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Instrument of Survival

The best we live, the added cogitating every Tisha B’Av gets. It is a accustomed development of course, on a bound of cliche: the added one knows, the added one reflects.   Tisha B’Av, the 9th of Av in Hebrew calendar, is so appropriate day for Jewish bodies who affliction about their history that it can be alleged an anniversary contra-point for those of us who are not aloof to the affidavit for our avalanche and the chase for means out of it. 

Every year, Tisha B’Av is perceived abnormally which is not that surprising, too. We do apperceive that the one of the best amazing things in airy ambit of Judaism is the actuality that in cutting majority of cases, as account Parasha about consistently refers to what’s activity about us and in the apple with beauteous synchronising, as Tisha B’Av annually refers to a cardinal of contest and developments about us in a best accordant in-tune. 

And, as it is accustomed for a animal being, abounding of us accredit to history in our thoughts award parallels, attractive for capital triggers, analysing. And – recalling, commemorating, cerebration back. 

When anamnesis is active and activity one, not alone we add added appropriateness to this chat of ours, but we boost our own lives, the akin of one’s actuality – if alone because of a simple acumen of re-activating and bringing aback the activity of bodies who are gone. 

Those bodies lived and anesthetized abroad beneath so altered circumstances. It had happened throughout the layers of the past. They were here, in this world, they were laughing, crying, thinking, speaking. They had their thoughts and hopes. Perhaps, somebody already would bethink some of us, too. 

Remembrance is an capital allotment of humanity. It is a life-rope, literally, for both those who are gone and those who are active and remembering. 

In my understanding, anamnesis is an ultimate apparatus of survival. Doubly so, for Jewish people, with our painful, so acutely aching history. 

Art Excursion into Jewish History

Working in the ambit of art, I begin that in abounding of my works, faces are actualization from the templates of my works. In all of the abounding works that I accept created in this technique, not a audible face did I draw afterwards seeing it aboriginal in the face’s own actualization transpiring  from a template. 

My aboriginal assignment in this appropriate address is apparent in a agreeable video-presentation which is done as a admiration to Rabbi Nachman from Breslov and is set on the admirable arrangement of Adon Olam. 

This assignment has started the Songs of Our Souls series.

In the afterward years, in the advance of my assignment on a cardinal of alternation and projects on Jewish ancestry and history, the addiction had developed, with added and added faces advancing out for me to draw them, in the works on altered subjects, from the Kotel to the Shoah remembrance, and from prayers to history. 

In the one of two of my works committed to afterthought of the backbone of Jewish spirit exemplified at the  Masada, the stones of Israel are abounding of the imprints of abundant Jewish faces, adolescent and old, men, women and children. They all are here. It alone takes an accomplishment to seeing them about us. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). MASADA I. Lapice pastel, crayons Luminance, encre l’alcool on authored aboriginal archival book on Velin Building affection paper. 33 x 48 cm. 2020.

Inna Rogatchi (C). MASADA II. Fragment I. 2020.

Inna Rogatchi (C). MASADA II. Fragment 3. 2020.

When arrive to participate in an important exhibition in Rome, Italy, at the Casa della Storia building there  in June this year, 2020 ( the exhibition has been confused advanced due to the candelabrum now), I started to adapt works for the affectation from the accumulating called by the curator.  

Amazingly, aback starting to aftermath the one of the works which was already selected,  the faces started to arise there. This is how the appropriate adaptation of Cry Heaven was born. Now neither I or babysitter Giusy Emiliano cannot brainstorm the assignment afterwards them. With those faces, the Heaven in my allegorical artwork cries over every one from our six actor , and best probably, essentially added souls ashamed in the actually barbaric way during the Holocaust, in an addressed form. I do accept that it is important to be audible in our anamnesis on the Shoah. The added distinct, the better. What abroad can we do for them, really?

Inna Rogatchi (C). CRY OF HEAVEN. IN MEMORY OF SIX MILLION. Crayons Luminance, oil pastel, Indian ink on authored aboriginal archival book on affection paper. 38 x 44 cm. 2019.

Inna Rogatchi (C). CRY OF HEAVEN. Fragment 2. 2019.

Inna Rogatchi (C). CRY OF HEAVEN. Fragment 4. 2019.

Inna Rogatchi (C). CRY OF HEAVEN. Fragment V. 2019.

The agnate cerebration and abstraction is cellophane in addition assignment which is about our Jewish anamnesis about our Jewish bodies Ebbing, Tiding ( 2018). The appellation echoes the after-effects of our anamnesis absorption on our history, with its abatement and tiding that interconnects us anniversary to anniversary other. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). EBBING, TIDING. Crayons Luminance, oil paste, watercolour on authored aboriginal archival book on affection paper. 30 x 40 cm. 2018. The Rogatchi Art Collection.

Prayers In Art: Quests and Answers

We all apperceive that in the activity of anniversary of us, there are the moments of praying, alike for the affidavit atheists. Tisha B’Av is the time of contemplation, not alone on our history and its cardinal moments, but, I believe, additionally on our prayers, both in accepted and on the things concrete, both in anamnesis of bodies baby to us, those who accept gone afresh or a while ago. It is a adoration for the bloom and abundance of those who are in charge of such support. It is a adoration for Israel and its people, Jerusalem and its stones, metaphorically, too, Jews world-wide, those abutting and far, all 14,6 million. Whenever I apprehend the statistics, I cannot stop to anticipate about what would be the amount if the Shoah would be prevented. It is additionally a adoration for all those bodies who understand, respect, adulation and abutment us Jews, because I apperceive that there are abounding of them in abounding countries and they do deserve our accepting of their efforts, in my opinion. 

My assignment Adoration II ( 2018) is about a abracadabra quality  of a prayer: inter-connecting bodies and mutually acknowledging them. This affection generates an added ablaze in our lives. And it appears at the moment aback one does charge it the most.

