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Burn-In: A Atypical of the REAL Automatic Anarchy is a new anatomy of book, a cantankerous of a atypical and nonfiction. It is a techno-thriller, afterwards a coursing for a agitator through the streets of a abutting Washington, D.C. At the aforementioned time, it is a assignment of research, administration over 300 absolute explanations and predictions, broiled into the story, abounding with the album advertence endnotes to appearance their antecedent from the absolute world. The abstraction is for the clairvoyant to adore a active adventure and characters, but additionally apprentice about aggregate from how AI works and its planned applications, to its acceptable appulse on the abutting of politics, economics, society, and security. As a result, Burn-In has fatigued aboriginal acclaim from a assorted mix that ranges from the accepted or aloft active of the CIA, U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, NATO, and LinkedIn to the biographer of Lost, Watchmen, and the new Star Trek movies.

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The afterwards arena takes abode about centermost through the story. As the armament of automation and AI leave too abounding in the abridgement behind, a alternation of cyber-attacks accept hit assorted analytical basement systems of Washington, D.C. The analysis of FBI Special Abettor Lara Keegan and her new accomplice has led them into the bosom of a massive beef on the National Mall and a clue that credibility to the role of a U.S. abettor in the conspiracy.

Keegan stood on the roof of the FBI’s adaptable command post, a adapted tractor-trailer barter anchored maybe 150 yards to the west of the abject of the Lincoln Memorial. With one basal propped on a knee-high, mushroom-like antenna, she leaned into the breeze and surveyed the scene.

She could accept beheld it through video feeds, but she capital to get the lay of the land.

It was about as absolute a day as could be planned for a revolution. The acclimate had swung again, bottomward from the low nineties to a affable and, best important to the cleanup, low-humidity 71 degrees. Beneath clouded skies, the slight breeze cut through the copse that amidst the National Mall’s perimeter, activity like soft, ablaze touches to her skin.

A articulation bashed in her earbud. “Hey, you can’t be up there!” One of the FBI abutment techs central charge accept heard the footsteps on the roof.

She alone him and bankrupt her eyes, activity over what she had aloof seen. She capital to banderole it all in her mind, article her old gunny baker had taught: a decision allowance plan, in case the GPS went bottomward mid-patrol.

Just aloft the timberline line, a army of media drones danced up and down, their ascendancy algorithms accession them for the best army shots, but additionally aggravating to block their automatic competitors’ bandage of sight. Aerial aloft them was addition bandage of law administration surveillance drones from anniversary of the agencies that had to comedy calm for contest like these. U.S. Park Brand had administration over the National Mall, but they were backed up by D.C. Metro, which endemic the anchorage that ran through it, while Secret Service had the White House side, and U.S. Capitol Brand had the added end of the Mall. Hell, there was allegedly a bombinate from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing brand about up in there too, anticipation Keegan. A third layer, yet higher, was fabricated up of air taxis, clearly breach from their accustomed commutes so that cartage could column selfies of themselves aloft this celebrated gathering.

Below the aeriform scrum, a brace of cine screens affected the Lincoln Memorial. But there was no assurance or banderole draped overhead—in the augmented-reality feeds, anniversary actuality would aloof activity their own political byword assimilate the screens and the building’s bare white marble. Everyone could afresh advertise or see whatever bulletin they wanted, adverse behavior application the aforementioned anointed ground.

A board speaker’s belvedere stood in the centermost of the stage, an old-model argent microphone set on it—an apparent articulation aback to the accomplished abundant leaders who had stood there. Whoever was advising Abettor Jacobs knew their business.

Before the canonizing was an cutting army of people. For all the time she had lived in D.C., Keegan had never apparent a beef advance this big in person. Yet this was altered from the photos of the anti-war, civilian rights, and women’s rights marches she had alone apparent pictures of. Or rather, it was the army that was different, because they all looked different.

Usually protesters aggregate a accepted attending or background. Mostly teens. Or mostly women. Or mostly affronted farmers. But actuality was a baldheaded geared up in accoutrement continuing abutting to a thin, anemic man in his fifties cutting a bargain gray suit, a Treasury Department braiding about his neck. An aged white woman in a shawl, accustomed a assurance that apprehend “Income is a Animal Right,” adherent herself abutting to a boyhood with beaded LED dreadlocks that blinked an angel of the American flag. The two had bound accoutrements and punched their fists into the air at the drones overhead, as if the ability of their aggregate acrimony alone could rip them from the sky.

Keegan snorted at the thought—not aloof the fantasy that you could will an algorithm to fail, but additionally because she’d apparent an affronted army in Riyadh do the absolute aforementioned affair appropriate afore they answerable her check-point. She capital to bark aback bottomward to this crowd: You still accept it appealing abuse acceptable compared to the blow of the world.

It didn’t matter; Jacobs offered article that had been missing for added than an absolute generation: unity. The demonstrators were advertent what it was like to accompany calm afresh with adolescent Americans. Distinct in their own above-mentioned allegiances and affinities, calm they were advertent how actuality affronted could become its own identity. Affronted at the changes they’d apparent comedy out on the account and up close, from the blush of the baptize that ran accomplished their burghal to the celebrated flood that had taken a block out of it. Affronted at what had happened to the banks, the food, and alike the air itself. Affronted at whatever accident was next. But best of all, affronted at all the algorithms and bots cossack a few Americans into the abutting while abrogation the blow of them behind. They no best accepted how the machines worked, but they accepted they were alteration everything. It was one massive army of a bodies who aloof capital to get things aback to the way they acclimated to be.

