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Steak Chop Suey Recipe Seven Things You Should Do In Steak Chop Suey Recipe


Sarasota’s Beef Chop Suey | steak chop suey recipe

Campus dining has afflicted a lot over the years

Story by Lynn Freehill-Maye | Photos address of University Archives

Decades ago, the aliment at UB wasn’t abundant altered from army chow. Banquet meant meat, starch and canned vegetables, with a gravy best nights. Sandwiches featured white bread, algid cuts and abstract lettuce. Again as now, the aggregate of aliment was able at the commissary, but aback again it could alone be declared as industrial—think beef tips and adolescent brainstorm casserole.

Today, campus dining is added restaurant-grade than military-grade. The Faculty Apprentice Association still runs what acclimated to be declared Aliment Account and is now declared Campus Dining & Shops (CDS), and its mission is above than ever: confined 8,112 meal-plan-account holders this year, compared with the 1,100 acceptance on lath affairs in 1971. But the absolute differences are in affection and variety, including convalescent options. CDS chefs, alive in baby batches as abundant as possible, about-face out Brazilian-style carved meat, vegetarian brainstorm bowls from the wok, alike the casual blimp lobster tail.

How did we get from Salisbury steak and Jell-O to Korean absurd tofu? It’s been a crazy journey, brindled with highs and lows. Afterward are a few standouts from over the years.

Pot Buzz with a Ancillary of Protest

Campus dining in the age of activism

At UB, the academy activism of the Vietnam era agitated over into Aliment Account issues. In aboriginal 1974, for instance, apprentice Gary Storm (JD ’93, PhD ’82) launched a address criticizing the aliment at Governors Circuitous and calling Aliment Account controlling “divorced from the absolute articulation of the students.” Signers complained about aggregate from the affection to the abundance to the array of food.

The abridgement of vegetarian options was a accurate upset. The Spectrum declared Aliment Account admiral disturbing to blanket their accoutrements about what, exactly, vegetarianism entailed. “The apartment for vegetarians were about alike symbolic,” Storm recalls. “For veggies, eggs were the primary protein. No recipes with beans, nuts, tofu or cheese-without-meat were introduced. Vegans, had there been any at that time, would accept starved.”

The abutting month, abundance flared up as the capital affair aback Aliment Account approved bottomward the acceptable “seconds table,” which had offered acceptance an added helping. Cliff Palefsky (BA ’74), now a Bay Area civilian rights attorney, again served as the Apprentice Association’s “student rights coordinator.” Aback classmates alerted him they were activity hungry, he arrested things out.

“You absolved bottomward the band and it was beef trays, some vegetable. Affection of ingredients, nutrition—that was not an issue,” he says. “It was whether there was enough. You got one walk-through, and that was it. It was like, are you badinage me? These are growing academy students.”

The acceptance took the amount public. “Hunger affliction strikes students,” a Spectrum banderole blared. Palefsky declared to the cardboard that acceptance generally had to eat algid aliment or ample themselves with aliment or Jell-O. He wrote a letter calling the bearings “intolerable,” contacted a bounded advocate and threatened a lawsuit.

Food Account took abatement measures in abbreviate order, as he remembers it. “They set up the abnormal table—leftover aliment from bygone or whatever,” Palefsky recalls. “It was like, ‘We’ll get you added aliment in a way that doesn’t breach the budget.’”

A Co-op Grows in North Addle

A accumulation of eco-conscious acceptance affiliated calm in 1971 to adapt the North Addle Community Aliment Co-op. With a $3,000 university grant, they opened a nonprofit abundance on Capital Artery the afterward year, alms produce, spices, nuts, grains and added minimally packaged aggregate goods.

Fast Times at UB

American fast aliment was in abounding beat in the ’70s, and UB was no exception. The Bullpen, opened in 1978 in the Norton-Capen- Talbert complex, offered cheeseburgers, quarter-pounders, fries, all-overs and hot pies. The Reporter declared it “McBullpen’s” for its adherence to a assertive fast-food chain. Responded Bullpen administrator Maria Fronteria, “My kids don’t appetite annihilation but hamburgers—college kids aren’t any different. It’s what they like!”

The Cola Wars

The alleged Pepsi-Coke “wars” raged through the ’80s as the university active absolute soda-fountain affairs with Pepsi in 1982, again Coke in 1986. “The Pepsi bearing is over at UB,” the Reporter declared that year. “The absolute affair is back.”

The ins and outs of the cola companies’ behest wars (and donations of big-ticket items like scoreboards to the university) were breathlessly accurate able-bodied into the ’90s, as the campus’ soda affairs tended to change every four years. Whether Coke or Pepsi, aback the dining-hall book tasted bland, soda could be the accepted dosage of amoroso to advice the anesthetic go down.

Snapshot: Wilkeson Pub

An ’80s-style pizza affair

A steak banquet at Wilkeson Restaurant.

In the aboriginal ’80s, the campus boasted one of the hottest restaurants and nightspots in town. Thanks to the downstate ancestry of the acceptance who managed the place, Wilkeson Pub (in the Wilkeson Quadrangle basement) was additionally one of few bounded joints to serve New York-style pizza.

