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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – NFL training affected is set to accessible amidst a bulk of new assurance protocols on Tuesday due to COVID-19. The Jaguars are advancing off of a 6-10 division and a massive check of their roster. The News4Jax sports agents looks at training affected storylines entering the best abnormal division in alliance history.

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Justin Barney: I anticipate Minshew takes the abutting footfall advanced but I don’t see that footfall actuality a massive one. Maybe article affiliated to a bisected of a step. He was actual acceptable for a amateur aftermost year and went 6-6 as a amateur in the NFL while acquirements on the fly and active an breach that wasn’t tailored for him. That’s article we shouldn’t discount. I anticipate if we accumulate expectations choleric on what to apprehend from this offense, the Jaguars can advance on what they delivered aftermost year. I anticipate Minshew is a top 18 to 20 QB in the alliance this year. News4Jax sports analyst Mark Brunell said that Minshew authoritative the jump in Year 2 is activity to be a claiming afterwards the account of a acceptable offseason.

Cole Pepper: If any second-year quarterback can affected the obstacles associated with this offseason, it’s Minshew. He’s fabricated a career in academy and the NFL of adapting to new systems. That actuality said, I anticipate the expectations accept to choleric a bit. It’s not aloof about the quarterback, but you can’t win in this alliance afterwards your quarterback accepting a acceptable year. For Minshew, and so abounding added genitalia of this team, this year is about advance as abundant as it is about contending.

Jamal St. Cyr: It will be adamantine for Minshew not to booty accomplish forward. The Jaguars accept done a acceptable job of surrounding him with added playmakers than he had aftermost season. If the abhorrent band is able to accord him added time than he had aftermost division I apprehend Minshew Mania will booty some aloft accomplish forward. It wouldn’t abruptness me if at the end of the division he is advised the second-best QB in the AFC south. 

JB: In spirit, perhaps. He has yet to assurance his authorization tender. He acutely wants out. Who blinks aboriginal in this standoff? I anticipate Ngakoue is dealt at some point. The aberration amid Ngakoue and assurance Jamal Adams who affected his way off of the Jets — application Ngakoue and Jalen Ramsey accessible bad-tempered 101 — by napalming anyone and anybody in the alignment is that Adams is beneath arrangement and Ngakoue is not. At some point, Jacksonville will get an action it brand and barter him. Ngakoue’s advantage is sitting out the season, which hurts him far added than it hurts the Jaguars. Is he adventurous abundant to about-face bottomward added than $17 actor over aching feelings? 

CP: It’s not so abundant about whether Ngakoue will be there as it is about what comes next. We’ve anesthetized the point of him signing a new deal. Will the Jaguars get annihilation for Ngakoue? And afresh there is this book to anticipate about: NFL players accept the appropriate to opt out of this season. What if Ngakoue does that? He would alone accomplish $150,000 and he would not accumulate a division (which he would accident if the Jaguars placed him on the Reserve-Did not abode list). Who has the advantage here? It’s the Jaguars. Ngakoue can lose a year’s account of earnings, while accident a season. If the Jaguars embrace the actuality that Ngakoue isn’t activity to play, they don’t accept abundant to lose. At this point, it’s Advantage Jaguars.

JS: It’s not happening. Yan will acceptable end up sitting out the majority if not all of training affected afore assuredly actuality traded. That’s alone if a aggregation offers added than at atomic a third-round aces for him because if the Jaguars aloof let him leave in chargeless bureau they will acceptable accept a third-round atone pick. 

JB: He played bigger aftermost year than he did as a rookie. That actuality said, Bryan was airy as a rookie. The spots that accept opened up on the band through trades and absolution aback the end of aftermost division accomplish this the year for Bryan to accomplish that alteration from role amateur to contributor. I don’t anticipate Bryan is activity to anytime absolve his first-round abstract spot, but this is the year for him to accord more. 

CP: I’m skeptical, but this is important. Bryan showed signs of activity aftermost year, but not so abundant that the Jaguars didn’t accomplish the arresting band a focus of chargeless agency. If the Jaguars comedy added of a 3-4 attending this year on defense, they can abbreviate Bryan’s exposure. But if they accept to do that, it doesn’t augur able-bodied for his future. 

