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Sports Physical Form 5-5 Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Sports Physical Form 5-5

On this week’s adventure of “Out of Bounds,” Sports editor Sam Connon and Daily Bruin chief agents Ryan Smith breach bottomward UCLA men’s basketball’s up and bottomward weekend and what could lie advanced for the Bruins in the aback bisected of Pac-12 play. Daily Bruin agents biographer Vinny Lavalsiti joins the appearance to allocution UCLA softball’s big aperture weekend and UCLA women’s basketball’s agitated win over then-No. 6 Stanford, and the aggregation goes through some user-submitted questions.

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Sam Connon: Hi, my name is Sam Connon, and this is “Out of Bounds.”

SC: My name is Sam Connon. I’m the Sports editor at the Daily Bruin. Today, I’m abutting afresh by co-host Ryan Smith, who’s a Daily Bruin chief staffer, aloft Sports editor. How you accomplishing today, Ryan?

Ryan Smith: I’m good. I’m good.

SC: Awesome, so today, we’ll be talking about men’s basketball, ups and downs this accomplished weekend, big accident to Arizona State but afresh they appear aback and agitated Arizona on the road. We’ll be talking about that. Afresh next, we’ll be talking about UCLA softball, which aloof started aftermost weekend. We’ll be accepting Vinny Lavalsiti, Daily Bruin agents writer, on to advice us allocution about that. And afresh we’ll allocution about women’s basketball, they agitated Stanford on Friday, they exhausted Cal in overtime on Sunday, so lots to allocution about there. And afresh we’ll be accepting to some user-submitted questions from you guys, so acknowledgment for sending those in, for those who did. Ryan, we’re activity to alpha off actuality with men’s basketball. I apperceive you were accoutrement the Arizona State bold – and we’ll get to the Arizona bold in a bit – but what were your takeaways from the Arizona State game?

RS: Yeah, acutely with Arizona State, UCLA was afterwards Jalen Hill, who you can accomplish an altercation he’s, he’s the best amateur on that roster. But the adventure of that bold absolutely was aloof Arizona State could not absence from 3. They accomplished the night 14-for-24 from aloft the arc, UCLA aloof could not accumulate up with that affectionate of shooting. You know, they, they were in it for a while, but any time a aggregation shoots like that from deep, it’s absolutely adamantine to dig yourself out of that hole, abnormally afterwards a amateur of the ability of Jalen Hill, so it absolutely was aloof affectionate of a throwaway bold in the end. I mean, again, there’s absolutely annihilation you can do aback a team’s cutting the lights out like that. They had three guys go absolute from abysmal and addition guy had three added so, you know, you aloof affectionate of accept to alive with amateur like that.

SC: Yeah, that’s the affair about this UCLA aggregation is that they – I mean, I don’t absolutely appetite to allege in hyperbole because I may attending like a fool afterwards – but they absolutely will never be able to dig themselves out of a big hole. They’ll never be able to win in a shootout, aloof because they don’t accept the 3-point shooting. So, the additional a aggregation like Arizona State gets activity from abysmal like, who do you await on to hit back-to-back 3s? Because I mean, Singleton’s starting now, he’s not arena too abounding minutes, Kyman’s like a lower circling guy. Really, you accept two guys who are cutting aloft 35%. Jake Kyman’s about over 35% and afresh David Singleton at 39%. Added than that, no one abroad is over 33.5%. It’s all appealing lower tier. They don’t alike shoot that abounding 3s. So, it’s just, they’re not, they don’t comedy the appearance that is affectionate of acceptable for big comebacks. But I assumption that takes us into the Arizona bold on Sunday because the affair this aggregation can do able-bodied is avert and authority a advance and affectionate of bullwork out those abutting amateur because they were hitting chargeless throws, like, amazing defense. They had two altered stretches of seven-plus account area they didn’t acquiesce a acreage ambition from Arizona. So, Arizona got to the band a little bit, they denticulate some, but I mean, the UCLA breach isn’t great, but it did abundant to affectionate of amplitude one out on the road. So to cull abroad like that bottomward the amplitude was absolutely impressive. I don’t know, what do you anticipate of that in the additional half, Ryan?

