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Angel heard the admission over her radio. Afresh she alone into her line. As she carved her edges into the snow to turn, she punched through an icy band that had formed over the bendable powder. It chock-full her instantly. Aback she pulled her ski chargeless from the icy trap, she absent her antithesis and agitated sideways. The abatement burst that brittle fiber of tissue in her knee and beatific her end over end, 1,000 anxiety bottomward the mountain.

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Pure artlessness – Angel Collinson skis in Petersburg, Alaska

© Nic Alegre/Red Bull Content Pool

When aerial through the air on skis is what you do, it can be adamantine to adjudge breadth safe ends and accident begins. This time, instead of hitting his advised landing, Johnny landed on a collapsed breadth of snow accepted amid freeskiers as a “bomb hole.” Johnny heard his knee crisis and knew anon that his ACL was toast. The abrasion would accumulate him abroad from skiing for a additional afterwards year. It additionally meant addition absent division of filming in Alaska. (Johnny was at home aback Angel afflicted her knee in April.)

It’s a adage in sports that an abrasion can present an opportunity. Both Angel and Johnny Collinson accept accepted this abstraction with all the acuteness that they usually administer to their big-mountain escapades. “There are three things bodies can train—we can alternation our craft, we can alternation our anatomy and we can alternation our mind,” says Dr. Michael Gervais, a specialist in sports psychology. “When athletes are out on injury, it’s a adventitious to access their adeptness to be accessible to acquirements and to enhance and strengthen their imagination.”

Known for their abutting relationship, Angel, 29, and Johnny, 27, accept formed calm aback adolescence to accommodated the challenges that activity and skiing present. At the aforementioned time, they accept called to focus on altered aspects of their lives during their time abroad from skiing. While Johnny has adherent the accomplished year to honing his concrete backbone and architecture himself into a added ample athlete, Angel has delved acutely into her brainy capacities.

This is the adventure of how Angel and Johnny accept accurate one addition through their year of injury, while demography aberrant paths on their way aback to the mountains they love.


The abutting accord amid Johnny and Angel began during their adolescence in Utah. Their dad, Jim Collinson, formed on ski convoying at Snowbird Resort during the winter and their ancestors lived in resort housing. Angel and Johnny aggregate a 5-by-12-foot closet with applesauce beds congenital into it. “It was aloof little things, like abrogation my Legos at the basal of her ladder or article like that,” says Johnny of their attenuate squabbles.

Johnny Collinson skis in Petersburg, Alaska.

© Nic Alegre/Red Bull Content Pool

The Collinsons spent summers road-tripping throughout the Western states in a 1979 Ford Econoline van. “We weren’t like the air-conditioned #vanlife people,” says Angel. The van bankrupt bottomward regularly. But it additionally transported them to endless adventures. Johnny recalls accomplishing his aboriginal backpacking trips at the age of 4. That summer, with Jim and Deb Collinson accustomed their gear, Johnny and Angel accomplished the acme of Mount Rainier. “We both accept such acceptable abundance sense, because we lived in the mountains all the time,” says Angel.

Angel Collinson

Freeskiing Big Mountain/Freeride

The ancestors abstruse to await on anniversary added to get through the sometimes continued and afflictive days. “We were our own little team,” says Johnny. “There was no allowance to be argument or angry in the van.” They came up with amateur to canyon the time, whether it was casting ache cones into a timberline or “butt sliding” bottomward high-altitude snowfields.“We didn’t see abounding bodies during our adolescence summers,” says Angel. “We’re best accompany now, because we were all anniversary added had.”

It was an arcadian adolescence in some ways,but both Collinsons say they sometimes admired for the added accepted activity they saw aback they abounding accessible academy in Sandy, Utah. “For a while, I agitated acerbity against my dad for banishment us to alive this lifestyle,” says Angel, and Johnny occasionally dreamed of arena on the soccer aggregation and watching Saturday-morning cartoons. “I absolutely accept abundant added of an acknowledgment for adolescence now than I did then,” says Angel.


At age 8, Angel began decline ski antagonism and the paths of the two ancestors diverged. She had a aptitude for antagonism and by her aboriginal teens, Angel was traveling to attempt about the country and internationally. “A ample allotment of our affairs was activity against me and acknowledging me and this dream of ski racing,” says Angel. “I acquainted like for a continued time John was affectionate of in my shadow.”

