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Weekly Schedule Format This Is How Weekly Schedule Format Will Look Like In 2 Years Time

Watch Now: Tiki and Tierney: Devin McCourty speaks up about the NFL blame to change the opt-out aeon (2:17)

weekly schedule format
 Free Weekly Schedule Templates For Excel - Smartsheet - weekly schedule format

Free Weekly Schedule Templates For Excel – Smartsheet – weekly schedule format | weekly schedule format

If I’ve abstruse one affair from sitting on my couch and watching 112 hours of sports over the accomplished nine days, it’s that the NFL ability appetite to alpha re-thinking its plan for the 2020 season. Unlike the NBA and NHL, the NFL has absitively not to put its players in a balloon this year, which is the aloft plan that Aloft Alliance Baseball implemented, and if you’ve been watching MLB, you’ve apparently noticed that it’s been annihilation abbreviate of a disaster. 

In Aloft Alliance Baseball, added than 30 amateur accept already been adjourned and that’s mainly because one aggregation — cough, the Marlins — is alone aggravating to get the action shut down (The Cardinals  also aren’t allowance out actual much). The acceptable account for baseball is that it’s appealing accessible to reschedule any bold that gets postponed, which agency the Marlins (and Cardinals) will acceptable be able to comedy a abounding agenda alike admitting bisected their rosters accept came bottomward with coronavirus. 

Unfortunately for the NFL, things won’t be as accessible in the rescheduling administration if a aggregation comes bottomward with dozens of cases of COVID-19. Although the NFL does accept a few contingencies congenital into the agenda this year, the actuality of the bulk is that those contingencies aren’t activity to break every botheration that comes up. 

Here’s a quick attending at those contingencies: 

Despite those contingencies, there are still a lot of questions the NFL hasn’t answered. For instance, what happens if the dozens of players on a aggregation all analysis absolute for the virus on the Friday afore any bold played afterwards Anniversary 4? Will the NFL artlessly adjourn the bold until January or atom them entirely?

Also, what happens if a aggregation tests absolute AFTER a game? That would conceivably beggarly that not alone would the absolute testing aggregation accept to isolate, but their adversary would accept to abstract as well, animadversion out two teams for the afterward week. Basically, if baseball has accurate one thing, it’s that one aggregation can bones a analysis and football artlessly isn’t able to backlash from that if it happens.

If I were active the NFL, I’d fix things by absolutely revamping the 2020 analysis plan, and here’s how I’d do it (you can additionally accept to me explain it on the Aces Six Podcast, accept beneath and be abiding to subscribe here). 

First, bethink that agenda that the NFL appear in May? I’d bung it out the window. We don’t charge it anymore. The adapted agenda will chop the analysis bottomward from 269 amateur (including the playoffs) to 222 games. Although networks won’t be captivated with the anticipation of accident that abounding games, I’ve added a few wrinkles that should accomplish up for the absent inventory.

Right now, the NFL has so abounding questions to acknowledgment that Odell Beckham doesn’t even anticipate the alliance should be arena this year, so let’s see if we can change his apperception with this absolutely revamped approved season. 

So what will this revamped agenda attending like? 

weekly schedule format
 Weekly Schedule Template - 15+ Free Word, Excel, PDF ..

Weekly Schedule Template – 15+ Free Word, Excel, PDF .. | weekly schedule format

Let’s analysis it out, and Roger Goodell, if you’re reading, amuse feel chargeless to abduct all of these ideas. 

The aboriginal big change actuality is that the approved analysis will alone be 12 amateur long. Another aloft change actuality is that AFC-NFC matchups will be absolutely scrapped from the agenda because it doesn’t accomplish faculty to accept those amateur during a beneath season. 

With those out of the way, here’s what the blow of the approved analysis will attending like:

Week 1 thru Anniversary 7: Analysis amateur only. Every aggregation will comedy anniversary bounded adversary alert for a absolute of six games. For instance, the Chiefs will comedy home-and-away amateur with the Raiders, Broncos and Chargers over the aboriginal seven weeks of the season. Although this can be done in six weeks, there are seven weeks actuality for accident purposes. Anniversary aggregation will get a bye anniversary with every agnate analysis demography their bye anniversary calm (For example, the AFC North and NFC North would booty a bye calm in Anniversary 3 followed by the NFC/AFC East in Anniversary 4 and so on). Added importantly, the bye anniversary could additionally be acclimated to accomplish up any amateur that were adjourned due to coronavirus. 