JS: Bryan’s comedy aftermost division was abundant improved. With Calais Campbell actuality traded to Baltimore during the offseason the Jaguars absolutely allegation Bryan to footfall up and advice ample his void. Bryan will accept a lot of antagonism forth the arresting line. I apprehend his assembly to break agnate to how it was aftermost season. 

JB: Myles Jack was fabricated for the outside. This move will, optimistically, advice Jacksonville tap Jack’s abeyant alike if it comes at a atom that he’s never played. The accession of a accurate average linebacker in Joe Schobert in chargeless bureau puts Jack at the weakside linebacker position area he won’t accept to alarm out plays or band up adjoin bound ends breeze afterwards breeze afterwards snap. Jack is best served in a position that takes advantage of his athleticism and area he can somewhat freelance.  

CP: Abundant leaders accept a affection that the historian David McCullough attributed to George Washington. He saw his apple as it was, not as he admired it to be. For some reason, the Jaguars accept spent best of the aftermost three seasons aggravating to accomplish Myles Jack a average linebacker. I get the wish. You appetite to acquisition the guy to bung into the average of your aegis for years to come. But absent it to assignment doesn’t beggarly it’s activity to. Jack was a playmaker on the alfresco with Paul Posluzny in the middle. Now, the Jaguars accept active Poz light, in Joe Schobert. Jack should be able to let his athleticism and playmaking flash already again.

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JS: Jack’s playstyle has consistently been best ill-fitted for the outside. This will be the aboriginal time in Jack’s career that he will be able to comedy on the weakside and if he stays advantageous he will set new career-high marks.

JB: This accumulation was inconsistent aftermost year. Maybe I’m actuality too optimistic, but it shouldn’t be that bad in 2020 with four starters back. Andrew Norwell has abundantly underwhelmed aback advancing over as a big money chargeless abettor from Carolina two years ago. Cam Robinson was advancing off of a broken ACL aftermost year and he has to be bigger if he’s out to be a abiding larboard tackle. Appropriate accouterment Jawaan Taylor can alone get bigger in Year 2, right? Brandon Linder is paid like one of the best centers in the league. I do anticipate we’ll get added out of this assemblage in 2020. 

CP: This is a huge affair of mine. I was abashed that the Jaguars didn’t accomplish any abundant accomplishment to advancement the abhorrent line. Cam Robinson needs to appearance he’s a starting adeptness larboard tackle. Andrew Norwell needs to appearance that he’s account his big chargeless abettor deal. Brandon Linder needs to appearance that he’s not in decline, and the appropriate bouncer needs to appearance us who he is. A.J. Cann? Will Richardson? Ben Bartch? Jawaan Taylor showed affiance as a amateur at appropriate tackle. A bigger division will be accepted this year.

JS: Alone time will tell. While the Jaguars accept fabricated changes about the blow of the offense, they are active it aback with the aforementioned O-line accumulation from aftermost season. Seems like a mistake. The best way to advice a adolescent QB is to accord him time to bandy the ball. But chain forth the O-line can go a continued way. 

JB: They better. This aggregation is positioned able-bodied for assorted rookies to comedy ample roles. That’s abundant for a ample amateur class. Cornerback C.J. Henderson is an burning starter. K’Lavon Chaisson could see a beyond role if Yannick Ngakoue is out of the lineup. Can Laviska Shenault jump as aerial as a No. 2 receiver? There are so abounding holes and spots for abyss that at atomic bisected of this 12-member chic is activity to accord actual quickly. 

CP: They drafted 12 guys, somebody bigger accomplish a difference. I doubtable that C.J. Henderson will alpha at cornerback from Day 1. K’Lavon Chaisson should be a disrupter, although not a amateur and there’s some acceptable fizz about Laviska Shenault’s potential. As mentioned above, Bartch could be the abruptness contributor if he pushes for a starting role on the abhorrent line. The Jaguars see him as a larboard accouterment of the future, but adeptness acquisition a atom for him about abroad in the meantime. 

JS: Yes. The Jaguars aboriginal three picks are all activity to comedy huge roles for the aggregation this season. With some late-round guys like Chris Claybrooks who accept a adventitious to accomplish an appulse by earning appropriate teams roles. If this amateur chic doesn’t accomplish an appulse this will be a actual adamantine division to watch. 

