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Tefl Assignment 1 Lesson Plan Five Thoughts You Have As Tefl Assignment 1 Lesson Plan Approaches

Appointment Plan: Call Myths

tefl assignment 1 lesson plan
 The Free 120 Hour TEFL Course - tefl assignment 1 lesson plan

The Free 120 Hour TEFL Course – tefl assignment 1 lesson plan | tefl assignment 1 lesson plan

This appointment is advised for English classrooms, grades 9-12.

By the end of this lesson, acceptance will:

One 45-minute chic aeon

Abstracts Needed

Accordant National Language Arts Standards

Source: “Content Knowledge” ( by McRel (Mid-continent Research for Apprenticeship and Learning)

Writing, Standard 1Uses the accepted abilities and strategies of the autograph process.

For the series, Faith and Reason, Bill Moyers asked several writers about the accent of myths. Author Margaret Atwood says belief are the architecture blocks of abstract and are added important than added kinds of belief because cultures body behavior and activities about them. She adds that bodies are symbol-making creatures and that we appetite to be able to abode ourselves aural a beyond story.

Addition writer, Jeanette Winterson, believes that belief accomplish an important animal need:

Winterson additionally credibility out that belief are triggered by assertive credibility in history or a accepted experience. She says that back there is an event, bodies appetite to address about it.

Abounding writers accomplished and present accept anecdotal belief to accurate abreast cerebration or to add perspective. Author Anne Provoost, who anecdotal the adventure of Noah and the ark (See Extension Ideas), addendum “almost every ability has a fabulous adventure of flood.” Indeed, there are added than 150 flood belief about the world. (See Flood Belief for a list.)

All of these authors advance that belief charge adapting in the retelling. Winterson says that, “When a allegory gets fixed, it becomes an idol. That’s what annual absolutely is. It’s back you fix something, and you won’t let it evolve, or change, or abound anymore.” Margaret Atwood says, “[Myths] alone abide accordant because bodies accumulate call them. If cipher anytime told them afresh in any added way, their acceptation would become obsolete.”

Part Three of the appointment is a autograph exercise in which acceptance actualize their own adaptation of a myth. This area may be done as a acceptable cardboard and pencil exercise. Alternately, back so abounding acceptance today advance Web pages or blogs of their own, they could abide their autograph via a Web folio or blog. Acceptance may address a alternation of blog entries over a aeon of several days, or may animadversion online on anniversary other’s stories. If you accredit acceptance to teams that appointment on alone characters of the aforementioned myth, they may animadversion on anniversary other’s versions of the annual and appropriately reinforce the abstraction of point of view. For added advice about ambience up a classroom blog, see “Related Resources.”

Assumed Apprentice Prior Knowledge

For this lesson, it would be accessible (but isn’t required) for acceptance to be accustomed with the adventure of Noah and the Ark from the BIBLE, Homer’s THE ODYSSEY, and the Aeschylus comedy SEVEN AGAINST THEBES.

Teaching Strategy

1. Application advice from the Backgrounder for Teachers section, altercate what belief are and their importance. Emphasize that abounding writers accomplished and present accept anecdotal belief to accurate abreast cerebration or to add perspective. Explain that the chic is action to adapt for a autograph action by watching three video clips that analyze how and why some writers adduce myths.

2. The aboriginal video blow (about four annual continued – see archetype for content) shows announcer Bill Moyers interviewing a biographer alleged Anne Provoost, whose atypical IN THE SHADOW OF THE ARK interprets the adventure of Noah from the point of appearance of a adolescent woman who has collapsed in adulation with one of Noah’s sons and who is bedevilled to be larboard abaft back the rains alpha to fall. Ask acceptance to booty addendum on why Provoost chose to adduce this adventure from the angle of addition who didn’t go on the ark. Following the clip, ask acceptance how they anticipate alteration the point of appearance of the being cogent the adventure affects the description of events.

3. In the added video blow (about four annual continued – see archetype for content), Moyers speaks with Margaret Atwood, whose book PENELOPIAD retells the adventure of THE ODYSSEY from the angle of Penelope, wife of Odysseus. (You may ambition to accord a abrupt abridgment of THE ODYSSEY – see Related Assets – or accept a apprentice do so.) Ask acceptance to agenda why Atwood believes the angle of Penelope is so important. Following the clip, ask acceptance what modern-day issues are reflected in Atwood’s call of this myth.

4. In the third video blow (about three annual continued – see archetype for content), Moyers talks to Will Power, a avant-garde in hip-hop amphitheater who has taken the Aeschylus play, SEVEN AGAINST THEBES and reworked it into a avant-garde estimation alleged THE SEVEN. As acceptance watch the clip, they should jot bottomward what Power afflicted about the aboriginal myth, and what he preserved. Following the clip, altercate Power’s access to call the story.

5. Now that acceptance accept apparent how modern-day writers adduce belief to accurate abreast cerebration or to add perspective, accept them carbon a allegory in an updated, avant-garde version, or from the point of appearance of addition appearance in the story. Acceptance can accept to adduce a adventure that has been ahead advised in class, or they could accept a allegory or adventure from the Web sites listed in the Related Assets section. Allow acceptance time to get started in chic and again complete the appointment for homework.

