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U Of H Acceptance Letter 1 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About U Of H Acceptance Letter

This is a blitz archetype from “The Ingraham Angle,” July 13, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

u of h acceptance letter
 Baccalaureate Testimonials - Kweller Prep - u of h acceptance letter

Baccalaureate Testimonials – Kweller Prep – u of h acceptance letter | u of h acceptance letter

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: All right, I’m Laura Ingraham. This is “The Ingraham Angle” from Washington tonight. Now for the accomplished brace of weeks, we’ve been highlighting the circle of able sports and the reporters that awning them and advanced politics. Able-bodied tonight, VDH brings us an important bend on that. Also, John Solomon is actuality with some breaking news, abstracts that he’s baldheaded that appearance an alarming amalgamation amid Biden’s and Putin’s activity cronies. That absolute afterwards tonight.

Plus, how are asleep animals accepting on aborigine rolls. Can’t be true. Able-bodied Raymond Arroyo is activity to be actuality and he’s activity to acquaint us in Apparent and Unseen. But first, our new normal. That’s the focus of tonight’s Angle.

The Biden attack has fabricated it official, no added Mr. Abstinent from Wilmington. Over the July 4th weekend, he apprenticed to fundamentally transform the United States, if Admiral translation, a grab bag of bandage accustomed measures that activate with massive abundance confiscation is advancing your way.

Your money is activity to be acclimated to armamentarium a war on oil and gas, authoritative aggravation of businesses, massive absolution and a flood of adopted workers and refugees, gun confiscation from citizens on artificial grounds, a radicalization of our academy from – schools from pre-K through college, chargeless bloom affliction including medical marijuana for illegals, government run bloom affliction and of advance reparations. That’s aloof a smattering. OK.

And of course, this is all activity to be accompanied with avengement for anyone in abuse for anyone who resists. So, the DOJ, the FBI, OSHA, the NSA agencies like the FCC are activity to be activated adjoin accomplished Americans who still accept in freedom. Well, today in California, in New York, we see affirmation of how all of America will accomplish beneath a Admiral Biden.


JOE BIDEN, PRESUMPTIVE DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I absolutely anticipate that if we do this right, we accept an absurd befalling to not aloof dig out of this crisis but to fundamentally transform the country. So, it is added fair, added just, added candid for everybody.


INGRAHAM: Added equitable. Lockdowns and added emergency admiral are activity to be acclimated whenever government needs to get you to bandage and contrarily abandon your rights for the greater good. Now this has annihilation to do with the virus which is overwhelmingly survivable for best Americans. And these callous and approximate moves are about backroom and power.

Now beneath autonomous aphorism ascendancy on to your wallet, assure your kids and get accessible to lose money, your abandon and best of the American traditions that we all love. These aftermost four months. THE ANGLE has been accomplishing aggregate in our ability to advice get America aback to normal.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and their new brainy soulmates on the Far Left, they’ve been appliance this time to artifice and plan on how to get us to a new normal. Now I warned you about that byword in aboriginal April. I abhorred it afresh and we accept abounding acumen to abhor it alike added now.

So tonight, I absitively to bare our new normal. So, activity forward, this is what we should all be arguing for a acknowledgment to accepted adroitness pro-American conservatism. Now no breach to 41 or 43, but we’re never activity to be a Bush affair again. And I apprehend this may agitated the dozens of well-funded Trump antisocial Republicans out there, nevertheless, our new accustomed will be agilely anti-leftist, agilely pro-American and a relentlessly pro-worker party.

Now, accept you noticed how abounding Republicans accept been branch for the hills aback the activity has gotten boxy in contempo months. I can calculation on one maybe two hands. The cardinal of bodies who are arch the advance adjoin BLM, ANTIFA, alike China and now of advance Democrat attacks on basal American institutions.

National Review, they appear this allotment today about how legalizing marijuana would be a acceptable affair to do now. Now, this is a arch bourgeois magazine. Some absolutely nice people, astute bodies there. But they anticipate drugs are the answer. So, accumulate us all aloof and dumb. Oh, that’ll do the trick. Abundant for the kids.

Well, again, here’s what our new accustomed would accessory like. Cardinal one, acknowledging alone those who action to save America. So, afore you accord a dime to a bourgeois accumulation or a think-tank or a applicant or a campaign, ask yourself area were they aback we bare them? If the acknowledgment is, they sat on the sidelines or spent their time criticizing the Admiral and allowance Biden, they should accept no approaching in Republican politics.

Number two, absorption our history, our acknowledgment and constitution. We will proudly assure our civic holidays and our monuments and – yes, and some of the names of our states and cities, we’ll get to that in a moment. And we’re activity to commence on an accomplishment to brainwash America on the abundance of our founders and key absolute contest and progress. Contributions of Americans from all contest and creeds will be acclaimed and appreciated.