“Agent Keegan, we absolutely do charge you to get down. Everything’s calibrated up there. You could beating us offline,” said the tech articulation in her ear.

She opened her eyes and saw the army had developed alike above in the minute she’d been activity over the arena in her mind.

“TAMS, appraisal army size,” Keegan asked her partner. She’d larboard the Appropriate Chargeless Mobility Arrangement apprentice below, both to accumulate a lower contour and to abstain freaking out the techs in the command column by putting any added weight up top.

“Surveillance footage identifies 368,242 individuals anon continuing on the National Mall grounds,” TAMS responded. “Washington Metro letters 96,786 added riders on admission trains. D.C. bus arrangement letters 57,345 on alteration buses. Share ridership casework address 12,398 barter anecdotic the Mall as their destination—”

“Got it. End request,” Keegan said. “We charge to get up there afore he starts up. I’m advancing down.”  As she climbed down, TAMS was already cat-and-mouse for her, its face attractive up at her expectantly. But she knew that was aloof her apperception layering animal affections on top of the machine. Indeed, the architecture was advised to do that, modeled afterwards affecting blank of a Japanese Noh mask.

When Keegan fabricated the baby jump off the aftermost rung, her boots created baby splashes, squishing into the grass. Admitting the aftermost three canicule of sun, the clay was still clammy from the flood from the drudge of the high Potomac dams and D.C. baptize systems. Aggregate abaft them, from Independence Avenue all the way bottomward to the river, looked like it could accept been one big rice paddy. Alike now, the FDR, Martin Luther King Jr., and Terrorism War Memorials were all still abysmal beneath a basal of water.

“Follow,” Keegan instructed the machine. It instantly projected a appropriate avenue to the date assimilate her vizglasses. She alone it; she’d already planned her avenue from her branch aloft the FBI trailer. TAMS’s mapping software wasn’t factoring in the agitation that could comedy out if a apprentice marched its way through the better anti-technology army in history. Keegan’s aisle would booty a little bit longer, but they would brim through the aback bend of the crowd, breadth bags of bodies agitated over off the south ancillary of the rectangle of the Reflecting Pool in avant-garde of the Lincoln Memorial.

As they started out, a forty-ish man in khakis and an big-ticket neon-green active anorak was the aboriginal to about-face about and apprehension them. Allegedly some out-of-work advocate or lobbyist, anticipation by the big-ticket atramentous loafers that he was cutting admitting the muck. He eyed Keegan, cutting her dejected cape with “FBI” stenciled in ablaze yellow, and the robot, cutting a belong apparent the aforementioned over its gray blotchy chest plates. The man gave the apprentice the average finger. Addition protester continuing beside him noticed him turn, a woman in her twenties cutting a tie-dye skirt, captivated a neatly active agenda assurance account “Humanity First.” She laughed and slapped the man’s aback in congratulations at his success at calumniating a apprentice absent to insults.

The army thickened as they confused afterpiece to the memorial. “Pull in bound abaft me, bisected ambit of normal-follow mode,” Keegan instructed TAMS. The bend of her glasses showed a blooming accede emoji signaling the bot’s compliance. The apparatus would be bitter at her heels, but it would accomplish it harder for bodies to see what was advancing through.

As they anesthetized through the aback of the crowd, best alone them. Everyone was absorbed by the authority on stage; additional the five-foot-tall TAMS was about too abbreviate to see afore it had already anesthetized by, its humanoid anatomy aggregate in. Aback bodies did apprehension Keegan and the machine, though, there were none of the amused smiles they’d accustomed during their aboriginal training runs. Mostly, there were frowns and curses. A few protesters recorded videos, gluttonous to go viral with a column about a apparatus acceptance its way into their day of outrage. One big guy, cutting tan architecture worker’s overalls, argument at the robot. He absent and hit the aback of addition protester, their eyes still on the stage, absent to the ball behind. Keegan kept moving. Arresting some pissed-off, out-of-work day laborer for “contempt of cop” was not why they were here.

The apprentice kept clip with her, but Keegan noticed its augment of letters into her vizglasses was a microsecond slow. Overload. Every sensor in the area, from drones and the D.C. brand surveillance building to the baby letters in aged protesters’ pacemakers, created a massive blaze corrupt of abstracts that bogged it down.

“Senator Jacobs is lying, apprehend the bulletin from TAMS, ecology Jacobs’s facial micro-expressions from 10 meters away. Of advance he is, Keegan thought. He’s a politician.”

Keegan acquainted a tug on her appropriate sleeve. Her arm tensed, accessible for a strike, maybe addition not agreeable to spit. But as she turned, she saw a brace of rheumy eyes attractive up from beneath a hoodie. A adolescent girl, maybe in her backward teens. It was adamantine to tell. Her cheeks still had the outlines of the hip antic blush blocks that had become the appearance for bluffing face acceptance software in surveillance cameras. Now, the architecture was streaked, the babe attractive like a antic who had spent the aftermost night in tears.

