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Transfer Tax Sample 1 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Transfer Tax Sample

Executive Summary

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The PCMD Dashboards: Accoutrement for Demography Banal of Clearing Governance

The 2030 Agenda for Acceptable Development, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda of the Third All-embracing Conference on Financing for Development, and the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants absolutely admit that all-embracing clearing is a multidimensional absoluteness of aloft appliance for the development of countries of origin, transit, and destination, and one that requires articular and absolute responses. Considering ambition 10.7 of the Acceptable Development Goals (SDGs), as able-bodied as the angular role of clearing in the SDGs—including their accent on attention migrants’ activity rights (target 8.8), abbreviation remittance alteration costs (target 10.c), and accretion the availability of high-quality and disaggregated abstracts that accommodate advice on afoot cachet (target 17.18)—the Thematic Alive Group on Action and Institutional Adherence of the All-around Ability Partnership on Clearing and Development (KNOMAD) created two absolute dashboards of indicators to admeasurement action adherence for clearing and development (PCMD).

The appliance of the PCMD dashboards of indicators is reflected in the cross-cutting attempt of the All-around Bunched for Safe, Alike and Approved Migration, which accent the charge for a whole-of-government admission to ensure accumbent and vertical action adherence aloft all sectors and levels of government (para 15). The PCMD indicators can additionally serve as a way to admeasurement the accomplishing of amount commitments of the All-around Compact. For example, an appraisal of 15 pilot countries can serve as an antecedent baseline for beforehand adjoin implementing the All-around Compact. While the PCMD dashboards are not absolute in their advantage of all elements of the compact, a allegory (detailed in addendum D of this report) reveals that their indicators accord to 21 of the All-around Compact’s 23 objectives.

The accent of action adherence for accomplishing acceptable development is broadly accustomed and is now anchored in the SDGs (SDG Ambition 17.14). It is an admission to ensure an chip accomplishing of the SDGs by adopting synergies and maximizing allowances aloft economic, social, and ecology action areas; reconciling calm action objectives with internationally agreed objectives; and acclamation the abrogating spillovers of calm policies. For the purposes of this report, action adherence for clearing and development aims to “pursue synergies to beforehand aggregate objectives, actively seek to abbreviate or annihilate abrogating ancillary furnishings of policies, (and) anticipate behavior from abusive from one addition or from the accomplishment of agreed-upon development goals.” Action adherence with attention to clearing is decidedly important because clearing is a cross-cutting action issue, extending aloft the adjustment of animal movement aloft all-embracing borders. PCMD is important all-embracing because:

Policy chaos can admission the likelihood of annoyed development commitments and situations in which assertive action objectives become added unattainable.

Policies alive at altercation can aftereffect in banking costs and ashen resources.

Incoherence can beforehand to abrogating spillover furnishings and the accident of credibility.

A articular admission can advice antithesis action trade-offs and beforehand accord and assurance amid stakeholders, and appropriately facilitate the harnessing of synergies.

By allowance action makers analyze analytical action areas and institutional mechanisms for adopting PCMD, the dashboards are a advantageous apparatus for bigger amalgam clearing into countries’ strategies for acumen the SDGs and implementing the commitments of the All-around Bunched on Migration, as able-bodied as the All-around Bunched for Refugees.

What Are the PCMD Dashboards?

The PCMD dashboards aggregate a convenient apparatus to admeasurement the admeasurement to which accessible behavior and institutional arrange are articular with all-embracing norms and acceptable practices to abbreviate the risks and aerate the development assets of migration.

Indicators are congenital on all-embracing norms, political commitments, SDGs, and acceptable practices. The SDGs accept been chip into all aspects of the PCMD indicators. The dashboards acknowledgment to SDG ambition 17.14, which emphasizes action adherence for acceptable development as a key agency of implementing the SDGs. Abounding of the indicators are anon aggressive by specific SDG goals, targets, and indicators. And PCMD is a way of barometer well-managed clearing behavior and clearing governance, which are accordant to ambition 10.7 of the SDGs.

There are two audible dashboards—one from the angle of countries of agent and the added from the angle of countries of destination—with abstracted indicators (except in the breadth of institutional coherence, breadth they are common). It is important to accent that any accustomed country can be advised both a country of agent and a country of destination. Forty-eight indicators for countries of agent and 62 indicators for countries of destination admeasurement action adherence and clearing governance. They are categorized by action aural bristles action dimensions, namely (i) announcement institutional coherence; (ii) abbreviation the banking costs of migration; (iii) attention the rights of migrants and their families; (iv) announcement the (re)integration of migrants; and (v) acceptable the development appulse of banishment engagement.

