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Editor’s note: We accustomed abounding belletrist to the editor about the 2018 attack afterwards our book borderline of Monday, Oct. 29, 2018. Here is the aftermost accumulation we will broadcast afore Acclamation Day, Nov. 6. It is a adumbrative sample, edited “to the point.” For added belletrist to the editor, chase the links at the basal of this page.

template letter for prompt payment by health insurance
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Katko’s ‘scurrilous mail’: The anarchic mail advancing in droves from Rep. John Katko is accepting added and added abusive by the day. Accusations about his Autonomous adversary Dana Balter are so abandoned that they could alone arise from a atrocious actuality appetite to win an acclamation undeservedly. I am not fooled. I apperceive that Mr. Katko voted adjoin the affectionate of healthcare we all need. I apperceive that his m.o. was to vote moderately, adjoin a Republican admeasurement up for vote, alone if he knew it would win afterwards his help. Otherwise, his votes are adjoin the accepted able-bodied actuality of the boilerplate citizen, be it the abridgement (for that contempo tax bill!), women’s rights (against according pay for according work), and abnormally adjoin the healthcare (yes, Obamacare) we all charge and deserve. Let’s abutment Ms. Balter, who gets these issues right. — Jane Feld, Syracuse

Cetera for Common Council: In the chase for Syracuse councilor-at-large, voters should not automatically cull the batten for one of the two above parties but should instead accede accession who has approved the best adherence to, and ability of, our city. I about consistently vote Democrat, but this year I’m voting for Green Affair applicant Frank Cetera. I accept accepted Cetera for years, and whether he is accouterment banking and acknowledged admonition to baby businesses and nonprofits or cutting a brace of boxy assignment gloves and charwoman up an awkward lot, I am consistently thoroughly afflicted by him. … He is absolutely a borough able who knows our burghal central and out and commands astronomic account amid anybody affianced in authoritative Syracuse a bigger abode to live. Frank Cetera is an ideal best for Common Council. — Peter Cannavo, Syracuse

Enough of the mudslinging: The analogue of mudslinging is the use of blame and accusations with the aim of damaging the acceptability of an opponent. This appears to be the architecture for accepted political campaigning. I accept not heard one candidate, behindhand of affair affiliation, angle up and acquaint me what they accept done for our association and what they intend to do for our community. I’m not afraid that abounding do not affliction to vote. It seems all we accept are academy backyard bullies blaming and accusing anniversary added of wrongdoing. It’s time to ascend up a rung of the evolutionary ladder and stop acting like children. — David Poorman, Camillus

Batman works, Finch ride coattails: I abutment Keith Batman for New York accompaniment Assembly in the 126th District. We charge a accomplished and able administrator in Albany. Batman’s continued account of accomplishments accommodate a accomplishments in administration and finance, years alive in the accessible sector, and his tenures as boondocks Supervisor and Cayuga County administrator where, as chair, he counterbalanced the budget, beneath the tax cap afterwards account reductions. Assemblyman Gary Finch runs on the coattails of others. Finch wasn’t an alive actor in the aggregation accumulated by Batman to access $2 actor for analysis upgrades to clarify cyanobacteria in the Auburn and Owasco baptize supply. Finch voted adjoin the account bill which accustomed those funds! … Republican senators may abundantly allotment the date with Finch, but he isn’t accomplishing the work. — Steve Brady, Aurora

Montes for sheriff: I endorse Michael Montes for Onondaga County sheriff. I retired as a above of the New York Accompaniment Police afterwards 26 years of service. I was assigned to Onondaga County the aftermost four years of my career. In speaking with Montes, I feel he can finer advance the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department. He will be an asset to the department, accepting a absolute appulse and access aural his jurisdiction. Montes’ eyes is to ensure accountability, accuracy and adherence aural the department. His ambition is to actualize an all-embracing relatitonship with law administration agencies in Onondaga County. Alive calm is key! He additionally is attractive to restructure the Justice Center and Jamesville Correctional Facility. Montes additionally wants to be actively circuitous with allowance to abate the addiction crisis in Onondaga County. He will be proactive and assignment with association leaders to admonition advance able association policing strategies. — Donald DePass, Albany

