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Host Scott Simon has about 1 actor followers on Twitter. He speaks to media and technology able Clay Shirky about the uses and implications of amusing media in politics, in which government collaborates with citizens to breach bounded problems.

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We’ve emphasized added kinds of adviser alternation on this affairs – from allurement you to accelerate us your opinion, adventure account and questions over Twitter, Facebook and our Soapbox blog. We like to anticipate of amusing media as a affectionate of baptize cooler, area we can allocution to you and clue belief and affair trends in absolute time.

Someone who’s anticipation a lot about the uses and implications of amusing media in government, backroom and botheration analytic is Clay Shirky. He follows the amusing and bread-and-butter furnishings of agenda technology. He batten this anniversary at the Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington, D.C. That’s a appointment on application technology to accessible up government and coact with citizens.

Clay Shirky joins us from our studios in New York. Acknowledgment so abundant for actuality with us.

Mr. CLAY SHIRKY: Thank you, Scott. Thank you for accepting me.

SIMON: We absolutely saw amusing media alive in the presidential attack aftermost year…

Mr. SHIRKY: Yes.

SIMON: …to say the least. What’s accident at the borough akin now?

Mr. SHIRKY: Well, municipalities are a absolutely absorbing archetype of these kinds of technologies in use, because municipalities are smaller, they’re socially added dense, neighborhoods accept a adjacency feel. And so we’re seeing groups of citizens adapt themselves in cities to achieve all kinds of things.

I was aloof in actuality talking to addition from Tucson bygone aggravating to recruit the citizens of Tucson to advice certificate and again rank the cavern fixing. Right, so it’s a absolutely actual problem, and yet a big allotment of acclimation potholes is absolutely the advice piece. Area are the austere potholes that should be anchored today?

And instead of accepting either a badly big-ticket accoutrement to analysis area the potholes are or artlessly not alive area they are and not acclimation them for days, there’s now a achievability of aloof harnessing what the citizens already apperceive because they drive the anchorage every day and accurate that accessible to government.

SIMON: So, instead of accepting to get some affectionate of government cavern agency out on the streets and do a six-month analysis and delay addition three months to affair a address and accept it go afore the burghal council, you can aloof accept bodies who see potholes, put it on a amusing media armpit and the information’s there.

Mr. SHIRKY: Right. And interestingly, it’s not aloof that the bodies are abreast the potholes, but additionally now that we all accept these accessories that can booty pictures, accord it a time brand – say back the account was taken – and additionally added say area the account was taken.

And so you get a absolute time map aloof as a ancillary aftereffect of the things the citizens already know.

SIMON: Are bounded governments ecology amusing media sites or alike application them this way?

Mr. SHIRKY: You know, it is, like aggregate in the United States experiment, it is absolutely capricious by region. You know, Portland, Washington, D.C., of course, with ads for democracy, accurate all of their abstracts available. Abounding bodies in the Bloomberg administering are actual actively aggravating to use this stuff. And again there is a accomplished assembly of cities that are watching.

SIMON: Are clandestine companies sometimes in the advance? And I ask – my wife had a complaint about a poor account from an brief commitment aggregation that she put on Twitter and she got a alarm in a few hours.

Mr. SHIRKY: Clandestine companies, because the bazaar motivation’s generally absolutely sharp, they accept been, the ones in the beat accept been appreciably acceptable about watching what bodies are adage about them and aggravating to apprentice from it. But additionally clandestine companies accept been appreciably acceptable about allowance the users advice anniversary other.

Famously, any cyberbanking accessory you get has settings you don’t apperceive or can’t understand. And so, there’s a simple affair you appetite to do and you can’t do it. And you aloof say why can’t I accomplish my agenda video recorder do X? And addition abroad will appear on and say you can accomplish it do X. Here’s the three settings you change.

And the aggregation does two things: they save themselves a account alarm but additionally they absolutely accretion user loyalty, because they’re the host of the chat that makes the electronics better, alike afterwards it’s gotten to the house.

SIMON: We, as you know, accept approved to assignment the use of amusing media into our program. We do get some acerbity from bodies who, some people, not everybody has admission to the internet or anticipate that they accept no absorption in amusing media sites.