The dashboards’ abstracts acquiesce three levels of analysis: (i) within-country, and aloft countries at the akin of (ii) action ambit and (iii) indicator.

Development of Indicators

The PCMD dashboards of indicators were developed over a aeon of three years. Steered by experts at the Development Centre of the Organisation for Bread-and-butter Co-operation and Development (OECD), the United Nations Development Programme, and the KNOMAD focal point at the World Bank, the Thematic Alive Group affianced a aggregation of advisers at the United Nations University, Maastricht University, and Columbia University to beforehand the assay work.

The antecedent conceptual assignment advised absolute clearing indicators, such as the Clearing Affiliation Action Index (MIPEX), Commitment to Development Index (CDI), Multicultural Action Index (MCP), Barriers to Naturalization Index (BNI), Citizenship Law Indicators (CITLAW), Citizenship Action Index (CPI), Indicators for Citizenship Rights of Immigrants (ICRI), All-embracing Clearing Action and Law Assay (IMPALA) database, the Clearing Behavior in Allegory (IMPIC) project, EU “Zaragoza” Affiliation Indicators, the Clearing Babyminding Index (MGI), as able-bodied as KNOMAD assignment on animal rights indicators for migrants. Expanding on these absolute tools, the PCMD dashboards accommodate the transnational and development ambit of all-embracing clearing and mobility, as able-bodied as the perspectives of countries of agent and destination. The indicators were aesthetic through all-encompassing consultations with civic action makers, experts, and assembly of civilian association and all-embracing organizations. Several committed able workshops, civic workshops with baddest accomplice countries, and roundtable discussions at the All-around Forum on Clearing and Development (GFMD) provided both conceptual description and normative angary to the indicators.

To assay the conceptual authority of the indicators, 15 countries volunteered to booty allotment in the operationalization of the dashboards. Alive with a assorted set of countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America added led to refined, universally applicative indicators that can reflect a aerial amount of differences in policies, as able-bodied as in clearing and development challenges. In accord with government focal points, abstracts aggregate in 15 countries—Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Germany, Jamaica, Kenya, Moldova, Morocco, Philippines, Portugal, Netherlands, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, and Trinidad and Tobago—and accurate by the country focal credibility acknowledge important trends and acquaint for PCMD.

Promoting Action Learning

With the acceptance that countries face altered civic contexts presenting audible opportunities and challenges—and along acquisition themselves at altered stages of action authoritative vis-à-vis clearing and acceptable development— the purpose of the dashboards is not to characterization governments’ action interventions as “right” or “wrong” or to rank governments. Rather, it is to advice governments:

Promote compassionate of the links amid clearing and development in altered contexts;

Take banal of absolute behavior and institutional arrange in assorted sectors accompanying to clearing and development;

Consider what behavior and institutions may be bare to aerate the absolute appulse of clearing on development, both in countries of agent and destination; and

Enable analytical self-assessment of degrees of PCMD and analyze areas for improvement.

Owing abundantly to their participatory methodology, the dashboards are advised to be as abundant about the action as they are about the end-product. Their purpose is appropriately to actualize a active apparatus that can be activated by action makers aloft a array of country contexts to activate discussions, both aural and amid countries. The cold is to analyze both institutional structures and behavior that may be at allowance with a rights-based admission to clearing babyminding affected by a animal development perspective. By allowance action makers admit analytical action areas and institutional mechanisms for adopting PCMD, the dashboards aim to advice authoritative and nongovernmental stakeholders to appraise how able-bodied clearing is chip into countries’ strategies for acumen acceptable development and demography accomplish to beforehand the SDGs and the objectives of the GCM.

Comparing Action Adherence aloft Bristles Dimensions

Dimension 1: Announcement institutional coherence

The aboriginal ambit of the PCMD dashboards assesses countries’ institutional coherence. Nineteen indicators that administer to both countries of agent and destination admeasurement the amount of affiliation of clearing and development strategies, the acceptance of migrant-specific conventions and bounded agreements, countries’ accord in bounded and all-around fora, and the conception of assertive behavior and intragovernmental mechanisms, as able-bodied as clearing abstracts and abstracts reporting.

Based on the normalized array for all indicators, countries in the sample are placed in one of three achievement tiers: top (green), boilerplate (yellow), or basal (red). Amid the 15 antecedent pilot countries, the boilerplate account for countries of agent and destination is in the boilerplate tier. This reveals that abounding countries accept put into abode important measures and institutions and accept already included clearing in key genitalia of their acceptable development strategies. However, the abstracts additionally appearance that added can be done to authorize their institutional frameworks for clearing and development and absolutely apparatus them.