Number three, no added lockdowns. Viruses are a actuality of life, and it’s absolute sad, and sometimes, as with COVID-19, there will be abominable adverse results. We charge to accumulate the best accessible safe. We charge to try to acquisition treatments. But trampling on our basal rights and accident businesses, ruining livelihoods, and bankrupting our country is artlessly no best an option. Alike Fauci had to accept a vaccine may never come.

Number four, kids charge to break in school. Teachers are capital workers. They’re aloof like firefighters and policemen that way. They charge to be on the job. A new German abstraction out today confirms what we knew from Iceland’s experience. There’s no affirmation that kids advance COVID in school. Yet the anti-science army claiming to be the science army from California to Montgomery County, Maryland, accept appear that they’re activity to ascendancy no in-person apprenticeship for kids, if you can accept that.

The asinine adapted schedules of New York and in places like Virginia are a absolute daydream as well. This will be adverse for parents and kids, alpha authoritative babble on that.

Number five. No to amaranthine edicts. Yes, to absolute laws. Now, governors like Andy Beshear of Kentucky. They’ve been slapped bottomward by accompaniment courts for aggression their ascendancy during the pandemic. So, this has been my point. If masks and amusing break are absolutely the alone acknowledgment we accept appropriate now, afresh why didn’t Biden get out of the basement and advance Nancy Pelosi to appear aback into affair and canyon a law astute both? I’ll acquaint you why. They adulation arcane power, and they’re not abiding that win in cloister if challenged.

Number six easily off our places of worship. We adios that abounding despots and accompaniment governments accept the appropriate beneath the U.S. Architecture to stop us from activity to convenance our acceptance and our religious communities. Abandon of adoration is capital to millions of Americans. Now, Catholic bishops spent as abundant accomplishment arresting their parishes as they’ve spent arresting actionable immigrants who may accept already won on this issue.

Number seven, no allowance of criminals. New York and Chicago accept apparent a abhorrent acceleration in murders and robberies aback the defund the badge accomplishment began. The policy, the advocate appeal is our new normal. But AOC was an AOK aggravating to explain the contempo agitated abomination surge.


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, D-N.Y.: Maybe this has to do with the actuality that bodies aren’t advantageous their hire and are afraid to pay their rent, they’re put in a position area they feel like they either charge to abduct some aliment or go athirst that night.


INGRAHAM: I charge accept absent all the aliment thefts that were happening. Looters and added thugs who abort the noncombatant rights of others should be prosecuted, not appear aback assimilate the streets. Aforementioned should administer to badge if they accomplish crimes.

Number eight, new automated policy. It’s declared Fabricated in the USA. Now, Biden’s activity to affirmation he agrees to with this. But appear on, we’ve destroyed that aftermost week. 40 years in Washington of Biden’s tells us that accomplished affair was a lie. Our bread-and-butter action should accomplish it easier to do business here. All capital anesthetic accumulation chains charge to be brought aback home.

Number nine. Alarm out companies that abide to prop up China while balustrade adjoin America. The NBA and the sports media are a case abstraction in this absolute blazon of hypocrisy. Now it’s account canonizing that the Chinese Communist Affair brutalizes Muslims and added minorities as a amount of accompaniment policy.

Of course, Left-wing ESPN and added sports media that accept collapsed all over themselves to abutment the political movement of BLM, but the atrocity of China, they absolutely ignore. Now, LeBron James’ accord with Nike is reportedly account $1 billion. Well, Nike raked in 6 billion from China aftermost year. No admiration LeBron was incensed by Darrell Moray’s Hong Kong cheep aftermost fall. The baron of Beijing that has a nice arena to it.

Number 10 abate the abate culture. Aback they seek to abort bodies or companies aloof because they disagree on politics. We’ll acknowledgment them with lawsuits and boycotts. It’s a bad pun but break with me. The Goya Foods CEO targeted by the Larboard is actuality accurate by millions civic and is unbowed.


BOB UNANUE, GOYA FOODS CEO: There are those who are built-in to adulation and to body others to abhorrence and destroy. And unfortunately, there’s a movement of abhorrence and destruction.

INGRAHAM: They’re not activity to apologize for continuing abutting to Admiral Trump.

UNANUE: Hell, no.


INGRAHAM: Adulation him. And finally, cardinal 11, defund colleges and universities. It’s time to stop sending our tax dollars to advisers and administrators who advise acceptance to abhorrence America. You apperceive what I would do if I were in Congress, I’d ascendancy hearings and I’d alpha allurement these academy presidents that booty federal money. How abounding conservatives do you accept on your faculty? What’s the arrangement of bourgeois to advanced acceptance speakers? Do any of your adroitness associates abhorrence the country? Do you accept any affirmation that they do? You anytime because hiring Americans who don’t abhorrence the country?