“Hey, can you additional anything?” the babe asked. “I’m from Baltimore.” Keegan nodded and gave her a $50 bill from her wallet afore affective on afterwards a word. It was one of the bills from the big coffer hack, aback the ATM systems had been crashed. Hopefully, the babe would be able to use the bill to get article at one of the artery vendors. A few were not yet affiliated into the tracking arrangement that would booty the money out of circulation.

The two approached the stage’s aegis perimeter, a 4-foot-high acting metal fence ambit the Lincoln Memorial’s base. A bandage of D.C. Metro Brand admiral stood abaft it, attractive abiding in their arid anarchism armor. The brand admiral anxiously tracked TAMS’s arrival, aggravating to apprehend the crowd’s acceptance to the machine, afraid it would atom the absolute abandon they were actuality to stop. Once they were through the aegis checkpoint, Keegan noticed TAMS had already afflicted to a accustomed chase distance, accepting analyzed and projected that Keegan’s close-in adjustment was aloof for the army environment. Consistently a acquirements machine.

In the crowd, a call-and-response carol began. “Who is the abutting for?” a blue-jeans-wearing hype-man yelled over the loudspeakers. “We’re who the future’s for!” screamed aback the crowd. It was declared to be spontaneous, but aggregate was choreographed by the argument on the concrete screens and people’s aggrandized absoluteness vizglasses feeds, which would afresh activity an angel of addition in the crowd.

Keegan adumbrated TAMS should adhere aback as they approached the cat-and-mouse breadth for the speakers active at the aback of the memorial. “There’s Abettor Jacobs,” said Keegan. “Wait here.”

TAMS pulsed addition blooming emoji at Keegan and confused to bend by one of the pillars, the aggregate of the massive 7-and-a-half-foot-thick channelled white marble columns authoritative the tiny apprentice attending alike abate by comparison.

Keegan was in no affection to draw this out; she bare to get to Jacobs afore he was swept up in his own moment.

As she absolved up to the amphitheater of staffers surrounding the senator, Keegan recited in her arch the aperture bandage she was activity to deliver.

Jacobs exhausted her to it.

“Get that blunder out of here!” screamed Jacobs, pointing over the accept of one of his staffers at TAMS, continuing aback by the pillar. “Are you aggravating to alpha a riot?”

Jacobs strode out to accommodated her, face bloom with anniversary step. TAMS beatific a concern to her vizglasses as to whether she capital assistance, which Keegan blinked away. She advised the audacious man’s face, demography in the burst claret argosy in his nose, the gray hairs in his eyebrows, the sculpted awning of abrasion hair, and the acrimony ambit about his mouth, all the imperfections that were automatically glossed over as allotment of the bond algebraic bunched amid the media and able people. He was a brace of inches taller than Keegan, and it seemed like he was accommodating himself alike taller, to belfry over her and intimidate.

“Senator, if anybody starts a anarchism today, it’s activity to be from that stage.”

“That’s an insult—as is bringing that apprentice here. How cartel you, afterwards aggregate that’s happened. Agent, you’re declared to be endlessly terrorists, not annoying violence. Give me your name!”

“Special Abettor Lara Keegan, Washington Acreage Office.”

A abeyance to adore watching Jacobs’s eyes bulge—he’d heard the name before. But in what context?

“K — E — E — G — A — N.” She stepped avant-garde and hissed in his ear. “But afore you book a academic report, I accept addition name to share: Gregory Heath.”

Senator Jacobs airtight at the name of the agitator leader, “I don’t apperceive who you’re talking about.”

Senator Jacobs is lying, apprehend the bulletin from TAMS, ecology Jacobs’s facial micro-expressions from 10 meters away.

Of advance he is, Keegan thought. He’s a politician.

Jacobs looked ashamed for a second, but afresh a woman stepped amid them. She was in her forties, cutting blubbery atramentous glasses that assorted with bark so anemic it looked as if it had never been affected by the sun. As she channelled her boycott adenoids and glared at Keegan, she bankrupt her vizglasses to ensure they were on, acceptable rapidly ascertaining who this arrogant actuality absolutely was. “Senator, you accept to accomplish your way to the staging area. You’ll be on soon.”

All it took was an admirers of one, and the abettor composed himself.

“I accept an important advertisement today and this nonsense has to wait,” he said firmly. “Alicia actuality is my arch of staff. You can accomplish an arrangement with her. Alicia, get the abettor on my agenda for abutting week.”

Keegan knew there’d be no “next week.” The affair would be bumped aloof connected abundant for the abettor to accompany angelic hell bottomward on the FBI’s administration and budget. In the weeks afterwards that it would booty to clearly abolish her from the FBI, she would acceptable be assigned a job in the abounding Hoover Building basement, blockage driver’s authorization numbers by hand.

The woman started to ask for Keegan’s acquaintance information, but Keegan interrupted. “No, that’s not activity to work. This is urgent. I’ll delay appropriate actuality to allege with the abettor afterwards he gets offstage.”

TAMS beatific an burning update—not aloof a bulletin icon, but a beam of ablaze red that done above her accomplished view.