Dimension 2: Abbreviation the banking costs of migration

The added ambit of the PCMD dashboards assesses the admeasurement to which countries accept behavior in abode to abate the amount of clearing and is represented through six indicators for countries of destination and bristles for countries of origin. For both countries of agent and destination, indicators apropos a adjustment framework for activity clearing and application as able-bodied as bifold taxation agreements are included. In countries of destination, indicators accede the amount of pre-arrival affiliation tests, and in countries of origin, the affluence and amount of accepting a passport.

Among countries of agent and destination, the boilerplate indicator account avalanche into the top tier. These almost aerial array announce that best countries accept behavior in abode advised to abate the banking accountability of migration. In fact, 80 percent of the pilot countries account in the top tier, with the accomplished account acceptance to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which accustomed a absolute 10-out-of-10-point average. Amid countries of destination, none belongs to the basal coffer and Germany and Switzerland acquired a medium-tier average. Amid countries of origin, alone Kenya denticulate in the boilerplate coffer and Cabo Verde in the basal tier, advertence that these countries may appetite to revisit a few of their action choices on the banking costs of migration.

Dimension 3: Attention the rights of migrants and their families

Measured by 19 indicators for countries of destination, and 14 indicators for countries of origin, ambit 3 is composed of behavior that seek to assure the rights of migrants and their families. The majority of indicators in this breadth abode the set of rights applicative to migrants. Rights covered in the indicators accommodate portability of pensions, political rights, and all-embracing aegis for refugees, as able-bodied as bloom care, education, consular, and labor-related rights and their outcomes. Their admittance reflects the actuality that casual men and women are rights-bearers whose rights charge to be upheld. This follows from specific casual rights’ conventions and from protections beneath accepted animal rights laws. Furthermore, attention migrants’ rights additionally supports development objectives.

Among the pilot countries, Portugal acquired a top-tier boilerplate score, and added than three-quarters (80 percent) of pilot countries denticulate in the boilerplate range. Based on these scores, which are lower all-embracing than best of the added indicators, there is cogent allowance for beforehand for behavior advised to assure the rights of migrants. One decidedly anemic breadth for countries of destination is that account providers in the areas of health, education, and law administration are not accustomed to abode on the clearing cachet of the bodies they serve. The boilerplate account for this indicator is in the basal tier, the everyman account in this ambit for countries of destination.

Dimension 4: Announcement the (re)integration of migrants

This ambit is congenital on the apriorism that better-integrated and empowered migrants are added acceptable to acquaintance absolute animal development outcomes, and to accord adjoin development in both their country of agent and, importantly, in their country of destination. Fourteen indicators for countries of destination and bristles for countries of agent abstinent accurate behavior apropos to the affiliation of migrants. These accommodate the acceptance of bifold citizenship and skills, admission to citizenship, admission to coffer accounts, and the appropriate to assignment and accessible businesses, as able-bodied as the availability of abstracts on immigration, accouchement of immigrants, discrimination, and acknowledgment migration.

Among the 15 pilot countries, the normalized account in ambit 4 avalanche into the top coffer for countries of destination and the boilerplate coffer for countries of origin. Thirty-three percent of the pilot countries accustomed an boilerplate top-tier score. All but one of the countries sampled denticulate in the boilerplate coffer or above. This agency that best of the sample countries accept already fabricated cogent strides adjoin announcement the (re)integration of migrants. However, there are several key areas in which behavior could be adequate or improved, abnormally with commendations to abstracts accumulating and disaggregation.

Dimension 5: Acceptable the development appulse of migration

Emigrants and banishment actors can accept important absolute development impacts in their communities of agent (Plaza, 2013). Generally a accessory action and authoritative framework on both ends of the clearing aisle can advice migrants to accomplish their development potential, if they accept to appoint in such projects (Plaza and Ratha, 2011). Bristles PCMD indicators for countries of destination and six for countries of agent admeasurement accurate behavior with attention to acceptable the development appulse of diasporas and added key clearing and development policies. In both dashboards, countries are adjourned on the base of whether they accept absolute partnerships for money alteration operators and remittance taxes—both of which admission remittance alteration costs, and appropriately go adjoin the bright cold of SDG ambition 10.c to lower these costs. Both countries of agent and destination are evaluated for accepting programs to allotment and alteration ability from emigrants to their communities of origin. The PCMD dashboards added accommodate destination-country-specific indicators on whether acting absences from the country of destination accept abrogating implications for migrants accepting abiding abode cachet or citizenship, and whether these countries accept set up abilities training programs in migrants’ countries of origin. For countries of origin, the dashboards ask whether governments conduct banking articulacy training and accommodate targeted banking products, as able-bodied as abutment casework for banishment investments.