A autonomous abnegation was absolutely the blazon of new accustomed that Trump ran on in 2016. He’s fabricated abundant advance in all the items that Hannity and I were talking about earlier. But the GOP establishment, we accept to bethink this, they’ve never been adequate with his policies. And some are afraid to get aback to the acceptable old canicule of abiding internationalism and interventionism. But that’s not activity to happen.

While others would accept you bound bottomward indefinitely, Trump has been angry for your appropriate to work, your kids appropriate to apprentice and your appropriate to accompany your own happiness. He trusts you to administer your own risks, as we all do every day. And if he’s gone abutting year, Democrats led by hapless Joe, they’re activity to run roughshod over aggregate you and I accept formed for. That’s the alone new accustomed we’re activity to permit. And anyone attractive carefully at Biden knows the alone new affair he’s able of is the old misery. And that’s THE ANGLE.

Joining me now is Dinesh D’Souza, bourgeois commentator, columnist of United States of Socialism, the man abaft the blur accessible Trump Card. Dinesh, I mentioned this in the angle, you are agog on defunding universities. How do you anticipate it absolutely should be done?

DINESH D’SOUZA, CONSERVATIVE AUTHOR AND FILMMAKER: I anticipate that the way to do it, absolutely simply, is to for the federal government and the accompaniment governments to use the astronomic banking advantage that they accept on universities, both in the anatomy of absolute grants, but additionally in the anatomy of Pell grants and apprentice loans.

Universities basically are accurate in ample allotment by government subsidy. And if that government subsidy went away, I’m not alike abiding how abounding of them would survive. Now, it’s important to apprehend that abundant of the rot in our culture, abundant of the rot in the media, it comes out of the universities. The lunatics accept array of larboard the asylum. They’re now on the street. They’re breaking things up, smashing things. It’s in the universities that they apprentice to abhorrence the culture, to abhorrence the country, to abhorrence its history, to be conjugal to a artificial narrative.

Remember, universities basically are annihilation if they are not committed to chargeless accent and accessible debate. A university that has no absolute chargeless accent and no accessible agitation is not absolutely a university. So, the sad accuracy is abounding of our universities, our pretend universities and any affinity of criticism, brooding or agitation has now been atrociously removed from them.

INGRAHAM: I beggarly it’s affecting because, Dinesh, aback you accelerate your kid to college, if your adolescent is accurate to himself or herself, they consistently say, be yourself, be authentic, and shares a anticipation that maybe – maybe accept been accomplished bristles years ago or aftermost week, but now is brash offensive. You’re absolutely risking your child’s approaching now. That’s what’s absolutely advancing about this. The kid ability not anytime get a job afresh because of article that was acquaint two years ago or aftermost anniversary that they now say, oh, no, you can’t say that.

D’SOUZA: University is far from acceptable forums of debate, forums of bookish agitation of a sort. Now they consistently bless the abstraction of diversity, but their abstraction of assortment in the folklore or history administration is seven altered types of socialist, an eco-socialist, an afro socialist, a feminist socialist, a transgender socialist. And afresh they go, wow, we’re so diverse. And afresh all those left-wing assemblage up on anyone who is not a left-wing and try to exhausted them into submission.

INGRAHAM: Yes. So alike the Larboard becomes beneath woke than the next, added left, added Marxist. I’ve got to put article up on the awning that a acquaintance of abundance aloof beatific me tonight. And he said, Laura, they’re not endlessly at statues. If you anticipate it’s Rushmore and statues, actuality from Time magazine, don’t stop at statues. Appeal a reconsideration of abode names too.

Children are actuality indoctrinated, but not in the way Trump suggests. Instead, they’re actuality fed an uncomplex adaptation of history, one that minimizes the acquaintance of those on the margins to about-face white men who did angry things into heroes. So, they appetite to rename assorted places in the United States as well, Dinesh, absolute quick.

D’SOUZA: Well, this is ultimately we are now in Orwell territory. The Larboard loves to say we don’t like absolute socialism. We accept in autonomous socialism. But the abysmal central of Orwell is that alike autonomous socialism moves atrociously in the administration of abatement history and arty tyranny. The campuses are a miniature of what our accomplished association would accessory like if we let this happen.

INGRAHAM: Dinesh, acknowledgment so much. Abundant to see you. And on Friday, Senator Josh Hawley emailed a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. At the basis of Hawley’s analysis is the following.

Right now, the NBA is currently acceptance players to put pro-Black Lives Amount and anti-cop letters on their uniforms, but no slogans in abutment of capitalism in Hong Kong or law administration here. In acknowledgment to Hawley’s email, ESPN chief NBA anchorman Adrian Wojnarowski had two words. Well, he wrote, FU. He has been aback suspended, admitting Hawley said he never capital him suspended.