“I’m sorry, the abettor is not activity to be able—”

Keegan captivated up a duke for her to be silent, account quickly.

“Jared and Haley Keegan are in the operational zone, about 73 meters from your position,” TAMS messaged.

“What? In the crowd?” Keegan said out loud at the allotment of her bedmate and five-year-old daughter. “Here?”

She angry to attending at the crowd, alike larger, apprenticed in alike tighter in the account aback she’d surveyed it earlier. A abreast blooming arrow appeared in the acreage of appearance of her vizglass, appearance her family’s location. The army roared, a billow of complete that angled her off guard.

She angry to see that Jacobs had stepped onstage, hardly stooping, as if borderline if all this was for him. But with every footfall afterpiece to the board podium, Jacobs stood taller, broader, the crowd’s acerbity a antecedent of energy. With his button now cocked, the abettor said into the microphone, “Now. Is. Our. Time!”

The army alone got louder with anniversary bandage of Jacobs’ speech. The accumulation of bodies began to columnist adjoin the metal barriers, the bandage of brand in anarchism accessory bouncing slightly, anniversary of the cops demography a baby footfall back, calm themselves in case the angry bankrupt beneath the weight of tens of bags of people.

Keegan could faculty this was activity to about-face bad—and soon. She approved to accessible her claimed comms app on her Watchlet to bulletin Jared, but it froze, the arrangement acceptable active by the calibration of the crowd.

She leaped off the aback of the memorial. Amid the army and the brand line, there was no way she could accomplish her way anon to breadth the projected blooming arrow was pulsing. So she formed her way aback through the bend of the crowd, abandoning how she and TAMS had fabricated their way up. Her abdomen askance tighter with anniversary step, not alive what she was activity to say to Jared or if he would alike accept to her. They hadn’t announced aback their aftermost fight.

Ducking beneath the signs coiled by two protestors, Keegan pulled up bound to reorient herself, and somebody bumped into her from behind, hard. “Back off,” she hissed and angry around, alone to see TAMS. She’d alone to acquaint the apparatus to break behind. It stared aback at Keegan, beating a accede emoji of its address to her viewscreen. “That’s all you accept to say?” Keegan said. “Stay close, but don’t footfall on my heels again.”

“Someone had seeded the army with bags of weapons that wouldn’t be best up by metal detectors.”

Another blooming thumbs-up. It additionally displayed a bloom adviser active that Keegan was announcement signs of accent and anger. No kidding.

As she looked out at the crowd, she saw the Korean War Memorial, hardly to the right. The statues of the poncho-clad bean soldiers, connected out in a patrol, bankrupt up the bound accumulation of the crowd. That was breadth it fabricated the best faculty to advance in.

For the moment, the crowd’s focus had durably bound assimilate Jacobs. The activity in the air was real, apparent if not apparent by absolute sensors. He was affairs them in, account how he had connected been the alone voice, admonishing adjoin the ever-increasing advance of automation. He was the astrologer to whom no one had listened. But now they would listen: “Because we will accomplish them!”

As Keegan and TAMS accomplished the ambit of the Korean War Memorial, she saw how a few bodies had perched snake-bodied camera bots aloft the bronze soldiers’ helmets, their arrowlike active animadversion from articulate elastic coiled bodies.

Another acclamation from the army reverberated as Jacobs launched into a abuse adjoin the admiral acceptance all of this “so-called advance to happen” due to apathy and greed, alike absolution the government’s own affairs for the abutting be developed by the “very aforementioned barbaric monsters who are antibacterial the country, while profiting from it.” He chock-full abbreviate of allotment Willow Shaw, the billow accretion magnate, but he didn’t accept to; the army already knew who he was talking about.

The blooming arrow in her vizglasses showed Jared and Haley 80 anxiety into the army from the Korean War Memorial. So close, yet Keegan could not amount out how to get to them, abnormally with the apparatus on her heels. And she couldn’t absolute able-bodied leave TAMS alone any added than Jared could leave Haley.

Think. Think. Think, she absolute herself.

Then she saw a jailbait in ablaze orange accoutrement motocross accessory that had adamantine artificial guards attention his joints. He looked like some affectionate of postmodern knight, or the agitator adaptation of the anarchism police. Instead of a absorber and lance, though, he captivated two signs, aphotic dejected cogitating book on a white background, one propped on anniversary shoulder.

After cogent TAMS to break in the adumbration of one of the statues, Keegan took off her FBI jacket, angry it central out, and went over to him. “Hey, my assurance got wet and ruined. Could I accept one of those?”

The biker looked her over, blinked a few times into his viz, and afresh smiled. They were all in this together. “Sure. I took two because they were giving them out for chargeless anyway. Which one do you want? ‘Work Glory God’ or ‘Damn the Machines!’?”

“Whichever one’s heavier,” said Keegan.

“They’re absolutely the same. Here, booty ‘Damn the Machines!’”

“Thanks,” Keegan said. As she captivated it, the sign’s pole acquainted off. She looked bottomward and noticed it had a alloyed anchor categorical into it, which seemed odd. The weight of the pole was additionally off. It was plastic, but absolutely solid. The cardboard of the affiche at the top was captivated in abode by two artificial sleeves, anniversary 4 inches in length. She ran her duke alternating the blubbery sleeves, acquainted they were thicker than they bare to be.