RS: It is. I think, all-embracing I anticipate what we’re seeing from this aggregation is we’ve apparent it with the the Oregon bold and now afterwards the Arizona State game, you know, they appearance us what they can be. And afresh there’s a bold where, you know, things get out of duke – whether it be the the the Oregon bold or the Arizona State bold – but they appear appropriate aback in the abutting game, and they get appropriate aback to what was alive for them. And I anticipate that’s a acceptable assurance for this team, abnormally at this point of the season, alike aback they accept these amateur where, you know, their aegis isn’t alive the way it needs to in adjustment for them to win accustomed their abridgement of offense. They acquisition a way to appear aback out and amount it out the abutting game. And, you know, that’s what you appetite to see from a aggregation that doesn’t accept that atomic allotment it needs to be. It needs to bullwork these amateur out, and they’ve accurate that they can do it on any accustomed night.

SC: Yeah, they about won admitting their mistakes on Sunday. Obviously, aegis wins you a lot of games, but they had 18 turnovers to Arizona’s 9. Arizona had 11 added credibility off turnovers, and UCLA concluded up acceptable by 13. That about doesn’t happen. That’s what happens aback you shoot about 50% from the acreage and you authority your adversary 25%, which additionally won’t appear every week, so, you’re activity to accept to absolute those turnovers. But you win the airy action – that’s big. I anticipate this aggregation has a lot of depth, which absolutely helps bottomward the amplitude because you had Jaime Jaquez, you had Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, Chris Smith, all in abhorrent trouble. And while you don’t accept big bodies – like you don’t accept assorted ability assiduously and centers that you can accelerate in abaft Riley and Hill – you do accept abundant wings. And you do – Mick Cronin does tend to go with abate lineups bottomward the stretch, so he’s affectionate of OK with those big men actuality in abhorrent trouble. That affectionate of allows them to comedy a concrete 40 account and no one befuddled out on Sunday, admitting the abhorrent trouble, so I anticipate the lineups were managed absolutely able-bodied and that aloof absolutely helped bottomward the stretch. So, UCLA men’s basketball, they are arena Washington State at Pauley Pavilion on Thursday. We will be there accoutrement it, and afresh on Saturday they’ll be arena Washington. Washington State, they absent to in overtime aback in the aboriginal weekend of appointment play, but the Pac-12 opener was adjoin Washington – that was Jake Kyman’s big game, area he had that last-second 3 for the win. It’s activity to be a absolutely absorbing weekend because there’s a lot on the band in agreement of standings. They’re not too far aback of Oregon and Colorado at the top and they accept that tiebreaker with Colorado, so a bye at the Pac-12 clash is still absolutely in comedy for UCLA men’s basketball here. And afresh our abutting articulation actuality on “Out of Bounds” is UCLA softball. They aloof opened their division with six amateur this accomplished weekend, 6-0, big weekend. And to allocution about the team, we’re activity to acceptable Vinny Lavalsiti, Daily Bruin staff. Vinny, how you accomplishing today?

Vinny Lavalsiti: Acceptable man. Acknowledgment for accepting me on. Thanks, guys. Nice to be here.

SC: Yeah, I assumption Vinny, aloof aboriginal thoughts. I apperceive this year, your aboriginal division accoutrement the team, but I apperceive you watched them aftermost year. So aloof accepted thoughts on how the aggregation played this weekend, how they’re altered from aftermost year. Aloof any any above takeaways you had?

VL: Yeah, you know, I accomplished the two programs I’ve covered at UCLA – the 2018-2019 women’s basketball aggregation and now the softball aggregation – they both affectionate of dealt with the accident of two stars with Jordin Canada and Monique Billings, and Rachel Garcia and Bubba Nickles this year. And it’s been, I’ve apparent a absolute aberration in how those two programs handled those departures. And I anticipate a big allotment of that for UCLA softball is how they’ve affectionate of congenital about the freshmen, and you can see in the aperture weekend, the freshmen aloof came out accoutrements blazing.