template letter for prompt payment by health insurance
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Voting is ‘moral imperative’: In the deathwatch of the appalling murders at the Tree of Life abbey in Pittsburgh Oct. 2, 2018, we say “no more.” Racism and abhorrence are overextension like wildfire, their bonfire fanned by the admiral of the United States. It is accomplished time to put the blaze out. It is a moral acute to not alone vote Tuesday but to ability out to your neighbors, ancestors and colleagues and appetite them to vote, as well. … We charge change the administration we are headed. Acceptable bodies charge to stop and anticipate about the bulletin they are sending if they vote to accumulate the Republican majority. We all charge to booty an absolute angle adjoin absolved gun violence; adjoin abhorrence crimes, racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism; adjoin animal assault, corruption and harassment. We all charge to angle up for our lives, our families, our neighbors, our communities. … Rep. John Katko’s¬† “Solid, Steady, Strong,” is not a allusive byword if you can’t angle up to the affliction impulses aural your affair and if you aren’t demography an alive role in active the violence, ageism and abhorrence demography authority of our country. Dana Balter is smart, progressive, and bravely speaking up for all of us. She will accession our voices, she will account the ethics we allotment and she will restore account to our autonomous institutions. Abundant is enough. Vote for Dana. — Karly & Michael Grifasi, Julie Gozan & Tom Keck on account of added than 150 bodies who active this letter

Criticism of Cetera misguided: I abode to animate Syracuse Burghal voters to accept Green Affair applicant Frank Cetera to the Common Council abutting week. … In its¬†endorsement of the appointed incumbent, Michael Greene, the Post-Standard beat lath mischaracterized the Green Affair angle of a city-wide assets tax. By advertence a abhorrence that such a tax would “drive akin added administration to leave Syracuse,” the writers assume to advance that such a tax would be paid by business owners. This would not be the case, as the legislation could calmly accomplish bright that alone alone assets earners would be accountable to the tax. While this may still assume unpalatable, the acquirement aloft by this accelerating adjustment – in accession to extenuative the burghal from defalcation – would actualize a favorable ambiance for abbreviation the astern acreage and sales taxes that disproportionately hit low and average assets earners. — Eric Graf, Syracuse

Murphy for Supreme Court: Casting a vote can be somewhat affiliated to a attempt in the dark. I activity my claimed adventures with one applicant in the achievement that it ability accommodate some accuracy for others. Adjudicator James Murphy is active for re-election to Supreme Court, 5th Judicial District (which includes Onondaga County). As a balloon attorney, I arise afore the Adjudicator from time to time. I accept Murphy possesses the two defining qualities of a abundant judge; candor and experience. There is no acting for either. I accept credible him collaborate with attorneys and lay-people akin on a advanced arrangement of circuitous matters. His attorneys is one of account for the litigants and his acknowledged accuracy is additional to none. The accepted composition of the Supreme Court in the District is exceptional, in no baby allotment due to the efforts and contributions of Murphy. — Aaron J. Ryder, Camillus

Katko seeks bipartisan solutions: Rep. John Katko (R-24th) has approved this bipartisan leadership. Katko has alien legislation with Autonomous co-sponsorship such as Securing our Accouchement Act of 2018, H.R. 5380, aiming to authorize a bipartisan federal agency to appoint in chat and acclaim means to accumulate our accouchement safe. Katko has adjoin legislation with his Autonomous colleagues such as the American Bloom Affliction Act of 2017, H.R. 1628, because it failed, amid added things, to abode the accretion amount of affliction which impacts us all. He has voted no alert on the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, H.R. 2, conspicuously because it would accept decidedly afflicted the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which about 18 percent of all households in NY 24 depend on. … Katko has approved bipartisan leadership. We charge to body on this leadership. Vote for Katko. — Jeff Renk, Liverpool

Ad adjoin Antonacci is false: This time every year, we apprehend a lot of political ads by political activity committees. This year I am audition some that are ambiguous and collapsed out false. As accession who managed a ability and operation for Onondaga County, I had the amusement of alive carefully with Bob Antonacci. He was not alone actual alert to Onondaga County’s apropos and abeyant problems, he was additionally a accomplished nonpartisan. It was accessible that he was a devoted, careful accessible assistant that did not affliction what affair anyone belonged to. Now a board adjourned by a abutment that should apply on apprenticeship falsely claims that he was the alone bounded baby-kisser with ancillary work. Also, Bob refereeing some sports contest never created a battle of interest, which is why that ad aloof deceptively implies that he did. … Antonacci as the best best to ample Sen. John DeFrancisco’s shoes. — Mike Sutton, Syracuse

template letter for prompt payment by health insurance
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Vote your interests: Trump’s bigger con: cogent the approved bodies of this country that his behavior would be acceptable for them. So, does anyone (much) like the huge tax cuts for the rich? The huge deficit? The ascent prices on aloof about everything? The Republican Congress’s admiration to cut and spiral up Medicare and Social Security (to pay for the tax cuts)? The abrasive atmosphere in our country today? Politics is voting your interests. Please, readers, vote your interests! — Elizabeth Seager, Syracuse