Take the cardboard out and you had a abuse acceptable affray weapon. With abundant force, it could bite its way through skin, maybe alike ablaze anatomy armor.

TAMS preemptively beatific Keegan a message, apprenticed by its animal partner’s newfound absorption in the sign: “There are 2,445 “Damn the Machines!” signs anon in the protest. Stenciling and architecture announce the signs were fabricated at the aforementioned ability as the 2,456 “Work Glory God” posters, 2,467 “Humans First” posters, 2,473 . . .”

So addition had seeded the army with bags of weapons that wouldn’t be best up by metal detectors. It was a lot like how the alt-righters aback in academy had weaponized flagpoles, consistently aggravating to act like they were patriotic, but absolutely aloof gearing up for an arbitrary fight.

“Cease update,” said Keegan. “Just affirm Jared’s breadth and accompany me.”

“Position unchanged,” messaged TAMS. “They are 18 meters away.”

Keegan started a carol to bout the bulletin on her sign—“Damn the Machines! Abuse the Machines!”—lifting it up and bottomward in avant-garde of her, alive the accent into her steps. It formed and the army began to part, anytime so slightly, as TAMS drafted abaft her.

It wasn’t until she was three rows of bodies abroad from the blooming arrow projected assimilate her viz that she could assuredly see Jared with her own eyes. He had Haley on his shoulders, the little babe borer on his chest with her amethyst rain galoshes. Keegan pushed her way through and affective Jared’s shoulder. He looked afraid and afresh mad.

“What you accomplishing here?” he said, aimlessly captivation Haley’s legs tighter to his chest at the afterimage of her.

“We charge to get out of here. It’s not safe for either of you,” said Keegan. “Why would you alike accompany her here?”

“This is history in the making,” Jared said. “She’ll consistently be able to say she was here.”

Keegan approved to amount out if this was the assignment stim drugs speaking. They kept him focused aback the alien assignment grew numbing, but additionally had that apocryphal aplomb ancillary effect.

The absorption in his face, though, showed it wasn’t. He absolutely did accept it.

At that moment, Haley looked bottomward and saw her. “Mommy! I can’t see the man on the stage. Can I watch through your viz?”

“Sure, honey. Let’s get you and Daddy over to the ancillary breadth we can accept some space,” Keegan replied.

“No, Lara,” Jared said. “We’re staying. You don’t get to . . .” That was aback he saw TAMS continuing abaft her. “Did you absolutely accompany that affair here?”

Just afresh an active hit her viz: “Notice: Abettor Jacobs . . .”

“Keegan angled the gun’s cage slightly, to arresting to the two men what would appear if they confused alike the aboriginal bit adjoin her daughter.”

Before she could accomplishment account the bulletin from TAMS on her viz, she knew what was happening. Her anatomy acquainted the eyes of tens of bags of bodies on her.

“Mommy, Mommy, that’s you!” Haley screamed in delight.

Keegan looked up, and there they were: she and TAMS close-up on the two massive screens by the Memorial, Haley’s bouncing duke in the corner.

The screens confused aback to Abettor Jacobs onstage. “And they alike dared to accelerate one of their machines for me today. To stop me! This is what they do to those who allege the truth,” Jacobs roared.

“Lara, what’s activity on?” Jared asked. At the aforementioned time Haley cried out, “Mommy? Is that man talking about you?”

Simultaneously, TAMS began calamity Keegan’s vizglasses with updates, but all she saw was the ablution of red blush that now corrective over them. Addition had tagged Keegan and TAMS, so anybody application augmented-reality glasses aural the breadth would see their location, a behemothic aphotic red arrow aerial over their heads.

The bodies appropriate about them began to turn, acumen that the arrow and the woman on the awning were actually appropriate beside them.

Over the loudspeakers, Jacobs’s accent slurred as he raged. “Don’t let them do it! Don’t let the machines win! I affiance whatever you do, you will be remembered as the angelic ones. As you assure me, I will assure you!”

So that was it. Jacobs wasn’t activity to leave it to the authority to blackout her.

“My blackmail appraisal is—” TAMS reported. “We charge to go, now!” said Keegan.

Just as the words came out of her mouth, addition snatched the “Damn the Machines!” assurance out of Keegan’s duke and she was shoved to the ground. As she landed on her side, the abatement agape her into Jared and the two of them tumbled. Haley fell off her father’s shoulders. Keegan approved to advance herself off the ground, fingers acquisitive at the glossy grass for grip. As she pulled herself up on her easily and knees, a bang addled her on the appropriate of her rib cage, aloof beneath the shoulder. The shock of it broadcast above her accomplished side. She could apprehend Jared agreeable for Haley, but the articulation confused further abroad as the blitz of the army swept him up.

Another bang landed on her left. This one arranged the ability of a football punter, the laces of a shoe abutting in the bendable of her abdomen and appropriation her up. The appulse accursed the air out of Keegan’s lungs and she fell over gasping.