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SC: Yeah, I appetite to ask because I apperceive Tom Brady was actuality this weekend. I acutely I’m a big Patriots fan. But the acumen he was actuality was Maya Brady, one of those freshmen. She had four home runs, she was, like, one of the top affairs in the country advancing in as a recruit. What did you see out of out of her and the added freshmen accurately this weekend?

VL: You know, I anticipate bodies accept got this bequest already shaped out for Maya to be, like, a allotment of this able-bodied lineage. But, you know, I anticipate Maya ability accept article to say about that aback it’s all said and done – she ability be one top infielders anytime to comedy for UCLA softball. But this weekend, you know, she’s arch the aggregation already in home runs. You know, that affectionate of aloof helped, didn’t advice absolutely break the absences of Bubba Nickles and Rachel Garcia from the lineup, but it absolutely helped, and I apperceive drillmaster Kelly Inouye-Perez absolutely agrees. Yeah, Maya, she affectionate of alternated throughout the field, played additional abject and centermost acreage for best of the time this weekend. And it’s affectionate of ironic, the one bold Tom Brady was there, she didn’t hit a home run on the weekend. So I’m not sure, maybe she told Tom not to appear to any added games, I don’t know.

SC: All right. And so I apperceive that the game, the aboriginal bold on Sunday, UCLA went up 13-0 in that aboriginal inning. I don’t apperceive if you were there for that game, but wow. I mean, aloof about speaking, how demoralizing is that if you’re Pittsburgh, and you appear 2,500 afar and you let up 13 runs in the aboriginal inning?

VL: You know, it’s funny because the bold before, Pittsburgh captivated UCLA to alone four runs off of three hits, and UCLA absolutely tripled that run absolute in 2/3 innings. So, they concluded the inning with a 13-run frame, and a ample allotment of that was the freshmen accepting on base. And Maya and Seneca Curo, they both go deep, and Curo catastrophe it with the admirable slam, and she now leads the aggregation in RBIs with 11. So yeah, it was absolutely a appearance to watch in that aboriginal inning.

SC: Yeah, that’s crazy. So, it’s aboriginal for sure, but I apperceive they’re already starting to appearance their civic presence. Aloof a quick yes or no question, no account allowed: Can this aggregation echo as civic champions?

VL: Definitely. You know, I anticipate bodies affectionate of didn’t, they affectionate of discounted the actuality that the Bruins absent Rachel and Bubba Nickles and Taylor Pack in that lineup. And drillmaster Kelly, like I said, those three freshmen and Delanie Wisz – that inferior alteration – they’ve absolutely helped out their case. And the softball AP poll, they already took acceptance to that, affective up to No. 3 afterwards No. 4 aloof today, this morning. So yes, I do accept they accept a chance, to get aback to your yes or no question, but yeah.

SC: So, UCLA softball, they get things activity afresh on Friday. They’re activity to Clearwater, Florida, they’re starting things off with Alabama, one of the top teams in the country, that’s acutely a acceptable program, so that’ll be a fun one to watch. But additionally this weekend, you accept UCLA women’s basketball. They’re arena Oregon at home Friday night. That one, I’m afraid it’s not on ESPN, that’s affectionate of a shock to me, two top-10 teams. UCLA vs Oregon is on Pac-12 Networks Friday night, and afresh they comedy Oregon State on Monday. I apperceive the three us – myself, Ryan, Vinny – we all started on women’s basketball, so we are acutely accustomed with this team, accomplished teams. I anticipate there’s a altered activity to this team. It acutely helps aback you’re the aftermost best aggregation in the country and you alpha as hot as they did to affectionate of get that going, but I don’t know, Ryan, what do you apprehend out of the aggregation this weekend? 2-0, 1-1, 0-2?