Angel’s raw athleticism and backbone is obvious.

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© Rainer Hosch

As she confused up the ranks, Angel’s training agenda intensified. At 14, she began weight training. The acceleration of decline skiing and the torque created by axis about the gates puts acute accent on skiers’ bodies, so not decidedly they generally adapt for that accent with continued hours in the gym. “It was bristles to six canicule in the gym with lots of weightlifting,” she says. Angel raced for 11 years and in her final year, she competed at the inferior apple championships.

Johnny could never blanket his arch about racing. “I couldn’t put what the coaches were adage assimilate the snow. It aloof wasn’t my thing,” he says. As he rode the chairlifts at races, Johnny would attending longingly at the crumb runs. Johnny says he never resented Angel’s aptitude for racing. “She was the best and could do article with it, and I didn’t accept that.”


Things afflicted aback Snowbird started a freeskiing team, which Johnny abutting in 2008, aloof afore he angry 16. “It was me and maybe 10 added kids,” he says. “We got to alpha traveling and competing.” While antagonism had never appealed to him, freeskiing offered him amplitude for creativity. Now, instead of skiing racecourses, breadth groomers removed the crumb to accomplish the apparent ski faster, he could analyze new area and hit ever-bigger and added abstruse airs.

Johnny’s Instagram augment celebrates his acute fettle regime

© Rainer Hosch

His about-face to freeskiing brought Johnny a added assurance with the mountains. “I anticipate John aloof has this raw adulation for the mountains,” says Angel. It’s breadth he seems to feel at home and breadth he’s activate a near-limitless amplitude for exploration. He spent winters focused on skiing—competing, traveling and filming.

During the summer, Johnny approved out the accomplished mountains he could find. At 17, he became the youngest climber anytime to complete the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge, which requires aggressive the tallest abundance on anniversary continent. That includes Everest, breadth Johnny became the youngest backwoodsman to adeptness the acme of the world’s highest-elevation peak.

“When he did the Seven Summits and climbed Everest, I was Johnny’s sister for a while,” says Angel. “It was absolutely cool, because I consistently affectionate of knew that he acquainted like he was in my shadow.”


As Johnny carved out a abode for himself in both freeskiing and mountaineering, Angel’s activity for antagonism was waning. At 18, she almost absent alternative for the U.S. civic ski team. She acquainted as admitting she had hit her best akin as a skier, but she additionally acquainted annoyed by the action that she’d initially loved. “I was austere out,” she says. Antagonism meant a actual structured way of activity that ultimately didn’t clothing her. “Angel was not so into the antagonism thing, and I was like, ‘Fuck, you gotta appear try freeskiing!” says Johnny.

Angel took to the new conduct seamlessly and bound began acceptable contests, including the Freeskiing Apple Tour all-embracing appellation in 2010, her aboriginal year of competing. Johnny action as he tells the story, and his account for Angel’s accomplishments is evident. “She’s this appropriate skier and this appropriate person, and so she anon was aloof on a agent belt to the top,” Johnny says. Afterwards alive to full-time filming in 2013, Angel won Crumb magazine’s coveted Band of the Year accolade in 2015 for an acute articulation in the ski cine Paradise Waits, attempt in Alaska.

“And afresh she won over all the men!” says Johnny. “She skied this crazy affair and affiliated it calm and they were like, ‘What is she doing? Breadth is she going?’ Alike as she was skiing it, the added guys on the cruise were like, ‘What? What is activity on?’ And afresh she flashes out the bottom—line of the year!”

The adeptness siblings

© Rainer Hosch

With freeskiing, Angel and Johnny became a aggregation again. Initially, they had abounding of the aforementioned sponsors and they would generally get the aforementioned gear. “I bethink John would abhorrence accepting analogous goggles,” says Angel. “If we had annihilation matching, he’d get so mad at me.”

Growing up has meant allocation out breadth Aggregation Collinson ends and their alone identities begin. “It comes to the apparent aback you’re up in Alaska,” says Johnny. “I’m acceptable at 50-foot airs, and she’s acceptable at skiing these fast, technical, thread-the-needle things.” They accept become added attuned to breadth they alter and beneath afraid about the baby stuff.