The league’s abject to China doesn’t stop there. The NBA’s online abundance was not acceptance users to actualize community jerseys that say, chargeless Hong Kong on the back. Well, at the aforementioned time, they were acceptance slogans such as defund the badge and beware of Jews. This is an barter one of our producers had with an NBA chump account rep afterwards he approved to accomplish a chargeless Hong Kong jersey.

Customer account said, it takes alone 10 digits and chargeless Hong Kong is 12 digits. ANGLE ambassador afresh says this is not true. If I blazon in chargeless Baron Kong, which is additionally 12 digits, there is no problem. The chump account rep afresh told us to try a altered entry. Our ambassador said, but that’s the access I want. Why won’t it work? Afresh the adumbrative says, apparently because it has a name of a city. It’s not the city, but I assumption because it has the chat chargeless afore it. ANGLE ambassador says Chargeless New York works, chargeless Seattle works.

The aback and alternating continued, but we’ll mercifully additional you the best exchange. But wouldn’t you apperceive that afterwards burden from this appearance and others, an NBA rep declared our ambassador to acquaint him that the affair had been miraculously fixed. OK.

Here with reaction, Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Academy Chief Fellow. Victor, this is aloof pathetic. We’re at a point now area Americans able sports don’t in some cases see themselves as American anymore.

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: Yes, well, the NBA is like the university, it’s an academy that’s gone too far and too continued afterwards scrutiny. And we either – aback bodies watch it, they either say they’re either able athletes and they’re apolitical or they’re political, but they can’t be hypocritical and both. And what they appetite us to do is to anticipate that they’re edgy, they’re woke. They’re anxious about amusing justice. They’re activity to put these badge or messaging on their jerseys, maybe kneel for the civic anthem.

And yet the accomplished arrangement is predicated on a $4 billion to $6 billion advantageous action in China with a government that has destroyed capitalism in Hong Kong, destroyed the aboriginal ability of Tibet, destroyed basically Uyghur ability and 1 actor bodies in reeducation camps, amiss for 140,000 American deaths from COVID because of their abandon and an all-embracing bartering outlaw. And yet they’re accepting billions of dollars there.

And the acumen is it gets alike deeper, Laura. The acumen they’re activity to China is they’re accident bazaar allotment actuality in the United States because they allocution about diversity, diversity, diversity. But they accept 20, 30 coaches, 20 coaches, 30 and we alone accept about eight or African American. We accept about two owners that are black. And they allocution to us about diversity. And yet 75 percent of the players are African American.

They’re not assorted either. You don’t apperceive which is added non-diverse, the owners and the coaches or the players. And yet they address their audience, we’ve got to be diverse, proportional representation, disparate impact. And they’re not diverse. And so, they’ve absent their audience.

Asians, Latinos, whites are not affability into the NBA because they don’t see it proportionally representative. As we’re told, it should be by the Left. And therefore, the NBA is affectionate of attractive adjoin a adopted audience.


HANSON: A big audience, 1.6 billion, 5 billion bodies because they cannot advance absorption in the United States, because they’re hypocritical. And I anticipate bodies are accepting absolute annoyed of it.

INGRAHAM: Victor, I’m apologetic to interrupt, but bodies are atrocious for a backroom chargeless zone. I anticipate I adroitness it.

HANSON: They are.

INGRAHAM: Anybody has the appropriate to allege out. They can say whatever they want. That’s a given. OK. But I anticipate bodies appetite to go to ball or they appetite to go because they appetite to absolution from aggregate else. But now it’s consistently advancing at you, no amount what area you look. And I anticipate bodies afterwards a while like this isn’t alike absorbing anymore, because in a sense, they–

HANSON: I don’t think–

INGRAHAM: Bodies are accepting weary of it. I anticipate they could end up bankrupting themselves in the United States. Sports media and sports. If they accumulate activity bottomward this road, I don’t see how it works. That’s why you’re right. They accept to go to China.

HANSON: Bodies don’t like to be lectured on advantage from accumulated ad men that are multimillionaires and told that they’re richer signal. They don’t like it.


HANSON: Lot of these players and owners are accumulated pitchman, they’re admen and they’re in it for money. And yet they’re lecturing bodies about virtue. And bodies voted with their alien controls that are not watching it anymore. And that’s why they’re activity to China. Acknowledge you.

INGRAHAM: Acknowledge you. Acknowledge you, Victor. Abundant to see you tonight. And advancing up, John Solomon brings us absolute new advertisement on ambiguous ties amid the Biden’s and Putin’s activity cronies. Plus, we told you how hydroxychloroquine could advice at the alpha of COVID tonight. We accept beauteous new after-effects that ability advice on the aback end of analysis that you don’t appetite to miss. That’s all new. That’s ahead.



REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D-CALIF.: Roger Stone was the intermediary. He was the articulation amid Donald Trump and the Trump attack and Russian intelligence, the aforementioned Russia intelligence assemblage that afraid Donald Trump’s opponents.


INGRAHAM: Afterwards actuality apparent as a complete fraud, why are Democrats aback resuscitating the Russia hoax? Well, it ability be a case of projection.

According to the new book Fallout by analytic anchorman John Solomon and Seamus Bruner, the absolute Russian bunco adventure may absorb acquisitive Democrats attractive to banknote in on corruption, including Joe Biden’s above activity action adviser.

Solomon and Bruner write, time and again, Biden’s adviser bootless to acknowledgment that he had witnessed Putin’s activity action firsthand. Amos Hochstein never mentioned Russia’s attempts to bend the all-around uranium market. It was article he had assisted alone while alive as a U.S. lobbyist in the clandestine sector. Hochstein had brash Rosatom’s subsidiary, Tenex, afore long, he was anon advising Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Clinton. Her successor, John Kerry. And finally, Vice Admiral Biden and alike Admiral Obama.

John Solomon joins me now exclusively. John, this Amos appearance seems to be aloof the tip of the iceberg, right, aback it comes to Democrats?


INGRAHAM: Bunco with Russia. What abroad did you acquisition here?

SOLOMON: Listen, at the end of the day, this is what we set out to answer. Why did the Democrats aces Russia and Ukraine to be the two faux scandals that they pursued adjoin Admiral Trump and afterwards hundreds of hours of advertisement and activity through documents? Here’s what we begin out. They were aggravating to area off to alarm abroad Republicans from appliance Russia as an affair adjoin them in the 2016 election. Why? Because it was their better one of their better adopted action failures.

They gave billions of dollars of account affairs to the Russians that fabricated American electricity ratepayers abased on Russian uranium. They gave abroad Uranium One, the uranium assets beneath our soil. And aback it was all done, Vladimir Putin pulled the rug out and invaded Ukraine. And the Democrats did not appetite that to be the storyline in 2016.

And why? Because aback you dig in deeper, you acquisition out guys like Amos Hochstein, well, they were allowance the Russians get a leg up in the American market. They were in 2009, 2010, 2011 to absolutely go aback to 2008. They were aggravating to advice Rosatom, a base Russian company, get added business in America, booty jobs and uranium business abroad from Americans, giving to the Russians.

INGRAHAM: Yes, anybody has a anamnesis on that issue. John, there was additionally an odd moment that you wrote about the Kentucky Derby.


INGRAHAM: OK. You apparent this camp FBI artifice from 2013 to allurement Vladimir Putin to the Derby. So, what, they could spy on him?

SOLOMON: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: Apparently, he got a VIP ticket, it was told he’d be accustomed as a Kentucky colonel.

SOLOMON: That’s right.

INGRAHAM: What happened? He canceled at the aftermost minute.

SOLOMON: They did. He pulled out. He was astute abundant to apperceive what was absolutely activity on. But the FBI had an clandestine adviser central Rosatom apprehension all of this corruption. And they capital to allurement Putin actuality for one reason. They were absolute anxious as Barack Obama was advancing that Iran accord that Russia was acceptable Iran’s adulterous nuclear program.

So they were activity to accompany him here. They got the Autonomous governor of Kentucky, Beshear, to accord the account of Kentucky Colonel, which is one of the better noncombatant ceremoniousness in Kentucky, and they approved to allurement him here. They were activity to booty him to the horse race, booty him buck hunting in Alaska. But Putin was too astute and he backed out of it. But it does reflect how anxious the FBI was that not alone was Russia’s nuclear aggregation corrupt, they were allowance Iran with their adulterous nuclear program.

INGRAHAM: This book is so chockfull of alarming stuff, John.

SOLOMON: Acknowledge you.

INGRAHAM: Acknowledge you so much. Congrats on the book. And I apperceive I’m activity to be tweeting about it later, but unbelievable. Acknowledgment so much.

This appearance has told you about the abeyant allowances of hydroxychloroquine as a antibacterial adjoin COVID and additionally in aboriginal stages. But we’ve additionally been acquisitive that scientists begin an able analysis for austere cases of the disease, abstinent and best severe. Well, tonight, we appetite to highlight a able new candidate. The California-based aggregation Equillium appear that its partner, Biocon, appear analytic balloon abstracts from India bold the biologic Itolizumab decidedly decreased bloodshed in ailing COVID patients. Of the 20 patients accustomed the job, every distinct one of them recovered. Of the 10 not accustomed the drug, three died and seven recovered.

Joining me now is the CEO of Equillium, Bruce Steel. Bruce, everybody is so afraid about accepting achievement in this pandemic. But the Indians accept been way advanced of the ambit on a lot, including hydroxy, by the way, the new abstraction about that. But acquaint us why this biologic seems to appearance aboriginal signs of success. What does it do?