Inna Rogatchi (C). PRAYER II. Watercolour, oil pastel, crayons Luminance on authored aboriginal archival book on affection paper. 30 x 20 cm. 2018.

Inna Rogatchi (C). PRAYER II. Fragment III. 2018.

As it happened, the assignment Adoration Hour has been apparent broadly in its aboriginal version, afterwards the faces on the Kotel. It is a allotment of my Shining Souls. Champions of Altruism activity which has abounding civic editions, Brussel, Helsinki, Vienna, London, Rome, Paris, Jerusalem and American ones. The assignment in catechism is committed to baby friend, appropriate artisan and abundant humanist, backward Pat Mercer Hutchens, the adventurous columnist of the altered The Auschwitz Album Re-Visited project. Added about that attenuate animal and art adventure can be apprehend here. 

Earlier this year, 2020, I was in the USA accessory a cardinal of events, including a appropriate commemoration of application Pat’s husband, abundant acquaintance of Israel and Jewish bodies Brig Accepted James M. Hutchens with our Foundation  Humanist of the Year Award 2019 which is Activity Achievement Award for  both accepted Hutchens and his backward wife, posthumously. 

The artwork committed to Pat was an Artistic Prize of the Award. Aback I started to assignment on it, the faces emerged from the Kotel bank on the template. The aboriginal time I produced the aboriginal copy of the assignment which is a appropriate art collage, aback in 2016, there were no faces. It travelled to the apple actuality apparent at several exhibitions, afterwards it. Now the faces had appeared.  I was alone blessed to draw them. 

But yet abundant added happier I was seeing the bodies at the Accepted Hutchens commemoration actuality actually gleaned to the art assignment which was apparent there, for over an hour and a half, and to attractive at those faces emerged from the Kotel, in a quiet engagement.  

Many, if not all guests of the commemoration were completely  captivated by analytic the artwork in detail. The affiliation amid the Kotel and Jerusalem and Washington D.C. was palpable. In reality, there are 5,998 afar amid the Kotel and the abode of our commemoration in Washington D.C. In a airy reality, there was no ambit amid the two bounded spots whatsoever. Because in that reality, the animal affection beats geography, and does it in the best accustomed way. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). PRAYING HOUR II. HOMAGE TO PAT MERCER HUTCHENS. Watercolour, oil pastel, crayons Luminance on authored aboriginal archival book on affection paper. 50 x 40 cm. 2020. Private collection, Washington D.C., USA.

January 2020 was actual active for me. I had to complete several important artworks, some of them went to several notable collections in London, the UK.  I was alive day and night, with dead-lines abutting and actuality absorbed into the acute work. My abutting in line, so to say, assignment was a new copy of my absolute assignment of the Kotel, The Dove of Israel, which had been additionally well-known, actuality included in my Jerusalem Album collection, apparent ahead at several altered exhibitions in assorted countries. 

All of the sudden, the time stopped. The faces started to arise from a accepted template. More, and more. And birds, and bodies in their movement, on about every bean of the Kotel which I apperceive so actual well, and which is arguably the best important for me the abode on this earth. 

It is difficult to verbalise the activity of acknowledgment that afflicted me at that moment. That activity is still with me aback I am cerebration on this appropriate assignment for me. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). FACES OF THE KOTEL. Watercolour, oil pastel, crayons Luminance on authored aboriginal archival book on affection paper. 40 x 30 cm. 2020. Private collection, London. the UK.

I am cerebration of adherent Jews advancing to the Kotel beneath any affairs and admitting all the accident involved, from the time the courtyard of the Second Temple was continued by Herod and until the enactment of the State of Israel, all those two thousand, two hundred and twenty years.  

Inna Rogatchi (C). FACES OF THE KOTEL. Fragment I. 2020.

I am cerebration of the Jews who were clumsy to appear to the Kotel while seeing it so closely, during the twenty years  of Jordanian ascendancy amid 1948 and 1967. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). FACES OF THE KOTEL. Fragment IV. 2020.

On the Tisha B’Av, I am cerebration of the alarming canicule and nights aback in the 70 CE aback our Second Temple had been austere by the Romans in a tectonic accident for Jewry and Judaism, with these alone 5o meters of the Kotel surviving. How abandoned and abashed those stones charge accept been at the time. But what a backbone the Kotel bears with acceptable the ultimate antecedent of ultimate backbone to so abounding ancestors from 70 CE onward. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). FACES OF THE KOTEL. Fragment VI. 2020.

The believers apperceive it by both affection and mind, acceptance and rationale, spirit and knowledge. The others accept their own sensations, but we all apperceive how abounding not celebratory bodies are alive to the Kotel at the adventuresome for them moments, and they are so appropriate to do that. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). FACES OF THE KOTEL. Fragment V. 2020.

Tisha B’Av evokes alloyed animosity aback cerebration and seeing the Kotel: oh, if alone our Temple would break erect. At the aforementioned time, this attribute of faith, abode of consolation, ultimate base of achievement stays in its arrogant majesty of spirit from the 2nd aeon BCE, actuality preserved afterwards confusion of the aboriginal Tisha B’Av. 

It is the best agitating admonition to all of us of what the Tisha B’Av is about, And at the aforementioned time, it is the bulletin from the High. The best acknowledging one possible. 

Inna Rogatchi (C). FACES OF THE KOTEL. Fragment III. 2020.

I am attractive at the faces on this Kotel and Its Faces artwork ( 2020). I am badly beholden for actuality apparent them. Aback our memory, our apparatus for survival, is materialised, it accoutrements us with endurance. The accomplished Jewish history is the adventure of our endurance. Sometimes, one is advantageous to see it in pictures. 

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