JB: If he’s healthy, yes. Bound end is a atramentous aperture and drafting Josh Oliver aftermost year didn’t abode that. Eifert is activity into his eighth year in the league. He’s played 16 amateur one time. This is a low-risk, high-reward agenda move, with the achievement that Eifert can accord Jacksonville article at a position that has been awful. Jaguars bound ends had a accumulated three TD catches aftermost year. 

CP: Considering their options afterwards the draft, the Jaguars did able-bodied to allurement Eifert to Jacksonville. I’m not assured him to be a aberration maker, but I do accept he can be an advancement to the position. Health is, of course, the bigger question. He was healthy, although not decidedly able aftermost season. Maybe the Jaguars can bolt lightning in a canteen with the above first-round pick.

JS: Not on the field. Let’s be astute Eifert has alone played all 16 amateur already in his absolute career. Aback advantageous Eifert was already one of the best bound ends’ in the alliance but injuries accept taken a assessment on him. I anticipate Eifert will comedy a few amateur this division but his bigger appulse on the aggregation affective advanced will be mentoring Josh Oliver. 

JB: As Cole mentions below, this is a catechism on A) how Allen handles added cartage in advanced of him, and B) how abundant Jacksonville’s arresting band can crank out. Allen was aberrant as a amateur and fabricated the Pro Bowl. The cast ancillary is that he had Calais Campbell, Marcell Dareus and Yannick Ngakoue on the arresting band with him. Afterwards those guys alongside him, it’s activity to be how abundant of a bound can Allen booty amid Year 1 and 2. 

CP: What happens aback the Jaguars’ opponents don’t accept to gameplan to block Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue? We’re about to acquisition out how acceptable Josh Allen can be. He’ll be the focus of the pass-blocking bold affairs in 2020. He has the ability, and conceivably added importantly, the access to become a star. Will one year acquirements beneath Campbell’s administration be enough? This could be the year Josh Allen becomes a star.

JS: The alliance bigger alpha to put some account on Josh Allen’s name. Allen’s breeze calculation should acutely access this season. Added opportunities agency added affairs for production. Allen has the aptitude and befalling to attempt for the NFL sack appellation this season. 

JB: They had the fifth-worst run aegis in the alliance aftermost year (2,229 yards) and gave up 23 hasty TDs, second-worst in the league. Best days, they looked like the affliction run-stopping aggregation in the NFL. Was that a arrangement botheration or added of a aptitude issue? Well, there’s beneath aptitude entering 2020 than there was entering 2019. They’re still not assertive to be actual acceptable adjoin the run.

CP: They can’ be any worse than they were in 2019, can they? Afterwards Marcell Dareus, the Jaguars were putrid adjoin the run. Alike with him, they had problems. Now, Dareus is gone (will he be brought aback from the arrangement bin?), and the Jaguars spent best of their chargeless abettor dollars acclamation the arresting advanced seven. Al Woods and Rodney Gunter should help, but they aren’t Dareus and Campbell. Joe Schobert’s signing at average linebacker should advance the Jaguars aegis artlessly by affective Jack to the outside. Can Schobert be a arrest machine? It’s a cardinal catechism for the Jaguars’ aegis in 2020.

JS: That is a boxy catechism to acknowledgment until the cleats hit the grass. It will be boxy for them to be worse than they were appear the end of aftermost season. The achievement is Joe Schobert will be able to booty allegation from his average linebacker atom and advice the Jaguars advance in this category. 

JB: Accident players for chunks of time due to the coronavirus is what (other than the preseason acquaintance for adolescent players) I anticipate the bigger affair will be. NFL players aren’t activity to be in a balloon like NBA players. Absolute COVID-19 tests demography over the division is the best cogent affair I have. 

CP: Afterwards a doubt. With beyond convenance squads for the season, the NFL is advancing to lose players for weeks at a time due to absolute tests. I will be abundantly afraid if the division goes on uninterrupted, but we’re in alien amnion here, so authority assimilate your hats.

JS: It already has. With the changes to preseason and amphitheater capacity. The accurate analysis will be how the alliance will accomplish aback players activate to analysis positive. 

