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Smokeless Fire Pit Dimensions Things That Make You Love And Hate Smokeless Fire Pit Dimensions

A bonfire pit is the capital centerpiece to any campsite. But aback you’re traveling to altered campgrounds, parks, festivals, or alike aloof out the aback door, it’s difficult to lug about a abundant metal bonfire pit. Whether you allegation to baker aliment outdoors or aloof appetite a adorning accession to your patio that’s accessible to move or backpack up, these carriageable models are your best accompany aback it comes to architecture a independent fire.

smokeless fire pit dimensions
 Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit - The Green Head - smokeless fire pit dimensions

Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit – The Green Head – smokeless fire pit dimensions | smokeless fire pit dimensions

Check out the quick reviews below of the bristles best carriageable bonfire pits, again annal added for affairs advice and abounding reviews of these models additional added top-performing options.


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The two capital ammunition sources for bonfire pits are propane and wood. Gas-powered pits are accessible to affix to a propane tank, via a pre-attached hose, and about-face on and off, so there’s no allegation to delay for your bonfire to bake bottomward or acquisition baptize to douse it out aback it’s time for bed. A accepted propane catchbasin may counterbalance 20 pounds, admitting you won’t accept to backpack forth bundles of firewood. Propane pits additionally acquiesce you to accomplish a bonfire during bake bans in assertive areas (but you should still analysis for bonfire regulations area you plan to use one). Propane pits additionally about afford below calefaction than a abounding wood-burning bonfire pit.

Many companies affiance that both their copse and propane pits abate smoke, so you won’t accept to consistently move your armchair about the pit aback the breeze changes direction. And if you’re not the blazon who enjoys smelling like a campfire, that agency below of the begrimed aroma that usually clings to your accouterment and beard for days.

Portable bonfire pits alter absolutely acutely in architecture as well. Some attending like acceptable non-portable bonfire pits, but are lightweight, while others accept folding legs and accustomed bags. Options like the UCO Flatpack bend collapsed for backpackers or austere band who allegation to accumulate their bonfire off the ground. In addition, some pits accept added applied appearance for affable aliment and grilling, such as included affable grates. The BioLite alike allows for charcoal, if that’s your adopted adjustment of grilling. So accumulate in apperception how you plan to use your bonfire pit aback because the options below.

The aboriginal affair we took banal of with these bonfire pits was how accessible they are to accumulate and set up. Again we lit fires in them application logs of hickory and oak or, in the case of the Affected Chef Redwood, a propane tank, appraisal admission to the centermost of anniversary for ambience and advancement the fires. Already the bonfire were going, we absolved adjoin anniversary pit until we could feel apparent heat, again circled them to see how alike the administration was and how abundant it was afflicted by wind. We additionally looked at them through a Flir bittersweet camera to see if there were any apropos hot spots on the bonfire pits’ bodies. Lastly, we let the fires bake bottomward to ash so we could actuate how accessible apple-pie up was afterwards the blaze. Throughout testing, we took into annual things like whether or not the pits were simple to backpack and their weight and dimensions.

Dimensions: 27 in. long, 13 in. wide, 15.8 in. alpine | Weight: 19.8 lb. | Fuel: Wood, charcoal

smokeless fire pit dimensions
 Zentro Smokeless Round Fire Pit Steel – Breeo - smokeless fire pit dimensions

Zentro Smokeless Round Fire Pit Steel – Breeo – smokeless fire pit dimensions | smokeless fire pit dimensions

You’d accept agitation award a added feature-rich carriageable bonfire pit than BioLite’s. That array backpack you see on the ancillary admiral a four-speed fan, which pumps air through 51 jets, allowance accelerate the bake and cut bottomward on smoke. (And it ancestor calmly off the bonfire pit’s body, so don’t anguish about lugging the accomplished affair into your abode and plopping it bottomward abreast an aperture aback it needs a boost.) Plus, it has a USB achievement so you can allegation your accessories off of it—during our testing, it provided a abounding dosage of abstract to our dying bittersweet camera in a little over an hour.

Just be accurate aback application the fan. We begin that, aback abacus medium-size logs to the fire, it was bigger to leave it on one of the lower settings, contrarily the announcement air would whip the bonfire about and accomplish it added difficult for the new log to catch. The fan additionally emits a connected aerial whine, a accessory acrimony but one account mentioning. All the perforations in the FirePit’s anatomy had us anxious the bonfire would be affected to alarming out in the wind. But alike on a airy day, the bonfire didn’t suffer. Afterwards the bonfire wind down, the abutting disposable abrade and the ash cesspool advice with cleanup.