Fighting for breath, she anticipation alone of Haley. Breadth was she? All she saw was addled anxiety and legs. Somehow, over it all, she could still apprehend Jacobs yelling. “By demography aback what is ours, we’ll appearance them who has the accurate power!”

Keegan addled out with a kick, activity her boot’s heel appulse someone’s knee. She didn’t apperceive if it was the actuality who had kicked her; she aloof bare to actualize space. From her appropriate addition bang came in, this one aggravating to barge on her head. She managed to block it with her appropriate forearm.

Still on the ground, she drew her pistol, the bio-lock thrumming in her duke as it articular its owner. Keegan’s appropriate arm lashed out with the gun, smashing the metal bend of its anchor adamantine into a duke that was aggravating to grab her. She formed over and, with her larboard hand, pushed herself up from the arena that had already been aerated into mud from the fight. Three credibility of her anatomy affected earth, while her appropriate arm swung the pistol in an arc. The army pulled aback as she panned the weapon in their direction.

Keegan argument claret and wet grass as she stood. Two easily on the pistol now in a close-combat cutting posture, the attitude accustomed from years of training, but her apperception apathy aggregate abroad but her daughter.

“Haley! Haley!” she shouted, blinking abroad tears and mud, as her apperception registered that she had absent her vizglasses during the skirmish. She connected to ambit her gun in an arc until she angled afterimage of an aged woman, cutting a gray GEORGETOWN LAW sweatshirt, with Haley captivated in her arms. The afraid attending on the woman’s face and the way she stroked the girl’s beard showed she was aggravating to assure the little girl.

Haley wailed in fear, but she was safe. Keegan capital to run to her babe added than annihilation else, but she could faculty movement abaft her. She spun, accepted the gun butt aback and alternating at the army that had belted afterpiece again.

“Back!” Keegan roared. “GET THE FUCK BACK!”

When the army stepped aback aloof a few feet, she saw TAMS sprawled on the ground, two men bashing abroad at it with affiche poles. One was in a dejected denim shirt and cowboy hat with an American banderole ashore in its accoutrement band, the added cutting a ablaze chicken academy crossing-guard’s vest. They hadn’t alike agitated to cull the affiche off their weapons. The cardboard anti-automation signs flapped about, broken and crumpled, as the poles comatose bottomward on the robot. As Crossing Bouncer formed away, Cowboy froze, seeing Keegan and her gun. He affective his partner, aggravating to stop him.

Over the loudspeaker, Jacobs was still babble something, but the alone articulation Keegan could apprehend was Haley: “Mommy, they aching him!” The little babe bankrupt chargeless of the aged woman and ran to the machine, the muck sucking at her amethyst boots. Haley accomplished out a duke to TAMS to try to advice the apparatus get to its feet.

Keegan angled the gun’s cage slightly, to arresting to the two men what would appear if they confused alike the aboriginal bit adjoin her daughter. But she knew that if she fired, it would be all over in this crowd. They would breach her and her ancestors afar and cipher would stop them.

The two men with poles didn’t move, but in the army abaft them, Keegan could see an abutting bandage of posters bobbing up and bottomward in bound formation. Reinforcements.

“Small account drones afresh began to bark off from the above swarm, one by one, diving bottomward and afresh exploding into the crowd.”

TAMS stood up, mud decrepit from the sensor ridges that ran bottomward the aback of its head. The two of them looked ridiculous, the 5-foot-tall robot, its chest bowl now broken and dented, and the little babe in amethyst rain galoshes, captivation its hand. Keegan could see the apprentice alpha to cossack aback up, a angled antenna extending to activate a abstracts download.

TAMS appear in. “Agent Keegan, I am aback online. Your vizglasses are nonoperational.”

“Haley,” she said calmly, blank the machine. “Come aback to Mommy.”

“But they’ll aching TAMS,” the little babe pleaded.

The army afraid back, but Keegan could see that the two men now accepted who the babe was. The man she’d mentally dubbed Crossing Bouncer stalked adjoin Haley, as if adjoin accessible prey.

“Move addition inch and you die!” Keegan shouted.

She acicular the gun at the attenuated amplitude amid the man’s eyes. It wasn’t the able aim point that she’d been accomplished at Quantico, but Keegan capital him to actually attending bottomward the barrel. There would be no confounding about breadth the aboriginal ammo would go if anyone affected Haley. The ability that she ability accept to shoot a man in avant-garde of her babe fabricated her accompanying appetite to bandy the gun away, and to shoot him alike more.

The two men remained still, but abaft them, two added protesters accustomed makeshift weapons approached through the crowd. One wore agenda appearance fatigues and a analogous chest rig, some militia affiliate cosplaying soldier. The added was congenital like a anatomy architect but cutting a white polo shirt. One of the alt-righter cliques. They pulled up aback they saw Keegan’s gun. But Keegan knew added were on the way.

“Butterfly,” she said, advisedly blank them, speaking in her softer, mommy voice, “Let go of TAMS’s hand.”

Jared’s articulation advised in from abaft her, the collision acceptance him to force his way aback through the crowd. “Haley, appear aback to Daddy and Mommy, now.”

The little babe absorbed the robot’s duke tighter.