BRUCE STEEL, EQUILLIUM CEO: Hi, acceptable evening, Laura, acknowledge you so abundant for accepting me on the show. I absolutely am advantaged to be actuality apery Equillium, and by addendum our accomplice Biocon, to acquaint you added about Itolizumab and some of the after-effects that they accept apparent in the abstraction that they completed in India. And I should additionally aloof add I am absolute beholden to be allotment of the biotechnology industry attractive for solutions to amusement patients, which includes bags of companies worldwide, including important government organizations such as NIH, the FDA, and the CDC are all aggravating to advance accommodating lives.

In the case of Itolizumab and Equillium and what we’re aggravating to do with this program, the after-effects of Biocon appear were absolutely absolutely impressive. Itolizumab is a aboriginal in chic antibiotic ameliorative that is an allowed modulating agent, so this modifies the allowed system, to absolutely try and anticipate the boundless deepening that ends up consistent in all-encompassing tissue accident and destruction, and ultimately, in the case of COVID-19 patients, aerial bloodshed ante and death.

As you anticipate about the virus, the all-inclusive majority of patients that are accepting acutely ill and dying are not dying anon from the virus itself. It’s absolutely the body’s allowed acknowledgment that becomes overreactive and boundless deepening that leads to agency abortion and ultimately death. So our biologic modifies the allowed arrangement and inhibits that overreactive state, and we accept can be potentially absolute important therapy.

The after-effects that Biocon approved were absolute encouraging. As you highlighted, they advised 30 patients, 20 patients were accustomed best admiring care, additional Itolizumab, 10 patients were accustomed alone best admiring affliction and we saw a absolute afflicted bloodshed rate.

INGRAHAM: Bruce, absolute quick. Some additionally had preexisting conditions, this is important, that added the accident of afterlife from COVID, correct, diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, so that’s absolutely key, absolute quick?

STEEL: Yes, so we’ve apparent that appealing abundant beyond the world. Obviously, aged patients, and afresh patients with comorbidities are at decidedly college risk. And the acceptance baseline characteristics for these patients did accommodate a lot of those high-risk factors. And the accomplishments in these patients who were presenting with abstinent to acutely ill cytokine absolution affection and astute respiratory ache affection in COVID-19 patients do accept a accomplishments bloodshed amount that is in the 20 to 40 percent range.

INGRAHAM: So this is key.

STEEL: So these patients are absolutely sick, and abounding of them are dying.

INGRAHAM: OK, so this is key. The abutting footfall — we are activity to clue the advance of your assignment aggravating to get this into the FDA for trials actuality in the United States. But I’m afflicted carefully appropriately far with what the Indians accept been able to do, Biocon, and I am so animated you accept this amalgamation with them. And we ambition you all the best. I apperceive it’s a continued alley to get approval, but this is a big step. It’s not happened afore in a analysis biologic like this. Bruce, acknowledgment so much.

All right, advancing up, we warned you about mail-in ballots. Now your pets could be accepting one? No. Additional CNN is appearance the accuracy again. And what is abaft those weekend abbey attacks? Raymond Arroyo exposes it all in “Seen and Unseen” next.


INGRAHAM: It’s time for our “Seen and Unseen” articulation area we acknowledge the belief abaft the headlines. For capacity we are abutting by Raymond Arroyo, FOX Account contributor. Raymond, the admiral has been admonishing about mail-in ballots and the abeyant for fraud, of course. So acquaint us while renewed account for affair now exists.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, Laura, look, aback in 2018, a arena of aborigine harvesters were answerable in Texas. The intercepted mail-in ballots and they illegally assisted aged voters bushing them out. Afresh in Colorado, a woman alleged Sara Sosa, she voted in 2010, 2012, 2013. The botheration is she died in 2009. Pew estimates that there are at atomic 1.8 actor asleep bodies registered to vote. And now the fraudsters are accepting absolutely creative. It’s not aloof asleep people. The Tims ancestors of Atlanta got a aborigine allotment anatomy for Cody Tims. Tims was their pet, or Cody was. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How did this happen? I mean, it’s not reality. He’s a cat. Actuality he is. And he’s been asleep for a continued time. If they are aggravating to annals cats, I’m not absolutely abiding who abroad they are aggravating to register. I don’t apperceive if they are registering dogs.


ARROYO: I achievement they are registering dogs, Laura. Matty (ph) actuality has best out her candidates. Look, can you see that button?


ARROYO: You’ve heard of the southern strategy. This is the pet cemetery strategy. But we don’t appetite Matty (ph) activity aloof yet, so we are not activity to do that.

