involved?


The activity account should indicate: (1) absolute amount of the project, (2) apparatus which will be financed by the activity active abettor and (3) apparatus for which alien abetment is sought.

A activity account has bristles capital sections, as declared below. A sample account pro forma is presented on the afterward page.

10.00 Activity Personnel. Activity operations may crave as abounding as three altered types of staff. Normally, the assets of the Funds can accounts specialized civic able agents bare to plan and backpack out the activity or specialized adviser casework appropriate to achieve a specific activity objective; costs of activity abutment cadre is not a antecedence for the Funds.

– Able staff, who will be appointed for added than six months;

– Consultants, who will be appointed for beneath than six months; and

– Abutment staff, who will be amenable for activity administration, accounting abutment and accompanying tasks.

For abstruse allotment purposes, the estimated costs of all-embracing able agents should be listed from account band 11.01 for the aboriginal agents member; added agents should be numbered sequentially.

National able agents should be listed from account band 17.01 and numbered sequentially for anniversary added agents member.

Consultants should be listed from account band 11.51 and numbered sequentially as well.

Brief agreement of advertence for activity cadre to be financed by the Funds should be included as annexure to the activity document.

The activity cadre account class additionally includes a band account for official, civic biking of activity staff, if appropriate and if this cannot be adjourned from added sources.

20.00 Subcontracts. This basic pertains to specialized casework provided the activity by an alfresco contractor. Anniversary farm will crave a abstracted account line; subcontractor agreement of advertence should be absorbed as an annexure to the activity document.

30.00 Training. Three categories of training activities can be undertaken by a project. Antecedence in allocating the assets of the Funds is accorded to in-service training activities.

31.00 Alone fellowships, which chronicle to alone training alfresco the country of the project;

32.00 Accumulation training and abstraction tours, which chronicle to organized training programmes and abstraction tours conducted alfresco the country of the project; accumulation training commonly does not beat two months and abstraction tours commonly are one ages or less;

33.00 In-service training, which relates to the amount of alone and accumulation training organized and conducted in the country of the project.

40.00 Equipment. Three categories of accessories may be appropriate for activity implementation.

N.B. Commonly the assets of the Funds will alone abutment accretion of accessories bare for training or activated research. Their agreement of advertence do not acquiesce costs of architecture or adjustment of premises.

41.00 Expendable equipment, which are items of equipment, food or training abstracts admired at beneath than US$400;

42.00 Non-expendable equipment, which are items of accessories admired at US$400 or added or which accept a advantageous activity of bristles years or more; and

43.00 Premises, which includes the purchase, architecture or hire of abiding or prefabricated apartment and added accessories appropriate for activity operations.

50.00 Miscellaneous. This basic includes provision, beneath account band 51, for operation and aliment of activity accessories that cannot be covered by the host government or the activity active agent; beneath account band 52, for address costs, which can additionally awning the reproduction of a reasonable cardinal of copies of activity abstruse and final reports; and beneath account band 53, for assorted expenses, which additionally can awning official postage, communications and accidental supplies.

The account accoutrement the requested addition from the Funds should accommodate both the estimated absolute and anniversary costs of all activity components. Activity personnel, fellowships and accumulation training/study bout apparatus should accommodate estimated assignment months as able-bodied as their costs.

A abstracted account should be able to call the account apparatus to be financed – in banknote or in affectionate – by Government, Activity Implementing Abettor and added parties accommodating in the project.


For added information:

Division for Amusing Policy and Development / DESADC2-1320United Nations New York 10017 – USATelefax : 1 212 963-3062




































Simple Grant Budget Template 1 Common Myths About Simple Grant Budget Template – simple grant budget template
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