“Now we’re designing goggles together,” Angel says. “It was aloof a funny, full-circle moment, breadth he acclimated to abhorrence matching, and now we accept these affinity collabs.”


In February 2019, Johnny catholic to British Columbia for a week-long camping and ski trip. He was in the action of rebuilding afterwards disturbing his ACL in April 2018. Things were activity well, he was aback skiing, and he had a alternation of filming trips mapped out, including a cruise to Alaska. On a baby jump, he absent his advised landing spot. As his skis hit an awkward collapsed area of snow, he heard his knee crunch.

Because he’d already burst his ACL already before, Johnny knew absolutely what had happened. “It aloof feels loose, like a apart slide,” he says. It had been alone 10 months aback his antecedent ACL surgery, which agitated his disappointment. Canceling his appointed backcountry trips stung. “That was the hardest part, aloof actuality so aflame to go and ski, and I had this ailing division lined out,” he says.

Johnny is at the gym six or seven canicule a week

© Rainer Hosch

Worst of all, the abrasion meant missing addition year of filming in Alaska. “As a skier, we aloof wanna get to Alaska again,” says Johnny. There is alone a abbreviate window anniversary year aback it’s accessible to ski and blur there. The Alaskan backcountry appearance the abnormally abrupt faces that advertise the talents of big-mountain skiers like Angel and Johnny.

Johnny says it was adamantine to let go of his biking plans, but at atomic the accretion action was accustomed ground. “The aboriginal time it was aloof kinda alarming activity in,” he says. “After surgery, it was like, ‘Ooh, I heard it crisis a little bit aback I confused it.’ ” This time, Johnny could map out the accretion action and see breadth he was headed in a way he couldn’t before. He formed steadily to access his backbone and ambit of motion, hitting all the benchmarks his concrete therapists set forth the way.

Johnny Collinson

Freeskiing Freeride

He’s bent to accomplish the best of his time abroad from skiing and has some abiding goals that additionally crave accretion his able-bodied capacities—including skiing the Himalayas someday. “It’s aloof a bewitched place, like the better mountains in the world, captivation some of the better faces,” he says. And an campaign there requires accumulation elements of freeskiing and mountaineering in some of the world’s best adverse environments. “Most bodies adept one of these things,” says Angel. “Johnny has baffled all of them.”

Johnny has approved to acquisition the positives in his echo injury. It’s a adventitious to apprentice backbone and accept how to anatomy added boring aback into the sport—and hopefully appear aback stronger than ever. For both Johnny and Angel, backbone does not appear easily. Admitting he followed a step-by-step action with his antecedent injury, Johnny feels he didn’t accomplish in accustomed that mentality with him aback he clicked into his skis again.

Johnny is relentlessly analytical to try out new workouts

© Rainer Hosch

Even as he waits impatiently to get aback on snow, Johnny sounds optimistic. Whether or not he allotment to the top akin of freeskiing, he seems to be saying, he’ll be OK. “If it all came abolition bottomward appropriate now, I can still go and ski pow in the dupe and assignment a carpentry job and be beholden for the activity skiing’s accustomed me already,” he says. Johnny credits his adolescence summers in the averse van for his adeptness to acclimate setbacks and be beholden for the adventures he’s had.

At the aforementioned time, Angel says her brother can still get bent up in the details. “Sometimes you focus on these baby things breadth you feel bound or small,” she tells him. During this accomplished year, Angel has formed to admonish her brother of his account as both an amateur and a person. “I’ve aloof approved to advice John to zoom out and bethink all the assets he brings to the table, because there are so many—and anybody can see them, but he forgets.”


Sometimes Angel forgets too, and the ancestors accept spent the accomplished year abundant as they did growing up, trading roles and acknowledging anniversary another. On a contempo car drive, Angel confided to her brother that she acquainted like she didn’t fit in. “I’m not normal—I’m not a absolute athlete,” she said. But Angel’s award-winning video clips accomplish it about absurd to appearance her as annihilation but a able athlete.

Still, she has doubts. “She says she feels assertive ways, and it’s like, ‘Well, exactly, you should feel different in that way,’ ” says Johnny. “It’s alive the activity from a abrogating different to a absolute unique.”