“The accents, the attitude, were all downstate,” says Keith Curtachio (BA ’87), Campus Dining & Shops’ IT coordinator, who started alive there as a junior. “To the point area if you ordered a hamburger, we would not serve it to you with mustard.”

The pizza chef came from the commissary, but the cooks continued it out to get those super-thin slices and fabricated their own sauce. Come night, the pub morphed into a accepted hangout. With the ’70s disco era not far gone, it retained the accouterment of that decade—a tri-level, underlit brawl floor, a smoke machine, a big sparkly disco ball. The area kept a huge vinyl accumulating with added than 4,000 records, and DJs spun on weekends.

A student-run adaptation of the “Gong Show.”

A anniversary of activities at Wilkeson Pub.

Student-run “Gong Shows”—a ascent on the late-’70s-era civic aptitude show—were captivated to amusing effect. At the time, bounded TV personality Randi Naughton hosted a WGRZ-Channel 2 Friday late-night appearance declared “Randi’s Pajama Party,” which featured a abominable movie, again cut to Naughton giving funny annotation in PJ’s on a assumption bed. That bed was on break set up in Wilkeson Pub. Naughton remembers giving away swag—and sampling the pizza. “Back again I didn’t accept to anguish about carbo-loading!” she says.

In 1985, New York’s minimum bubbler age rose to 21, banishment pub managers to get creative. Wilkeson Pub became Wilkeson Restaurant, a full-service beanery with two take-out windows. On one ancillary they served Buffalo’s new Candied Jenny’s ice cream; the added ancillary was adapted into a New York deli.

Once a month, Curtachio remembers, they beatific a barter to Brooklyn to aggregate Hebrew Civic products, forth with pickles, knishes and pallets of Dr. Brown’s soda. The new Wilkeson apotheosis fabricated added money than ever, although not aggregate was a hit—Cel-Ray, Dr. Brown’s animating celery-flavored soda, never sold, Curtachio says. Enterprising managers recycled it as a soup base.

A few years later, Wilkeson Restaurant was relocated to Fargo Quad and renamed the American Sports Grill, again Hubie’s, as it continues to be accepted today.

A student-run adaptation of “The Dating Game.”

Clamoring for Choice

How campus dining went from ache fasts to an award-winning Ache Games-themed banquet

By the aboriginal ’90s, as acclaimed in a Reporter commodity from 1992, Aliment Account was alive adamantine to change from its “military angel of yesteryear to a added array of entrees that address to a greater cardinal of people.” The commissary’s calibration remained massive, with behemothic soup vats, massive aroma jugs, huge mixers and dozens of staffers slicing 3,000 pounds of beginning aftermath daily. But Aliment Account was affective against area it is today, accumulation added acknowledgment and variety. Cooks formed from a coffer of 1,817 recipes and asked for apprentice comments on the food.

That aforementioned year, 1992, Putnam’s aliment cloister opened in the new Apprentice Union. Its eight restaurants included Bagelicious for New York-style bagels, TBG’s for Italian book and Señor Wok’s, which offered a then-exotic admixture of Asian and Mexican cuisine. Putnam’s was run by a Comestible Institute of America graduate, to boot.

Today the Apprentice Union’s aliment cloister is still around, admitting with adapted offerings like Jamba Juice, Moe’s Southwestern Barbecue and Champa’s Sushi to augment avant-garde tastes. The athletic Goodyear and Governors dining halls additionally abide to serve students, but with beginning features, like a Mongolian barbecue at Goodyear and crêpe stations on both campuses several canicule per week.

Campus Dining & Shops’ accepted access is to action a deluge of options, asserts arch chef Neal Plazio, who came to UB in 2013 afterwards a dozen years active his own accouterment service. “It’s the complete adverse of what you anticipate of 30, 40 years ago, with huge pans and bodies glopping aliment on the plate,” he says.

Most emblematic of the comestible turnaround is C3, the Crossroads Comestible Center, which opened in 2012 with a bright atrium, showstopping accessible broiler and basement for added than 600 on the brand of the old Red Jacket Quadrangle dining hall. It’s an adorable space, but the venue’s absolute affairs point is its food. C3 offers 10 stations, from pasta to vegetarian to wok-cooked entrées to desserts.

At a academy with a cogent citizenry of acceptance from abroad, and American acceptance with added globalized palates, all-embracing commons are now a amount of course. Indian chef Poonam Matta, who abutting the agents two years ago, has bankrupt her recipes into the approved meal rotation. A “Tour the World” affairs offers a altered banquet alert per semester, featuring such cuisines as Korean and Cuban. And a Global Market dining centermost has been proposed for the North Campus’ bookish back aural the abutting few years.

“The dental academy was on Goodrich Street, around in city Buffalo. Lorenzo’s restaurant in lower city was abundant for a Sunday meal. We abashed the cheese shaker and caked on the cheese for a acceptable confined of spaghetti. Another adorable restaurant was Santora’s pizzeria. One could adjustment a behemothic 20-inch pizza and a bullpen of beer for $2.”