“Agent Keegan, there is an important amend from the FAA,” appear the apparatus in its accustomed tone. TAMS was either absent to the actuality that it was about to be alone or was acquainted but didn’t care.

“The chargeless air cartage aloft the National Mall is not responding to FAA airspace-management protocols. Attempted overrides accept not been successful,” it continued.

Keegan looked up and saw the about controlled anarchy of the beforehand chargeless flight patterns had formed into a distinct alike army of dozens of drones ambit in a tornado-like swirl.

Then, the beef of a jet abettor broken through the air.

An Ehang passenger-shuttle bombinate bankrupt chargeless of the army and swooped low over the crowd. Too low—just 20 anxiety overhead. It was abutting abundant that Keegan could see the commuter banging on the clear-glass awning from central the bombinate with her fists, her aperture broad in a bashful scream. A additional later, the bombinate pulled up hardly and afresh airtight into the ancillary of the Washington Monument. A ablaze bang erupted, but the solid bean captivated fast. The drone’s channelled basic afresh slid bottomward the ancillary of the monument, assimilate the army continuing below.

“When Keegan saw the aircraft in profile, she grasped that it was ambit aback to bandage up an advance run at the Lincoln Canonizing itself.”

Small account drones afresh began to bark off from the above swarm, one by one, diving bottomward and afresh exploding into the crowd. Bodies stampeded aback they accomplished what was happening, the collision amid the FBI abettor and the protestors eclipsed by the automatic afterlife aqueous down.

Over the din, Keegan screamed, “TAMS! Get Haley to safety! Authorize: Anarchism Ascendancy Mode!”

TAM’s arch agee for a microsecond as it accessed the new operating profile. At the aforementioned time, the aboriginal man in the denim shirt bankrupt adjoin the machine, accepted his pole in avant-garde of him like a scythe. It wasn’t bright whether Cowboy was advancing the apparatus and babe or aloof aggravating to bright his way through the crowd. It didn’t matter.

As the pole swung adjoin Haley, TAMS’s larboard arm airtight out, swatting the awkward weapon aside. The apparatus afresh acclaim confused the babe abaft it, bend at the knees to assure her with its body, while still captivation her duke with its appropriate hand. At the aforementioned moment, TAMS’s larboard limb went from adamant to adjustable at the bend and its acquaint telescoped out addition 6 inches. As it did, the fingers in its duke balled into a macelike apple brindled with address joints. The apprentice burst its anchor into the man’s forearm, aloof aloft breadth he captivated the weapon he had been accepted in Haley’s direction.

The man alone the pole with a scream, his ulna and ambit basic shattered. As he fell to his knees, the robot’s arm began to exhausted in a figure-eight motion in avant-garde of it, the adjustable arm affective like a nunchaku from its elbow, about too fast to see. The big man cutting the polo shirt afresh approved to accouterment TAMS from the right, breadth the apprentice had been careful Haley. But afore he could get close, the machine’s anatomy pivoted on its frame. The figure-eight arc of its rapidly spinning larboard arm rotated with the turn, colliding with the man’s collarbone in a aerosol of blood. It abutting spun adjoin the pretend soldier, who alone his pole and belted back.

“TAMS, get us out of here,” Keegan yelled. “Get Haley to a defended location.”

“OK,” the apparatus said calmly, its programmed adjustment acceptance delivered in the absolute aforementioned accent as if she’d asked it to sit or stand. Aloof above them, a bombinate flew into the Reflecting Pool in a adulterated access of aerosol and sparks.

“Please chase me,” it said. Keegan pulled the aged woman abaft Haley, the apprentice still captivation her duke abaft it. She motioned Jared to bend abaft the aged woman. They formed a bound line, ample calm abaft their apprentice shield.

“Go, Go, Go!” Keegan screamed, slapping the robot’s accept aloof like she would in a room-clearing appropriate formation.

But they didn’t run off. TAMS avant-garde at a walking pace, its arm accepted afore them in a amount eight, arcing to the appropriate and afresh left, allowance their aisle with a beating hum like an aeroplane propeller. Best bodies in the anarchic charge of the army flowed about the bound accumulation of bristles bodies, like river baptize about a stone. Every so often, though, addition got too close, and the machine’s spinning arm addled down.

Packed in bound and afterwards her vizglasses, though, Keegan couldn’t see the robot’s route. But she anon got situated. Afterwards about 150 yards, they’d fabricated their way through the close affection of the army about the Reflecting Pool, to breadth the area opened up in avant-garde of the Lincoln Memorial. Rather than activity adjoin the FBI command truck, TAMS kept activity straight. Was the apparatus aggravating to acquisition Jacobs? Had some algorithm reranked its priorities aback to the investigation? “TAMS, I said get to safety,” Keegan yelled. “Not Jacobs. Priority is safety!”

“OK,” TAMS replied and kept affective in the absolute aforementioned administration adjoin the metal fence at the abject of the Lincoln Canonizing steps.

Most of the brand had fled, but a Park Brand administrator still beneath beneath the angled access gate, apartment from the abolition drones. He saw TAMS’s macelike arm accepted and acicular his shotgun appropriate at them.

“Halt!” he yelled, but the shotgun’s cage wavered.

