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“Look, we all apperceive that this industry is a bit of a boys’ club.” I’ve aloof asked Meg Gossert, who has run Multi Media Affairs and Planning Services for added than 30 years, how she feels about the all-male countdown administration lath of Absolute Media Agencies of Australia (IMAA).

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When the new industry anatomy launched a fortnight ago, the photo of the administration aggregation accompanying the advertisement anon drew attention. Admitting 61% of media bureau agents actuality women, a cardinal of whom run absolute agencies, there wasn’t one in sight.

The photo of the countdown lath (L-R): Dan O’Brien, Sam Buchanan, Dominic Pearman, Nick Behr and Ant Colreavy

So how did it happen?


Last May, 12 absolute media bureau assembly were arrive by radio business Nova to a two-day action in the Blue Mountains’ Wolgan Valley.

“Everyone absolutely got forth able-bodied and we aggregate belief and aggregate area we all came from and it was an befalling to all be in the one allowance and all accept a voice. Nova absolutely capital to acquisition out how they can assignment bigger with independents and what assets we can use,” says Sandbox Media’s Ant Colreavy, a lath affiliate on the board’s aboriginal abundance (it will circle annually).

Colreavy’s Sandbox has been in the bazaar for 10 years

Colreavy recalls that Nova CEO Cath O’Connor told him: “You get forth absolutely able-bodied and you don’t see anniversary added so abundant as competitors. Why don’t you aloof get calm and alpha an industry [body]?”

And so Dominic Pearman of Pearman Media, who would become the IMAA’s aboriginal chair, beatific about an email to the 12 attendees, four of whom were women – “there was a few girls and they were asked as well,” Colreavy tells me – and four men volunteered.

I ask Pearman how accepting an all-male administration aggregation sits with him.

“It sits absolutely accomplished with me,” he says immediately.

Pearman is the body’s aboriginal chair

“The administration team, as I said, was a advance bearings of the 12 bodies who went to Wolgan Valley. And of those 12 people, four were females, so 33% were female, and it was aloof those added four males that responded. You can abandoned assignment with the volunteers that respond.

“We’d all been talking to anniversary added at that event. So already you’ve got five, how abounding added bodies do you need? Apparently Mumbrella was the abandoned one who’s questioned the all-male administration team, and we were acquainted of that too by the way, afore the launch. I agenda that Mumbrella is started by two males.”

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I advance that allotment a business accomplice may be altered to establishing a anatomy with a purpose to reflect and represent the industry. Pearman agrees that he’d “dearly love” for the board’s assortment to advance over time, “but as I say, we’re ambidextrous with volunteers. You can’t force bodies to advance to accord up their time”.

“I anticipate you charge to understand, you can abandoned assignment with bodies who put their easily up,” he says. “If one of the four women who were at the antecedent accident put their easily up and we angry about and said no, afresh we’d absolutely be accessible for criticism for not actuality representative.”

Women are abundant added acceptable to be primary carers and accomplish the majority of contributed assignment like childcare, charwoman and cooking. Perhaps that baby sample admeasurement of four women were not in a position to advance this year, or were afflicted by the self-promotion gender gap, which bureau women are beneath acceptable to self-nominate for promotions or awards or opportunities such as this one?

“I can acquaint you for abiding that Meg Gossert, Angie Smith [managing administrator of Mediasmiths], Virginia Hyland [founder of Hyland Media], Annie Dunne [managing accomplice of Above Trading] and Lesley Sweeney [CEO of Sweeney Advertising], I’m not abiding about Jacquie Alley [chief operating administrator at The Media Store], I agnosticism they would accept any of those issues you’ve suggested,” Pearman says.

“They’re women who can be actual forthright.”

Hyland has run her bureau for 15 years

Colreavy agrees: “The acceptable affair is we’re alternating the lath every 12 months, so the actuality that we’ve got the Virginia Hylands of the apple and the Megs [Gossert] … there’s a lot of abundant women who accept been in the industry for a continued time who will be able to, hopefully, put up their duke to booty over the board.”

Hyland says it’s a adventurous accommodation to be complex in these initiatives, but added cultural application is needed.

“In the future, there needs to apparently be added application about what that assorted book looks like. And I don’t anticipate that’s aloof a gender thing. I anticipate that’s a cultural issue,” Hyland says.

“But I will say acclaim to the bristles that absolutely jumped on. It was their abstraction … and it’s a actual adventurous decision. Sitting on the MFA [Media Federation of Australia board] for four years, I apperceive the time it takes abroad from my bureau to do things for the greater good.”

Smith, who founded Mediasmiths 13 years ago, isn’t as agitated by the line-up.

“I accept that the abeyant face of it will change and there’ll be added assortment in agreement of male, female, colour, gender, sex, all that array of stuff,” she adds.

“So it sits accomplished with me, I anticipate they’re added than able and accept got a big job to do in agreement of ambience it up.”

Would she be absorbed in an IMAA administration role in the future?

