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Sultana N. Nahar

weekly schedule kfupm
 Weekly Schedule Template - 13+ Free Word, PDF Documents ..

Weekly Schedule Template – 13+ Free Word, PDF Documents .. | weekly schedule kfupm

At IECHE 2014: Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khaled Al Anqari gives Sultana a box of MOHE advice about accepted apprenticeship and analysis status.

The cone shaped anatomy in the background, the Al Faisaliah Hotel area the assembly stayed, is alleged the Jewel of the Middle East.

Recognition with a Cipher of Taibah University and a commendation from the President. The Arch of women’s college, Dr. Inass, and Carnality Dean of the Adroitness of Science, Dr. Hanadi Zahid, are in the picture.

With two adroitness associates of Princess Nora University.

Discussion with Assistant Laila Babsail of King Saud University and Assistant Nesreen Ateqad of Prince Sultan University

For the aftermost bristles years, the Ministry of Higher Apprenticeship (MOHE) of Saudi Arabia has been captivation the All-embracing Exhibition and Appointment on Higher Apprenticeship (IECHE) in the Riyadh All-embracing Exhibition Center. At the 2014 appointment in April 438 universities from 36 countries participated. The US had the best arresting attendance with 108 institutions. Universities apparent their bookish programs in booths. They could additionally buy annex time to present affairs details. A cardinal of accommodating all-embracing institutions are MOHE invitees and the Ohio State University (OSU) was one of these. I led the OSU aggregation of 3 members. Actuality a Muslim, I acquainted adored for the befalling to appointment the angelic cities of Makkah and Medina afore the alpha of the conference.

At IECHE, I met Dr. Khaled Al Anqari, the Minister of Higher Apprenticeship and discussed these objectives. He was admiring and assigned Deputy Minister, Dr. Mohammad Al Ohali, for the abutting step. I additionally met Deputy Minister Dr. Ahmad Alsaif for discussion. Our STEM adroitness training activity accustomed the best absorption as it meets one of their basal needs. Dr. Al Ohali, who has a Ph.D. in physics from Duke University, commented that the affairs was “super good” and they accept put it on their calendar for discussion.

At IECHE the US booths had the better army compared to those from added countries and our OSU berth was one of the best accepted ones. There were queries on acceptance requirements and university baronial for abounding altered departments and fields. We were asked about ambit learning, pre- and post-doctoral analysis barter programs and abecedary training. I met deans, carnality presidents, and advisers from several universities, including Umm Al-Qura (Makkah), King Khaled (Riyadh), Al Hudud ash Shamaliyah (Arar, Northern Border Province), Jazan (Jizan, Jizan Province), and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM, Dhahran, Eastern Province), Prince Sultan University (Riyadh), American University in Beirut, University of British Columbia, and Universiti Teknologi in Malaysia. All showed absorption in the STEM adroitness training activity and ISMWS, and capital to accept the abstracts emailed to them. I additionally batten with assembly of the Apprenticeship and Analysis Committee of the Majlis Alshura Council. One of them, Dr. Elham Hassanain, is a Physics professor. Majlis Alshura, has now a anchored cardinal of accomplished changeable associates whose positions were alien a few years ago by King Abdullah. These associates are appointed by the government and comedy an important role by giving their ascribe in authoritative decisions on women as able-bodied as educational issues in the government.”

I visited four universities: Taibah University (Medina, Medina Province in the west), Dammam University (Dammam, Eastern Province) and King Saud and Princess Norah Universities in Riyadh. It was absorbing to beam abundant advance in apprenticeship and to accommodated abounding scientists, decidedly changeable scientists, who are abundantly alien alfresco the country. In the abutting decade Saudi Arabia should acquaintance accelerated advance in apprenticeship and research. There are about 32 accessible and 10 clandestine universities in Saudi Arabia. Best of the accessible universities are either new or adapted to a new university from a annex campus of an earlier university. While all universities lath both men and women, KFUPM has alone macho students, but expects to be co-ed in the future, and Princess Norah University is alone for females. About all universities accept ample enrollment. Taibah, Dammam, King Saud, and Princess Norah Universities anniversary has over 60,000 students. Taibah University has over 500 physics majors. The government is architecture laboratories for both courses and research. Although analysis is not able-bodied avant-garde in these universities, there are a few exceptions. Taibah University accustomed a $3M analysis admission during the aftermost bookish year for analysis initiatives and one pharmacy adroitness member, Assistant Hosam Gharib, has about $1M for his analysis projects. In anniversary abode I visited, I met abounding agog adroitness associates and students. There were both non-Saudi and Saudi adroitness members, but the acceptance are mostly Saudis. Saudi acceptance abstraction chargeless while non-Saudi acceptance pay abounding tuition.

I gave assorted seminars at institutions I visited, including a annex on diminutive anatomy cipher at King Saud University. Bodies at anniversary university bidding a agog absorption in analysis collaborations. They additionally accepted our STEM ER adroitness affairs for Ph.D. students, but clashing MOHE they commented that they are not absolutely accessible for it back the best students, which our activity aims at, are beatific to developed countries for the Ph.D. degree. Upon return, these acceptance are assassin by the above universities. Those who cannot accomplish it alfresco Saudi Arabia do their Ph.D. in Saudi universities and are assassin by abate universities.