But this weekend, Laura, CNN’s Jake Tapper retweeted a adventure claiming that for the aboriginal time aback the coronavirus communicable began, Admiral Trump has been apparent by the White House columnist band cutting a affectation at Walter Reed. But actually, the admiral wore a affectation during a appointment to a Ford Motor aggregation aback in May.

INGRAHAM: I assumption didn’t stop there. Didn’t he criticize the president’s mask-waring, adage that anytime addition will do a abstraction on how abounding lives accept been adored if this happened in February or March. Has he anytime asked that catechism about Cuomo and the home, and the old association homes?

ARROYO: Tiny problem, Laura. The advice from the CDC at that time, February and March, was not to abrasion masks. In fact, someday, addition will do a abstraction on how Jake Tapper in backward February was adage this.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: Does cutting a face affectation provides coronavirus from spreading? Should bodies alpha stockpiling them now?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. If you’re advantageous and walking about, there is absolutely no charge to be cutting a mask. It’s a apocryphal adroitness of security.


ARROYO: Now, Laura, mask-gate aside, there is a adventure that is not accepting about abundant coverage. I capital to leave a little time for this. The bulk of abbey attacks and religious statues vandalized during the weekend. In Los Angeles, the about 250-year-old Mission San Gabriel was torched, antibacterial the roof, about aggregate inside. The mission was of advance founded by Saint Junipero Serra whom activists absorption as an annoyer of aboriginal people, alike admitting he absolutely fought for built-in rights. The arsonists accept yet to be articular there.

INGRAHAM: I accept been to that mission, it’s absolutely beautiful. That’s a heartbreak. In Ocala, Florida, Steven Anthony Shields collection his minivan into Queen of Peace, ironically, Catholic abbey afore mass. He caked gas on the antechamber and set the abbey ablaze. He told lath his accomplishments were alarming and he was on a mission.

ARROYO: This is a pattern, Laura. In Boston, in New York, statues of the Blessed Mother were austere and vandalized. There is article accident here. And a, we’re not advertisement on it. And b, bodies aren’t attractive acutely enough. Aback you appetite to afflict the old order, Laura, you’ve got to break and abort the old one. And religion, religious practice, is a big allotment of that.

INGRAHAM: Yes, they are advancing for a worship. They are advancing for the Additional Amendment. If bodies anticipate it’s about alteration the name of football teams and demography bottomward statues.


INGRAHAM: They are activity for the symbols of axiological rights, afresh they go for the fundamentally rights. And abashment on political leaders that haven’t fabricated this affair of what they are accomplishing to befoul houses of worship, it’s disgusting. It’s absolutely disgusting

ARROYO: I agree.

INGRAHAM: Raymond, acknowledge you for putting all that calm for us tonight. And I achievement Matty (ph) is OK. Raymond doesn’t usually biking with that dog. It’s a candied dog.

And advancing up, while abounding GOP assembly are active afraid from the advanced mob, a new bearing of conservatives, yes, they’re activity viral for adverse these threats head-on. Two of those women accompany me next.


INGRAHAM: While some acclimatized GOP assembly and admiral assume to be afraid in abhorrence these days, adolescent bourgeois women are continuing up to the advanced mob. Samantha Pfefferle was planning on starting at Marquette University in the fall, but she says that her acceptance came beneath blackmail afterwards she acquaint this video to amusing media.




INGRAHAM: Samantha was additionally threatened by angered leftists online, including one who said I achievement you get shot.

And absolute announcer Savanah Hernandez was physically assaulted by radicals for accepting the adventurousness to say this at a BLM protest.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Get the — out of actuality you brainless — this isn’t the – – abode for that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Badge lives don’t amount —

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is acutely cutting to me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That’s what happens aback you appear and try to accurate your aboriginal alteration appropriate as a conservative.


INGRAHAM: OK, this is aloof ridiculous. These are two adventurous women, Samantha Pfefferle, Savanah Hernandez accompany me now. Samantha, let’s alpha with you. Afterwards what you accept been through, do you accept additional thoughts about activity to Marquette at this point, or no?

SAMANTHA PFEFFERLE, INCOMING MARQUETTE FRESHMAN: I really, really, absolutely appetite to go. I plan on accessory in the fall. Me and my parents are still afraid for my assurance activity on there because of all the threats that I accept been getting, including “don’t worry, you will be asleep soon.” So it’s affectionate of alarming to footfall on campus and I’m nervous. But I’m accessible to assemblage conservatives and angle up for what I accept in.

INGRAHAM: That’s fantastic. By the way, Marquette appear a account tonight adage that “Concerns about this new apprentice that were brought to our absorption were not based on political amalgamation but on declared use of abominable language. In this case, there were additionally apropos for the acceptance student’s safety” which we are investigating by the Marquette University Badge Administration and discussed with the incoming. But they said you haven’t had your appliance or your acceptance rescinded, nor did it abuse to abate the admission? Is that accurate or false?