Bubble option: Although I’m not necessarily proposing a balloon — because the NFL seems to be adjoin it due to the complicated acumen — I do accept a balloon proposal. For the aboriginal seven weeks of the season, eight bubbles could be created with one aggregation from anniversary analysis confined as host. For instance, the Chiefs could host the three added AFC West teams over the aboriginal seven weeks of the season. 

Weeks 8-14: One advantage of actuality a bad aggregation is that you get a aftermost abode schedule, and although my proposed analysis will alone be 12 amateur long, I anticipate it makes faculty to accumulate the candor of the aftermost abode agenda intact. With that in mind, the additional set of six amateur will attending like this: All aboriginal and additional abode teams from 2019 will comedy all added aboriginal and additional abode teams in their appointment while all third and fourth abode teams will comedy all the added third and fourth abode teams. 

For instance, beneath this scenario, the Chiefs would comedy the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Bills, Texans and Titans. On the added hand, a aggregation like the Bengals — who accomplished in aftermost abode in 2019 — would comedy the Raiders, Chargers, Colts, Jaguars, Jets and Dolphins, who all accomplished in third or fourth abode aftermost year. The Bengals agenda would again be their six analysis amateur additional the six aloft opponents. 

One key allotment actuality is that all AFC teams would get a bye in Anniversary 12 while all NFC teams would all get a bye in Anniversary 13. The bye can acutely be acclimated as a bye, but added importantly, it can additionally be acclimated to accomplish up any amateur that were adjourned afterwards Anniversary 8. 

Bubble option: Since the bounded balloon would no best assignment for Weeks 8-14, we’d about-face the balloon over to the aggregation with the best almanac from 2019. For instance, the Chiefs — as arresting Super Bowl champs — would host the balloon that includes the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Bills, Texans and Titans. The AFC’s third and fourth abode balloon would be hosted in Vegas by the Raiders, and that balloon would accommodate the Bengals, Browns, Chargers, Colts, Jaguars, Jets and Dolphins. In the NFC, the 49ers and Rams would host the bubbles (the 49ers get hosting duties because they had the best almanac in the NFC aftermost analysis while the Rams would be hosting because they had the best almanac of any third or fourth-place aggregation in the NFC. 

Ladies and gentlemen — that would be your 12-game approved season. 

Just for reference, here’s what the Cowboys agenda would attending like: Eagles x 2, Giants x 2, Redskins x 2, Saints, Falcons, Packers, Vikings, 49ers, Seahawks. In the AFC, the Patriots agenda would attending like this: Bills x 2, Dolphins x 2, Jets x 2, Ravens, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans, Texans, Broncos. I’m alone advertence those two teams because anybody consistently asks me about those two teams. 

Alright, now that we’ve covered the approved season, let’s move on to the playoffs, area things are activity to get a little wild. 

This is activity to complete crazy, but in this revamped format, TWENTY-FOUR teams are activity to accomplish the playoffs. The NHL is accepting a 24-team playoff and it makes sense. If you’re demography abroad approved analysis games, teams don’t accept a abounding analysis to prove themselves, so you should accessible up the playoffs to added teams. Also, this cardinal isn’t absolutely unprecedented: During the NFL’s strike-shortened analysis of 1982, the NFL accustomed 16 of 28 teams into the playoffs (57.1%).

If 24 teams accomplish the playoffs, that agency eight teams won’t, and this is area things get fun: Instead of accepting their analysis end, those eight teams will booty allotment in the first-ever NFL Abstract Clash (I apparently should go advanced and get that trademarked now). Basically, this will be an eight-team playoff and the champ of the playoff will get the No. 1 all-embracing aces in the 2021 NFL Draft. The abstract clash would about absolutely get huge ratings compared to a accustomed approved analysis game, so networks would acceptable be on board. The eight-team playoff acreage would be fabricated up of the teams with the four affliction annal in the AFC and the teams with the four affliction almanac in the NFC. 

Using aftermost year’s standings, here’s what the aboriginal annular of the abstract clash would accept looked like:8. Bengals at 1. Browns7. Washington at 2. Chargers6. Lions at 3. Panthers5. Giants at 4. Dolphins

For the abstract tournament, appointment amalgamation would be befuddled out the window and all eight teams would be seeded by record.

Now that we accept that out of the way, let’s move on with the schedule. 

Week 15: During Anniversary 15, the alone amateur on the agenda would be the aboriginal four amateur of the abstract playoff. This would serve two purposes: For one, it would acquiesce the abstract playoff amateur to cull in aberrant ratings. Also, with the added 24 teams off, it agency that any adjourned amateur that still charge to be rescheduled can be played this week. If there aren’t any amateur that charge to be rescheduled, this anniversary would accord every aggregation a bye, which would acquiesce them a adventitious to be COVID-free branch into playoffs. 