After her years in the gym as a ski racer, Angel is beneath absorbed than Johnny in spending time appropriation weights. Instead, she is exploring the boundaries of her brainy capacities and how her apperception and anatomy interconnect. Angel’s compassionate of these access has appear from an all-embracing ambit of sources, such as ayurveda, yoga and Native American wisdom. In December, she spent seven canicule at a bashful brainwork retreat, which she after declared as “Type 2 fun.”

Angel Collinson

Freeskiing Big Mountain/Freeride

Angel has brought a agnate acuteness to the activity of accretion her compassionate of her psychology, as she has with aggregate abroad in her activity so far. “When I aboriginal started alive with Angel, she was like, ‘I like to do things all or nothing!’ ” says Samantha Norton. An ayurvedic bloom counselor, Norton has formed with Angel to affluence her all-or-nothing mentality into article abutting balance. Ayurveda’s accent on ritual and accent and active in tune with the seasons and the accustomed apple appeals to Angel.

She has additionally taken the year to analyze activity alfresco of skiing. Angel keeps a account and checks in with her activity according to the moon cycles. “On the new moons, I address bottomward a account of goals or intentions that I appetite to set into abode in my life,” she says. “On the abounding moons, I address a account of things I’m accessible to let go of.” The day she afflicted her knee, she had recorded a account of intentions. “I was activity over my account after and I accomplished none of the things I had accounting had to do with skiing,” she says.

Some of her adventures are simple, adjoining on mundane. This accomplished summer, she absolved forth the Santa Monica Pier, ate affection bonbon and rode the amusement-park rides. “Now I get to alive out all the dreams that I had as a kid of all the things I capital to do,” she says. She additionally road-tripped forth the Oregon bank and danced acquiescently at the Beloved music festival.

Angel’s abounding passions accommodate yoga, ayurveda and climate-change advocacy

© Rainer Hosch

But some of her new adventures are added adventuresome and fit her adept addiction to go all in. Recently, Angel bought a sailboat. She already has affairs to captain it about the world. Her absorption in breath exercises, fatigued from her yoga and ayurveda practices, has led to an appetite to apprentice to freedive. Admitting she has spent best of her activity in the mountains, Angel feels fatigued to the ocean. For her, the ocean is as alien as the spines of backcountry Alaska were aback she aboriginal encountered them.

Embracing advocacy, Angel has amorphous to assignment with her sponsors on climate-change projects. It’s an affair breadth she feels she has credibility, because of her time in the snow and about glaciers, some of which are now disappearing. While she says that some of the elements are advancing into focus, Angel isn’t absolutely abiding how all the new pieces of her activity will fit calm aloof yet.

“It’s like that afflictive cushion appearance breadth you apperceive that a butterfly is activity to be the end—but appropriate now you’re aloof in the aqueous and it’s uncomfortable.”


There accept been some arresting juxtapositions this accomplished year amid Angel’s absolute analytic and self-discovery and Johnny’s step-by-step circadian gym routine. One week, while Johnny spent hours in the gym, Angel ate ice chrism in Oregon. “I would say the hardest affair has been aloof activity like I’m not accomplishing it the way bodies commonly do it,” she says. “It makes me catechism myself or agnosticism if I’m accomplishing it right.” At the aforementioned time, acknowledgment in allotment to her continued able-bodied history, Angel has hit all the concrete markers of advance in her recovery.

Angel Collinson

Freeskiing Big Mountain/Freeride

Success as an amateur can beggarly blame and growing in agency that aren’t consistently comfortable. This, too, is accustomed arena to Johnny and Angel, who followed their ancestor into alien wilderness during their adolescence backpacking trips. “If somebody wants to analyze their potential, whether it’s in action or otherwise, that agency they are activity to airing into alien territory,” says Dr. Gervais. Alive through their injuries has offered Johnny and Angel amplitude to analyze some of the difficult spaces and alien territories in their lives.

While they accept taken differing paths, both achievement to acknowledgment to the mountains aback their bodies accept healed. In the continued run, Johnny has the Himalayas in sight. And while Angel has widened her focus over the accomplished year, she still wants to get aback to Alaska and ski a big band to her abounding potential. “You can’t analyze yourself to anyone else,” she says. “That’s one of the things this abrasion is teaching us both.”

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