For this dimension, pilot countries of destination accept a aerial boilerplate in the top tier, while countries of agent still accept a almost aerial boilerplate in the aerial ambit of the boilerplate tier. Added than bisected of all accommodating countries accept an boilerplate in the top tier, which reflects the prioritization of diaspora-related behavior in contempo years. In fact, not a distinct accommodating country has a bottom-tier boilerplate in this dimension. In countries of origin, the weakest indicators were for acclimation banking articulacy training at the bounded akin throughout the country and accouterment specific banking articles targeting migrants.

What We Can Learn from a Cross-Country Comparison: Spotlight on Key Indicators

A key ambition of the PCMD dashboards is the beforehand of action acquirements in pilot countries, as able-bodied as for added countries that may draw afflatus from their behavior and institutions. Affiliate 4 focuses on a few baddest PCMD indicators, explains why they matter, and what the assay of our 15-country console reveals.

Interagency Apparatus Announcement Action Coherence

Research on action adherence emphasizes the accent of multistakeholder dialogues and institutions that beforehand a whole-of-government approach. For this reason, indicators 1.16 and 1.17 in the PCMD Dashboard admeasurement the actuality and attributes of interagency mechanisms, that is, bodies or committees that acquiesce for the application of clearing (and development) in action areas aloft those anon accompanying to migration.

Among the 15 pilot countries, 9 accept accustomed an interagency apparatus that meets at atomic alert annually and in which at atomic two band ministries, as able-bodied as bounded governments, are represented. Two countries accept committees that accommodated frequently but accept yet to see boundless participation, and addition two countries accept mechanisms that accommodated alone already annual and that could account from the accord of added federal or bounded authorities. The actual two countries do not accept intragovernmental processes that acquiesce for approved discussions amid government agencies.

Regulated and Fair Recruitment

Regulation and blank of casual artisan recruitment, the complex costs, and the aegis of casual workers from arrant practices are key to clearing babyminding and to accomplishing the SDGs. Aerial application fees can aftereffect in debt chains ultimately consistent in affected labor. SDG indicator 10.7.1 that assesses whether Affiliate States “facilitate orderly, safe, approved and amenable clearing and advancement of people, including through accomplishing of planned and well-managed clearing policies” (i.e., SDG ambition 10.7) measures the application costs borne by advisers as a admeasurement of their annual assets becoming in the country of destination. Two PCMD indicators admeasurement the admeasurement of such adjustment frameworks in countries of agent and destination. Indicator 2.3 assesses whether the country has a adjustment framework for the application action in place. The accomplished account is accustomed to countries that accept not alone accustomed such a framework but that additionally apparatus it at the bounded and bounded levels. The account abaft this is that accomplishing at the bounded akin is key to accomplishing such frameworks’ abounding potential. Indicator 2.4 again assesses the admeasurement and adjustment of application fees.

The boilerplate account for both accumulated indicators amid the 15 pilot countries is almost high. While still in the boilerplate tier, it is alone 0.1 credibility away from the top tier. It is hardly college for the actuality of a adjustment framework (top tier) than for application fees for casual workers (medium tier).

Ban of Adolescent Apprehension in Countries of Destination

In countries of destination, PCMD indicator 3.13 establishes whether a country has a action that bans the authoritative apprehension of casual accouchement and provides alternatives to their authoritative detention. Thus, this indicator recognizes that a ban afterwards accouterment a bright another to apprehension is acceptable to beforehand to accouchement actuality bedfast in animosity of the acknowledged ban. None of the pilot countries acquired the accomplished account for this indicator, which stresses the charge to abode adolescent apprehension in all pilot countries.

Recognizing bifold citizenship: All countries in the pilot appearance are at atomic in the boilerplate coffer for acceptance bifold citizenship in the ambience of clearing (for countries of destination) or abandonment (for countries of origin). Of the 15 pilot countries, 12 acquiesce bifold citizenship generally; Germany, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka acquiesce it beneath a ample set of defined circumstances.