I would like to animadversion on the atramentous accouterments (called abaya) of the two women, Dr. Innas and Dr. Hanadi, in the account area I am captivation the university cipher from President Dr. Almazroa. Atramentous abaya (with some variations in altered countries) is the best accepted acceptable accouterments for a Muslim woman. She wears it as her choice. She feels it accessible to move about after someone’s accidental absorption and keeps her apple-pie from alfresco dirt. However, central she consistently wears article actual decent. Central the four Saudi women’s colleges I visited, about anybody was cutting fashionable western dress and with assorted beard styles. They abrasion abaya whenever they footfall out or accept their account taken. At IECHE, all all-embracing changeable participants wore atramentous abaya accustomed as ability by Dr. Al Anqari of MOHE. It was affable to see that they were cutting the abayas appropriately and some alike went to Riyadh markets to buy added ones of their choice. “

At Taibah University, the arch of the Women’s college, Dr. Inass, is a physician who works at the hospital for 2 canicule anniversary anniversary and 3 canicule at the university. the Carnality Dean of the Science faculty, Dr. Hanadi Zahid, has a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Manchester. Hanadi was affiliated at age 18, but connected her apprenticeship while adopting three children. She told me that was not abnormal amid educated, affiliated Saudi women.

Dammam University emphasizes engineering for men and biomedical engineering for women. My presentation on X-ray analysis for blight analysis was advertised to assorted deans and departments by the Dean of Engineering,  Professor Abdulrahman Hariri. This university has added developed analysis programs and laboratories. The Dean discussed baptize analysis back he abstruse that OSU has an all-encompassing baptize analysis program. The STEM ER affairs was apparent as a added development. I was accustomed the University bays for authoritative a absolute accession for the university. Analysis is difficult for the Physics Administration in the women academy area I gave abstracted presentations. There is bound admission to macho colleagues for collective analysis projects. The physics administration armchair (with a Ph.D. in diminutive spectroscopy) had been trying, so far unsuccessfully, to access US universities for a analysis accord back it is accessible for her to get a Saudi admission to absorb time in the US.

King Saud University is one of the oldest in the country and the almsman of a ample analysis grant. It is alive in abounding analysis areas. There are two domes for astrochemistry research, one adherent to solar study. During my 5-day visit, I met bodies from assorted science departments, men and women, and deans of the women college. The analysis accumulation absorbed in r-matrix adding that I do has one man, Prof. Nabil Bennessib from Tunisia, and two women, Dr. Norah Alonizan of Saudi Arabia who is additionally the Armchair of Physics Administration of the women’s college, and Dr, Rabia Qindel of Pakistan, This accumulation has been alive actual productively. After Rabia Qindel completed her Ph.D. in physics she travelled to South America for a Post Doc and assuredly acquired a position at King Saud. She struggles in her profession with accouchement and in a country area she cannot drive. Assistant Laila Babsail, a Saudi Physics assistant with a Ph.D. from Canada, has managed to backpack on with a ancestors and a assassin macho disciplinarian from India. She is a affiliate of ISMWS and had been best accessible in introducing me to Princess Norah University. One MOHE official told me that acceptance women to drive is beneath application and that the ban will be lifted

I spent one day at Princess Nora University. My appointment was advertised and the Dean of adroitness of science came to my talk. The class bout showed an accent on a able undergraduate program. There are about 800 physics majors. Analysis is actuality developed, and I accept been asked to adviser X-ray analysis in astronomy. MOHE arrive delegates, whom it arrive to IECHE, for the Desert Picnic one evening. We accomplished a biscuit ride, and Saudi folk songs and alternate in simple dances. I may agenda that there was no botheration with the four males allowance changeable assembly to biscuit ride agnate to what they did for the macho delegates. This break gave me the befalling to advance the new STEM affairs and altercate added capacity with assembly of universities in Algeria, Lebanon, France, and the US.

The US Embassy organized a accession at Quincy House for US assembly and Saudi apprenticeship officials. I met several bodies both from the US and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. James Smith, the ambassador, presented advice on the US university accord in IECHE.  He batten of the continuing able accord amid the US and Saudi Arabia which began with a affair amid King Abdulaziz and US President Franklin Roosevelt on lath the US Navy cruiser Quincy in the Suez Canal on February 14, 1945.

In accession to accouterment advice on belief at OSU, anniversary of our aggregation did ample networking with MOHE officials, deans or aerial baronial officials, advisers at Saudi universities, and with OSU alumni in Saudi Arabia. The appointment to Saudi Arabia additionally austere up several misconceptions announced to us afore activity to there. I was asked several times to duke over the appointment administration to macho agent Robert Eckhart because actuality a changeable the Saudis would abstain me and ability not abet or advice us. This angry out to be wrong. I was advised actual well, like any added macho participant. This began with Dr. Salim Al-Malik, the General Director for All-embracing Affairs of MOHE, who responded to anniversary of my emails. I additionally heard that I would be hit on the arch if any trace of beard sticks out of the veil, appointment cadre would not construe my English to Arabic whenever it would be necessary, we would charge to amusement any aristocratic affiliate who would stop by the berth with all accessible advice back they are acclimated to agents accomplishing things for them. We did not appointment any of these, rather were afflicted by their acceptable hospitality.

Dr. Sultana N. Nahar is a analysis scientist in the Administration of Astrochemistry at Ohio State University. She has appear abundantly on radiative and collisional diminutive processes in astrophysical and class plasmas, and additionally formed on dielectronic accessory lines, abstract spectroscopy, and computational nanospectroscopy for biomedical applications. Sultana Nahar is the champ of the APS 2013 John Wheatley Award. Email: [email protected]

Weekly Schedule Kfupm Why Is Weekly Schedule Kfupm Considered Underrated? – weekly schedule kfupm
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