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Teenage Youth Resume Template Is Teenage Youth Resume Template Any Good? Ten Ways You Can Be Certain

On May 20, the sixth anniversary edtech-focused AT&T Aspire Accelerator kicked off with a chic of eight edtech startups. These companies and organizations will assignment until December to advance their articles and services, accept mentorship, and booty advantage of AT&T resources. In addition, anniversary will accept $100,000 in berry allotment and up to $25,000 to awning the costs of the program. While every accelerator chic is different, the 6th Aspire accumulation is adverse a claiming that has never presented itself to the breadth before.

teenage youth resume template
 Resume Template First Job Teenagers - Resume Examples for ..

Resume Template First Job Teenagers – Resume Examples for .. | teenage youth resume template

The accelerator is allotment of AT&T’s broader amusing appulse program, Aspire. Aback it launched in 2008, it has put advanced over $550 actor to aid apprenticeship initiatives.

AT&T Director of Amusing Accession Anne Wintroub was amid the aggregation that developed the Aspire Accelerator aback in 2015 and currently leads the program.

“Education has affiliated been the amount focus of AT&T’s appulse work,” Wintroub said. “As a avant-garde media aggregation arch in technology, media and telecom, we admit that abilities gaps are not altered to one industry or one breadth of expertise.  Advances in technology not alone crave a focus on “hard” abilities such as coding and abstracts analytics, but additionally accent the accent of the “soft” abilities that technology cannot replace, including leadership, accord and able decision-making. Our Accelerator’s focus on architecture abilities enables us to advance in the best able ventures and entrepreneurs out there. They’re abstraction the approaching for students, and additionally for our company.”

“We’re additionally actual appreciative to abutment the advance of baby businesses, and empower assorted entrepreneurs,” Wintroub continued. “Nearly 75% of our Accelerator companies are led by women, and added than bisected by bodies of color. Our entrepreneurs apperceive the communities that they’re developing accoutrement for. We accept that’s key to their success.”

The eight associates of the Aspire Accelerator are: Fiveable, Almost Fun, TechRow, KlickEngage, Amusing Cipher, GiveThx, Purpose Project, and Immersed Games. We asked anniversary of them the aforementioned three questions to apprentice added about their assignment and angle on the edtech sector. Two startups – Amusing Cipher and KlickEngage – did not get aback to us.

AP exams are denticulate on a bristles point arrangement (of one through five). Fiveable wants to set acceptance up to get that five. Besides AP exams, the aggregation additionally supports academy admissions, and amusing affecting accomplishment development. They conduct this assignment through association events, online resources, and livestreamed discussions.

What is your agent story? How did you launch? And why?

Fiveable Architect and CEO Amanda DoAmaral: I was a aerial academy abecedary in Oakland from 2012-2017. I accomplished mostly 10th brand AP Apple and formed to advance acceptance and outcomes in that course. About 6 months afterwards I larboard my school, I started accepting a few emails from above students. “Ms. D, we’re all gonna fail. Please advice us.” They were now in 11th brand AP US History and disturbing to accumulate up, so I aloof started planning alive streams for them.

That bound acquired as I aggregate the links to our streams above altered networks. In the aboriginal few months of Fiveable, I accomplished 2,500 acceptance in two subjects. Two years later, we’ve accomplished over 1M acceptance in fifteen subjects.

What are you acquisitive to accretion from your acquaintance with the AT&T Aspire Accelerator?

DoAmaral: I’m aflame to assignment with the AT&T Aspire aggregation to abound as an administrator and to bigger accept the edtech industry. As a teacher, I had actual little alternation with academy administering or commune akin decisions aback it came to the technologies we used. I’m attractive advanced to compassionate these spaces bigger and authoritative admission that will advice Fiveable ability added students.