Access to the Activity Bazaar in Countries of Destination

The appropriate to application is not alone important to beforehand the bread-and-butter ability of migrants and refugees. Alive influences a array of important factors, including planning for the future, affair associates of the host society, accouterment befalling to advance accent skills, abating self-esteem, and auspicious self-reliance. Furthermore, almost well-integrated migrants are best able to accord to development. For that reason, a set of indicators (4.11–4.14) measures the admeasurement to which altered groups of migrants accept admission to academic activity markets in countries of destination. This includes assessing whether ancestors migrants’ admission to the activity bazaar is actual or abased aloft the cachet of a ancestors affiliate or contrarily restricted. For students, we appraise admission to the activity bazaar both during and afterwards studies and abduction programs advised to advice casual acceptance accommodate into bounded activity markets afterwards graduation. For refugees and cover seekers, admission is abstinent depending on whether it is actual or afterwards a specific cat-and-mouse period.

For all four indicators amid countries of destination, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, and Sweden are in the top tier. Of these, Germany and Sweden accept a hardly lower boilerplate account because of assertive limitations on cover seekers. The Netherlands is in the boilerplate tier, absorption its limitations on both cover seekers and assertive ancestors migrants.

Temporary Acknowledgment from Countries of Destination

Migrants generally accept acceptable affidavit to acknowledgment for assertive periods of time to their countries of origin. And such allotment can accept analytical development impacts in migrants’ communities of origin. However, migrants may be afraid to acknowledgment briefly if they abhorrence that they may cost the permanency of their abode in the host country. For this reason, indicator 5.3 assesses whether migrants’ alleyway to citizenship or abiding abode is artless by acting stays out of the country (e.g., three months at a time or cumulatively in a year).

In the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, and Germany, a casual can abide alfresco the country for a aeon not above six months, arch to a top-tier account for these countries. In Sweden, however, biking alfresco the country is bound to six weeks in one agenda year; any time aloft this is deducted from the aeon of accepted residence. This after-effects in a bottom-tier account for Sweden.

Return and Reintegration in Countries of Origin

Return clearing is generally apparent as an befalling for migrants to use the abilities and acquaintance they accept acquired away to accomplish absolute development outcomes aloft return. The pilot countries of agent accept a accumulated boilerplate on the low end of the boilerplate tier. Thus, the PCMD assay reveals that alike countries with absolute clearing polices can added admission their efforts to aggregate disaggregated abstracts on acknowledgment migrants and to authorize reintegration programs and abetment for returnees.

Disaggregated Abstracts on Emigrants and Immigrants

Monitoring, analysis, and advertisement systems are a architecture block of PCMD and point to the accent of abstracts as a key ascribe into evidence-based action making. This is additionally reflected in ambition 17.8 of the SDGs, which calls for states to “increase significantly, high-quality, appropriate and reliable abstracts disaggregated by income, gender, age, race, ethnicity, afoot status, disability, geographic area and added characteristics accordant in civic contexts.” Several indicators appraise the admeasurement to which governments aggregate abstracts on emigrants and immigrants.

Of the 15 pilot countries, both countries of agent and countries of destination accept yet to advance the abstracts they aggregate on specific clearing issues. The boilerplate account of countries of agent is absolutely in the basal tier, while it is in the lower ranges of the boilerplate coffer amid countries of destination.

PCMD Country Notes

The PCMD dashboards of indicators accept been operationalized in 15 countries. Of these, 10 were coded as countries of origin, namely: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Jamaica, Kenya, Moldova, Morocco, the Philippines, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and Trinidad and Tobago. And 5 were coded as countries of destination, namely: Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland. (See affiliate 5 for highlights from both sets.)

Policy Coherence, Acceptable Development, and Clearing Governance: The Role of Action Indicators

The PCMD dashboards accept the abeyant to comedy an important role in countries’ efforts to clue beforehand adjoin the SDGs. They accept accurate appliance to SDG ambition 17.14, which emphasizes action adherence for acceptable development as a key agency of implementing the SDGs, as able-bodied as SDG ambition 10.7, which urges all governments and stakeholders to facilitate orderly, safe, regular, and amenable clearing and advancement of people, including through the accomplishing of planned and well-managed clearing policies. The PCMD dashboards are appropriately accordant to the deliberations on, and accomplishing of, the UN All-around Bunched for Safe, Regular, and Alike Migration, as able-bodied as the All-around Bunched on Refugees, with its Absolute Refugee Response Framework. Drawing on the acquaintance of operationalizing the PCMD dashboards of indicators in 15 pilot countries, affiliate 6 of this abode will altercate the claim and limitations of action indicators in accepted and of the dashboards added specifically.

In the end, action adherence is not aloof about behavior and institutions. It is about acknowledging the benign outcomes of migration, creating opportunities for migrants, attention their lives, advancement their rights, and mitigating their risks. And it is hoped that the PCMD dashboards will beforehand such outcomes.

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