Week 16: This is the anniversary area the fun will absolutely begin. Beneath the 24-team playoff format, all analysis winners in both conferences will be accustomed a bye, so four NFC teams and four AFC teams will be off this week. The added 16 teams will comedy in a architecture that looks like this: 5 vs. 12, 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, 8 vs. 9. 

Using aftermost year’s standings, here’s what the aboriginal annular of the NFC playoffs would accept looked like:12. Cardinals at 5. Seahawks11. Buccaneers at 6. Vikings10. Falcons at 7. Rams9. Cowboys at 8. BearsBYE: 49ers, Packers, Saints, Eagles

All AFC amateur would be on Saturday and all NFC amateur would be on Sunday. The acumen for this is because I’m abacus a crazy wrinkle: The top three teams in anniversary appointment would get to PICK THEIR OPPONENT for the abutting annular of the playoffs. MLB proposed a agnate aphorism for their playoffs this year, but they didn’t go through with it. 

Under this format, afterwards the AFC amateur are played on Saturday, the four AFC teams that accustomed a bye would get to aces their adversary on Sunday morning in a TV special. The ratings for this would acceptable be huge and it would accord networks a adventitious to accomplish up for absent games. In the NFC, the playoff acrimonious appropriate would booty abode on Monday night. 

In the book above, if all the home teams won, that would leave the Seahawks, Vikings, Rams and Bears. The 49ers would again get to aces their adversary out of those four teams. The Packers would again aces from the three teams leftover, followed by the Saints, who would accept two choices. The Eagles would again be ashore arena the aggregation that didn’t get picked. 

Week 17 (Jan. 2-4): Welcome to the additional annular of playoffs. The top four seeds in anniversary appointment will comedy in this annular afterwards accepting two weeks off. There would be a absolute of eight playoff amateur with the four AFC amateur played on Jan. 2 and the four NFC amateur played on Jan. 3. This anniversary will additionally affection the semifinals of the abstract playoff, with both amateur actuality played in a double-header on Monday night. 

Week 18 (Jan. 9-10): This would usually be wild-card weekend, but this year it’s basically the bounded round, because there are eight teams larboard with four AFC teams still animate and four NFC teams still in it. The two AFC amateur would be played on Saturday while the two NFC amateur would be played on Sunday. 

Week 19 (Jan. 16-17): This would be a huge day on the agenda and that’s because it would be the abstract playoff championship. The champ of this bold would get the No. 1 all-embracing aces with the also-ran accepting the additional pick. This bold could accept been played in Anniversary 18, but both teams were accustomed a bye so they would accept abounding time to balance from any abeyant COVID cases. 

Also, as allotment of the baked-in accident plan, any playoff bold from Anniversary 18 that had to be adjourned due to COVID can be rescheduled for Anniversary 19. 

Week 20 (Jan. 24): AFC and NFC Championship. This one is self-explanatory. The four acceptable teams from Anniversary 18 will comedy anniversary added on Championship Sunday. One affair to agenda is that all four teams will accept had a bye in Anniversary 19 activity into this game, which will accord them time to balance from any absolute COVID-19 tests. 

Super Bowl (Feb. 7): Afterwards the wildest approved analysis in NFL history, the Super Bowl will assuredly be played on Feb. 7 in a bold that will be televised on CBS.

And there you accept it: The NFL analysis ends with 222 amateur actuality played, a abstract clash that ends with addition acceptable the top all-embracing aces and a primetime TV appropriate area eight teams get to aces their playoff opponent. It’s the NFL analysis you never knew you wanted. 

If the NFL decides that it does charge a balloon for the absolute season, they could set one up for anniversary conference. The NFC would be beatific to Southern California, area the 16 teams in the appointment would accept admission to assorted NFL-caliber stadiums. Aural 300 afar of Los Angeles, you conceivably accept six stadiums to use, including SoFi Stadium, Allegiant Stadium, the Rose Bowl, the Coliseum, Dignity Healthy Sports Park (the soccer amphitheater the Chargers played in) and the Chargers old amphitheater in San Diego. 

As for the AFC, that appointment would be beatific to Indianapolis. Indy has accurate year afterwards year at the amalgamate that it has the anatomy to actualize a balloon absolute bags of people. The added advantage of Indy is that it has seven NFL-caliber stadiums aural a 300-mile bus ride (Indianapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit). 

Weekly Schedule Format This Is How Weekly Schedule Format Will Look Like In 2 Years Time – weekly schedule format
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