PFEFFERLE: Aback we went on the aboriginal call, they did say that I was not a student.

INGRAHAM: Well, you’re not a apprentice now, but did they you were activity to be threatened, that they could abate the admission?

PFEFFERLE: No. They told me I wasn’t a apprentice and afresh that I would apprehend aback in a brace days. And it took them a anniversary and a half.

INGRAHAM: So it seemed like it was blind out in the air on that point.

Savanah, I appetite to allocution to you. You go to this BLM protest, and you ascendancy up a assurance that says “All lives matter,” “Police lives matter,” I guess, and that was wild. Acquaint us about it.

SAVANAH HERNANDEZ, POLITICAL ACTIVIST: Yes, Laura, I was watching so abounding videos on Twitter of badge officers, abnormally atramentous badge officers, who accept been the accountable of so abundant racism because of the abolitionist larboard and aggregate that has been activity on, and it absolutely affronted me. So I capital to go angle up with a “Police lives matter” sign, and on the added ancillary it had the name of David Dorn who was a atramentous badge administrator who was attempt and dead by protesters.

And I went and I stood there. I didn’t chant. I didn’t go access their assemblage at all. I stood on a active artery bend and I captivated up the assurance because I capital badge in my burghal to apperceive that they were supported. And I was anon attacked. And luckily, one of the BLM supporters absolutely at that assemblage accurate my Aboriginal Alteration right, which is not article you about see. So I was absolute beholden of that. But it’s antic that I can’t go angle up with a assurance on my own streets in my own burghal afterwards actuality attacked, atrociously attacked, several times.

INGRAHAM: And accept you gotten airtight for actuality a Latina that is continuing up for badge as well, because I apperceive African-Americans, as you say, accept been accountable to that abhorrent language, declared an Uncle Tom and so forth. How about you?

HERNANDEZ: Definitely, Laura. And a lot of conservatives say that the best racist bodies are from the left, and that is so true. I accept been declared the best racist names. I accept gotten afterlife threats from bodies on the larboard because they don’t like my message. And it alone emboldens me added to angle up to our badge who assure our communities every distinct day. And the big abstract is that a lot of bodies on the artery who are calling to defund and abate the badge accept never absolutely announced to a badge administrator directly. I accept done both of those things. I accept talked to BLM protesters, and I accept gone and I talked to badge officers. And I can’t acquaint you how abounding badge officers’ wives and accouchement accept aback messaged me afraid for their lives, afraid for their husband’s lives, their wives’ lives, their brothers and sisters because of aggregate that’s activity on.

INGRAHAM: That’s ridiculous. By the way, nice push-off of the masked burglar there. That was a nice shove. That’s appealing good.

Samantha, what abominable accent — aback they threw that out in their account today, what abominable accent are they alike talking about at Marquette area it led you to accept that your appliance and your acceptance was in jeopardy?

PFEFFERLE: They anticipate that abominable accent is “illegal immigrant.” I’ve heard a lot of bodies appear in my comments and say that I can’t use “illegal immigrants” at all. So I am bold that is what they accept my abominable accent is.



INGRAHAM: Wait a second. So are you declared to alarm them all undocumented Democrats? That’s what you should say abutting time. Is it OK if I alarm them undocumented Democrats, would that be OK? You should accept a accomplished account of things and alpha arena their game.

Savanah, assuredly with you, what is your bulletin to adolescent women tonight, you accept got 15 seconds, who are bourgeois who are annoyed of actuality pushed around, absolutely or figurately at this time, what do you say?

HERNANDEZ: Laura, I would aloof say that I am not a amazing animal being. I’m a approved girl. I watched your appearance so abounding times, I never anticipation I’d absolutely be on it. And if I can angle up and accomplish big after-effects with a five-dollar affiche lath and a message, afresh anybody can. So angle up, now is the time to do it.

INGRAHAM: They can as well. All right, ladies. Acknowledgment so much.

We accept a lot more. Lori Lightfoot, Aftermost Bite. You don’t appetite to absence it.



MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT, D-CHICAGO: Aback the burghal of Gotham had a absolute difficult challenge, one of the things that the ambassador there did is he declared out and he beatific out the ache arresting to Batman.

So, we are accomplishing article agnate for the census. And I’m blessed to address I’m calling out the demography cowboy.


INGRAHAM: Oh, my God. Sixty-four bodies shot, at atomic 11 of them dead in Chicago aftermost weekend, and she said Gotham there, what? That’s Ambassador Lightfoot? Guys, this is an accessible best in November. Austere law enforcement, safety, prosperity, or that. OK, that attitude. Appear on. It’s all the time we accept tonight.

Shannon Bream, “Fox Account @ Night” Team accept an amazing show, and I’m waiting, booty it from here.

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