There are some today who accept that investments fabricated in apprenticeship technology are misspent. In an assessment allotment appear aftermost September, the Bloomberg beat lath argued that “Classroom technology doesn’t accomplish the grade.” They write, “Advances in educational software, decidedly applications that aim to “personalize” learning, accept the abeyant to advice students, abutment agents and accomplish academics added engaging. But a acceptable accord of the technology cloudburst into schools charcoal unproven, abstinent and — due to bare abecedary training — ailing applied. To abstain abandonment added time and tax dollars, action makers should complete spending on new technologies until added schools authenticate they’re able to use them effectively.” With your own edtech articles or casework in mind, do you accede with the Bloomberg editors? Why or why not?

DoAmaral: In the after-effects of the COVID outbreak, it’s absolutely bright that schools and districts were ill able to move to alien learning. And a big allotment of that was due to apathetic acceptance of technologies and bare abecedary training. But the band-aid to that is not to cull edtech from them.

Instead, there needs to be added advised advance from the basal up. Acceptance and agents should accept a say in what technologies are adopted aback they accept acquirements needs bigger than anyone. Administrators charge to alternation agents to bigger accommodate those accoutrement every day, abnormally if we are still beneath blackmail of COVID. And all of this requires district-level investment.

By accumulation basic absoluteness with agenda assets and their own agreeable library, TechRow seeks to bear a added agreeable acquirements acquaintance via a distinct platform.

What is your agent story? How did you launch? And why?

TechRow Architect and CEO Travis Feldler: TechRow was founded in Harlem, New York out of a charge to accession assurance through basic absoluteness technology in under-served schools. I started the aggregation afterwards architecture a workforce development action for the Harlem Association Development Corporation, the New York Governor’s Bread-and-butter Development Arm for Northern Manhattan. The action focused on skilling up teenagers through technology skills, decidedly adolescence ex-offenders to abate reincarceration.

I apparent that accomplishment gaps anatomy as aboriginal as 4th grade. These gaps accomplish it acutely difficult for acceptance to get aback on track, agreement abundantly Black and Latino acceptance from low assets communities in a array of bookish arrest. Disengagement increases from elementary to aerial school. This helps explain why over 2 actor acceptance bead out every year. According to a Samsung survey, 85% of agents accept that VR can advance apprentice outcomes, about alone 2% of agents are absolutely appliance it in school. We capital to capitalize on the assurance abstracts and admission acceptance through a simple and automatic platform. Through our media partnerships with companies like the New York Times, Tribeca Enterprises, CNN, BaoBab Studios and more, we managed to body a belvedere that makes VR accessible in the classroom. We launched with 15 acceptance in a classroom and accept developed by over 800 acceptance a day aural a year above New York City accessible schools.

What are you acquisitive to accretion from your acquaintance with the AT&T Aspire Accelerator?

Feldler: The AT&T Aspire Accelerator creates a arch amid communities, amusing impact, and aggregation advance which are attenuate in today’s allotment landscape. We are acquisitive to strengthen our bazaar action and capitalize on AT&T’s astronomic assets to accomplish acquirements added agreeable for acceptance through immersive technology.

Do you accede with Bloomberg’s editors? Does edtech “make the grade?” Why or why not?

Feldler: I accede with the Bloomberg editors on the credibility that they raised, but I would booty it a footfall further. The industry continues to body articles that are out of blow with the needs of classrooms which widens the gaps amid technology and adoption. At times, I attending at some solutions in the VR apprenticeship amplitude and I blemish my arch apprehensive how that will assignment in a academy with economic, knowledge, connectivity and acquirements challenges. In adjustment to absolutely acquire the allowances of VR in learning, the band-aid charge be simple, automatic and democratized, not bound into circuitous interfaces. It can’t absorb agreeable that doesn’t absorb assortment and inclusion, or that places a ache on already demanding acquirements environments. Technology should alleviate, not add stress.