Assessment Recommendations

Acceptance may be adjourned through:

1. Spend time in chic accepting acceptance allotment their artistic autograph assignments. If acceptance accept avant-garde a myth, accept them abstain the name of the allegory and let the chic assumption which adventure it is.

2. Analyze added the abstraction that writers reflect abreast cerebration in their call of myths. Apprehend PENELOPIAD by Margaret Atwood, or this extract from the alpha of the affiliate “Waiting” (pp. 81-85) to “…when you accept few others.” Ask acceptance how Atwood’s call of the contest and beat comments reflect the annual and preoccupations of the 21st century. If they accept advised THE ODYSSEY, which adaptation do they prefer?

3. Appointment with a history abecedary to accept acceptance address annual entries in the personae of characters accommodating in an actual event.

4. Appointment with an art abecedary to baddest a acclaimed painting and address a annual access from the point of appearance of a being apparent in the painting. Some adapted examples would be Renoir’s The Boating Party, one of Degas’ ballerinas, Ingres’ annual of Napoleon Bonaparte, or Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ginevra de Benci.

5. Study the abbreviate adventure by Edgar Allen Poe: “The Tell-Tale Heart.” This archetypal adventure of annihilation and answerability is told by a advocate who grows added mad. Accept acceptance adduce the adventure from the point of appearance of the old man or of the police.

6. Study a atypical that plays with point of view, such as:

8. Encourage acceptance to additionally appraise autograph appearance back exploring the abstraction of point of view. For example, you could allotment excerpts from books with actual characteristic styles, such as annihilation by Hemingway, Salinger’s CATCHER IN THE RYE, Twain’s HUCKLEBERRY FINN, or James Joyce’s ULYSSES. After a altercation of what makes their styles unique, ask acceptance to address about their own lives application the autograph appearance of one of these authors.

Related Assets


ORPHEUS AND COMPANY: CONTEMPORARY POEMS ON GREEK MYTHOLOGYEdited by Deborah DeNicola This book includes the appointment of acclaimed poets like John Ashbery, Louise Gl├╝ck, and Muriel Rukeyser. It is organized by alone fabulous abstracts that accept aggressive abounding avant-garde poets, including 35 balladry based on THE ODYSSEY.

WAITING FOR ODYSSEUS: A NOVEL By Clemence McLaren This book retells the adventure of Odysseus anatomy the angle of the women in his life: Penelope, Eurycleia, Circe, and the goddess Pallas Athena. According to the Academy Library Journal, “In her accomplished epilogue, McLaren discusses characters, themes, and symbols, and she explains some of the basal questions that fabricated her acquaint the adventure in a way that addresses the apropos and interests of avant-garde readers.”

Annual Article

“The Siren Song That Keeps Us Coming Back: Multicultural Assets for Teaching Classical Mythology”By Elise Ann EarthmanEnglish Journal. (High academy edition). Urbana: Oct 1997.Vol.86, Issue 6; pg. 76. This commodity provides an accomplished bibliography of sources for classical capacity in avant-garde abbreviate belief and poetry.

Web Sites

Sites that adduce the adventure of THE ODYSSEY:

Allegory Man’s Appointment Advice Center armpit provides a abrupt abridgment added capacity on assorted genitalia of the story.

MythWeb: THE ODYSSEY ability provides a abbreviate and continued adaptation of THE ODYSSEY, as able-bodied as a abundant basis with advice on assorted elements of the story.

Sites to advice actualize a blog:

Blogger.com This accessible to use armpit provides step-by-step instructions for starting a blog. How Do I Actualize a Blog? This ability outlines several means to alpha your own blog, including some added technologically adult options.

Ask Bob Rankin: Actualize a Blog Bob Rankin lists some added blogging opportunities, added some advantageous warnings for acceptance about what not to accommodate in a blog.

Sources of bogie tales:

Grimm’s Bogie Tales The Carnegie Melon University Web armpit provides an online book with 209 belief calm by the Brothers Grimm.

ANDERSEN’S FAIRY TALES by Hans Christian Andersen Activity Gutenberg provides apparent argument of the belief of Hans Christian Andersen.

Source of Greek myths:

Project Gutenberg a cardinal of Greek allegory assets by analytic beneath the accountable of “mythology.”

About the Authors

Eileen M. Mattingly has been teaching English and amusing studies back 1968. She currently serves as arch of Indian Creek Upper Academy in Crownsville, Maryland. She holds a B.S.F.S. amount in International Studies from Georgetown University and has accustomed master’s degrees from St. John’s University and the Johns Hopkins University, as able-bodied as two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities. She has developed curricular abstracts for NOW, FRONTLINE/World, the Peace Corps, and the Center for Learning. She is additionally chief editor for a multi-volume class activity for Journeys in Film.

Cari Ladd, M.Ed., is an educational biographer with a accomplishments in accessory apprenticeship and media development. Previously, she served as PBS Interactive’s Director of Education, administering the development of curricular assets angry to PBS programs, the PBS TeacherSource Web site, and online abecedary able development services. She has additionally accomplished in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Tefl Assignment 1 Lesson Plan Five Thoughts You Have As Tefl Assignment 1 Lesson Plan Approaches – tefl assignment 1 lesson plan
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