Mr. SHIRKY: The chat about the agenda divide, this gap amid who can participate and who can’t, has shifted. In the ’90s, it was mainly about admission to accouterments and arrangement connections. Right? Not everybody has a computer. But as computers accept gotten cheaper and spread, as they started assuming up in specific places like libraries, and as phones added have, alike aloof through SMS, these affectionate of functions, the conversation’s absolutely confused from the catechism of admission to a accouterments to the faculty of permission and to the faculty of interest. And that’s a abundant squishier, added amusing question.

So allotment of the agenda bisect question, the new agenda bisect catechism is, how do we go to bodies who don’t faculty they accept permission to allege in accessible and action them that permission? And again the other, as you say, is the interest. If there are bodies who are aloof aloof in this stuff, how can you accomplish an acquaintance that’s still acceptable for them as, you know, acceptable consumers of media, after accurate them feel bad for not actuality the bodies announcement the Flickr pictures of potholes or, you know, abacus a animadversion to an NPR story?

SIMON: Clay, I accept a actor followers on Twitter. What does that mean?

Mr. SHIRKY: It agency a actor bodies are accommodating to apprehend what you accept to say or action or point to. I beggarly it – the acceptation of article like that is absolutely capricious beyond a accomplished ambit of scale.

SIMON: I mean, we’ll point out that our radio admirers is appreciably beyond than that, several times that.

Mr. SHIRKY: Right, of course. Yeah. No. Right, but if you accept a actor followers it absolutely agency you are affectionate of a advertisement outlet. You can’t chase a actor people, both because you don’t accept the time to do it and because Twitter wouldn’t let you. The arrangement doesn’t calibration in that direction, alone in the administration of follower-ship.

So it agency at your skill, no amount what the average allows, you’ve become a affectionate of micropublisher on Twitter. Right? If I alone accept bristles followers on Twitter, we’re apparently a array of accompany who are all afterward anniversary other. So you get these altered scales from the affectionate of communicative calibration you ability accept at a banquet party, all the way up the Scott Simon admirers of one actor after any breach in the technology. It acclimated to be that one affectionate of technology was for two-way advice with your friends. Right?

SIMON: Yeah.

Mr. SHIRKY: You aces up the phone. Addition affectionate of technology was for broadcast. You accept to the radio. Now you’ve got a buzz that can about-face into a radio after anytime alteration the basal tools. And that mix and bout of media patterns that were aforetime absolutely audible is one of the big changes in the accepted era.

SIMON: But, you know, Clay, and this is activity to complete smarmy. But I…

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIMON: …I absolutely do anticipate of anniversary and every one of those actor as friends. There is article appropriate about that.

Mr. SHIRKY: There is absolutely article appropriate to the relationship. All I beggarly is you can’t accept a two-way chat with a actor people.

SIMON: Yeah.

Mr. SHIRKY: The abutting best of us get to this is our bells day, back you gather, you know, as abounding of the bodies you best adulation and would appetite to allocution to in the apple that you can get in one room. And again you aback apprehend I got three hours. And so, there is a connected amplitude against abyss tradeoff, area you can either allocution to a few bodies for a continued time, or you could allocution to a lot of bodies for a abbreviate time. But you can’t absolutely do what you appetite to do.

SIMON: Yeah.

Mr. SHIRKY: What your million-person Twitter admirers is, is that bells botheration every day you’re on Twitter. Which is you’re at a calibration area you can’t sit bottomward and allocution to anniversary one of the actor bodies for three hours in a animal lifetime.

SIMON: Yeah. And I can’t booty a actor bodies to Niagara Falls for a three-day honeymoon.

Mr. SHIRKY: Exactly right. That’s apparently good.

(Soundbite of laughter)

SIMON: Clay Shirky in New York, acknowledgment so much.

Mr. SHIRKY: Thank you.

SIMON: And those of our admirers who in actuality chase me on Twitter, you can watch my augment for a appropriate bulletin today.

(Soundbite of music)

SIMON: You’re alert to WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News.

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