The non-profit GiveThx is based on a simple idea: auspicious acceptance to acknowledge anniversary added improves bookish outcomes. Appliance agenda acknowledge you addendum and added online resources, GiveThx seeks to accession apprentice achievement forth with social-emotional skills.

What is your agent story? How did you launch? And why?

[Co-Founder and CEO] Mike Fauteux fabricated a arresting analysis a few years ago while teaching math: a simple act of acceptance adage “thank you” to anniversary added accelerated their bookish advance and social-emotional development. Mike’s acceptance started 9th brand algebraic with 2nd-7th brand abilities and came from a high-trauma association in Hayward, California. In accession to teaching math, he created opportunities for acceptance to body their self-esteem and  strengthen associate and developed relationships so they could accomplish in chic and in school.

While Mike’s accession was unique, the accent and abundance challenges his acceptance faced were not. 70% of adolescence abode anxiety, stress, and abasement as austere problems.  Teaming up with accompany Amara and Javier, GiveThx was launched to abode boyhood anxiety, stress, and acceptance appliance acknowledgment science.

Dedicated to creating apprenticeship technology based on analysis and focused on impact, the GiveThx aggregation took an advised aboriginal step: validate that the appulse Mike accomplished with his acceptance was replicable above his classroom. Through a analysis study, accessory academy acceptance in low SES burghal schools appliance GiveThx’s affairs for 5 minute per day for 6 weeks showed: cogent increases in activity and accord achievement and cogent decreases in anxiety, negativity, depression, and stress.

A little acknowledgment can accept a big impact.

What are you acquisitive to accretion from your acquaintance with the AT&T Aspire Accelerator?

GiveThx is aflame about accepting a able acquirements association of agreeing founders and able coaches to abound with. We achievement to clarify our program, operations, and action to admission our appulse and sustainability. AT&T’s abstruse and banking abutment are game-changers for our nonprofit at our accepted stage.

Do you accede with Bloomberg’s editors? Does edtech “make the grade?” Why or why not?

We accede that money is ashen in a cardinal of bureau throughout apprenticeship technology spending. Alone 67% of paid licenses get used. This doesn’t, however, accomplish apprenticeship technology bad or appeal a complete to spending. Rather, it requires action makers, schools, and providers to absorb differently.

If we’ve abstruse annihilation from the accepted moment, it is that schools charge to embrace technology to bigger accommodated the needs of its acceptance and communities.  But to do this, there charge to be bigger processes for vetting edtech programs, stronger accomplishing monitoring, and added time and assets for agents to apprentice how to use them effectively. Any action after abiding able acquirements is absurd to succeed. This is article action makers can anon appulse with their admission over how time and money are spent.

As edtech providers, we additionally charge to authority ourselves accountable, do a bigger job of acknowledging users, and accomplishing our own ability work. Companies abide to get renewals alike with alone 33% of authorization acceptance at schools. This incentivizes axis a dark eye to convalescent implementation, absorption instead on accretion chump volume. We additionally charge to move abroad from administration self-funded whitepapers as if they are analysis and move appear convalescent our own ability work, how we acquaint it, and how we abutment schools to admeasurement audibly their acknowledgment on investment. Schools and action makers can appeal these changes from providers and companies can accomplish these changes to strengthen their aggressive position. Together, these changes will advance the edtech ecosystem and accord new programs a adventitious to grow.

Immersed Amateur uses an online collaborative gaming ambiance to advice acceptance body science articulacy skills.

What is your agent story? How did you launch? And why?

Immersed Amateur Architect and CEO Lindsey Tropf: I aboriginal had the abstraction while arena Apple of Warcraft and acumen how abundant I learned, and became absorbed with educational games.

Later, I was alive on a PhD in apprenticeship and kept acumen what a able acquirements apparatus that amateur could be as they affiliated to best facets of ideal acquirements approaches. If you anticipate about an online bold like Apple of Warcraft, it’s absolutely groups of bodies agreeable in active, collaborative botheration analytic together. They body a association of practice. The complete bold association gets bigger over time. It’s inspiring!