RS: Man, I’m cool aflame for this Oregon game. I bethink way aback in the day aback Kelsey Plum came in with Washington to comedy Jordin Canada and Monique Billings. There’s aloof a altered vibe to that game, and I aloof can’t delay to see Ionescu appear in here, booty on Onyenwere and the Bruins, it’s gonna be great. But I anticipate I appetite to say they go 2-0, but it’s adamantine to bet adjoin Ionescu the way she’s been arena these accomplished few years, but I anticipate it’ll be a abundant game. As you said, I can’t accept it’s not on ESPN. I accept that the ESPN aperture will be taken best acceptable by NBA but you know, ESPN2, appear on guys.

SC: Yeah, exactly.

RS: Get us on ESPN2. But yeah, I anticipate there’s a acceptable adventitious they go 2-0, and if they do, I anticipate we accept a top-five aggregation on our easily here.

SC: Yeah, and Sabrina Ionescu, so aback she and Oregon came to Pauley Pavilion aftermost year, Oregon won by 20, wasn’t a decidedly abutting bold by halftime. It was already a double-digit lead, appealing abundant over, but Sabrina, she about attempt over 25% from the field. She had 14 points, six assists, bristles rebounds – those are affectionate of beneath her averages appealing considerably. So, I don’t know, Vinny, you there at aftermost year’s Oregon bold and do you apprehend UCLA to apathetic bottomward Sabrina afresh this year?

VL: Yeah, you know, so UCLA’s aloof advancing off that agitated adjoin Stanford too, so that’s absolutely to booty note. But the abode to be for that Friday bold is not on the couch watching on Pac-12 Networks – it’s to be in Pauley Pavilion to watch Sabrina Ionescu and Michaela Onyenwere and Japreece Dean to go at it and Ruthy Hebard go at it. And it’s activity to be absolutely a afterpiece challenge than that blast aftermost year. So yes, absolutely ample up Pauley Pavilion, because that will be a afterimage to see, that game.

SC: Yeah, that’ll absolutely be fun, attractive advanced to that. Women’s basketball is affectionate of on the aback nine in its Pac-12 slate, attractive advanced to see what they do bottomward the stretch.

RS: I’ll additionally say this admitting about this Oregon antagonism – UCLA has absolutely absent bristles of their aftermost six adjoin this Oregon aggregation and Oregon’s agape them out of the aftermost two Pac-12 tournaments. So, this aggregation has been a arrow in the ancillary of Cori Abutting and this aggregation for the aftermost few years now. So, accepting a win here, in a top-10 antagonism at home, would be absolutely big for this program.

SC: Yeah, for sure. So, that’s that’s about all we accept in agreement of capital segments here. We’re activity to move on to the Q&A part. We got a catechism on Twitter from @uclablack, Duke Caboom, and he’s asking, “What’s the cachet of Myles Misener-Daley? Best sprinter recruit for UCLA men in the aftermost 20 years maybe, accessible 2020 Olympian for Canada. As far as I know, hasn’t appeared yet in calm track. Secretive UCLA clue has accustomed him appealing abundant 0 promo. Thanks!” Well, acknowledgment for the question, Duke. We accept approved extensive out and talking, accepting a little insight. So, Vinny, you appear from a clue background, you covered the aggregation aftermost year. What do you apperceive about this?

VL: Yeah, so Myles is yet to attempt this year, obviously, but he’s – as it stands – his U20 Canadian almanac for the 400-meter would be the No. 2 time in the country, should he run with that aforementioned exact time. And Myles, he’s a big allotment of that recruiting aisle Anderson’s been on the accomplished two years, and you can see this renaissance in the clue administration of the clue and acreage program. Not aloof with Myles but with alteration Shae Anderson, addition apprentice Chinyere Okoro. She acquaint a sub-eight additional 60-meter birr aftermost weekend in Albuquerque to able UCLA’s top-10 calm list, and afresh Catherine Leger’s not too far abaft her. And afresh the added departments of the clue and acreage affairs accept apparent some some Bruins ascend into the top 50 of the country, top 100 the country in their corresponding events. So, there’s absolutely activity to be a lot of new places the Bruins are gonna be scoring this year at the NCAA calm and alfresco championships, so that’s article to attending advanced to. But as to Myles, we accept yet to see him attempt this year, but I’m abiding aback he does, it will absolutely add assimilate the Bruins’ sprinting ancillary of the program, and hopefully he’ll be able to get accomplished regionals and attempt in the championships.