JB: Their seats accept been hot to anybody added than the man who keeps both employed, Shad Khan. I don’t anticipate the agenda as it stands is congenital to ability the playoffs. I do anticipate that if the Jaguars can appearance some strides forward, win bristles or six games, afresh the Caldwell-Marrone duo will get accession attempt in 2021. Couple the bristles or six wins with the communicable blend and I anticipate we’ll see the braintrust aback for accession season. Now, if Jacksonville absolutely tanks and wins two games, I anticipate Khan pulls the plug. 

CP: The decisions the Jaguars fabricated this accomplished offseason didn’t assume to be in accompany with the expectations that Caldwell and Marrone are on the hot bench again. Why would you accumulate a GM and a drillmaster about if you are activity to barter Campbell, A.J. Bouye and Nick Foles? Granted, Caldwell did able-bodied to compensate some abstract picks as a result. Couple those moves with the Jalen Ramsey barter and the Jaguars are loaded for the future. But this is about the present. I don’t see the Jaguars accepting abundant to accept a acceptable almanac this year beneath accustomed circumstance, but we can apprehend the abnormal this year, annihilation hornets be damned.

JS: I’m not assertive their jobs are on the band this season. This agenda is not congenital to win now. Aloof attending at this offseason the Jaguars traded abroad adept players and accept replaced them with adolescent accomplished but ambiguous players. If Marrone and Caldwell put calm this year’s rosters alive that their job is on the band they are acutely actual appropriate bodies who amount the continued appellation of a authorization over their own employment.

JB: Afterwards the coronavirus, I anticipate we’d accept an abstraction what blazon of locker allowance personality this assemblage was aptitude towards. Afterwards it, who knows. I do anticipate that with as abundant adolescence on this aggregation as there is, it’s a bare slate at this point. It sounds cliche, but I accept that the new players are activity to assignment to ambit themselves from the blend that was in there before. 

CP: I anticipate they’ll be attractive for their personality. Marrone wants it to be far beneath drama-filled than it has been the accomplished several seasons. Usually, ball doesn’t appearance up until a aggregation encounters affliction (unless a amateur backs an armored barter up to your advanced gates). What happens aback the Jaguars face adversity? You never apperceive until they face it.

JS: Adolescent and Athirst (apparently that is already a TV show). The Jaguars are abounding with a lot of adolescent players who are all athirst to acquire their abode in the league. 

JB: Eventually, I anticipate it can be. Out of the aboideau in Week 1 adjoin the Colts? Probably not. I like the accession of Gruden as an OC bigger than I admired John DeFilippo, Nathaniel Hackett or Greg Olson as OCs. Will he aftermost added than a division is a bigger question? News4Jax sports analyst Mark Brunell absolutely admired the Gruden appoint and I do anticipate there’s abeyant for him to excel here. I aloof don’t anticipate it’s appropriate out of the gate.

CP: In a accustomed offseason, the Jaguars would accept had a lot added time on the acreage to assignment on a new system. They had no offseason practices with the coaches this summer. Will the breach be better? Probably. But the abhorrent band is activity to be a bigger allotment of the acknowledgment than the playcalling. 

JS: Jay Gruden has accomplished a lot of football and for the majority of his career his teams accept been acceptable offensively. If the Jaguars abhorrent band can win in the trenches. This will be a assemblage that puts up a lot of points. 

JB: They accept never had the No. 1 pick, alike with some of the abominable teams that they’ve had and I don’t see it accident this year. Minshew is activity to acquisition agency to win Jacksonville a bold or two that it shouldn’t. The Jaguars, who I anticipate accomplishment 5-11, will be one of the teams with the everyman win totals in the league, but not the lowest. 

CP: I anticipate it could happen, but they would accept to get afflicted with COVID-19. That actuality said, Jacksonville has been a hotspot for absolute tests, so you never know. Afterwards the virus, I’m not assertive the Jaguars accept abundant aberration makers on the agenda to accept a acceptable record, and it’s not that abundant of a amplitude to say that they are amid the scattering of teams accepted to be underdogs best of the year. At atomic one account has the Jaguars as underdogs in every bold this season. That means, yes, they could be in altercation for the No. 1 pick.

JS: Nope. Not alike close. There aren’t abounding bodies with aerial expectations for the 2020 Jaguars. I’m not assured this to be a playoff aggregation or annihilation but I do apprehend them to win bristles or six games. The aboriginal bisected of their agenda has some actual winnable amateur and aplomb could go a continued way appear allowance this aggregation win a few amateur that no one expects. 

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