“Yeah, absolutely. I’m young, I’ve got energy, but I’m additionally a active woman, right. I’m active my agency, I accept four children,” she says. “So I’d accept to attending at area things were at in my activity as to whether I could booty on a administration role and what that basic as well.”

Smith would be absorbed in an IMAA administration role in future

All three women emphasise the accent of the IMAA’s role, and their acknowledgment it exists.

“I’ve consistently been a best of indies, and the important role that we comedy in arduous the big globals,” Hyland says.

“We’re not bedfast to ambidextrous with media in a assertive way. And we can best audience and try to get them afterpiece to their barter afterwards actuality skewed appear what media we should be affairs and what we should be doing. Or alike from a technology perspective, askew appear Adobe or askew appear Salesforce or whoever that technology accomplice may be, we can attending at the bazaar agnostically with abandon to absolutely adjudge what is the best way advanced to drive success for clients.”

As an approachable administrator of the MFA, Hyland ensured that an absolute charge consistently be on the board.

“And that absolute can’t be a 50% endemic independent. It has to be a indie that’s absolutely 100% endemic and that wasn’t in place,” she explains.

“So what that meant was that aback I left, aback we went out to election, that addition from maybe an Ikon who was endemic by WPP could booty that seat, and afresh there’d be no absolute articulation on the board. So that was my departing affair and anybody voted that an indie should consistently be on the lath of the MFA.”

Hyland’s MFA almsman is This is Flow’s Jimmy Hyett, whose acclamation was appear a few canicule afterwards the IMAA launched. MFA CEO Sophie Madden acclaimed at the time that she’s “proud of the assortment of the MFA board, including an according breach of men and women, absorption our industry’s able gender adequation scorecard”.

The IMAA and MFA may coact bottomward the track. But for now, the new anatomy provides independents with specific advancement and support, complementing the MFA’s broader focus.

“[The IMAA] will acquiesce us to be added arresting in clients’ minds and advertisers minds that we are an option, and a absolutely acceptable one at that,” Smith says.

“We don’t get the adventitious to go to a lot of big industry events, whether that’s because we aloof don’t accept time or we can’t allow it or whatever that may be. But I anticipate this anatomy is that befalling to appear calm as agencies, and with the media vendors as well, because they’re absolutely abetment us and they’re absolutely abaft us.”

And associates confers not aloof a faculty of community, Gossert argues, but signals credibility: “There’s absolutely abilities that we accept to accede with to become associates of that association, and I apperceive that there are agencies that won’t be arrive to be associates due to the ethical attributes of their conduct.”


For Colreavy, “it’s added about giving aback to the industry that I got set up in 10 years ago, and I got advice from added indies as able-bodied aback I was starting out.”

In New South Wales alone, there are 58 independents, Pearman says. The administration aggregation accomplished out to agencies aural that basin to acreage its 20 founding members, with a cardinal of added agencies absent to accompany back the IMAA’s launch. By the end of the year, he thinks 30 to 40 agencies will be on board.

That amplification is critical, according to Hyland. Because admitting her agency’s accolade wins and shortlist appearances, independents still aren’t top of apperception for clients.

“I could apparently calculation on one duke the bulk of times we’ve been arrive as an bureau to be allotment of a pitch,” she notes.

“So for me, it’s absolutely authoritative bodies stop and think, ‘Actually, do we accept abundant assortment on the angle list? Or do we accept a lot of actual agnate agencies alms agnate things?’”

And what of the administration team’s diversity? I ask Colreavy and Pearman whether abutting year’s lath will comprise the aboriginal bristles bodies to advance again, or if a application action will be in place, involving abutting women and curating a adumbrative team.

“Good question. We haven’t absolutely got to that stage. I’d brainstorm we do absolutely appetite a adumbrative anatomy of the bodies we represent,” Pearman says.

“But because it’s volunteer, you’ve got to delay for bodies to volunteer. If cipher volunteered… but I’m abiding they will.”

Colreavy thinks it’s a bit aboriginal to say, adding: “Seeing as it’s year one and we haven’t looked at the action of ambience up the lath for abutting time … I don’t accept we’ve set a belief of how we can baddest the abutting five.

“I’m new to the accomplished action of putting panels together, but it’s become a affair I assumption in the media about this, so yeah I assumption we’d attending at diversity.”

Hyland has an idea.

“What would be abundant is to accept a academic allurement to every distinct affiliate of the IMAA, and that every affiliate has to abide a acumen why they appetite to be allotment of the IMAA and what they’ll accompany to the IMAA to advice it abound and to advance talent,” she proposes.

“Then you attending at those submissions, and adjudge from that absolutely who is activity to accompany the best befalling forward, but additionally accomplish abiding that they animate women or bodies from altered contest to additionally accomplish a comedy and that if they’re not accepting abundant assortment in those submissions, that they go out, and they acquisition some added assortment to accomplish abiding that everyone’s heard and that the appropriate accommodation is made.”

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