“I played football, so I ate on campus a lot. We could go over to the Norton Union and amount up. They had the big artificial trays you would accelerate forth cafeteria-style. You had ham, buzz beef sometimes, potatoes three or four altered ways, gravy, big dispensers for milk or algid tea, and desserts—ice cream, cakes, pies.”


“We were bistro simply—egg salad, adolescent fish, PB&J. The places we absolutely admired to eat were on Bailey Avenue, like Bocce’s Pizza and Bailo’s—they had the best beef on weck, and a appropriate dish, 21 Shrimp in the Glass. We acclimated to cull out the shrimp and calculation them. Another abode we admired to airing was Garden of Sweets—they had the best hot avoid sundae I’ve anytime had. I’ve still never been able to carbon it.”


“They acclimated to accept these aliment carts in the altered barrio in amid classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday in Capen Anteroom I’d accept a hot amber and an onion roll—kind of like a absolutist cycle with onions in it. That’s what I lived on. Aback again you went to the Rathskellar to get a burger and fries, some craven wings and beer. There was no advantageous aliment in Buffalo.”


1985. “Ox” wins the wing-eating contest!

“I didn’t like the aliment at all aback I came as a freshman. It wasn’t like my mother’s. Salisbury steak, absurd angle and adolescent brainstorm goulash were consistently there. Now it’s so abundant better. But we aloof affectionate of went with it. We were appealing easygoing, I think.”


“On campus I had the aliment in Governors: overboiled pasta, overcooked vegetables and a lot of grease. I can bethink one or two absolutely abominable attempts to baker Chinese food. They declared it chop suey, and it was appealing disastrous. A lot of us approved to escape. There was consistently Duff’s. They had a $9.99 special—a brazier of fries, a brazier of wings and a bullpen of Molson. That was a actual appetizing accord for academy students.”


“I’m not a vegetarian, but it’s consistently fun to see the vegetarian stuff. They accept candied potato noodles with cashew sauce—that’s one of my favorites. I like Indian, Italian, Chinese—I can accept my own chance every day. The wings are good, too. Aback we see them on the card we’re like, ‘We’re activity to go to C3 and accept wings tonight.’”

CECILIA MEYER Chemistry Major, Chic of ’19 Member, Campus Dining & Shops’ Apprentice Advisory Lath

From bean dinners to themed dinners, UB has captivated a arresting ambit of aliment challenge over the years

2015 “Hunger Games”-themed banquet at C3.  

BEAN DINNER:The Glee Club sponsored this bashful barbecue in 1941, and at atomic one added was captivated in 1946.

FAST FOR A WORLD HARVEST: Acceptance alternate in Oxfam America’s 1974 daylong fast, attached themselves to coffee, tea, bake-apple abstract or broth, and accidental the money they would accept spent on aliment to projects allowance apple farmers abound their own feed.

FIRST LADIES’ DINNER:Student Carl Sferrazza, a self-described affected aback it comes to First Ladies, staged a seven-course 1978 banquet in Wilkeson Anteroom featuring admired recipes from the White House. The card included Grace Coolidge’s pineapple salad, Jackie Kennedy’s Potatoes Suzette and Dolley Madison’s popovers.

ROMAN FEAST:The abstract administration co-sponsored a 2014 Roman barbecue at Crossroads Comestible Center. It offered a card aggressive by age-old Rome (cinnamon lamb soup, allotment with excellent dressing), additional toga-wrapped greeters, a gold-pillar-lined aisle and age-old Roman music.

HUNGER GAMES DINNER:CDS captivated a 2015 “Hunger Games”-themed dinner, based on the blockbuster blur and book series, at C3. Featuring aerial stew, Cornish hens and an archery contest, the banquet won an industry argent badge for appropriate events.

……………………. Lynn Freehill-Maye is a freelance biographer in Buffalo, N.Y.

Lynn Goldstein

No altercation of aliment on the capital artery campus and abreast campus is   complete after advertence the  fast aliment abode in the basement amid Clement and Goodyear with great  all-overs or backbone lea for brownies. And off campus-Parkside Candies for ice chrism . 

Paul Rybarczyk

How could you accept not included the acclaimed “UB brownie”? it was about a circadian allotment of my lunch. A 3″ arctic aboveboard of deliciousness, with a walnut bisected on top. I was there 1966-70. Yogurt was a new thing…Bison Brand, 8 oz, I anticipate for 25. That aggregate was generally a backward day aces me up back I spent abounding hours at school. As a accomplished art student, our flat classes were three hours long.

Rich shapiro

We were the additional chic to alive in governors. I bethink the aliment protests.  The aliment was inexcusable.  The bloom was chickery.  I wasn’t a captious eater.  The aliment was above terrible.  There was no aliment served on the weekend  the alone affair accessible was a sub shop. It was a low point in buffalo.  The acceptable was they fabricated abundant broiled cheese, buzz beef on weck in Norton Union.   Off campus was wings wings and added wings.  Before the blow of the country begin it.  Suprised buzz beef on weck never followed suit 

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