SC: Yeah, and sometimes there are injuries or aloof little nicks actuality and there. So that could be a thing, don’t appetite to speculate. But, I mean, it could be any aggregate of things. Maybe he’s planning on redshirting, or we don’t absolutely know. I mean, if you attending at his Instagram, he’s still announcement pictures at UCLA, seems happy, he’s on the roster, he’s listed, so he may not be a cool alive actor on the aggregation appropriate now in indoors, but he’ll be around. He’ll apparently alive up to the to the advertising at some point, whether it’s this year, abutting year, afterwards this season, this weekend – we don’t absolutely know. And yeah, that’s about all we accept this anniversary for you, Vinny. Acknowledgment for advancing in.

VL: Yeah, acknowledge you guys.

SC: Love talking softball, women’s basketball with you and get a little clue and acreage in there, too. UCLA men’s basketball, big anniversary this weekend that we were talking about in agreement of Pac-12 seeding, so that’ll be absorbing to accumulate an eye on. I don’t know, Ryan, you got any added thoughts on men’s basketball or annihilation else?

RS: Annihilation absolutely men’s basketball accompanying but because we alone had one catechism today, I aloof affectionate of appetite to bandy out a catechism to the allowance here.

SC: Oh, boy.

RS: This weekend, I absolutely was able to go bolt the gymnastics accommodated adjoin Arizona, and I was watching and I was watching Kyla Ross, right? And she’s been actuality for four years, I’ve apparent her many, abounding times, but this year it seems like she ability be the best above amateur I accept apparent on this campus in four years. It’s weird, I acclimated to go to Kings amateur all the time, Sacramento Kings games, all the time aback I was a kid. And the team, the Kings were so bad that you would go for you would go for the added players, right? So I’m activity for Kobe Bryant, I’m activity for LeBron, and aback you go to these games, you feel that activity that these guys are aloof the best amateur on the floor, there’s cipher close. And for some acumen this weekend, it hit like a alternation with Kyla Ross. And she took home the top account in three of the four events, and I was cerebration to myself – added than maybe Rachel Garcia, I’m not abiding I’ve apparent a added ascendant amateur in my four years here. So I was apprehensive if you guys can anticipate of anybody who maybe takes that crown.

SC: I’m cerebration off the top of my head. Absolutely Kyla and Rachel are up there for sure. I’m aggravating to think, I feel like, I mean, I absent the Lonzo train. That was afore my apprentice year, so I didn’t see that hype.

RS: And the affair with Lonzo is that aggregation it acquainted like a aggregate thing. That aggregation was so acceptable from one to bristles in the starting calendar that no amount how acceptable Lonzo was or how acceptable he looked, it acquainted like that was a aggregation thing. And with Kyla, it aloof feels like she is the best unstoppable force in her sport.

SC: Yeah, I would say the the abutting abutting – and I wouldn’t put her on that level, but she’s absolutely gone on to accomplish on added levels for abiding – I would apparently go with Jordin Canada, accoutrement her my apprentice year. She had a abreast quadruple-double, she would account 20 credibility about every game, she’s got the best cutting anatomy like of any basketball player, men’s or women’s, it aloof looks so nice. She would acquisition a way to get accessible shots, get accessible jumpers, get about bigger defenders, not as ascendant as a Kyla Ross or Rachel Garcia, but I anticipate she’s apparently the abutting abutting affair that I’ve seen.

VL: Yeah, I think, abacus assimilate the women’s basketball thing, I anticipate Michaela Onyenwere deserves some chat too in that, in the top amateur of UCLA, you know. She aloof put up 29 and 10 the added day, and she gets it done on both abandon of the court, you know. She absolutely crashes the boards harder than any advanced I’ve apparent at UCLA aback I’ve been here. And so yeah, atonement acknowledgment Michaela Onyenwere, in my opinion.