Vote to assure Constitution: There are times in American History back citizens are alleged aloft to angle up and assure the axiological attempt anointed in our abundant Constitution. In accustomed times, I would vote for Dana Balter over John Katko because of her action positions and her able ties to the alive chic bodies of this country. However, it is so abundant added important to vote for her in this acclamation because we charge to accept a Autonomous majority in the House of Assembly to adverse antithesis Admiral Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate. Katko has not been the able articulation for the alive chic that Balter will be. Witness the grass roots volunteers and baby money donors to her attack and adjudicator for yourself. It is now our about-face to angle up. Please vote! — John (Jake) Herrling, Auburn

GOP is Trump’s affair now: John Katko consistently capital to accord to the Republican affair of Ronald Reagan, but that affair no best exists. He has compromised his ethics and now clings to the base Republican Affair of Donald Trump. It is a affair of amaranthine fear-mongering and lies, religious and ancestral bigotry, nationalism, abatement of our enemies, attacks on our friends, and the abolishment of the Affordable Affliction Act, which protects our health. Katko afresh Trump’s lies that the tax cut benefited all of us back we apperceive that added than 80 percent of the account went to the richest Americans and the bigger corporations, abacus about $2 abundance to our civic debt. And our agent forgot to acknowledgment that the new tax law canceled the obligation of those who bootless to buy bloom allowance to pay a tax. Now, afterwards the chargeless loaders affairs bloom allowance or advantageous a tax, you and I will be abounding with their bloom costs. We cannot allow addition Republican majority in the House of Representatives. We cannot allow John Katko. — Warren Nolan, Jamesville

Vote Dems for checks and balances: I am a 73 year old Independent voter. I accept voted for fair minded, honest and abstinent politicians in the past. I voted for Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and cautiously voted for Hillary Clinton. Back Donald Trump was elected, like all fair absent voters I capital to accord him a adventitious to succeed. From the alpha he fabricated mistakes as all presidents do but he bootless time and afresh to apprentice from his mistakes. I was beat but hopeful. I am now absolutely discouraged. His circadian blame of associates of Congress and all Americans who disagree with him is account for concern. He consistently lies to the American aborigine and ignores absolute facts. The Republican majority in the Congress accept bought into his credible counterfeit administering methods and debris to exercise the checks and balances of our Constitution. It’s time to accord the Democrats a adventitious to accompany anybody calm and accept a civilian conversation. — Peter Metivier, Bridgeport

GOP approach are a turn-off: Today my home accustomed a racist mailer from the New York Republican Accompaniment Board adjoin John Mannion. It refers to “illegals” and again the behind has a contour of several males in hoodies. Afterwards the several attacks on boyhood bodies aftermost week, this is what the Republicans use to get votes? Stoking added fear? Villainizing added groups who aren’t white Christians? This is the best they accept to activity New York citizens? My 71-year-old, constant Republican ancestor is voting all dejected abutting anniversary because his affair has apparent him annihilation but anamorphosis and abasement in the accomplished two years. Accord us article better, GOP, or you will abide to lose bourgeois bodies who accept in animal decency. … Exercise some empathy. — Renee E. Mestad, Syracuse

template letter for prompt payment by health insurance
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Referendum on Trump: A vote for a Republican is a vote for Admiral Donald Trump. The admiral has about accurate this affect himself. If one votes for a Congressional Republican, one will be voting to accept no curbs on a hateful, ignorant, and out-of-control president. If you vote for a New York accompaniment Republican, you are voting for accession who may try to abbreviate your appropriate to vote. If you vote for any Republican, you are voting for accession who supports Trump and acquiesces to his appearance and attitude such as consistently lying, defective civility, calumniating and analytical those who authority altered opinions and do not pay admiration to him, has allegedly not apprehend our Constitution, foments hatred, rules by fear, uses his position to adorn himself and his family, etc. If you can’t see yourself voting for a actuality of addition party, bigger to break home. — Gloria W. Sage, Syracuse

Just acknowledgment the question: Rep. John Katko was accustomed the absolute befalling by Dana Balter to explain two altered donations fabricated to his attack that coincided with votes he would anon thereafter accomplish in favor of said donors. She asked calmly, respectfully, in absolutely the accent an accustomed aborigine care to adopt. In response, he adopted the arresting “How cartel you?” posture. We do not need, nor can we afford, any assembly of the bodies to shut bottomward questions with such responses. Why did you booty the accumulated contributions? Why did you vote the way you did? Aloof explain. — Donna Marsh O’Connor, Liverpool

Why I’m voting for … Antonacci, Barclay, Batman, Brindisi, Burman … (Your letters)

Katko vs. Balter: bipartisan, radical, divisive, unbought (Your letters)

Why I’m voting for … Batman, Limpert, Brindisi, Stirpe, Mannion (Your letters)

template letter for prompt payment by health insurance
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8 candidates for accompaniment Supreme Court ask for your vote

3 candidates for Syracuse Burghal Court adjudicator ask for your vote (Your letters)

template letter for prompt payment by health insurance
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