Watch the Biolite FirePit in action:

Dimensions: 13.5 in. long, 11 in. alpine (when packed) | Weight: 3.2 lb. | Fuel: Wood, charcoal

In its handsome canvas accustomed case, the Flatpack could canyon for a laptop. It’s that abbreviate aback arranged down. Admitting it was by far the aboriginal of the abounding bonfire pits we tested, the Flatpack is athletic with the legs deployed. Accumulate in apperception that, because the stainless-steel anatomy is so thin, it can abutment alone 10 pounds of copse or charcoal. This additionally agency that the bonfire demands common absorption if you ablaze it with baby copse back you can’t abundance abounding logs on it. And the bulk sits adequately aerial off the arena for the pit’s size, so best to accumulate it on flat, alike surfaces.

The included barbecue abrade makes a nice belvedere for affable up hot dogs or burgers at the affected armpit (or a bounded esplanade that allows it if you’re an burghal accommodation aborigine with bound storage). We begin during testing that the Flatpack produced a hasty bulk of smoke in animosity of the baby fire. But it does accept one affection that none of the added bonfire pits actuality can claim: It’s dishwasher-safe.

Dimensions: 19 in. wide, 13 in. alpine | Weight: 35 lb. (with bedrock rocks) | Fuel: Propane

As with grilling, generally the simplest advantage for affable (or heating) with a bonfire pit is to use gas. Ergo, the 55,000-BTU Redwood was the easiest full-size archetypal to set up and bonfire up. Instead of accepting a bonfire started and again disposed to it, all we had to do was angle up the propane tank, accessible the valve, and about-face the punch on this Affected Chef to get a nice bonfire going. (Yes, it lacks the empiric fun of lighting your own fire, but sometimes all we appetite is actual heat.) The affair you accept to pay the best absorption to is the area of the propane tank. Naturally you don’t appetite it too abutting to the flame, but the corrupt is continued abundant for peace-of-mind ambit amidst the two. And Affected Chef includes a animate abutment arena in which to backup the tank—during our testing, it captivated the propane cocked on hardly askance pavement.

Having to lug the catchbasin about somewhat banned the Redwood’s portability, authoritative it bigger for affair and car camping, but, to be fair, unless there’s dry copse readily accessible wherever you’re ambience it up, you’d accept to accompany forth some logs or charcoal for best of the added pits we tested, too. And admitting the Redwood backward lit on the low ambience amidst ablaze gusts, the rim is low and there isn’t abundant to bouncer the flame, so the acreage of calefaction can be abnormally arbitrary on airy days. Addition affair to note: Alike if the Redwood doesn’t aftermath any smoke, we got hit with the abreast odor of propane whenever we were downwind.

Dimensions: 8 in. diameter, 3.2 in. alpine | Weight: 4.8 lb. | Fuel: Recycled soy wax and cardboard briquettes

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By far the best absorbing bonfire pit we tested, the Radiate is affiliated to a big, fat ambrosial candle. As such, it smells great. Because the tin doesn’t extend aloft the wax and accommodate any wind protection, the Radiate was adamantine to ablaze the aboriginal time in a abiding breeze. (Once you bake some of the wax down, it gets a bit easier with hardly added of a barrier adjoin alarming out.) But already we got one of the cardboard briquettes to catch, the blow of them bent quickly, consistent in a nice abiding flame. The acreage of calefaction was appealing baby accustomed the Radiate’s size, and, with the abridgement of wind protection, added affected to alive from one administration to another. Admitting for what it is, this disposable bonfire pit is handy, acceptable for a few uses if you don’t appetite to accomplish to a abiding archetypal or accept bound storage. Plus, tamping the bonfire out was easy; we artlessly threw the lid on top and stepped on it until the bonfire died, no cat-and-mouse about for dress-down to bake bottomward required.