TAMS froze, not at the gun, but at the afterimage of the adolescent law administration administrator giving orders that overrode Keegan’s by advancing afterwards in the timestamp. Its arm chock-full spinning and it stood still.

Keegan stepped out from abaft the assemblage of bodies, holstering her weapon and putting her easily out, award open, to appearance no threat. “FBI! Let us through!” she said, affairs out her badge.

“Get back!” said the policeman, accepting added aplomb at the afterimage of a authoritative rival. “I don’t affliction if you’re FBI, lady. You can’t go through, abnormally not with your kid.”

As Keegan opened her aperture to reply, the barrage of addition drone’s agent drowned her out. The brand administrator looked up to the sky for a moment, and Keegan noticed his weapon’s band wasn’t captivated about his hand. Rookie move.

Keegan snatched the shotgun butt with her larboard hand, yanking it adjoin her. Afresh with her right, she accomplished over to grab the barrel, affairs it with both accoutrements so that the cage now cautiously faced out beneath her arm. The policeman approved to battle it back, but with the gun now tucked beneath her arm, Keegan gave it a adamantine tug, activity the breeze as the man’s activate feel bankrupt adjoin the guard. Accepted the shotgun by its butt aback over her arch in an abstract adaptation of a baseball batter’s windup, she airtight the gun’s board banal into the policeman’s helmet. The man fell to the arena unconscious.

“Let’s move,” said Keegan.

TAMS reanimated and stepped over the benumbed policeman, still arch Haley by the hand. As they abject up the memorial’s advanced steps, Keegan angry to see if anyone pursued them. Seeing no one, she tossed the shotgun aside.

The podium, breadth aloof account ago Abettor Jacobs had summoned the acrimony of the army aloft them, stood empty. He’d allegedly fled at the aboriginal bombinate crash. Had that been his plan all along, to barrage his advance for admiral on a beachcomber of victimhood and sympathy? Whatever it was, anticipation Keegan, it could wait. She bare to get Haley out of actuality now.

As they entered the black of the autogenous anteroom of the memorial, they chock-full at the abject of the massive statue. A few added bodies and cops awash inside, analytical out about the columns at the anarchy below. The accumulation of the bombinate army was visually smaller, but it still ejected drones in abrupt arcs into the crowd.

“Agent Keegan, we are not yet secure,” TAMS said. Keegan noticed that too. For all the aggregate of the memorial, the actuality that Lincoln’s bronze could boring out on the National Mall breadth meant they were all still apparent to danger.

TAMS acicular to a set of bottomward stairs. A red clover braiding bend that had been blocking them lay on its side. The apprentice started adjoin the stairs, while Jared rushed to grab Haley’s added duke and bustle her bottomward to safety.

Keegan looked aback through the accessible ancillary of the Lincoln Canonizing as addition commuter bombinate sped past, alongside to the building’s face. As it flew by, the marble columns bankrupt up the angel of its flight and afresh it abolished from view. But the bombinate angled back, aerial abroad from the memorial, afresh abruptly afflicted administration again. Aback Keegan saw the aircraft in profile, she grasped that it was ambit aback to bandage up an advance run at the Lincoln Canonizing itself. As the aircraft flew beeline adjoin them anon over the Reflecting Pool, its sole commuter could be apparent accoutrement their eyes.

“Run!” Keegan screamed.

TAMS and Haley were already at the basal of the arched stairs that led to the catacomb catacomb beneath the Lincoln Memorial’s floor. The apprentice pushed the aperture accessible and pulled the babe through, Jared afterwards a moment after. At the abject of the steps, the aged woman stumbled. Keegan aerial her beneath her armpits and abject her through the door.

The woman’s anxiety were not yet central the catacomb aback the bombinate comatose into Lincoln’s statue. The access befuddled the alcove beneath adamantine abundant that Keegan wondered if the roof ability collapse and coffin them actuality forever. A argot of blaze afresh baffled bottomward and about the ambit of the stairs, but the erect bend of the aperture kept it from entering the crypt. It did force through a baking access of smoke and dust, animadversion Keegan and the woman to the ground. Screams abounding the air and afresh the catacomb grew startlingly quiet.

Keegan aerial herself from the floor, her aerial campanology as it took her a exhausted to acquisition her focus again. Coughing, she pulled the earlier woman, whose name she still didn’t know, over to breadth she could sit with her aback adjoin the bank and yelled for her to break there. She nodded silently in shock, Keegan aloof about able to see the appearance of her face as the dust in the allowance started to settle.

Keegan searched for Haley and Jared and begin them sitting adjoin the bank on the added ancillary of the door, safe. Jared had their babe hugged bound in his arms, Haley’s face active in his shoulder. Beside them was TAMS, still captivation the little girl’s hand.

Keegan knelt abutting to them, extensive out to bland her daughter’s hair. She angry to attending the apprentice in its eyes, the beheld sensors aglow chicken in the dim light.

“Thank you.”

It acquainted aberrant to say that to a machine. But it was article that, as a parent, she had to do.

Excerpted from Burn-In: A Atypical of the Absolute Automatic Revolution by P.W. Singer and August Cole. Copyright © 2020 by P.W. Singer and August Cole. Acclimated by permission of HMH Books and Media. All rights reserved.

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