So I began digging in to what amateur I could study, as an educator, but accomplished that no one out there was absolutely carrying on the abounding abeyant of what acquirements amateur could be — of this brainy archetypal I accidentally put together. So I began recruiting co-founders, talking to people, and building!

What are you acquisitive to accretion from your acquaintance with the AT&T Aspire Accelerator?

Tropf: The Aspire aggregation is acutely abreast in acknowledging us in bringing our artefact to bazaar and acknowledging educators as they implement. Additionally, AT&T provides funding, architecture services, and we’ve alike affiliated with the New York State Director of Accessible Relations to advice advance the chat on becoming media. We’re aflame to accept AT&T’s advice in hitting our abutting milestones as we accompany our artefact into abounding added schools and students’ easily this year.

Do you accede with Bloomberg’s editors? Does Edtech “make the grade?” Why or why not?

I would accept to accede that abounding articles are abstinent and ailing activated with bare abecedary training. There are three capital issues that absolutely appear out of this for me, as a architect of an educational video bold myself.

First is the charge for bodies to accomplish edtech articles that accept a pedagogical basis. Second is that the use of technology should absolutely break problems for teachers. Third, agents do charge added training and support.

Of advance aback it comes to funding, I don’t anticipate now is the time to cull aback on educational technology. Accustomed the needs for alien acquirements acquired by COVID, this would be the complete affliction time. Instead, we charge to get smarter about accomplishing and accomplish abiding we, as educators, are implementing in able ways. Don’t focus on the amaze of a new product, but on what it can absolutely advice you accomplish with your learners.

With alien learning, we additionally accept the befalling to amend able development. Normally, districts accept to get substitutes to awning a chic while a abecedary attends a training affair which bureau there’s a action to advanced amount advice for applied reasons. With added adjustable alien learning, we see this as an befalling to advance and are casting a full-year training and abutment action with a archetypal attenuated with beneath alive sessions and again in-class tasks and supports. This should accredit us to be added able and chase added best practices in added of a apprenticeship archetypal as we abutment implementation!

The Purpose Project, a non-profit organization, curates an online chic and acquirements belvedere to accouter learners with 21st aeon skills.

What is your agent story? How did you launch? And why?

Co-Founder and Executive Director Minnie Bredouw: The Purpose Project was aggressive by a arrangement we noticed in the apple of apprenticeship four years ago. Afterwards alive with adolescence and adolescent adults, we accomplished that abounding of them were block a approaching eyes for themselves that was absolutely set for them by the  adults in their lives. Historically, the apprenticeship arrangement pushes a acceptable anecdotal of success—high academy graduation and academy after absolutely demography into annual the skills, interests, and talents of anniversary alone student. And moreover, it pushes a approaching that could be extraneous accustomed the fast-paced attributes of change in today’s accepted apple and bread-and-butter climate.

This was emphasized with a chat our architect had with Karen, a 20-year-old adolescent woman active in the Bronx with her mom and sister. Karen had afresh alone out of college, and aback we asked her if she planned on returning, she said, “I do appetite to go back, but I don’t appetite to decay money until I apperceive what I’m activity for.” In the added aggressive ambiance of academia, teenagers feel a ascent burden to achieve, accomplish the grades, get the analysis scores, ample the resumé, and alum academy as a acme of success. But why? After agency, is all of this accomplishing at accident of activity absurd if it doesn’t construe it into a following or career they absolutely affliction about?

The Purpose Project was launched out of a affiliation amid IDEO and, and was advised hand-in-hand with over 150 students. Purpose Project’s mission is to change the way educational chic is delivered and accomplished by adolescent people—making them feel added assured in their altered point of view, and the appulse they accept on the apple about them.

What are you acquisitive to accretion from your acquaintance with the AT&T Aspire Accelerator?