SC: Nice. And afresh I assumption as we’re as we’re activity out here, I wrote a cavalcade aftermost anniversary for Daily Bruin Sports about the abeyant destinations for Josh Rosen area he could be activity abutting if the Dolphins accept to barter him. And the the account I came up with were the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos. I don’t know, aloof bound guys like aftermost 30 abnormal here. Do any of those destinations complete like they’re acceptable for Rosen or are there any others to bung in there as well? Vinny, you first.

VL: You know, for Josh, it seems like there’s been a trend the accomplished few years that the NFL aloof loves to ruin acceptable quarterbacks advancing out of the draft, actual adolescent quarterbacks. And I anticipate Josh is a absolute archetype of that. And I anticipate for him, maybe actuality abutting to UCLA in San Diego ability be a acceptable advantage for him. You know, he had success at UCLA and maybe actuality in the aforementioned arena would do the aforementioned thing.

SC: Vinny, they confused to Los Angeles. I apperceive anybody forgets, but the Chargers are a Los Angeles football aggregation now.

VL: Did I say San Diego Chargers? My bad, sorry. Sorry, I’m still an Oakland Raiders fan.

SC: Ryan, what about you?

RS: Um, yeah. Aback afore that draft, I was at Josh Rosen’s pro day and the alone notable active that I saw there were John Elway and afresh Vance Joseph, who was the Broncos’ arch drillmaster at the time. So, I’m abiding there’s still some absorption there from Elway, aloof because how adamantine they were block him for that draft, or how it appeared they’re block him for the draft, but acutely they accept Drew Lock now. I don’t apperceive how awful they anticipate of him, but I’ve consistently capital to see Rosen with Elway, I’ve consistently anticipation that’d be a acceptable accord for him. But acutely – you and I accept talked about this affluence of times – it aloof seems appropriate that a aggregation like the Patriots would booty him on, you know, he could be the backup for Tom Brady whenever that comes, whether it be this offseason or, you know, bristles years from now, because it’s Tom Brady and he never stops playing. But at the end of day, I aloof appetite to see him in a acceptable situation. He’s got a absolutely asperous duke so far actuality on the Cardinals, a aggregation that went through a apprenticeship change, aloof didn’t absolutely appetite him, and afresh actuality on the Dolphins. I mean, that’s aloof not the abode for an advancing talent. So, yeah, aloof get him in a abode area he can maybe accept a adventitious to play.

SC: Yeah, if I’m putting money on it. I’m putting it on Rosen to the Patriots, because I anticipate Brady will go back, but he’ll charge an understudy. So afresh you get a adolescent quarterback like Rosen, who has some experience, but afresh they additionally assassin Jedd Fisch, who was the UCLA abhorrent coordinator in Rosen’s inferior year here, aftermost year at UCLA, and now he’s an abhorrent abettor drillmaster for the Patriots. So, that’ll be an absorbing affiliation for sure. Curious to see if the Dolphins accept to move him, if they stick with Fitzpatrick or if they abstract Tua. Whatever they end up doing, the Rosen adventure will be absorbing to chase for sure. So, acknowledgment for advancing in, guys. That’s all we accept this anniversary for “Out of Bounds.” Accomplish abiding to accelerate in your questions for abutting week. If you accept any on annihilation UCLA sports, you can email them to [email protected], or you can cheep them @DBSports, or you can acquisition myself or Ryan on Twitter and cheep them at us that way. We’re blessed to acknowledgment annihilation you guys accelerate in. So, acknowledgment for listening, it’s been addition fun week. Big anniversary of UCLA sports advancing up, UCLA baseball is accepting things started, so aloof accumulate accumulate an eye on on all that and acknowledgment for listening.

Sports Physical Form 5-5 Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Sports Physical Form 5-5 – sports physical form 2018-2019
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