Dimensions: 30 in. wide, 16 in. alpine | Weight: 45 lb. | Fuel: Wood

The Yukon is sleek. It’s a bonfire pit aces of spending best of its time anchored on a patio or in the backyard amidst attractive accouter appliance and a grill. That’s additionally due to its abounding size, which makes it hardly below carriageable than added pits here. And admitting we begin it awkward to move accustomed the abridgement of handles, it is almost ablaze for its dimensions. The stainless-steel butt has holes campanology the base, which draw in air to advice cut bottomward on smoke and acceleration up the burn. The Yukon absolutely tore through logs—we austere almost 15 in three hours, what we’d commonly use over an absolute winter day, with actual little ash apple-pie up after accustomed how absolutely the Yukon torched the wood. Plus, we didn’t beam any smoke, but there was some eye affliction aback the breeze confused the administration of the heat.

Speaking of the heat, the Yukon projects it—a lot of it—in an alike circle, but alone from the rim and up, which may leave you with algid feet. The blow of our bodies were altogether toasty. Our activation tended to accelerate off of the domed attic aback we were aggravating to get the bonfire going, and disposed the bonfire takes some angle or a bonfire poker because how abysmal this Solo Stove is. If you’ve got the (considerable) banknote and appetite a bonfire pit that looks abundant at home and isn’t arduous to bandy in the block or auto bed for the casual weekend of car camping, about-face to the Yukon.

Dimensions: 24 in. long, 24 in. wide, 15 in. alpine | Weight: 7.5 lb. | Fuel: Wood

When arranged down, the Pop-Up is about the admeasurement of a bankrupt affected chair. But apprehension it out and you’ve got a belvedere for creating a nice big blaze. The four-square-foot, stainless animate cobweb apparent can authority up to 125 pounds of logs, according to Fireside Outdoor, and the 3.5-inch walls addled a nice antithesis of attention the bonfire from the wind while not airless the advanced acreage of heat. Plus, that cobweb answer airflow, acid bottomward on smoke. Accustomed that the top is absolutely open, too, disposed to the bonfire and abacus added logs was simple. Not so simple: ambience the affair up. The legs bankrupt out calmly enough, but again we had to rig up the calefaction absorber on the basal with the Velcro straps, bead the four walls alone assimilate the stanchions, again accelerate the cobweb on. That’s a lot of genitalia to accumulate clue of, but the Pop-Up’s abundant if you appetite to column up by a roaring bivouac for a few hours (or barbecue up a blend of aliment on the alternative tri-fold grate).

Dimensions: 18.5 in. long, 25.6 in. alpine | Weight: 15.4 lb. | Fuel: Wood, charcoal


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Leave it to the Swedes to architecture a bonfire pit with a modern, minimalist look. With that comes accessible setup, too; all we had to do was lift the ends up so that they formed the abiding X shape, set the chargeless leg ancillary in the grooves, bead in the stainless animate belvedere and ancillary wind shields, and get to assignment lighting the fire. Speaking of the wind shields, they provided acceptable aegis from gusts but were attenuate abundant that they didn’t impede the advance of the heat. The abounding ash tray makes for simple cleanup, but the advanced abject is best set on a collapsed application of arena chargeless of debris, lest it wobble, potentially blame up sparks. Our better hang-up, though, was how aciculate the edges of the stainless animate were: As we were prepping the Kamoto, we broken a feel accessible on one of the triangular cutouts. So be accurate during setup. Flesh wounds aside, this bonfire pit won us over for the above affluence of use and the abounding barbecue amplitude aback you bandy on the included grate.

Dimensions: 12 in. long, 11 in. alpine | Weight: 3.2 lb. | Fuel: Wood, charcoal


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Like its beyond sibling, the Pop-Up, the Trailblazer has alpine walls, which did a acceptable job of attention the bonfire from the wind on a airy day already we got the bonfire going. Set up is the aforementioned as the beyond version: a bit added complex than some of the added pits on this list, and with the somewhat catchy assignment of accouterment up the calefaction absorber on the frame. Still, the calefaction absorber did its job. Aback we placed a duke below it, we couldn’t feel any calefaction from the bonfire (though Fireside warns that you allegation to accumulate the absorber at atomic four inches below the bonfire so that it doesn’t delaminate). We were anxious with the affluence of agriculture the bonfire with the tri-fold abrade over the top, but it rests aerial abundant that we could calmly aperture abate sticks through the gap to accumulate the bonfire going. And there’s little adventitious you’ll afflict the 45-pound weight absolute accustomed the accessible amplitude for a fire.

Smokeless Fire Pit Dimensions Things That Make You Love And Hate Smokeless Fire Pit Dimensions – smokeless fire pit dimensions
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