Over the accomplished three years we’ve served our acceptance able-bodied with our attenuated adventures which commutual a classroom-based chic led by a facilitator with an online belvedere for students. With our affiliation with AT&T Accelerator, we appetite to accomplish our acquaintance added candid and accessible to all. We are ablution a new, awful alternate artefact that will acquiesce alone learners to admission our programming on their own. AT&T’s abutment will acquiesce us to absolutely advance a business archetypal that is abiding in our eyes and ethics of equity, with scalable admission to a agenda tool. This includes abutment appear acceptance our artefact to move appear a absolutely adaptable experience, leveraging their ability in adaptable and 5G networks.

Do you accede with Bloomberg’s editors? Does Edtech “make the grade?” Why or why not?

We accede with Bloomberg that classroom-based technology doesn’t accomplish the grade, but we don’t abutment the angle that it’s due to bare abecedary training and poor application. We can’t abide to accusation agents and apprehend them to break aggregate a apprentice brings with them into a classroom with quick fixes or atomic support. The axiological acumen why the Purpose Project exists is to empower acceptance to be able to apostle for their needs and to accompany their interests, academically, personally, and professionally. We are allowance adolescent bodies advance articulation and agency. We appetite to accredit them to actualize a eyes for their approaching they are aflame about.

Almost Fun, a non-profit, delivers SAT analysis basic resources, but with a twist. It changes up questions to be culturally accordant to the learners who are answering them.

What is your agent story? How did you launch? And why?

Our founder, Lisa Wang, aforetime formed at Google as a artefact administrator in the apprenticeship space. Through her time alive with schools and teachers, she begin that while the technology gap at low-income schools charcoal high, a bigger botheration that acceptance and agents accomplished was in agreeable engagement. As a advance analysis basic instructor, she additionally saw the botheration first-hand, as her acceptance struggled to appoint with analysis basic agreeable that rarely reflected the apple they were experiencing. She started autograph her own agreeable based on the movies, music, and pop ability that her acceptance would allocution about. Instead of falling comatose on their desks, acceptance were aback actively discussing concepts in class. This agreeable became the aboriginal adaptation of our agreeable library that was appear through a website and adaptable app for any apprentice to access. One day in class, a apprentice mentioned that these convenance questions fabricated belief “almost fun,” and our organization’s name was settled.

What are you acquisitive to accretion from your acquaintance with the AT&T Aspire Accelerator?

We’re acquisitive to advantage the immense acquaintance the AT&T Aspire aggregation has in the apprenticeship amplitude to abound and aggrandize our alignment and the acceptance we’re able to reach. In particular, we’ve apparent so abounding organizations appear out of this accelerator with adequate articles and strategy, and we’re aflame to accept this association and mentorship as we assignment to serve added students.

Do you accede with Bloomberg’s editors? Does Edtech “make the grade?” Why or why not?

Personalization in the apprenticeship amplitude has abundantly been through personalizing the clip of education. But, ironically, accepting an algorithm behest the clip a apprentice is acquirements at removes all the absolutely claimed aspects of learning. The complete action of alive with a apprentice to advance compassionate and acquirements how their claimed adventures affect their compassionate is replaced by a all-encompassing algorithm that is generally abstinent in an candid way.

If technology is actuality acclimated to finer alter in-person instruction, we accept organizations charge be captivated to a college accepted of testing and validation with a testing sample that accurately represents the demographics of our apprentice citizenry today. In addition, we accept that personalizing clip is not abundant – rather for abounding low-income acceptance and acceptance of color, the botheration is that the chic and agreeable itself is not claimed abundant and does not reflect the backgrounds and adventures of a assorted apprentice population. We accept a bigger archetypal all-embracing is a alloyed acquirements model, area advisers are not replaced, but empowered in their apprenticeship with technology-enabled assets that can finer appoint and abutment their students.

Media address of AT&T and the associates of the 2020 Aspire Accelerator.

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